This watch isn’t real… yet. But it likely will be. VicenTerra has an interesting offer for the first 100 people who put down money for one of these interesting GMT-3 watches. If they pre-order, it will cost them only 5,000 Swiss Francs as opposed to the anticipated retail price of 15,000 Swiss Francs. The catch of course is that 100 people need to ante up, and when it comes to watches, we never know just how long it will take for something to reach production – though it usually does.VicenTerra doesn’t even have a website yet (that I could find), though they do have a Facebook page here (where you can get more details, etc…).If you are really sold on the brand… they will even sell you stock in the company…

So what is this all about? Well the first planned watch from the new VicenTerra brand is the GMT-3. Large and tonneau cased, it will sport a steel case (not sure about the size) with a uniquely modified Swiss ETA 2892 automatic movement. The modifications will give it the time, retrograde date display, second time zone in GMT format, a day/night indication disc at the top of the dial, and a rotating globe that is meant to have the “lit” side of the Earth facing the dial. There are pushers all over the case to operate the various functions. Seems elegant enough given the good quality base movement.

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You either appreciate the style or it is just too much for you. The style of the watch reminds me of some Citizen Campanola watches, which in my opinion do the look more justice. Then again, this is just an early render, so who is to judge something that hasn’t been completed yet. The project is being led (and was started) by Vincent Plomb – whose last name I wish was “Bomb,” cause it would sound like a good title for a guy who would wear this watch – Baron von Bomb.

The little globe is visible through a few sapphire crystal windows around the case. Which is nice, but I hope you are more or less already aware of what the globe looks like. If this is your first lesson in geography, by all means, please spend your money elsewhere. The Roman number 5 o’clock hour indicator doubles as an indicator telling you where noon (I think) is on the globe. For this reason, there are three times, which is why I presume the watch is called the GMT-3.

Below you can look over a few more stats if you wish to learn more about this early phase timepiece, or perhaps order one. At a price of 5,000 Swiss Francs, it isn’t actually all that bad a price – though when you get in to 15,000 Francs, it is just too much. If you pre-order one of the first 100 pieces, VicenTerra will also throw in a share of the company. Like a little thank you for being an “early investor.”

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Tech Specs from VicenTerra:

-Hours,Minutes, seconds at centre
-Day/night with disc placed at 12 for local time, the first rays of the sun appearing at 6 am and disappearing at 6 pm making way during night for the display of the moon and stars
-Big GMT placed at 7h ( Dual time zone) 18.50mm independent of the earth globe
-Date with retrograde hand placed at 2h

Setting components
-Crown at 3 h: setting of hours, minutes and date (day/night disc set with time)
-Push at 4h for setting earth globe, 24 positions (setting to do at 12h)
-Push at 8h for setting GMT
-Automatic rewinding or manual with crown at 3 h

-REA GMT 3 Extra module developed by VicenTerra
-Gear profile in involute of circle style
-Shock resistance 5000 G, 21 rubies
-Basic movement ETA 2892 automatic
-Power reserve of 42 hours
-Diameter of display 31.80mm

Other features
-Case: Polished steel 316/L except for bottom, satin finished front face.
-Water proof to a depth of 50m
-Earth globe in steel
-Interior and arcs in satin finish
-Interior bottom visible front top, satin finished 6-12, charcoal grey
-All Crystals in sapphire, double faced coated lens
-Strap comes in choice of leather or rubber ,black or white colour with expandable buckle.
-Face of tri dimensional earth lit by median sun, earth globe (6.50mm) placed at 5h , it goes fully around in 24h

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