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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m From WatchBox

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m From WatchBox Giveaways

The aBlogtoWatch monthly giveaway for November 2018 is a pre-owned Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m courtesy of WatchBox. WatchBox is an e-commerce platform for buying, selling, and trading pre-owned luxury watches that is run by watch enthusiasts and has a goal of convenience and transparency. The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is, of course, familiar to many, but this is the reference with a 38.5mm steel case and black dial on a bracelet. The dial, with the vertical “teak concept” pattern, indicates the watch’s 150m water-resistance and that the movement inside is Omega’s Co-Axial Chronometer.

A sapphire crystal exhibition caseback displays the beautifully decorated Omega 8500 automatic movement that has a power reserve of 60 hours via two series-mounted barrels. This particular reference is no longer produced, but it has a retail price new of around $5,500, and WatchBox provides thorough service, authentication, and quality control for each watch it lists. Needless to say, this is an exciting giveaway, and you can enter for your chance to win this Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about your favorite watch strap options for fall 2018 and why. Do you swap back to a bracelet as the weather cools down, or do you opt for leather, nylon, rubber, or any other kind of watch strap materials? Let us know!

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on November 30, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to WatchBox, sponsor of the pre-owned Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Sven Lancaster

    Hi all – I’m in Australia so it’s mid-spring and heading quickly into summer (today was 33 degrees Celsius!). I’ve already swapped out the bracelet my Orient RRII to a Bond nato. I’m a big fan of nylon nato straps during sweaty weather as bracelets tend to get gunky. I keep a two-piece leather for a couple of other wear-to-work watches. I’m hankering after a particular rally-style leather strap for a Luch single hand watch, but I can probably wait until Christmas! Cheers.

  • Danil Krivosheyev

    the best one from Omega!

  • james kelly

    Personally I love a nice rustic Colareb strap when the weather cools down on my 62MAS reissue or my Samurai.

  • bc_from_aus

    I’ll always take a good bracelet when available. I reckon it’s the most versatile for any situation.

  • Now that temperature is finally dropping here in hot-and-humid Hong Kong, I usually stick to the bracelet on my SARB033. However, as Fall is approaching, I prefer to swap it over to a two-stitched horween black leather strap! Gives it that nice vintage yet contemporary look that’s comfortable to wear in the cool weather, whether it be on the weekend or in the office!

  • Jared West

    Great watch. I stick with leather. A good quality leather strap is lightweight and unobtrusive, while still looking great.

  • Mark

    For Fall 2018, or any Fall I always stay with a bracelet. For me, a bracelet is more comfortable and if I am active, it provides the strength and durability that I desire. Sometimes in summer I will opt for a NATO strap, but that is rare and depends on the watch. Other materials will break over time and when you have an original signed buckle or keeper that you cannot replace, it just makes me sad.

  • Nameer van Oosterom

    I absolute love the aesthetic appeal of a good leather strap – however the downfall is durability. Living in Australia, it is very hot… all the time… But during fall, the temperature is cool enough to minimise sweating which ensure longevity of the leather strap. Therefore, I like to interchange my straps from their metal bands to a nice leather band. I personally prefer wearing brown leather straps over black simply as I see myself wearing brown leather shoes.
    Good luck everyone in the giveaway; such a beautiful timepiece!

  • Mhonlumo Ngullie

    Leather straps for my dress watches, steel bracelet and nato straps for the dive/tool watches as winter approaches. I usually avoid wearing leather straps during those sweaty, hot summer. And if the oem bracelet is good, i keep it as it is.

  • Ferry Fahrizha

    For a cooler weather, I’d prefer a change to a thicker leather strap or a Nato if it is involving a wet weather situation

  • james

    Hi love this watch. I like a nice leather strap when it gets a bit cooler.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    Due to the fact, that I usually wear sporty watches, I`ve got a rubber strap or a bracelet on them. Now give me the watch.

  • Bracelet on everything for me!

