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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver Giveaways

For June 2019, the monthly giveaway here on aBlogtoWatch is a choice of the Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver or Diver GMT watch. Detroit Watch Co. is an American watch brand that honors the city of Detroit, Michigan. The Great Lakes are an enduring symbol of the state of Michigan and the region, making them an ideal inspiration for the latest dive-watch collection from the brand. Since personal taste is so much of what makes watch collecting the passion that it is, the winner of the giveaway will be able to choose between the classic three-hand diver or the GMT diver.

In addition to the watch of the winner’s choosing, a framed drawing of the watch (that Detroit Watch Co. sends with all its watches) will be included.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver Giveaways

Both versions of the Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition diver watches — a black or blue dial, along with a combination of blue or black ceramic bezel — come in a 43mm stainless steel case. These can be mixed, so a black dial and blue bezel or vice versa is possible, in addition to black dial/black bezel and blue dial/blue bezel.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver Giveaways

For both the classic diver and the GMT, the 43mm-wide case measures 13mm-thick and has a lug-to-lug width of 53mm. They’re both also water resistant to 300 meters and have a helium-release valve at 10 o’clock.

The Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver and Diver GMT watches both have distinct hour and minute hands, all with a healthy application of lume. Speaking of hands, the seconds hands all have the Detroit Watch Co. logo as a counterweight. Since these are serious dive watches, the stainless steel bracelets are also outfitted with extendable deployant clasps.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver Giveaways

The three-hand with date diver uses an ETA 2892A2 movement, which operates at 28,800 vph and has a 42-hour power reserve. The GMT uses an ETA 2893-2 movement that also operates at 28,800 vph with a 42-hour power reserve.

The Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver retails for $1,395 and the GMT model retails for $1,495.

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver Or GMT Diver Giveaways

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required. (If you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there.) For a chance to win, share in the comments with what watch you’d most like to see Detroit Watch Co. make next.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

3. Wait until the giveaway is over on June 30, 2019, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Detroit Watch Co., sponsor of the 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition watch giveaway here on aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Balcmeg

    Love to win this one, a robust GMT is just what I need for my everyday use living in a timezone away from main office and family!
    As for a next development – I have always been weak for pilot watches (Preferrably with a second time zone as well)

  • Bryn Jones

    Nice looking Divers. Always love GMT function.

  • Leonarr

    It would be cool to see a chronograph with a diver’s bezel. Being able to measure the time with both the bezel and the chrono is very useful when I’m cooking! (Just don’t make it too bulky 🙂 )

  • Agnar Sidhu

    These two are very nice divers.

    What type of model to produce next? Given that you already have a classic line, Pilot, chronos and moon phase, I would say that you could either go complicated with a perpetual calendar, but I think I would rather go artsy with a nicely done skeleton watch.

  • DWC makes some very nice-looking watches, and they have a nice range of styles. What next? Maybe a diver’s watch with an integrated He release valve instead of the wart at 10:00?

  • jahenson

    I like these watches given that I grew up just outside of Detroit and spent a lot of time on both Lakes Michigan and Huron. I think they should do some thematic pieces (the whole Great Lakes thing has been done by Shinola already) from different significant landmarks in Detroit. A piece honoring the Joe Louis fist would be sweet, especially in bronze. That’s my vote!

  • Francis Campbell

    I would like a nice field watch

  • Very very nice actually! I’d love to see those hands on a dress watch.

  • Chris MoJo

    I think a no-date diver would be a good addition to their range.

  • Richard Gould

    Ooh, those are some nice divers—especially like the GMT!
    You’ve got a nice collection; the 313s are a lot of fun, but What about adding a square-faced chrono with a little attitude?

  • Nicolaj Nissen

    Very nice divers, albeit on the slight larger size.

    As for what to produce next, I’d love to see a more dressy piece, perhaps even with a square case. Something simple, with three hands and maybe a date, without much else on the dial.

  • Petros M.

    Amazing diver’s gmt watch!!!!

    What watch you’d most like to see Detroit Watch Co. make next?
    It would be great to see a combination of a chrono with a diver’s watch ?

  • lel

    I love the GMT, its just a great piece

  • Jncky12

    Cool watch! I really like the Pontchartrain and Liberator Aviator also.
    Next? Difficult because the collection is already varied…(Aviation, marine, dress, chrono…) I would say maybe something like a field watch. Maybe a manual wind? Would love to see their take on that. Love the case design.

  • Mickey

    I really like the design of these GMT divers, very well done Detroit Watch Company!

  • Mr. Snrub

    I’d like to see this diver in 40mm

  • Andy Kollin

    I’d love to see a dress watch in the collection. Love the Detroit Watch Company watches!!

  • axedesign

    I’d like to see something smaller, perhaps 38 to 40mm!

  • auzelac

    Love these watches! The attention to the details that matter the most make the difference. As for the next watch the Detroit Watch Company should make, it should be the Boblo/Belle Isle Beauty diver, of course. Paying homage to a boat and an island via a dive watch would be classy.

  • Tony Duronio

    Beautiful diver!
    Next watch perhaps a tuonough (spelling) shaped watch

  • Triaed

    Very nicely done. Both models are beautiful.

    I am a sucker for GMTs, chronos and world timers, not so much for calendar or moon phase complications.

    Perhaps the next one could be a pilot with a worldtimer

  • Trevor Criswell

    I like the GMT, the black on black really stands out. It would be great if the DWCo made more of their M1-Woodward Moonphases available beyond the initial limited run!

  • Frederick

    I love this watch,
    A diver watch with a digital chrono would be nice.

  • James Zalinski

    I would love to see a limited edition Mackinac Race Chrono divers watch as a partner to the Great Lakes Edition

    • Detroit Watch

      It has been discussed for a couple of years… Always looking at new models.

      • James Zalinski

        A display back with either sail boats or the Mackinac Bridge engraved on the counterbalance would be a great addition

  • eboldo

    Very nice looking watches.Great colors and dial design. I wanna one 🙂

  • AesopSC

    The Great Lakes kills it. That would be the one for me.

  • vittorio pescarmona

    Very well designed GMT!
    I would love to see something more dressy/casual/sporty with this traits, something along the lines of an Aqua Terra or a BB 36 would complement the design language very well!

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    I would like to see an Aviation inspired design

  • K MC

    I’d say a 40mm version of this.

  • tokicsek

    Diver with a chronograph would be cool!

  • Ramiro

    very nice.
    I liked the finish.

  • tankogradets

    Pilot watch.

  • Dan Baxter

    Like the GMT. I’d like to see a chronograph?

  • Nick DiGit

    Not a fan of pseudo dive watches in general. Everyone wants to copy a Submariner, or an Omega. A fresh design with a neat clean dial would be my favorite. But I do like the size of the crown and the stylistic ” D” on the second seep hand. A 39 – 40 mm case size would be better and a little thinner say 10mm

  • Robert Friedman

    A very stylish watch most divers are best wirn under the sea..I would love ti showoff the blue dial/blue bezel on my wrist, on the dressiest occasions. The specs are great, but if Detroit could get down to 40mm and 11mm thick, this would truly be a watch for all seasons

  • Tom In Arizona

    Beautiful watches that would look great wrapped around my wrist.

  • Joshua

    Both are nice looking watches, though I wish the GMT had more pronounced indices like the Diver. Given the 43mm sizing I’d like to see the company develop a big date function which would fit in well with the expansive dial and be a nice addition to their lineup.

  • Jerry Rice

    Seriously debating buying the GMT. Really love the black dial with blue bezel that is on the Facebook page. Winning one would be even better.

  • Sarosto

    Nice watches, I would love to see their take on a dress watch

    • Detroit Watch

      Coming very soon. In the development stages.

  • ?????? ??????????

