SLYDE Sport Watches With Matching “Engines” 2013

SLYDE Sport Watches With Matching “Engines” 2013

SLYDE Sport Watches With Matching "Engines" 2013 Watch Releases

My experience with the SLYDE watch last year was an instructive one. While I will readily profess the religion of the mechanical watch to anyone who will listen, I was surprised to discover that during the time I spent with a SLYDE on my wrist, I felt a tinge of the future, and possibly of watch-making itself.

While we interact with electronic devices all the time, it seems strange that in the arena of wrist-watch appreciation, the emphasis is decidedly still on the mechanical side of things. Perhaps if the future is to be engaged properly, developments need to be made on the digital side as well, for who knows what we as a race will evolve to be like further down the line. Without a doubt, at some point the world of Swiss watches and smartwatches will converge.

SLYDE Sport Watches With Matching "Engines" 2013 Watch Releases

SLYDE is interesting and is an interesting company, guided by a singular vision that in the current environment, could reasonably be deemed to be very bold. Viewed by many industry pundits as a worthwhile experiment in the concept of the luxury digital watch, it is a pioneer in a category that they have created. Early indications show that they must be doing something right. Not only do fans exist worldwide, I have met them before and they all very devoted. Even aBlogtoWatch Editor, Ariel Adams owns a SLYDE watch as part of his collection... (more »)

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  • Ulysses31

    Ariel is a contrarian – as he has stated numerous times he likes watches that rub other people the wrong way, even if they are ridiculous.  This preposterous watch that displays diagrams of mechanical complications and has the audacity to pass them off as something special is a perfect watch for him.  The ten minutes it must have taken for a graphic designer to come up with the innovative and original idea of coordinating colours does enhance the look of the watch, but it is hardly something worthy of praise or applause.  Ripping off the Devon Tread look is a damning reflection of this company.  I feel they have no original ideas at all.  It remains a soulless disposal electronic artefact with little in the form of mechanical mastery to attract most lovers of fine watches.  Strap is quite nice…

    • Ulysses31 I didn’t write this. So that is Adi’s opinion. Also, how am I a contratian? I do like Slyde because their engines are fun animations. Price is sort of out of the realm of being reasonable, but that goes for most of this stuff. I don’t really seen Devon in here personally. If anything the digital belts here are more Christophe Claret Dual Tow than anything else.

      • Ulysses31

        aBlogtoWatch Ulysses31 I know you didn’t write this.  I also know your love of getting kicks out of other people’s negative reactions – you’ve repeated that view often enough.  I’ve read enough articles and listened to enough podcasts to know this is true and i’ve no doubt others have noticed it too.  It’s a perfectly valid point of view, I don’t have a problem with it, and I wasn’t trying to sound mean, just pointing out some facts.  Personally, i’d rather garner attention from people because they like my character and personality rather than from their revulsion at my choice in timepieces.  Sticking out for the sake of it just seems crass.  We share a lot of similar tastes of course but this is one watch I cannot ever see myself liking for the reasons I already stated.

        • Ulysses31 aBlogtoWatch I don’t really get a kick out of people’s negative reactions. More like, if there is something is interesting and I know is polarizing, I relish in seeing it make people emotional. Seeing passion is what is important to me. I simply am not interested in wearing what I think others will like, to that end alone. If people agree with my taste then it makes my feelings all the better. I prefer friends who agree with me on most things but we can have intellectual disagreements on at least some matters.

        • Ulysses31

          aBlogtoWatch Ulysses31 I’m not interested in wearing what other people would like either, but I guess my tastes are simply more conventional.  I think if I could afford lots of watches I would probably be looser in terms of what I let in to my collection, or to put it another way, take more “risks” with my cash on wilder designs.  As it is, most of my purchasing decisions, as sparse as they are, are ones I take a very long time over because I don’t want to ever regret purchasing something i’m not going to remain 100% passionate about.

  • Lesthepom

    I do love my gadgets but this one is just an over priced I-watch ( if it ever happens ) I just cannot see the $$$ in it may be I am missing something don’t get me wrong I would have one as quick as I could strap one on if I could afford it or if it was more reasonably priced
    I would like to see you get this one repaired in 20yr even the original I-pad is obsolete now

  • AtotheG

    How great if Ariel and Ulysses are actually the same person?

  • CG

    Somebody is pulling your chain on this one… Please show me the “chromed grill” of a Ford GT 40… inspired design from something that doesn’t exist? Laughable.

  • OngWeisheng

    Pardon me if I’m wrong but is this a limited watch or is the sports “engine” limited? Wasn’t the Slyde suppose to be a watch whereby owners purchase different “engines” off their site?

    • OngWeisheng Both are limited actually. They make some of their engines limited as well. And yes, you can purchase engines from a special area on their site.

  • Alucard22

    Isn’t this the company owned by The Prince of Darkness aka The Man Who Almost Destroyed Zenith?  Anyways these are still absolutely hideous and have the same poor/barely responsive touch screen.  These watches look like the cheap Chinese knock-off of much better touch screen watches from reputable companies like Apple or Android with none of the capabilities.  Would it be fair to call this a tool watch as the person who wears is a quintessential tool?

    • Alucard22 No. Nataf (whom you refer to) was the CEO of Slyde for like a month or so and then left. It was a very brief engagement and he is no longer associated with Slyde in any way.