  • Jiri

    Best option for me in any weather is always bracelet or nato strap. I dont know why I don’t like leather straps:)

  • Vino

    Fall time is the perfect time for experimenting with all kinds of leather straps! Preferably deep earthy tones…

    And a bracelet could work all year long for me, so I guess I could count it as well…

  • Nic Ong

    Fall is a season full of colours to me which leads to how are I pair my strap to my watch during the fall. Bright colours are my choices for a beautiful fall. Some may choose a colourful dial watches to wear during fall. But to me, its always straps that trigger me to choose a watch to wear. In my comments, I will take on two contrasting watches (in terms of being a strap monster or not) to offer my take on what are my favourite straps choices. Then the question arises on whether what are my favourite watch straps during the fall? First and foremost, it has to be a croc textured leather strap, A croc leather strap with various options bright colour is often my choice for fall. Consequently, my watches often to be a black dial or a white dial watch. However, an exceptional scenario applies to my Seiko Alpinist (the most “fall-est” watch you can get in the market IMHO) is paired with a green croc textured leather strap. Some may say it is too “green” but to me it is the perfectly match. What shades of green do I look for though is the next question? It has to be a striking green, not an olive green or a dull green. It just compliments to me, it’s like tomato and basil! The other strap option being a NATO undoubtedly. As often seen, NATO usually comes with variety of colours. A very prime example that I would give is the Rolex Explorer 1 on a colourful (eg: bright blue) NATO. To me it is one of the best looking watch strap pairing. Would I change it to a bracelet when the weather cools down? Certainly! The Alpinist which screams with the gold accents (esp. hour markers) triggers each and every owner (i believe) to put it on a strapcode two tone oyster bracelet. For the Explorer, though, who would decline that stock Rolex bracelet hugging their wrist. To end my comments, I would like to recommend the croc textured Bonetti leather strap from Italy which is hard to find online. They are very affordable and more importantly offers a variety of fun colours to light up your life!

  • Steve Drake

    Fall time strap is brown leather or a drab NATO strap swapping because I’m lazy

  • Kostas

    Very nice and timeless watch. Regarding the Straps i use Bracelet strap for a formal dressing. For every day casual dressing i use leather strap and in the summer time rubber strap for swimming and every day activities. Nato strap have beautiful colors and design but i don’t like their buckle.

  • Radim F

    My dream comes true finaly! I totally need to win these as i will never be able to buy one! Steel bracelet for me please and no change because of the weather. In fact i must admit that nothing beats the feeling of cold steel in my hand and then on wrist while handling my only watch, Swatch Furore YCS448G. The cold steel slowly warming up and becoming one with the wrist, sort of feeling like i am a Terminator waking up for another days fight. This is the ritual – i keep the watch on the windowsill, the coldest place in the flat. I love the watch dearly as it was a gift from my girlfriend, she bought it for my birthday in London Swatch shop, from her first ever wage. We worked there for some time in lousy jobs mainly in cafeterias as it was common for Eastern Europeans then, it was in 2004. I have the watch eversince, the girlfriend is now my wife and a lovely mother to our two wonderfull girls. The cold steel Swatch watch is still here too…measuring our time.

  • gadgety

    Many years ago while living in a subtropical location wearing my stainless watch and bracelet during winter time in housing without
    central heating I realized how comfortable a switch to leather straps can be. I like a coordinated set where the leather strap plays a central role. Watch strap, phone wrap, card holder, and sometimes also the belt, all in the same leather.

  • Omer Shafi

    I almost exclusively wear textile nato or zulu straps. I love the casual and rugged look of them. I only change the colours depending on the season. These days I’m wearing a khaki nato on my steinhart ovm.

  • RF96

    Depending on whether I’m in a place with a fall or monsoon season, my “go to” strap for August and everything after will always be steel (or any other metal for that matter)- it’s not cold enough but it’s certainly durable and resistant enough to resist any weather, especially the rain! At any rate- save for that one time in high school when the rubber strap on my trusty Tag got funky and I had to change the strap to steel, as with other people here, I’m a no-swap person- steel as my beater, reserve rubber straps for the beach and leathers for the formal meetings/occasions!