    Since it’s detroid – a racing chrono, but inspired from muscle cars, maybe the original charger or impala. That would be kickass

  • SeanM

    I think they should make a skeletonized watch

  • Randy Bradford

    I really like the clean look of the Detroit Watch Company watches. I like the M1 model, would like to see an aeronautical
    look to the chronograph.

  • jimmy1701

    Love the blue GMT!

  • Steve Bowden

    What should the Detroit Watch Company Co. Make next? I would recommend a day/date watch that comes in 5 styles…One for each of the Great Lakes. Each Lake could be represented by a different colour. (Yes, that’s ‘colour’ because I’m Canadian.) It would pose a welcome challenge for your designers. Perhaps one of the watches could have a bronze case? Make each of the 5 a limited edition. Also these Great Lake Watches may lend themselves to publicity and marketing opportunities. Present a watch to the Mayors of major cities on the Great Lakes. Or donate a portion of the proceeds to a Great Lakes clean up charity. BTW I went to the Detroit Watch Company Website, and I have to tell you I loved your ‘rotary phone dial’ on your 313 Watch, named after Detroit’s Area Code. Very beautiful.

  • Otso

    Pilot watch

  • Peter Van de Laar

    I would say a 1701 Pontchartrain 5 mm smaller… I really love the design.

  • Mr Nathan G Daniels

    Looks really nice, but is the price justifiable compared with similar watches with the same movements????
    I seriously like it though!?

  • Steven Servantez

    I would love to see an aviation watch next.

  • JosephWelke

    Nice design!

    I’d like to see a chronograph GMT. Expensive, maybe, but those are all the complications you’re likely to need in one place.

  • John McDonald

    GMT is a nice piece!

  • patrick bremer

    Well done, DWC! Given their location, an auto-inspired chrono seems like a sensible next watch, if they haven’t done that already.
    Would love to give the GMT!

  • D.C.

    Very nicely executed! A true racing watch seems a natural fit, given Detroit’s automotive history.

  • Stewart James

    Very nice diver indeed. How about a clear dlc coating to prevent scratchiest?

  • This looks amazing, love the way the strap and lugs come together.

  • awildermode

    Detroit…auto…how about a race/auto inspired watch in the future?

    Is the 1701 a Star Trek reference?

    • Detroit Watch

      1701 was the founding year of Fort Pontchartrain, which became Detroit. But I do like the Star Trek reference!

  • Erick Rangel

    I love how it looks the Diver GMT… and would like see next a model with Worldtimer function or with power reserve indicator!!!

  • Chris Bos

    How about a square diver?

  • John Taylor

    I would love to have either watch. Choices, choices, which one should it be?
    How about making a line of rectangular watches.

  • John Frei

    How about a tank watch?

  • mikeymusic

    I think a simple “Flieger” style watch with black or white dial. I love the look of the current models, the subtle shape of the bezel is fantastic.

  • The GMT is really very nice!!

  • Andrew Green

    I would love to see a gold dress watch with a textured dial around 38mm with a date complication and Arabic numerals. Classic dress watch from a modern, inspired brand.

  • Psychodynamic Culturalist

    I would like to see this diver in 40mm and under 50mm lug to lug.

  • Celticfox

    Lovin’ this design – especially the blue GMT! Would love to see a fresh take on an aviator’s design next…

  • Maxtor

    Panda Chrono for sure.


    I’d love to have this Diver GMT!!! I’ve been a huge fan of this brand and have been a huge fan of the Woodward M1 moonphase!!! I’d love to see a Ford/Dearborn dedicated piece, also some Detroit built movements!

  • Karl Meyer

    Awesome GAW! I’m a new subscriber to the newsletter, and I just followed both Instagram pages above ? My Instagram handle is @copperberry_edc

  • Pasi Piirainen

    A pilot would be nice.

  • Both these watches are nice, however, a minimalistic automatic with smoother time keeping abilities, longer stand by “battery” life, less “weight”, and a great look is possibility to invest and develop.

  • Norman

    Two offered are very nice, as are all the watches in their web site, but all skew to the dress side. Perhaps a field or other more toolly watch would be a nice add.

  • Seth

    Detroit Watch Co., it’s time for a regulator.

  • Joe

    I would like to see a diver chrono with locking pushers!

  • Vexedjman11

    Considering the company is based in michigan, why not a field watch of some sort? The state has been trying to rebrand its image as an outdoor paradise for a while now and with locations such as sleeping bear dunes some sort of adventure themed watch might be a good thing. Design them around local landmarks and whatnot.

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    I’d like to see a Titanium case and a chronograph gmt.

  • Guy B

    DWC should consider either a watch in honor of the Detroit auto industry (Big 3) or a US themed stealth military timepiece.

  • I’m a native Detroiter, and cant wait to have one of these truly beautiful GMT’s on my wrist. So much more than the “other” Detroit brand. Jack LeGoff, Dwayne X, Reilly and George Perriott would all where one of these.

  • bubbub12002

    I really like the black 1701!!

  • Rhino67

    Great execution combining the GMT with a true to form diver. I love the design and the shaping on the bezel edge. Like the blue option…dark green would pop as well. As an aviator, a GMT Pilot watch is next logical step.

  • Bojan Rudan

    That is one handsome diver watch there. Love the extendable clasp and polishing. ETA 2892a2 is great and servicable.

  • An all black watch with stainless steel strap would be a nice option.

  • Dragos Ion

    Cool pieces, love the GMT. Would like to see it with a rubber strap.

  • Greg Dutton

    I’d love to see a smaller, fixed bezel sports watch. Those types of GADA watches are my favorite!

  • Julien G.

    Awesome design! Would love a smaller case (39/40mm).

  • Matt

    A simple field watch with steel case with a screw down caseback. Keep it simple!

  • Lauri Martikainen

    I would like to see an art deco inspired dress watch.

  • A A

    I would love to see a motorsports inspired chronograph.

  • Bas Peperkamp

    Make an Royal Oak lookalike with mount Iwate dial!

  • Aidan

    It might be a bit crazy, but I’d love to see them make a Perpetual Calendar!

  • Jonathan Fisk

    Very nice diver, the GMT face looks a little busy to me. Detroit Watch Co already has a nice aviator and chrono, so I would like to see an elegant, slim dress watch added to the collection. Having lived in Metro Detroit for many years, one of these would be a meaningful addition to my collection!

  • Brian Russell

    Is it just me, or does the “D” on the second hand seem like it’s upside-down? I would expect it to be readable when positioned at the top (second hand pointing at 6) rather than at the bottom. I understand the rationale for the way it is, but it struck me as odd.

    The next model should be something dressy with moonphase.

  • Ted Portnay

    Love the blue on blue GMT diver. I’d love to see a True chronograph diver too.

  • Robin

    I think the lug to lug should be shorter. Othervise i like it.

  • Jeremy Bell

    I’d like to see a blacked out watch, with black DLC case

  • Simonh

    Got to be a chronograph. Nice watch.

  • Bas Peperkamp

    I would like to see a RO look-a-like case and bracelet and Mt. Iwate dial like a GS. In red sunburst. That would be killler!

  • Mr_FDL

    A green diver.

  • sam-b

    I’d like to see the “1701 Pontchartrain” with a matt black or dark grey case combined with a British racing green or claret violet dial & bezel.

  • Theodore

    A racing inspired chronograph. Could be something drawing inspiration from Detroit’s long automotive history.

  • Peter Bakke

    A chronograph with tachometer scale bezel

  • Alexa Kurowski

    I would love to see a watch with some real gold incorporated somewhere! This company is amazing and the GMT edition here is one of my favorites along with the moon-phase! Thanks for the opportunity to win this watch.

  • José Gregorio Aldazabal

    I would like to ser a moon phase watch.

  • Mathias Corneliussen

    That looks great and rock-solid. I have been looking for a tool-gmt, and this so fits the bill

  • David Swayze

    I can never have too many GMT watches. These look great.

  • Mike

    I would like to see them make a field watch. Manual wind would be even better.

