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Inspired by audacious watches from the 1970s, the Seals Model A.5 is a colorful and intriguing duo. It also marks the end of an era, as production for the brand’s inaugural “Model A” series will end following Seals’ latest release.

Seals Model A.5 consists of the “Acid Green” and “Burgundy Roulette” model variants. Each watch has its own personality, both sharing a lollipop-style seconds hand, crosshair stepped dial, and sans-serif Roman numerals. The Seals Model A.5 also features a true three-hander movement. Inside, you’ll find the Miyota 9039 automatic, beating at 28,800 vibrations with a 42-hour reserve. This no-date movement eliminates the phantom date-change click you would get with the Miyota 9015.

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Casing for the Seals Watch Co. Model A.5 remains in line with its predecessor, at 41mm width by 11.65mm thickness; 100 meters of water resistance is achieved with the screw-down crown, making this a practical and robust daily wearer. Brushed hands, applied logo, and a healthy dose of Super-LumiNova are enhancements from the original. More subtle refinements like the simplified contour of the bezel are present, as well.

So, what sets the two Seals Model A.5 watches apart?

An example of Seals extra bright “Acid Green” next to Pantone 802 Neon Green (C = Coated / U= Uncoated)

A special green pigment has been used for the dial ring on the Acid Green variant. As you can see in our comparison, it’s much brighter than your typical neon green. This feature is paired with a matte gray dial, with numerals at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. The downward step is filled in black, with yellow and blue minute markers. The yellow sweeping seconds hand adds one last pop of color that highlights the hexagonal lollipop.

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Keeping it bold (yet sophisticated) is the Burgundy Roulette colorway. A tri-color, 24-hour chapter ring is the standout feature for the piece. It is printed in black and yellow over a rich wine-red hue. Roman numerals are shown at the 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock positions to further change up the design. The center of the granulated black dial is marked with a crosshair and completes the overall look.

Together, the Model A.5 watches deliver on uncommon but desirable features you rarely see from the major brands. Individually, each watch creates a unique choice for the enthusiast community.

With a splash of retro flair, the Seals Model A.5 has arrived with a bang. Both colorways retail for $800 USD, and you can check them out at seals-watches.com.

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