  • Gonzalo Ozores Eizmendi

    Very nice watch!! I would really love to win it…
    In the fall and looking towards winter time, I tend to leave my rubber and NATO straps behind and I come back to my steel bracelets (having said that, I still wear my Rolex with the Oyster bracelet in summer time… that is hoy I like my Submariner and GMT!), in order to wear my watch in the formal setting of an office, and still be able to hike mountains and ski with the sporty features of these bracelets. It is true that some watches such as my vintage dirty dozen watches I still wear them with their green NATO straps, but the real only alternative I find for the steel material in fall/winter is the black leather straps of my Breitlings and Bell&Ross.

  • Fabian Schwarz

    Well, I have actually come to like the isofrane straps quite a lot.
    They feel very comfortable and I haven’t yet managed to wear one of them out.
    The hardware seems to be very robust and you can’t really go wrong with a diver paired with a good old iso!!

  • Massimo Fornale

    Comfort rules in my opinon thence in Fall a nice leather strap is mandatory: the warm sensation in a weather getting colder and more humid is really welcomed. A nice touch would be the color being on the earthy hue. The metal bracelet instead helps in summer when the sweat makes the leather stickier and could ruin the leather strap as well – not mentioning the salt water or sand on the beach for which even suiter is a Nato or Perlon strap.

  • Daniel Merchant

    Just switched over my Millgauss from blue alligator back to the stock steel bracelet. Still regularly rocking my SKX007 on a black/grey NATO though.

  • CR

    I prefer the standard metal bracelet year-round, including the autumn and winter months. Summers where I live are not so hot that nylon etc. is needed.

  • Hannibal

    Fantastic Omega, easily my favorite among their modern line-up. This one, with tapestry dial, looks simply wonderful. It is also the most versatile watch on the market – it’s thin and elegant enough to be a dress watch, while its performances are the ones of a serious sports watch. Let alone that with 150m ratings, one could easily go to swimming and shallow diving! About strap options, well, I am a bracelet guy myself, so just on a rare occasions I tend to remove my bracelet and put some soft leather. I’m not a big rubber guy, although I understand its benefits, especially in a hot climate. Natos are really not my thing, got one fabric strap on my Hamilton Khaki King and I instantly swapped it with quality leather strap.

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Love the AT. I like sports watches either on a bracelet or on 3 ring style nato. The type without the second strap under the watch, and also a nylon keeper instead of the zulu type metal ring keepers. I wear both all year, although I might wear the nylon in hot weather more.

  • L Kun

    I do not swap when fall comes – because my favourite straps are nice, comfortable leather straps for more “dressy” watches and nice, comfortable rubber straps or leather straps for sports watches and I wear them all year.
    Keep up the good work ablogtowatch!

  • Leo

    Switching soft leathers for my straps is really nice once the temperature drops. I love metal bracelets but when the weather cools, they almost feel too heavy and restrictive. A nice light, soft and warm leather strap really accentuates the changing temperature for me.

  • werner

    I might go the opposite direction for choosing rubber straps. I think rubber is the new leather
    because if you look hard enough, some fancy straps can be found that look almost as good as leather. Rubber goes with every season and it’s very comfortable and weatherproof.
    Allthough the look of a watch on it’s original metal bracelet is mostly perfect, i personally have changed all my straps to rubber. I wish manufactures offered straps like Omega does, though this is an expensive option. Everest is doing nice straps to with straps hugging the cases.

  • Jason Kline

    I always prefer a leather strap to a bracelet. Only my Tudor Pelagos stays on the bracelet, all my other watches have leather straps. This Omega Aqua Terra I would likely keep on a bracelet however.

  • JosephWelke

    I definitely switch back to a bracelet when the weather cools. Considering a Strapcode riveted for my Oris Diver Sixty Five.

  • Mark Mason

    For Autumn/Winter I’ve moved over to my Nappa Leather watch strap. Always comfortable and never feels cold like steel or lighter nato straps do. Looks the business too.
    However, I do occasionally feel the urge to don my Marine Nationale for some added cool and to colour co-ordinate!

