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Ten years ago, Shinola opened its doors in Detroit, Michigan, and started producing hand-made items that embraced the true spirit of American culture. Reviving a historic U.S. brand that was originally founded way back in 1877, Shinoa has steadily grown as a company over the years, and it now produces everything from watches and jewelry to leather goods, office accessories, and even bicycles. As part of the brand’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, Shinola is thanking its customers by hosting an unprecedented 25% off sale on select items that will run from May 1st until May 14th, 2023.

With Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and graduation season all right around the corner, May has become one of the key gifting times during the year, and this once-in-a-decade sale is Shinola’s way of saying “thank you” to its local customers for ten outstanding years of business. In addition to including virtually all of Shinola’s watches, the 25% off customer appreciation sale also applies to the vast majority of Shinola’s other products, such as its jewelry, clothing, bags, and travel accessories. Additionally, the 25% discount will be available to both in-store and online customers, with no minimum purchase required and no limit to the total amount of savings.

Our customers – both new and seasoned – matter to us. They are why we do what we do. We’re celebrating Shinola’s decade in business with a Customer Appreciation Event that underscores the milestone’s importance and extends our appreciation to those who have supported us along the way.”

— Awenate Cobbina, Shinola CEO

Along with offering a 25% discount on the actual watches themselves, Shinola’s 10-year anniversary sale also includes the brand’s vast selection of straps (including its Apple Watch straps), making this exclusive customer appreciation event an excellent opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to either purchase a new timepiece or simply pick up a new strap or bracelet for a favorite watch that is already part of their collections. Additionally, since the sale extends to Shinola’s least expensive models, the 25% savings mean that for a limited time, you can now get your hands on a Shinola watch for a lower price than ever before.

Customers who wish to take advantage of Shinola’s exclusive 10-year anniversary sale can either do so online or in-person at one of the brand’s numerous brick-and-mortar stores. While the 25% discount is available to all Shinola customers (including first-time buyers), the limited-time sale only lasts from May 1st until May 14th, 2023. Shinola has made customer appreciation a priority ever since day-one, and this unprecedented 10-year anniversary sale is the Detroit brand’s way of saying “thank you” to its loyal community of fans, along with everyone else that has helped support the brand along the way. To learn more about Shinola’s 25% Off 10-Year Anniversary Customer Appreciation Sale, please visit the brand’s website.

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