Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial

Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial
Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial Watch Releases
Sinn U200B on strap

There are two things about this watch that make it worth sharing. First off, the limited-edition galvanized matte blue dial. Normally sold in black, this version (ref EZM 8) is only available through December 31, 2013. Secondly, despite having a full 2000m (over a mile!) depth rating, the U200 is a svelte 37mm case.

In what I think is a first for Sinn, it's sold with a matching blue and white NATO strap.

Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial Watch Releases
Sinn U200B on Nato

One more of that combo:

Sinn U200 B (EZM 8) Limited Edition Diver With Blue Dial Watch Releases
Sinn U200B on Nato

NATOs aren't my favorite, but they're super popular and inexpensive, and an easy way to change your look. I do quite like that Sinn is getting a tiny bit bolder with color. This is a versatile and attractive look. The watch comes with both silicone and NATO along with tool to change them, and I can vouch that authorized dealers sell Sinn bracelets (around $400) if you want one.

On the size, 37mm is usually labelled as "mid-size" for brands that make them, e.g. Omega Seamaster. Personally, I find that 37mm is an excellent size for a sport watch and one I'd be delighted to wear. Sinn doesn't cut corners to make the size either. This one has the same 2,000m rating, Argon insert, submarine steel, Tegimented bezel, sapphire crystal as well as the extended -45/+80C temperature rating. Superluminova hands and dial, legibility looks first rate.

The other day I tweeted that I would rock this watch, and between this and the T2 I'd be hard pressed to choose. The T2 is 41mm, also a reasonable size. I've looked at Sinn frequently over the years, in particular the U1 and U2, but was always deterred by the size in the end. The U200 B just might get my money but Sinn will only be offering them with this neat metallic blue dial until the end of 2013.


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  • jstacey

    Love the blue and white color choices, would look awesome on a medium brown leather strap. Good post, Paul.

  • Bluten

    Where can this be purchased. I’m directed to watchbuys, but I don’t see this listed. Has it been released to the greater public?

    • Bluten The answer is a bit muddy. Basically the situation with Sinn is that as of right now Watchbuys is the exclusive US retailer of the brand. Watchbuys decides what to stock and when, so Sinn’s huge US fan base is sort of at their mercy. Personally, we aren’t huge fans of this situation as it can make it difficult to get Sinn watches that you want, when you want in the US – which is probably a much bigger market for Sinn than it is right now. I’d contact Sinn directly and ask to buy it.

      • Bluten

        Thanks for the heads up. I’ve reached out to sinn, and I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • pkansa

    ’tis a beautiful watch – but it reminds me in several ways of the ever-classic dive recommendation, the Seiko Monster (which isn’t a bad thing, necessarily).

  • cptodd

    Honestly, I am loving Sinn right now. I think they make VERY nice watches for a very reasonable price. I also love the fact that it seems to be about the craft for these folks. I am saving my little graduate school pennies for the T2 (with bracelet). I find this one lovely as well but for some reason I like those interesting hands on the T2. After the T2 I think I will save up for a Bremont. Most likely the MBII in Orange. But I am gunning for you A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia Automatic (I will probably have long died before I could afford it though! HA!)

  • Ulysses31

    Another fine looking watch by Sinn.  I find the white rubber strap to be a bit on the feminine side though, and have never liked NATO straps.

  • Lesthepom

    They should just write bullet proof on the face never seen one in the flesh but to put a 2000m rating on them they must be as tough as nails the girlie white strap seames a bit out of place on a tough watch like this it probably comes in a box shaped like a hand grenade

  • bichondaddy

    I like the look of the watch, especially the blue dial.  I know I am in the minority…but 37mm is way to small for my 23cm ( approx. 9 inch ) wrist.  I also love the white rubber strap, and the NATO strap.  I have a watch with a white strap, and worn with casual attire, it looks great.

  • joblow

    How does one pronounce ‘Sinn’?

  • joblow

    I can answer my own question after typing the word “Sinn” into Google translate.
     The word Sinn is pronounced as it’s more fun concept of  “sin”  is and it means “meaningful” .

  • doxashark

    Funny looking bezel.  It looks like a bottle cap.

  • KwekJooChuan

    joblow Pronounced as zzziiinnn…

  • Gianko

    Price ??

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