  • Peter Duggan

    Love Omega, would be extremley happy if I won this watch as they are out of my general price range

  • Jeffwb65

    This would be an amazing timepiece to win. I generally tend toward leather straps for cooler weather, except for my Seiko SKX009. It lives year round on it’s Uncle Seiko Z199 bracelet.

  • Stephan

    For some reason I tend to like leather straps the most. I have one watch with a metal strap, and it’s really comfy. But somehow I wear that watch the least… maybe something that might change the winter…

  • Randell Benavidez

    Bracelet all the time. It just works with any outfit!

  • Mikkel Bau Jungersen

    rubber, nylon-natos or steel bracelets in the summer – anything during winter

  • Samuel Wanja

    I would love to win this Omega. With it’s 38.5mm case, it would a perfect fit to my wrist. I love wearing all my watches on a leather strap during the cooler months, except for my Sub which is always on a nato. I’m currently enjoying a really nice green suede strap on my Noms Club Campus 36, perfect for the fall.

  • Marius

    Living in a warm, moist climate means I tend to stay with the bracelet all year round, although I’m thinking trying out a rubber strap for a more casual look and so I don’t need to worry so much about dinging it all the time!

  • Andre C

    Beautiful timepiece; that Omega would go well on a bracelet or leather in my opinion. I tend to prefer leather just because I believe it suits my watch collection the best; but then again my workhorse Glycine sub stays on its rubber strap as its easily the most versatile for outdoors activities and my Ball trainmaster on its bracelet for formal occasions. Do I change my watchstrap/bracelet in the summer/winter..? Nope, I don’t find it to make such a big difference here in sunny South Africa.

  • aston14

    Fall is leather strap season. A brown, aged leather strap works well on just about any watch, IMO.

  • Benji Oxtoby

    I have always preferred Omega’s offerings over Rolex and Tudor.

    Straps for me, personally, I always go leather. I used to be all about metal bracelets, but with an active lifestyle, small wrists, and various items of clothing with narrow sleeves, I need the flexibility that a leather strap gives me.

  • Bryan K

    I like to stay year round with my leather strap.

  • johnnyc40

    I stay on bracelets for my sports watches and leather for the dressier watches. Summer I occasionally change the sports watches to rubber.
    Very nice giveaway ABTW

  • RWTar

    I wear various strap types year round. I do tend to wear leather in
    cooler months as I live in a warm climate. My bias is towards a
    bracelet, but I do switch it up regularly between leather, rubber,
    nylon, and others.

  • Tomek

    The normal option would be a brown calf strap – but this fall I’m thinking about getting a strap finished with Harris Tweed, or herringbone wool.

  • dfbugeja

    During cold weather I personally tend to favor leather straps. Leather is comfortable and not prone to absorb sweat during cold seasons. I do not mind wearing metal bracelets too, but they feel colder (since metal is more conductive). Rubber and nylon are practical, but not as much comfortable as leather. Of course I am not considering wet conditions – such as exposure to rain, swimming and diving. When water is part of the formula, then metal, rubber and nylon are a better choice.

    good luck to the winner – what a dream watch to have!

  • Great giveaway!
    Regarding straps or bracelets, I’d rather wear leather straps. Particularly burgundy/brown in the fall, black in winter and light honey/brown for the summer…but it all depends on the color tone of the watch itself. I do enjoy swapping leather straps,including using NATO style canvas straps on some of my sporty models. Some watches look better and have a totally different look with a different strap other than the original one.

  • slipperyslope

    Lately, I’ve taken to canvas straps. They’re very comfortable and they give a different look.

  • christopher jensen

    I tend to favor NATOs in the summer (Erika’s Original usually) and bracelet in the cooler months.

  • HerrJon

    I’ll take a NATO anytime, anywhere but ocassionally swap out for leather when there’s events.

  • Oscar Cano

    Always with bracelet, it fits with any style! Except on formal occasions, in which a leather strap is more classy.

  • Nathan Schneider

    After summer’s over, when there’s no chance of me going in water, definitely switch to the warmth of leather or fabric. Steel bracelets are too cold in the mornings.

