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If you’re going to create a new dive watch, what better inspiration than the fabled lost city of Atlantis? NOVE’s newest release, the Atlantean, is housed in a stainless steel-steel case with 300m of water resistance, an abalone dial, striking integrated bracelet, and a bezel with engineering tricks that would have enchanted Captain Nemo. In constructing the Atlantean, NOVE has captured the sense of adventure and the fantastic that only the story of Atlantis could inspire.

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There are few stories more ingrained in our universal consciousness than that of Atlantis — a highly advanced mythical city sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean by displeased gods. Despite being a work of fiction, the idea of the famous lost city has captured our imagination, inspiring books, movies, and more than a few intrepid explorers convinced that Plato’s story contains a sliver of truth.

Even if you’re not off to search for lost underwater cities, the NOVE Atlantean is more than up to the task of aquatic adventures. With 300m of water resistance in a 50.5mm case constructed of 316-L stainless steel, a screw-down crown, and topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal treated with an anti-fingerprint coating, the NOVE Atlantean is robust, to say the least. Yet, the true magic of the case construction is in its unique and innovative bezel design.

At a quick glance, the bezel resembles that of a traditional uni-directional dive bezel; however, there’s nothing traditional about the NOVE Atlantean. By flipping up a lock handle on the 3 o’clock side of the case, you unlock the internal bezel. Next, by gripping and rotating the knurled edge of the external bezel, you engage a mechanism that rotates the internal bezel. Pop the handle back in place, and the gasket is sealed with the bezel securely locked in position, ensuring that inadvertent bumps to the bezel won’t interfere with your exploration of the deep. Good luck finding this level of engineering and ingenuity in Swiss dive watches under $1,000.

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The case on the NOVE Atlantean combines curves, sharp angles, and a combination of mixed and polished surfaces to produce a thoroughly modern and unique case shape that’s accentuated by the inclusion of an integrated bracelet. Merging seamlessly with the case, the bracelet employs a modified H-link design with center lugs secured by screws — a design element that begins at the case and carries throughout the bracelet. The diver clasp also features a tool-free micro-adjust — simply push the buttons on the side of the clasp and you can adjust the bracelet for the perfect fit.

As striking as the case and bracelet are, it’s impossible not to be drawn in by the abalone dial. NOVE chose bright, multi-hued abalone that swirls with iridescent shades of turquoise, blue, purple, and pops of other colors from across the spectrum. By using this organic element, the NOVE Atlantean becomes instantly more playful and engaging, evoking thoughts of coral and sea caves, or perhaps the crumbling remains of a mythical city.

Whether you opt for the brushed and polished stainless-steel version or the blacked-out colorway, each will feature copious amounts of Swiss Super-LumiNova CL3 lume that will burn bright even at the darkest depths. The hands, external bezel markers, and internal markers and numerals are all lumed, making time-keeping easy no matter the light. To add day-to-day functionality, NOVE has also equipped the Atlantean with a date magnifier to make reading the date even easier.

Powering the NOVE Atlantean is the Swiss Ronda R150 automatic movement. A robust and accurate movement, the R150 is equipped with 25 jewels, a date function, and 40 hours of power reserve. NOVE has also equipped the Atlantean with a winding rotor easily visible through the display caseback.

The NOVE Atlantean is available now for $690 USD ($710 for the black case and bracelet). To learn more about NOVE and order your Atlantean, please visit the brand’s website.

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