Chopard is an independently owned and highly prestigious luxury brand. With a watchmaking history dating back to 1860 and an equally revered legacy in fine jewelry, the marque offers a broad spectrum of luxury watches including the Alpine Eagle, Mille Miglia, and L.U. C series. With a reputation for stellar movement work and a range of styles from vintage-inspired racing chronographs to integrated sports watches and elegant high complication designs, Chopard is a renowned name among watch enthusiasts.

Chopard is a producer of luxury Swiss watches and jewelry and is wholly owned and operated by the Scheufele family. Chopard is one of the highest-profile independent brands in the luxury watch industry, with popular watch collections including the Alpine Eagle, Mille Miglia, and L.U.C series. The brand also holds a stellar reputation for its movement manufacturing and finishing capabilities.

Chopard’s watchmaking legacy goes back to 1860 and brand founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard, and over its long history, the brand has produced timepieces for such high-profile clients as Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. Chopard currently operates facilities in Geneva and Fleurier, Switzerland, in the heart of traditional Swiss watchmaking territory. Although the brand uses third-party derived movements for some of its entry-level offerings, Chopard prides itself on its in-house movement production capacity, creating such exotic designs as flying tourbillons and ornate perpetual calendars entirely independently.

Chopard watches include everything from simple three-hand dress designs to intricate high complication models. Its L.U.C sub-brand allows the company to showcase a wealth of unique in-house horological concepts, while its Alpine Eagle line offers a distinctive take on the integrated bracelet sports watch, and the Mille Miglia family celebrates the spirit of midcentury Italian motorsport with warm details and exquisite finishing. Chopard holds a place of distinction in the watch enthusiast community, with a well-earned reputation as one of the most capable and historic independent brands in the industry.

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