  • Eric

    I’m a huge fan of leather straps during the fall (anytime really). Thicker leather straps feels nice and warm during the cooler months. Although I don’t mind wearing a high quality NATO with some nice fall colours too. I don’t typically wear bracelets on a regular basis, but sometimes I just like the feel of a good bracelet on the wrist… although it does get shockingly cold at times so I’ll typically stick with leather.

  • Josh Slimmer

    Love the Aqua Terra – great for all seasons and activities. For me, sports watches always on bracelet. my dress watches always on straps of any color except brown.

  • Hirasdo Julius

    For my dressier watches I will swap it to leather. But I will always maintain one pilot/dive watch with NATO strap as I like to wear my watches on top of my Bomber jacket during colder months.

  • Forget about drawing a winner here, I’ll save you the trouble. Give it to me. I will then find a good quality perforated black silicon strap for it, write the “on the wrist” review doubled with professional looking shots (I own everything I need, including circular polarizers I will use to kill unwanted reflections). Good plan?

  • Iakov Sapojnikov

    This is such a cool contest, wish I could win 🙂

  • Omar Colin Omaña

    i always wear stainless steel no mather what. but reading the coments now i want to try the teather and the nylon, i dont have any of them

  • Nat N.

    I’m a year-round bracelet fan – though I do resort to a nato strap when the weather’s at its hottest.

  • PR

    Prefer a nice leather or gator strap for fall and winter. It’s easier on the wrist and is more versatile with sweaters and jackets.

  • Evnhn

    I have always wanted an Omega. I have a Rolex Daytona, several Tag Heuer aquaracers, Hamilton diver, Hamilton Pilot day date and a couple of Seikos. I keep the Daytona on a leather bracelet. Right now I have it on a Navy leather bracelet I bought from Rolex. I have a brown and black version as well. The other watches I go back and forth from leather straps, NATO straps and metal bracelets. I like the Aquaracer 3 dial on a metal bracelet. Cheers!

  • Danny Landes

    for me a watch determines the strap material

  • Austin Greer

    It really depends on the watch. I prefer my dress watches with leather while my sport watches will go between a bracelet and a NATO. More in conjunction with my mood then the season.

  • Doug Cooper

    I have an original alligator strap on my chronoswiss timemaster that is incredibly comfortable after all these years

  • BG

    Love the watch! What a great opportunity, thank you Watch Box!

  • ElTel

    Whilst I really like the looks of some of the new nylon watchbands with a contrasting stripe (very retro 70’s racecar looking to me), I still prefer a leather strap for a more formal watch; or a metal linked bracelet, like the one shown for the Omega Aquis date, above, for a more daily wearer. But THE MOST comfortable watch band I have ever worn is the Apple’s watch with the magnetic adjustable band. It is infinitely adjustable, so if I need it to be snug it can be; if i want my wrist to breath a bit, I can loosen it the tiniest smidge. As for plastic or rubber wristbands, I find them too sweaty and uncomfortable for how snug I like to wear my watches.

  • bestcoastreader

    Never leather for me on a sport watch, just isn’t durable enough. I reserve leather for dress watches. I’m 90% bracelet, which I prefer in hot weather because it doesn’t absorb any sweat, and then occasionally switch to rubber or a nato for variety/comfort.

  • Paul M

    The strap has to match my outfit and mood. I don’t have a preference to any particular strap type or material.

  • Chris M

    Once the mercury drops enough that I’m not sweating just walking around, the leather straps come out. Metal bracelets just leech heat out of you.

  • Giorgos Antoniou

    Fall at last! No more sweaty hands. This means that this is the right time to remove the summer bracelet and add a colored suede strap (brown or rust green).

  • Steven Servantez

    I will stick with leather all year around. Love the look and feel. I very rarely wear metal.

  • mark kemper

    what a beautiful watch anyone would want this one for sure

  • Gary Aerne

    I like a leather strap clamp back strap. It is easier to adjust to your wrist and has a better look and feel than the bracelet. I don’t normally switch out from strap to bracelet since I think the leather has a a better look than a bracelet.

