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According to the code-based gnomes in WordPress, aBlogtoWatch had 430 posted articles in 2012. How we are supposed to choose the top articles from that is news to me. We feel that most of what we did in 2012 was pretty stellar. If you feel that you missed too much, then head over to the aBlogtoWatch All Articles page, and start going back in time or search by month to see what you missed. What was the most important thing from 2012 in the watch world? Probably the internet. This last year more than ever, the major watch brands focused on the internet as a place for their marketing campaigns and sales efforts. Soon you’ll be able to buy any watch you want – no matter what it is – safely and conveniently from your computer, tablet, or phone. That, and marketing galore.

On the media side, 2012 was a big year for watches and it was also the year that the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel exceeded both 5,000 subscribers and 5 million views. YouTube channel growth has been quite rapid, with almost 3 million of those over 5 million views being generated in 2012. With that in mind, we present our Top 10 Most Viewed Watch Videos of 2012.



These are our most viewed videos of 2012, a year that more than doubled the view count on the aBlogtoWatch YouTube channel. The playlist presented above shows serious YouTube love for complex, interesting, and eccentric watches like the Devon Tread 1, the Opus 12, the HTY H1, and the Tag Heuer Mikrogirder 2000. While photos may tell you a lot about your average three-hander, video helps to bring these visually stunning and massively complex machines to life, so it is of little surprise that the Top Ten includes so many envelope-pushing modern marvels of horology. Click here to see the Top 10 Most Popular Watch Videos of 2012 as separate clips on

We wish you the best of everything in 2013. We will be working tirelessly to bring you more news, reviews, videos and interviews in the year ahead and genuinely appreciate each and every reader, fan, view, comment, retweet, email, and the like which we’ve received over the past year. Go out and kiss someone tonight.

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