  • Durandt Storm

    To me the ideal and ultimate watch that they could create is some sort of motor inspired watch, even to partner up with one of the automotive brands would be extremely fitting! They would have a lot of different design options to incorporate into their already beautiful watches!

  • Charles van Ouwerkerk

    I definitely like the 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition GMT Diver

  • Greg Bryett

    Pilot watch would look good. No date.

  • Pete Yo

    I’d like to see Detroit Watch Co. make a pilot watch with a big onion crown.

  • GriffithH

    A chronograph with more contemporary design, and maybe a similar three-hand watch as well in the same collection.

  • EdipisReks

    I’d like to see a world timer. Plenty of room for a highly legible dial.

  • Mitch

    I would love to see Detroit Watch Co. make these diver watches in either a 39 or 40MM version for those of us with smaller wrists.

  • bc_from_aus

    A batman gmt with at least 200m wr and exhibition case back.

  • Steven Kelby

    I’d like to see a big chrono but not a daytona copy. Thanks for the chance!

  • Jon W

    Nice watch and overall well-rounded collection for dressier/office environments. I would like to see more of a field watch next – something for the outdoors.

  • Groad

    38mm explorer-esc watch, manual wind.

  • HPV

    I REALLY like the fact that they have a GMT complication but kept the minutes track on the bezel – a true diver; even has the extension on the bracelet! What next? How about a diver chronograph? That’s not very common, and would be SO cool!

  • Bryan DeJonge

    I would love to see a Meteorite face, bronze case, and or something with the automotive industry. I honestly love all your watches, such beautiful craftsmanship!!

  • Ayreonaut

    I’d like to see Detroit make a white dial diver with orange accents.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    a good design that remembers the sea watches

  • billy mclaughlin

    I would like to see a rectangular dial (tank style) in a larger size to match current trends

  • Kevin

    Love the entire Detroit Watch Co. lineup! Would love to see a glass etched case back with the state on it. Well done!

  • Abhishik gangwar

    Design are really good

  • Larry Holmack

    I like the blue dial and bezel version, since I have a thing for blue dials. I wouldn’t mind a little larger case, say a 45 – 47 mm automatic chronograph…you know ..for us guys that have larger wrists…over 7.75″

  • Sipemon

    I’d like to see a pilots watch

  • A. Ghafran

    Make digi-analog watch next. A mix of old school and new school

  • Hamza Ansari

    blue ceramic bezel looks great

  • spotpuff

    GMT Watch

  • Iñaki ML

    Great looking watches.

  • Jordan Colony

    I’d be very interested to see them try making a field watch. Or a dressier option (that second hand seems like it’d really shine on a dress piece)

  • Ozgun Can Ozgunes

    Something like Speedmaster

  • Christopher

    I would love to see an homage to the golden age of Detroit muscle. Perhaps a 1960’s styled racing chronograph – with seconds only, cause that’s all you need to time a 1/4 mile run!

  • Jeremiah Hinkle

    I would like to see them, and others, make a dual crown compressor style diver.

  • Daniel D.

    A pilot watch would be a nice.

  • dasche

    I would definitely like to see something automotive inspired. Especially early automotive (Henry Ford days) since the company is obviously proud of their city, and so much automotive history is tied to Detroit.

  • senrayan

    it is a best chance to win this watch

  • Steve M

    A diver chronograph with this dial would be great!

  • Clark D

    Another variation of an aviator watch! Love their current one, but never hurts to have another!

  • heatherswanson

    one for all the Poppas

  • Bob Sebastian

    Perhaps a dress watch on a strap with just a bit of sport, or flair. Something that recalls the spirit of the personal luxury coupes from the late 60s, like the Eldorado or Mark III.

  • pat flicker

    Like to see something dressier, perhaps 2 tone, still with water resistance.

  • robert young

    Detroit muscle car watch

  • ikg

    Nice watch! I would like to see GMT bezzel on it.

  • Daviid Pedersen

    A dress watch, I think would be great.

  • Molli Vandehey

    i’d really like to see something super vintage-y like maybe do a decades series?

  • Mr. Mechanico

    I love the fact that DWC uses arabic numerals as indices. How about a bicompax chronograph with those arabic numerals as applied indices? A rose gold color option with a chocolate brown dial would be amazing.

  • Erin N

    I love these watches! It would be a perfect Father’s Day gift. I would love to see a few more designs and colours, but I think they are perfect!

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Beautiful piece! I would love to go swimming in greek seas with this watch! For next, I would like to see a flyback chronograph, with 2 subdials. One for 30 min and 1 for 12 hours. Open back to view the mechanism.

  • TresGut

    Very nice. What we need next is a classic dress watch with a sub-seconds hand at 6 o’clock

  • 0059mike

    I’d like to see a GMT pilots watch next. Tan and black.

  • Gokart Mozart

    A grand and petite sonnerrie.

  • søren nielsen

    Great looking watch, at a very competitive price. Would love to see them make a world timer.

  • Doug Wisniewski

    With Detroit’s connection to the Great Lakes, I’d like to see a watch incorporating yachting timer features.

  • Sandi Tymchuk

    I would love to see a Detroit Watch with a copper coloured face, nautical details, and brown leather wristband–perfect for my husband! Of course, he would also love one of these watches–a blue face with black bezel would be perfect!

  • roland monkman

    nice watch it would be nice to win very elegant and sporty.

  • shellieclark

    Perhaps a classic dress watch. Black!!

  • James Kleinser

    I love the pilot watches, in an spare elegant way

  • I’d like to see a classic dress watch

  • Kim Wrigley

    I would like to see a Formula 1 racing watch. I would not like to see silver on silver or white on white hands and ideal as they are hard to read, particularly in hight light conditions. Moderate side controls would be welcome.

  • Tallin

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I’d love to see more options of the blue dial with the black leather strap. Your watches are gorgeous!

  • Alberto

    Great giveaway…I’d like to see something more vintage inspired

  • dskasak

    How about a retro chronograph based off of the old Detroit Grand Prix?

  • David Humphrey

    I would love to see them make a Pilot’s watch!

  • j4wang

    Would be nice to see a skeletonized version.

  • Deb Philippon

    A dress watch would make a nice addition.

  • Andrew McFaul

    Detroit being the home of GM, how about a yellow dial chronograph ‘Corvette’ model to celebrate the ‘Vette’s fantastic racing history.

  • Mike Evans

    Great pair of watches. I would like to see a chronograph next.

  • Pierre Vaillancourt

    Really nice looking watches! I tend to agree with folks here that they have a great range but a classic, thin, possibility hand wind, dress watch would be nice!

  • Catherine Robichaud

    These are great looking watches. I would love to see a vintage pocket watch.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Beautiful watch, especially love the 3-hand edition. I like the idea of something vintage inspired but still keeping the 42mm-44mm size.

  • Paul Gardner

    I would love to see a watch that had a leather band!

  • Ah Shumaker

    Something more retro.

  • Lurch

    A watch with only one crown.

  • Harold

    Very nice review. His and hers matching watches would be something I would like to see.

  • cyklopz

    A chrono

  • Scott Kalmus

    Those are some great looking watches, that would look even better on my wrist!

  • My avatar explains it

    Amazing watch, would love to win it!

  • Nello Alexandri

    The three hander in blue is very attractive. Nice movement that is seldom used in a small brand offering.
    I would like to see them make two different pieces that have American automotive themes. One that has a 1950-1960 vibe, and one that is modern, possibly futuristic.

  • Kirk Ziehm

    Thanks for this great giveaway opportunity! I would love to see a Great Lakes themed watch.

  • Lesley Miller

    I would love this watch – looks amazing!

  • Gary Aerne

    I love do be watches. I also like airplane watches as well. They should give it a try. Would like to see more with the trillium gas too

  • Iain

    I like the black dial. How about making a watch with both leather and stainless steel accents

  • Ricki Giorgi

    I’d love to have this watch! 1701! And the reason might not be what you’d expect! 🙂
    (A blue GMT…)

  • Tristan

    Good looking watches. I’d love to see a hand winding skin-diver style watch next please.