  • space scoundrel

    I just got a new burgundy strap I think will be nice with several watches. Normally I’m an all leather all the time type, but the Lorier Neptune’s bracelet is so good I’ve switched back to it and I think it’ll stay on it for the foreseeable future.

  • Philippe

    I only have a bracelet and nato straps. As a beginning collector I have a Hamilton on a bracelet and a Seiko with various nato straps. The next steps could be a diver on a bracelet and – hopefully 😉 – a dressier Aqua Terra. For the Omega I like the bracelet but I would consider adding a nice cordovan brown leather stap.

  • Scott

    I switch out – bracelet in the warmer or flat out hot months and leather in the cooler months. Currently have a navy stitched strap on stainless steel. Nice giveaway and thanks for the great work.

  • Tae Chang

    I used to only wear leather, but recently I’ve been preferring to wear bracelets not because of weather, but because it works on any outfit.

  • Al Herrera

    Only use leather straps or rubber straps since I like to keep it on the casual side. And I don’t own any brackets unfortunately.

  • Giuseppe Familiari

    During fall and winter I prefer to wear my watches with rubber or leather straps so they fell more warm on my wrist. I live in Milan so it can easly drop below zero during winter.

  • Théodore Atx.

    Usually I just wear more leather. But fall is also NASA velcro time for the Speedy! A replica of the Apollo short velcro strap.

  • Jordan Rausch

    The best new watch strap I’ve seen is the Betatype 3D printed titanium strap. That kind of innovation is always exciting to see in such a mature industry.

  • Ananya Balaji

    I’m a big fan of leather

  • Eric Shen

    Try not to wear leather in the summer, it gets nasty fast.

  • Gabriel Snead

    I usually stick with leather or nato. I live in the south so I never feel a need to go back to a bracelet.

  • Kenny

    I love a good leather strap, especially in the fall. Bracelets I reserve for the sport watches and sport activities. I am looking forward to swapping over to some tweed straps as the cold weather rolls in.

  • Gregg

    While I have Steele, leather and rubber bracelets on a variety of watches, it seems like I’m usually wearing my metal straps. I think it’s a great product feature for a watch to come with multiple straps and an easy way to switch them out. I wish more watches did that, as it can really change the look of a watch.

  • D.C.

    I’m not married to one type of strap, but generally, I’ll go for leather or bracelet during colder weather, and rubber or NATO/Zulu in summer months.

  • domokla

    I wear NATO strap all year.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’m obviously a straps guy, but I do love a good bracelet. On most of my watches I rotate straps in and out: for my panerai’s alone I’ve made over 20 straps between the 2 pieces. I really only switch them out for style, not season.
    Although I did just finish this ring lizard for my LE LUMTEC, and I guess orange is a fall colour:

    For the aqua terra, its monochromatic appearance usually tells most people to get a black strap with matching stitch or contrast in white. That would look great but for watches like this one shouldn’t discount some colour in the strap and then an accent to tie it in, and the effect can be quite cohesive. I might consider an exotic hide like bullfrog or polished stingray in a nice shade of blue, and then give it a black stitch to tie it back to the dial.

  • Vincent Kruse

    I have always been a fan of bracelets over other materials. I find the watch sits so much better on a bracelet and the weight of the watch and “strap” is much better proportioned. With a leather or canvas strap (of which I have tried many) I often find myself over tightening the strap or the watch falling to one side of my wrist.
    Bracelets also work in all conditions and situations. For me, a bracelet is always the first choice.

  • Steve

    I use a nylon NATO strap but occasionally I’ll switch to a bracelet.

  • Stewart James

    Leather be’s okay but me wants to swap all me leather straps with sailcloth. Me currently has a bracelet on two of me wathes; Jubilee style on one and oyster on other. Others have leather or perlon as me has given up on big fat NATO straps. Sometimes me will cut off the keeper nonsense on me NATO’s as it make me look like less of a jerk.

