The case design is unsurprisingly a mixture of the T-Race case with the features of the Racing-Touch. It is very characteristically Tissot, and while not a stunner at first glance, it sort of grew on me. There is something else I will say about the T-Race Touch–that I’ve never said about any other T-Touch–the hands are finally the right size. This model used the exact same hands as the 2014 T-Touch Expert Solar, but since the T-Race Touch has a smaller dial they are the right size for this model. It is kind of an amazing experience to have a T-Touch with almost properly sized hands.

At about half the price of the T-Touch Expert Solar, the T-Race Touch also has about half the features, and it doesn’t have the fancy new movement with the really fast moving hands. Tissot needed to save some things for its top-of-the-line model. The T-Race Touch lacks the altimeter and barometer function, as well as a range of other things, but it does have the compass function, as well as a series of timing and calendar data (include the tide chart which I always thought was an odd thing for an automotive/motorcycle racing inspired watch).

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Tissot-T-Race-Touch-watch-5 Tissot-T-Race-Touch-watch-A

Pressing the middle pusher on the right of the case activates the screen which is then pressed on the function labels to switch to that mode. Information is displaying using either the hands and/or the negative LCD screen at the bottom of the dial. The T-Touch system has always been a crown pleaser, and while the new T-Race Touch Aluminum doesn’t materially add to the collection’s feature set, it does add some stylish new models. Size of the case is 42.15mm wide and it is 13.45mm thick. Tissot claims 100 meters of water resistance too.

Inside the watch is the Swiss ETA-made quartz caliber E49.303 movement, which is used by several other T-Touch models, including the T-Touch Classic. The watch is matched to a high-quality plastic strap and is overall a rather nice watch for the money if you are looking for a more entry level T-Touch with a fashionable twist. I also feel that if you want a less expensive weekend T-Touch, the T-Race Touch is a good option because of how comfortable it wears and due to its colorful style. For 2014, the T-Race Touch is available as the ref T0814209705700 in blue, the T0814209705701 in green, the T0814209705702 in black with an orange strap, and the T0814209705703 in orange a black bezel. The price for each, which is the same as the steel models, is $575. tissotshop.com

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