  • Michael Rizzo

    I would love to have an automatic watch. The watch is very good looking.

  • zellie54

    I like the old wind watches so this is to be something to consider . I like the looks of the Oris Diver Sixty – Five 36 mm and would definitely be wearing it all the TIME .

  • Jason Kinnin

    A rainbow watch

  • Kael Racioppa

    Very nice! Lots to like here! the 43mm would look great on my 8″ wrist!

  • Phyllis

    I would like to see a chronograph type.

  • Douglas Burch

    Awesome! I really like the blue dial of the GMT (and the diver).
    A chronograph with white subdials should be next.. would look great.
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • Byron Todd

    Nice watch!

  • Humphrey Mar

    The look is fine, but can it also be solar powered with a skeletal back?

  • Diana Shenderovich

    OMG just perfect watch for my husband

  • lydia kyskira

    A retro/vintage watch.

  • Walter Van Tine

    I’m a fan of solar-powered wristwatches. I’d like to see a luxuriated version of a Citizen watch.

  • John Soltis

    June 2 / 2019 Like GMT Diver watch! Good luck!

  • Dan Nartker

    How about a white dial with powerful lume and a pop of color on the hands. While we’re at it, lume the numbers on the bezel.

  • Brad

    A wood watch would be cool.

  • egznyc

    I’m interested in something dressy and whimsical (I have lots of sportier watches already), either a dramatic moon phase and/or a jumping digital hour. If you can do this in a reasonably compact size while also offering 100m WR, it would be very attractive (if the design and price were too ;-)).

    I’d take a GMT for the giveaway.

  • nickie burke

    A pilot watch would be a nice.

  • Lisa Mathers-Church

    Definitely a classic vintage dress up watch would be amazing! Thanks for the chance

  • Diego Rojas

    Would love to see a slightly more modern dress watch. Have lived in their city for 5 years, and would love to win one of their watches.

  • Mark Olsen

    This is an excellent addition to the Detroit Watch Company family! Love that it is made in Detroit!

  • Norman Gignac

    a coup[le of smart-looking time pieces!

  • Andrew Clark

    Aviation style

  • rulerofearth

    The mix and match of dial and bezel colors sound fun. It’s be nice to see a red version of this diver, maybe a limited edition?

    The chronographs in the Detroit Watch Co. collection look very cool and vintage-inspired, curious what a more modern racing chronograph from them would look like.

  • Felipe Garcia

    I would like to see any other variation of this diver watch with some more vivid colors, even to have it two different types of colors to make it drive a more alive look.

  • Adam Stahl

    I love automatics, and would love to see the company go deeper into that field. Would definitely be proud and honored to win.

  • Michael Duddy

    I would love to see a racing-themed watch inspired by Detroit’s role in auto racing, specifically related to The Detroit Grand Prix…circa 1980s (when the race was actually held on the streets of downtown Detroit.

  • marina

    This would be a great win!!!

  • Vxnt Hsu

    I like to see Detroit makes next is 2 tone diver in steel mixed bronze with royal blue or royal green dial.

  • diverfan

    What a nice giveaway idea. As far as the next watch, I’m not very familiar with the company at this juncture, but I suppose speedmaster professional-esk chronograph or an affordable, yet robust and practical bronze diver. It seems so hard to find a quality, yet affordable one.

  • Costanza

    I’d like to see a smaller version of this one

  • p madud

    Great giveaway. Nice watch.Classic vintage watch would be amazing!

  • Mario Arpaia

    I would love to see more sport watches, these diver are definitely cool, I would empower the line, as the market is also moving towards that direction, I’d suggest to release new sport model or “technician” models (crono, pilot, new diver model, etc.)

    Thanks for the givea,

  • Martin

    I would like to see a diver options in multi size cases (not just 43mm and L2 L over 50). It would be nice to have a dressy diver in 40mm size

  • Ionesi Victor

    I’d like to see a classic watch simple but beautiful.

  • off2europe

    Love to see a sharp dress watch for business meetings.

  • Pierrot

    My first comment didn’t make it, don’t know why … (maybe due to my poor english). Anyway, I was saying I would love to see these watches in a titanium case at maybe a smaller size, 41mm for example. Very nice giveaway !!

  • Frits van der Veer

    Love the GMT blue! The perfect proportions for my wrist :), look no further.

  • Shawn George

    I’d like to see a motown themed/inspired piece. That being said, the watches they are making seem great!

  • JC

    i’d like to see a automotive inspirited watch

  • Rafael Lirio

    A smaller diver, something around 40mm, with vibrant colors as orange, red or green.

  • Lukas Westling

    The blue diver for me, a very handsome watch!

  • coskvig

    Nice divers. I’d like a clean simple face with date on leather strap.

  • Jason Dickey

    I am a sucker for field watches but so few of them have really good water resistance. How about a 200m WR Field Watch.

  • Kevin Perthuis

    All DWC watches are beautiful ? I would love to have bracelet options for other models. A two toned bracelet for the diver would be ?

  • ComedyGold

    I like the look. It’s hard today, for a diver particularly, to be distinctive. The second hand, the fleur de lis , the fonts, and the colors do stay within tradition yet are different enough to stand out.

  • BrandonS

    Similar diver but with inner rotating bezel

  • Max Attack

    I would like the Detroit Watch co to make is a watch with an auto theme. Maybe a chrono with a tach

  • RF96

    A proper dress watch- I want DWC to make an elegant “starter” dress watch for new professionals beginning their careers- no more rubbers and quartz- just a grown up watch for people growing up!

  • azstate1

    I’d like to see Detroit Watch make a watch inspired by Detroit buildings, like maybe the Packard Automotive Plant building. I’m imagining a checkered/waffleboard dial like the expansive building/windows and simple square hands and indices like the clock that was on the bridge of the plant. Could be a two-hand time only (with a running seconds subdial for added interest, if necessary).

  • Craig

    Aviation style

  • Jason Nadin

    I would love to see a Detroit Watch with a square or rectangular face and Chronograph.

  • ronalicious

    lovely watch, been looking for a diver.

  • Stephanie

    I would like for them to make pearl peaed watches.

  • bbfrid

    I’m confused with a Pontchartrain Great Lakes edition as Lake Pontchartrain is in Louisiana. Nevertheless, I like the watch…reminds me of some of the Ball dive watches. I’d like to see an automobile-inspired watch as others have mentioned or something to do with Ford or Edison who have ties to Michigan..

    • Detroit Watch

      Pontchartrain refers to Fort Pontchartrain which became Detroit.

  • Steve

    I would like to see a pilot watch

  • musa

    diver with a coin bezel. or a chrono.

  • German Lopez

    Awesome!!! I love me some GMT watches. i was going to say it would be great if they made an aviation style timepiece but upon checking their IG i noticed the B24, that thing is a beauty!!!

  • Shubhankar Biswas

    Great Watch. Would love to see a watch inspired by one of Detroit’s many iconic Muscle Cars.

  • rawdesignhouse

    Great addition to their lineup. As far as what watch I’d like to see them make next, I don’t know…but I would like to see options for an exhibition case-back. There’s just something special (to me at least) about seeing the movement within the watch, and being able to witness it at work.

  • Peter Szczerba

    I would love to see a field watch or pilot watch with US military influence, that would be very cool!

  • Bryan A

    Add a Chrono element to this line for a variation that adds function and style.

  • Christian Henriksen

    A Mickey Watch

  • Whitemud

    The GMT comes with helium release crown and unidirectional rotating bezel with ceramic insert. Fantastic!

  • jroot1974

    How about a watch inspired by Detroit’s amazing Motown musical legacy?

  • elizamatt

    Gorgeous watches and thank so much for the chance to win one. I’d love to have a watch that shows the different times for here and Europe too if that’s possible. I also already Like/Follow both of your pages and now the Detroit Watch Company too.

    • Detroit Watch

      Check out our 42mm 1701 GMT dual timezone. The GMT diver is also dual timezone.

  • gchahinian

    I was going to say moonphase but they locked that one down, and it looks pretty nice too!

  • robert csontos

    The one with the black dial please

  • Krishna Kumar

    Generally i love the designs of DWC. The GMT is a dream but the price is out of reach for me. So I sincerely hope to win it this time (i have been participarting for a few years now with no luck!). Anyway, as a next watch I would like to see DWC create a skeleton watch while maintaining similar design principles. DWC could also explore other case materials and colours such as rose and yellow gold coloured or bronze.

  • Robert Carson

    It would be cool if they did a watch themed by a natural extension of the Great Lakes: The Detroit River. Maybe featuring the Ambassador Bridge on the caseback or something like that.

  • Tim Nicholls

    I think both watches are quite stylish but still bold. I would like to see a more subtle dial colour.

  • Lucanus Randall

    I would like to see a mid range dressier watch with a tasteful chronograph. Nice watches BTW!

  • donkol

    Something less ‘divey’

  • Pjer Orlic

    Detroit is Motor City. Some watch ispred with that legacy will be very nice! BTW they made great watches!

  • Russell DeJulio

    Beautiful and function tool watches !

  • shanekleinpeter

    I think these are really nicely done; glad to have the opportunity to learn about them. Given that they’re on the larger side, maybe a Pilot’s watch next?

  • arthur gusowski

    I would like to see them design and build a mono pusher chronograph.

  • Sarah J Bojorquez

    These are very nice looking watches.

  • S. Kahan

    Very nice looking watch. Possibly a field/tool watch next.

  • Kip

    Solid looking dive watch. A manual winding field watch would be a good addition. Perhaps with NATO, bracelet, and leather strap options.

  • A good automotive styled watch

  • Mara Donnachie

    I’d like to see them make a pilot’s watch.

  • John Logan

    I love the B24. A square one would be awesome I think

  • Kevin Vanderveen

    I would love to see something that captures the spirit of auto racing heritage, so my suggestion would be a chronograph.

  • Manzur Dan

    They covered quite a lot with their range of watches, I wanted to say a GMT but they already have and it’s my favourite from their website.

  • E-Squared

    I would love to see a Pilot’s Watch

  • Detroit Watch

    Check out our B24 Pilot watches. Superluminova on dial and hands.

  • Detroit Watch
  • CoreyFong

    That GMT Design is amazing. Very unique and clean. I would love to see a field watch of some sort.

  • Greg Cat

    A rugged GMT tool watch for hiking in Michigan’s upper peninsula would be the perfect addition to the Detroit Watch Co. collection!

  • Pieter de Wit

    A burgundy/deep red dial diver with ceramic bezel

  • Markieamark

    I’d love a watch for High Altitudes as well as deep dive.

  • cretzloff

    I’d like to see them make a unique sport watch with a proprietary fitted rubber/steel band.

  • John S.

    Something with a retro 70’s vibe would be a cool addition for this company.

  • Daniel Park

    Something race oriented to represent its Detroit roots

  • Shawn Jensvold

    Love the blue GMT. Perhaps next a slightly smaller case w/ bronze options or even a moon-phase along the lines of Ball or Christopher Ward.

  • John Peter Holt

    I’m a big fan of bronze cases, so a bronze watch with a domed crystal is what I would like to see.
    The fact that the bronze changes color and “ages” with the owner is something i find compelling.

  • Heiko K

    I’d like to see a pilot watch, remniscent of the Orfina Porsche Design. That GMT looks gorgeous!

  • Clare

    I’d like to see a rose gold one with an opal dial!

  • Wanda Bergman

    I would love to seen anything in rose gold.

  • Kevin Peterson

    a car themed watch?

  • Jesus Marrero Rivera

    I’d like to see Yacht master 42 ?

  • Josh Graves

    Pretty cool diver. I like the Michigan theme, though some wouldn’t. For suggestions, something less single state oriented would be good. Another suggestion would be to make a smaller case version…38-40mm for those with smaller wrists. Best of luck.

  • Matt

    Since their name has detroit in it, I’d like to see some American motorsport inspired Chronograph

  • Yiannis

    I would like to see a super compressor style dive watch. I think this can produce a sport watch that is understated in appearance and can therefore pass easily on slightly more formal occasions.

  • Veer Iyer

    Detroit watch company makes some mean looking dress watches too. The divers look good, especially with touches like the “D” on the seconds hand and of course the GMT complication. Would like to see perhaps a regulateur watch soon from the Detroit watch co. stables.

  • James

    Kudos on a very classy looking watch! I’d consider doing a tank watch next like the Ebel Brasilia E9126M52.

  • Kevin Beard

    I’d like to see them do a Rally style watch. I feel like there aren’t a ton of automotive themed watches. Of newer ones the Zodiac GrandRally, or a Stratton come to mind. I’d still like to see more of this genre, and a company with Detroit heritage, c’mon it’s a gimme for an idea.

  • SteveA95

    All four are beautiful watches, and I would be hard pressed to pick a favourite, but I would pick the blue GMT (but only by a whisker). In the future, I’d love to see a bronze GMT.

  • Elliott Axinn

    I like their B24, but I prefer watches larger than 40 mm on my 7.5″ (maybe a touch larger) wrists, and their current version is only 39mm. Plus, pilot watches are generally larger.

  • Stephen

    I would love to see a watch that celebrates L’Enfant’s plan for Detroit.

  • Mike Time

    The Detroit Watch Co. 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes Edition Diver is a beautiful and functional watch. I would only suggest they made that same watch in a 36mm or 38mm size. That would help it become a His & Her watch set for the Missus & I.

  • Noah Joseph

    The name says Detroit, right? They should do more driving watches! Like a TAG Monaco-style piece with a square case, maybe with the numerals at an angle for viewing on a driver’s wrist.

  • Chemenger

    How about a skeleton. Some of the open backs show some nice movements, so an open front showing the beauty seems appropriate.

  • BediarSofiane

    I would like to see a very minimalist Bauhaus like watch from Detroit.

  • Robin Bullock

    Maybe a pocket watch would be worth considering.

  • karen petrychko

    I like a good leather strap on a watch and with the number clearly showing on the face of watch

  • Aaron Max

    I would love to see a pure 3 hand 24 hour dial, maybe with a fourth that would tell time in another city. Given the looks of DWC’s offerings, I think a 24hr complication would look amazing and would give Glycine a good run for their money.

  • Jason Kinnin

    transparent watch

  • Rob Ketcham

    Double GMT (3 time zones)

  • Chris

    30s style deco pocket watch-this is Detroit after all! But for those of us with ridiculous skin sensitivities – I’ve begun to wear pocket watches almost exclusively.

  • Alyssa Lewerenz

    A watch featuring a Petoskey stone face would be beautiful (or incorporated in the design in some other way)

  • Alan Griff

    Seems well made.

  • Scott Kree

    The Detroit Watch Company (DWC) seems to be a “speakeasy” in the watch world. Their style, design, and timekeeping is impeccable and has gained much respect over the years. In keeping with their hometown Detroit theme I would like for DWC to look into developing the following concept: I would suggest an automatic diver timepiece with the name “J.W. Westcott”. The name is derived from John Ward Westcott a great lakes captain and engineer/inventor. He was in the development of river range buoys and the mail system for freighters that still exist today. The USPS ship that delivers the mail to freighters passing through Detroit is named after him to this day. It is the only floating postal zip code in the U.S.

    For more “quick” information:
    Contact: [email protected]


    i wood to see a nice field watch.

  • Tobi Tool

    A military field watch would be cool.

  • ChrisA

    I’d love to see a ‘heritage’ mono pusher chronograph, or a slide rule watch

  • M. Rogers

    They’ve covered a lot of ground already, but I’d like to see a GMT Flieger the most.

  • Kevinb

    I think that a chronograph would be a great choice. Honor Detroit’s rich motoring history with a race car inspired watch.

  • DreamingOfThe406

    The GMT with an open-heart dial and lume pips at 3, 6, 9, 12, and all three hands would be great.

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    I would like to see a dress watch with a big moon phase.

  • Jon Sica

    Beautiful timepieces. Makes it very difficult to decide between them. Most gmt watches are usually a little to cluttered or have me looking down and seeing the second hour hand without realizing I’ve selected the wrong timezones. The way DWC executed this watch is remarkable. Not to mention the shade of blue used. To say it’s a challenge from stopping this comment and ordering one right away, but what would the fun in that be? I’ve been a fan of this site for some time now and since it’s on my desktop almost all day and night since I found bit out about it, why not let nature run its course and see what happens to this awesome watch. Hope it falls into hands that will take care of it. As for what comes next, I would suggest something along a field watch for gentlemen. Something you could go from a hike to a board meeting. Interchangeable straps, a few minor adjustments like reducing the polished surface and even a slight colour change to the dial, viola you have a field watch anyone would be proud of.

  • Darh109

    Honeycomb pattern dial would be nice.

  • Doober

    They make some really nice pieces. I like complicated faces, but I also like minimalism as well. However, I would like to see a watch that honors Detroit’s automobile history, specifically in the muscle car era of the 60’s.

  • Jesse Sherer

    Very cool watch. I’d like to see Detroit watch co add a leather band and a rubber band option to this bad boy. Love it.

  • Gal Sh

    I would definitely like to see a more formal timepiece such as an elegant minimalist dress watch

  • Milos

    Impressive piece. Detroit Watch Co. best looking one. GMT’s are my
    favorite, so I’d like to see another one GMT watch, this time with power
    reserve. Cheers!

  • ijg projects

    Looks Great!!!!!
    Like an Omega Seamaster, but only Better!!!

  • John Simpson

    Would love to see a GMT Pepsi and possibly a great looking Nato strap option,nice looking watch. Would be an everyday wearer for me.

  • Mo

    Very sharp looking time piece

  • Shelli

    I think Detroit Watch Co.’s next watch also needs to have a stainless steel link bracelet. I would like to see more options showing off the stainless steel style. Maybe even in black.

  • Nixa

    Next: a Flieger

  • Loufi

    I’ll like to see a bronze version

  • Peter Benkmann-Photography

    As blue deeply appeals to me I like the full blue version and I dream on having also a blue band as it is sometimes the case with milanaise bands, just as an example, not that I would want to have a milanaise band on a divers watch 😉

  • David Bizgia

    Always looking for more ceramic.

  • Simmoca

    I would like a classic tank watch.

  • Kevin Melo Accioly

    Really nice!

  • Owen

    Love the GMT. Would love to see a field watch next around 40mm with titanium case and tritium tubes.

  • Stephanie

    An interesting combination in their next watch would be a chronograph dive watch. Not sure if anyone’s tried it yet, but it’s money!

  • David Daniel Trevino

    I’d like to see a classic American dress watch in the style of old Hamilton and Elgin watches from the 40s. Maybe a square case?

  • François Flürk

    Nice ! I’d really like to see their take on a 24h-dial, a really cool variation IMHO

  • wavefunccollapse

    I love this company, especially being a Detroit native. No longer in Detroit, but it’s great to see the city rebound. I’d like to see them make a moonphase watch. I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Scott

    I’m a Field watch/Flieger fan. I’d be all into a solid one made here. Maybe a Cali dial variant.

  • T.M. McWalto

    I’d like to see them tackle a cushion case dive watch

  • F1B

    Something simple, classic, and on the thinner and smaller radius side

  • demonkorp

    Really nice looking watch… However, I would like to see a simple, clear dial without a date window. How about a date hand instead of the seconds hand?

  • Jay

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but love finding out about American made watches!

  • Ramon Castro

    Am really liking the handset and dial on these two watches. The GMT version looks awesome. A field type watch would complete their pretty cool range of watches.

  • Cristina Lim

    The color and the look is perfect. I just want them to produce something a bit smaller for my wrist.

  • Sigmund Globes

    I think a 1701 Pontchartrain model with big date will be nice addition to the current line up.

  • Simon

    A nice elegant moonphase?

  • Phil Lewis

    I like the blue dial GMT in particular. The bracelet looks pretty robust too.

  • marcus leef

    Im a fan of the Detroit diver watch but I would also like to see some additional detail in the next version of the dial

  • Seth L

    Looks pretty nice. Would be interested to see some square / rectangular options next.

  • Stevan Mihailovic

    It would be great if a DWCo makes a sporty, modern- looking, racing car chronograph, but with a spirit of cars produced in Detroit( Ford Mustang, perhaps) It could be luxuriously stamped on the Case-Back , or on the luxuriously finished mechanism in the case of transparent case back. This would be a perfect fusion of the past & present , as well as the reminiscence on two of the best known symbols of a Motor City: cars & watches.

  • J Cruz

    Loving the blue!?

  • Nick D.

    A smaller, dressier watch could be a great addition to an already awesome and coherent collection. I love the GMT dial and handset!

  • Laurens

    A boxyish non chrono watch. Maybe name it after the indie 500, but avoid anything near Heuer Monaco!

  • James

    If it rocks, it’s from Detroit…overall Detroit Watch Co. has done a solid job with their diver collection. Going to be a hard choice to pick just one! Better than a game of Euchre, with an ice cold pop this summer. Next watch from DWCo has got to be a field watch, lot of examples out there, and not an easy endeavor to stand out. Choice of hands and dials are crucial, as will be the type of bracelet or straps. Should be water proof to 150M and offer something unique that the mad gang over at DWCo can only offer.

  • Jeffrey Maffuccio

    What a beautiful watch, simple and elegant! I I hope to see Detroit Watch Co. make a simpler version of this watch: thin with killer lume. I’m a Louisiana native, so the name of this one is dear to my heart.

  • Paul Napolitano

    Cool! Love the Great Lakes and MI!

    Would like to see white dial and raised numbers on bezel – an ‘Arctic’ version?

  • Miguel -MO

    Great looking watch. I would love to see a black dial watch with gold markers and gold hands. Thank you!

  • Peternic1

    As it’s the Detroit Watch Co., I’d like to see a retro style chrono with a racing strap.

  • Wouter

    I’d like to see them make a world timer!

  • JeffH

    Nice looking GMT! How about making a GMT pilot watch in a smaller case: 39–41 mm?

  • Christina Kkona

    very interesting dial!

  • Demonix

    Those DWC’s look a bit derivative, Omega influenced imho but quite an attractive piece. As the Great lakes and the wilds aren’t far away maybe a rugged outdoorsy inspired Field watch as their next watch?

  • Andrew Cara

    This is such an awesome set of Divers/GMTs! Would be amazing to see a worldtime chrono in a 38/42mm case!

  • Dupont

    Very clean look. I think a rugged, field watch with small color accents on the dial with a matching strap would be nice.

  • funNactive

    Nice design. I’d like to see the same thing in a 40mm.

  • James McDonald

    Love the D on the second hand. Perfect

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    A skeleton dial

  • Daniel Michael

    Awesome looking watch. I’d like to see a simple and clean classic style watch from Detroit Watch Company.

  • Tickle Man

    Love this diver. Perhaps 43mm is a tad too large?
    How about a super compressor for the next collection?

  • Steve Baysting

    I would be really eager to see a photo realistic moonphase especially as 43mm gives a little more real estate for this beautiful complication

  • Jrhexpress J

    Love this watch.

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    I’d like to see them come up with a GMT watch with design cues from the Packard Twelve. Classic old car style, colors and all.

  • Crisoph Martin

    Love it.

  • Aidan Fenix

    Great looking watch. Would love to see a chronograph with tachymeter celebrating Detroits automotive history.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Robert Blau

    Great design already, but it would be nice if they designed it next time in a smaller size like 39 or 40mm.

  • LapYoda

    I would love to see a hand-wind chronograph, something perhaps in the size and thinness of a Speedmaster Professional.

  • Mack

    Beautiful watch. A GMT diver is difficult to pull off, and they’ve nailed it perfectly.

    And next? An internal bezel, in a compressor case

  • John Chapdelaine

    I would like to see smaller size versions of these divers, like 40 mm. After that I would like a chronograph.

  • Tantum Caeruleum

    Both are nice.
    My suggestion would be to add more colors to this line, there’s never enough of orange, grey or red watches!

  • jacob

    Agree with a lot of comments here, should make a small diver

  • Stephen Salim

    Definitely love the attention to details, especially the lugs design. The lugs appeared as if they’re seamlessly integrated into the bracelet and it doesn’t look segmented at all. The dial itself is oddly bold, but not overwhelming. As a matter of fact, the dial is quite clean. I almost forgot to mention how quirky the hands design is (definitely complements how the dial looks). All in all, this watch is definitely worth the money.

  • I would like to see more square/rectangular watches.

  • Eric Yang

    It would be really great to have a hand wind chronograph

  • occasional_comments

    Colours… more colours.

  • Oleg Vydykhan

    Nice classic designs. I love the blue.

  • Tiago Neves

    Since the brand has only released timepieces with lether and stainless steel straps……..maybe you could lauch editions with NATO´s or ZULU´s on the aviators or sporty models.

  • Mike F

    Something straightforward with cues from old auto manufacturers like a checker cab in some its available colors yellow red black blue white silver.

  • drhrva

    A diver with mechanical depth meter would be awesome.

  • Keri Ginger

    love the 24 hour watch! would love to see more colors…maybe dark green??

  • how about altitude

  • Eiji Wolf

    The diver is a good start.
    I’d like to see a rock-climber/canyoner watch; something that won’t bust when smacked against a boulder when groping for a handhold, or when going downstream in whitewater.
    Something that can take the punishment of active outdoors sports.
    My search goes on…

  • Hunter Romario

    The offer looks great and I would definitely choose from this, so far unknown, brand. Perhaps just some NATO straps in colors…

  • FollowPhil

    Fantastic looking watch – nice for it not to be a clone of others! The color combination of black and blue might look nice – Pictures? Maybe a smaller size or smaller lug-to-lug? I like the deployant clasp.

  • Hollis Taylor

    I really like this rendition from Detroit Watch Co. Absolutely beautiful craftsmanship from viewing the pictures alone. It would be nice to see how this wears on the wrist and how accurate the movement performs under various wear and non-wear conditions. Detroit Watch Co. could greatly benefit from producing a super compressor cased diver. I don’t see many of these in the modern watch world and I know others may agree with this as being a great addition to their collections.

  • gate keeper

    This is a great product offering and the price range is very tempting. I would like to see this with a pepsi ceramic bezel (red and blue) option with either a white or black dial. Micro adjustments on the clasp (like Rolex) also isn’t a bad idea.

  • tank324

    That is a beautiful watch. The blue has a classy yet laid back look to it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a leather band as an option.

  • Braden Messick

    I would love to see a racing inspired watch, whether they do a chronograph or tachymeter whatever. Something to play off Detroit’s history.

  • Tony G

    Absolutely LOVE the 24 hour dial!! Beautiful! Please continue to release 24 hour timepieces, maybe an exhibition caseback showing a custom rotor next!! Keep up the magnificent work DWco!!!


  • William

    I have been watching the offerings from Detroit Watch on and off for a while. It would be hard to choose which one to get if it came to it. I tend to prefer the tool watches as usually are more legible so an aviator style with a NATO style strap would be a nice addition.

  • David W.

    That GMT looks awesome. It would be great to see a watch that is thinner and/or dressier in style, possibly with a titanium case.

  • Mike

    Although Detroit has lost some of its glory in the automobile industry in the United States and the world. I think it would be interesting to make a watch in homage to the automotive industry due to the impact of the auto industry on the city of Detroit. This can be a tribute to a specific car or even company. Additionally, they could make a watch out of the materials that are related in the American automotive industry. Of course, since this is mo-town, I believe that automotive type watches should be a chronograph due to the timing and the relation to speed. Furthermore, the strap should be a form of rubber to represent tires.

  • David Rainey

    I would like to see this watch in green with no date.

  • Andy Thorpe

    It would be interesting to see a yatching watch, maybe with a propellar style face. Or a racing watch in a bold colour with chronograph and a tachymeter.

  • Tom Bonetti

    The Detroit Watch Company is putting together some timeless pieces. This 1701 Pontchartrain Great Lakes diver would immediately become a favorite. Blue dial, black bezel, GMT. Wow! The watch I would most like to see next would probably be the B24 Liberator Aviator but with a Type B dial.

  • Jason Dority

    The blue dial/bezel is on point. Great to see this couple crafting unique timepieces. Would love to see their take on a dress watch with an open heart design.

  • Mark Great

    I would love to see a world-time watch – I think it would fit in the collection nicely.

  • Jason

    Good looking watches. I’d love to see a super compressor style diver.

  • Chris Ginger

    Wow!! My son would love this!! Such craftsmanship! I think i would like to see something more femanine next..
    Beautiful watches!!

  • Dustin Kemp

    Simple, elegant, open heart dress watch. That’s what I would like to see from you guys next!

  • Robert Ritchie

    Black leather band;
    titanium case and clasp;
    iridescent dial;
    jeweled skeleton movement display;
    blue/gold dial hands, and;
    tear-drop date display.

  • Jeffrey Kot

    Would love to see a pilot watch

  • R Phillips

    Lovely watches! As a former resident of Wayne County and am employee of one of the best law firms in Detroit, I am very pleased to see Detroit Watch Co. rising up to present a beautifully engineered product that I will search out soon. I took flying lessons in the Detroit Metro Area, flying out of Willow Run Airport. That airport is so important to the history of Detroit and especially its contributions to the World War II effort to defeat tyranny around the globe. In that vein, I too, would love to see a Pilot Watch from Detroit Watch Co. Thank you to A Blog to Watch for the opportunity to win such an exceptional watch! Good luck to all who’ve entered.

  • jovier champagne

    in need of a new watch, this one looks so good would love to win!

  • DS

    Nice divers. I’d love to see a pilot’s watch

  • Brian Kautz

    Love a nice GMT watch

  • Debbie Snell

    stunning watches something a gentleman could wear and look ever so debonair. 🙂

  • GIULIAN Galleria Burgas

    Its a nice diver watch, never heard of the brand. But lookin good, I feel lucky! 🙂

  • Franco

    I’d like to see them make a rugged adventure watch with an electronic alti/depth meter, similar to the promaster with a rubber and an optional nato strap

  • Mihai

    I also would love to see them do a more sophisticated dress watch.

  • I love these watches. I don’t know this company very well but I know I would love to have a very classy women’s watch.

  • Noah

    How about a square face/dial

  • William

    It would be good to see their take on a field watch

  • James

    split colour GMT bezel

  • Oliver

    I would like to see a pilot style watch

  • Benjamin

    Have you made a dress watch

  • Elijah

    A thin dress watch

  • Lucas

    Would like to see a world time watch

  • Logan

    Would love to see a proper dress watch, minimalist dial – no date, thin enough to wear under a shirtsleeve

  • Alexander

    Great looking watches, would love to see a vintage style diver

  • Ethan

    Agree with others, a field watch would be nice

  • Jacob

    Would love to see a bronze version of the diver

  • Michael

    What about developing an in house movement

  • Chad Bjugan

    Some dress watch options would be great!

  • Iepg

    Cool looking divers. A simple rugged field watch would be a nice addition

  • Owen

    I would like to see a watch with a see through caseback ans plenty of detail on the movement

  • Wyatt

    These are some good looking watches, hope to see more motor city history in their styling

  • John

    The GMT looks great, would like to see a smaller version

  • chris_1860

    A simple styled Dresswatch

  • Jack

    would like to see blue bezel and an orange face

  • Luke

    Good looking watches all. How about a flight style tool watch with the same water resisitance on a Nato strap

  • Jayden

    I love old School military watches, would love to see ne added to the collection

  • Grayson

    I would love to see a racing inspired watch, perhaps a tachymeter

  • DeermarK

    A dedicated sail racing watch would be very nice to see.

  • Levi

    How about a pepsi ceramic beze

  • Isaac

    These are some good looking divers, I think you should build out the range, add super compressor cased diver, different sizes, colours, leather/nato straps…

  • Gabriel

    I like the GMT, how about a GMT field watch

  • Julian

    Beautiful watches. Next should be an inhouse movement and a clear case back to show it off.

  • Mateo

    Would be nice to see a diver with a pressure gauge

  • Anthony

    I would like to see a manual wind retro pilots watch

  • Jaxon

    there should be more square/rectangle/tank style watches on the market

  • Lincoln

    I would like to see a chronograph on these watches

  • Joshua

    great looking watches, would love to see anAviator watch with arabic numerals

  • Christopher

    To me these are a little too large. Should be reduced to 40mm

  • Andrew

    I think a 24hr world timer would be a great addition

  • Theodore

    I would like them to make a simple, elegant dress watch

  • Caleb

    Would love to see a curved dome crystal on these divers

  • Ryan

    A small thin dress watch should be next – round out the offering

  • Asher

    You don’t see many alarm watches what about that next, really stand out

  • Nathan

    What about making these watches in ceramic

  • Thomas

    Something too honour the automotive past

  • Leo

    should develop a tank-style dress watch. No one is doing those anymore

  • Isaiah

    would love to see detroit watch with a moonphase or open heart

  • Charles

    How about a tank dress watch? I’d like to see what Detroit watch co does with a tank watch.

  • Josiah

    I would like to see a square or a hexagonal watch

  • Hudson

    Since it’s called Detroit I would like to see a car related watch

  • Jonathan Allen

    Love their current Chronograph selection. Reminiscent of El Primeros. A clean dial field watch would always be a welcome addition.

  • Hunter

    I would like to see a very minimalist Bauhaus like watch

  • Connor

    What about rereleasing the Pride of detroit

  • Eli

    Lovely looking watches would love to see a small pilot watch

  • Ezra

    Since their name has detroit in it, I’d like to see some American motorsport inspired Chronograp

  • Andrew G

    I’d like to see an internal bezel retro diver.

  • Andrew Kimball

    I moved to this great city 4 years ago to work as an engineer for one of the big three. I think you should create a series of three representing the most iconic designs of each of the big three. Bring forth cues of some of their history making automotive designs and incorporate them into 3 timeless designs. I think it would be easy to also provide the option to opt out of any obvious queues from any of the designs if you add them to your initial designs. Perhaps a Ford fan absolutely dislikes the font of the Ford watch but loves the Dodge design. Would a man driving a Mustang want to show off a Dodge watch? Probably not, but he would want to show off a fantastically designed watch that only those who know the Detroit Watch Co. would know the real design influence. Us watch enthusiasts would not shun a Ford guy from wearing a Dodge or Chevy watch. 🙂 There is a baseball team watch that I really like but do not want to purchase because it shows the NY Yankees logo front center. No offense to the Yankees, i just really do not care about professional baseball. The purchase would be a hard thing to explain to a non watch person.

  • Bryan Loo

    I’m big fan of diver watch. i’d like to see more on the aviation watch.

  • Aaron

    I would like to see a stylish small seconds watch with a textured dial or a classic vintage design piece

  • Landon

    Rose gold/gold dress watch

  • Adrian

    I’d like to see a pilot watch

  • Rowan

    I would like to see a pilot watch

  • Amir

    I would like for them to make a pearlescent dial

  • Antonio

    Add a tachymeter feature

  • Abraham

    Make the L’Horloge slimmer and smaller

  • Timothy

    I think a triple black diver

  • Finn

    Would like to see an art deco styled watch

  • Rhett

    A field watch

  • Elliott

    Would like to see something smaller

  • Edward

    What about a sporty Day Date

  • Chris Higgs

    A Auto themed timepiece returning to its manufacturing history e.g. Bremont Jaguar.

  • Lozza22

    Slightly smaller with a jubilee style band

  • Mommyofone Shanna

    Rose Gold Rose Gold!

  • SamcoSVK

    A classic slim watch

  • Thibault Peere

    I’d like them to make another diver. Maybe a bit smaller for those with small wrists.

  • John Winnard

    Beautiful looking watches from a company, that us poor plebs in South Africa, didnt even know existed… I wish I knew more about them…

  • hofken

    Love the industrial/art deco elements. Really like the fun elements in the dial – but not too busy. Could you maybe make a ladies watch?

  • sam

    Appreciate the ceramic bezel and non-cluttered dial face. As a diver I would welcome a power reserve indicator, like the one in the gorgeous 1701. Also, the generous application of lume is much appreciated, as is the handy extendable deployment clasp.

  • Simeon Weinraub

    I would like to see a square dress watch with a subsidiary seconds, and/or a square chrono.

  • Kelly O’Neal

    A watch marketed to freshwater fishermen would be successful. It would have a screw down crown with great water resistance. 39 mm, beige dial, large arabic numbers of a font that looks vintage, moonphase, internal rotating compass bezel with separate crown, plain beige or brown leather 20 mm strap, sapphire, screw in back. Its’ VERY THIN because its’ QUARTZ allowing a price that will be accepted by the mass market.

  • tiffany dayton

    My husband loves watches and would love to win one of yours. They are so Nice!

  • Joel Schumann

    I would say to adopt the design language in a dressy field watch would get my attention – hands and then brands emblem would fit nicely. Also, I am looking for bolder coulors than black and blue.

  • Rhino67

    I would like to see a 40 mm pilot watch with no date and a longer power reserve.

  • Sam Moskow

    I’d love to see Detroit Watch. Co. create a watch inspired by Detroit’s rich and vibrant music scene. It would be so interesting to see what they come up with!

  • Love to see DWC make. Watch to celebrate the history of the Red Wings.

    • WAMM


  • I am a huge fan of field watches so anything along those lines.

  • Dirtybirdsoaps

    Id love to see one inspired by historic downtown.

  • Zach Brown

    These are beautiful watches! I would be interested to see them take a crack at some aviation or military inspired watches if they haven’t already. Thanks for running a cool giveaway!

  • Zach Brown

    Thank you for running a great giveaway! What a beautiful watch. I would like to see Detroit Watch Co. do some aviation or military inspired pieces if they haven’t already.

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    A skeleton watch where the mechanical look like a car engine

  • Robin

    Nice design but a tad big

  • James Zalinski

    Who won?

    • Steve Bowden

      Me! Wooo HOOOOO

      • Diane T

        I’m so jealous 🙂

  • WAMM

    The Detroit Watch Company is more than someone designing a watch, securing the builder and supplier. DWC is a husband and wife who have a love for watches a background in design and a ability to assemble the self designed and sourced parts swiss movements among them, Quality Control must be front and center to the Ayoub’s. Mr. Ayoubs builds the watches by hand himself , I am sure he doesn’t tolorate poor QC work as his name is on the product. Detroit Watch Company is made in America as Michigan is part of the lower 48 All I can say is thank you I love product you will too.


  • Steve Bowden

    GMT, Blue Bezel, Blue Dial. 🙂 This watch will be my first GMT and my first bracelet with a milled clasp.

  • Mark O’Neill

    I just missed it.

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