  • Panama_Jack

    I swap almost all watches to leather straps for Fall and Winter. I love leather strap, but in spring and summer they are too sweaty on my wrist (metal and perlons in Summer mostly)

  • Seth

    Fall says to me a brown leather strap (whether chunky or more slender) – the weather cools down, so sweat is less of an issue, and it works well with the move from shorts to long pants, etc.

  • Joseph Fratterolo

    Most of my watches are on straps – leather, rubber, and nylon. I’ve left one or two on bracelets because it goes well with their style. I’ll switch them here and there for a different look, but don’t make any season-related changes. Great giveaway – thanks!

  • Jufithri Abd Halim

    For me, be whatever season it is, bracelet is always my choice. It is versatile, and non seasonal at its best. Yes, leather or Nato maybe a good change sometimes but nothing beats the sturdiness and finesse of a bracelet. Period!

  • Andrew James

    I prefer bracelets or leather for the winter months, but I have a few NATOs which I swap in when I get bored.

  • Luke

    With my personal watch, I love leather, and it really goes with cooler weather. But when I’m working, I require a metal bracelet

  • José Castro

    This watch is so beautiful… I tend to prefer leather straps from solid brand names, my favourite are the shell cordovan from fluco. But I admit that in summer time bracelets are more convenient due to sweat on hot weather.

  • Andy Willinger

    My favorite straps are the rubber vanilla-scented straps by Bonetto Cinturini. Some of my watches have bracelets, and I like them. The bracelets have to be very high quality. I am NOT a fan of the current trend of NATO straps.

  • nfromto

    I tend to go back to leather in the fall/winter. A nice leather racing strap on my Speedy. I tend to go with the bracelet in the summer or a nice vanilla scented rubber strap.

  • BlueLightsaber

    I prefer leather straps over bracelets, they look sharper and more stylish. Bracelets are more functional rather than attractive.

  • Balazs Racsko

    I usually wear bracelet or nato during the summer but fall is when I can really get the leather strap back on my dressier watches. I usually can’t wait as some of those look a million times better with the leather strap. (e.g. 1971 King Seiko 45-7001 Hi-beat, 2012 Fortis Flieger 597.20.92 Chronograph).

  • Max Leggett

    An Omega Seamaster would look awfully nice on the wrist …..

  • Vladimir Hristov

    I hope it will not sound vulgar, but as I wear preferably Pilots models I tend to like so called “NATO” or “Zulu” straps. I like the bucle is placed aside and does not stay on the center of my wrist. This way I am damaging less the surface of my laptop computer and am feeleng more comfortable. It is pretty easy to change the strap everyday without any tools and waste of time for chasing the mischevious pins arround the room.

    As of materials, I really like a high quality leather strap, but nylon works for me as well and requires less maintenance.


    Bracelets on my dive watches, NATO on my Fliegers, leather on dress watches. Not so much a change by season but by style. Love this Omega. The Seamaster is just so iconic….

  • Trepies001

    Bracelet and leather straps these days, the former for the colder days

  • Nikola Terziev


  • Mateusz Sak

    I would personally stay with leather. I find it the most masculine, throughout the year. Warmest months aren’t the best friend with the leather straps, however when the temperature drops I don’t think there is a better option than leather.

  • Stefano Brugnerotto

    Leather straps are always my preference. During the fall I opt for darker blues, blacks and grey rather than some lighter colors I wear during spring and summer.

  • Adam Howard

    What a stunning watch to give away…. as we are heading into the warmer months in Aus, I’ve actually been rotating between bracelet and NATO


    I like to change straps with the weather but I’m finding that nylon straps are pretty comfortable in any weather and very versatile, you can dive or play any sport and do not have to worry about getting dink (metal) or scratch (leather) but for more formal occasions nothing beats leather, well that’s just my opinion.

  • Ben from LI

    I’ve never been one to switch straps. I tend to keep watches that come on a bracelet on the bracelet. The story is the same for straps. I do tend to like leather straps over other options, though that’s just personal preference.
    Good luck to all on the giveaway!

  • Brady Woolery

    That watch looks amazing! I have been ordering a bunch of NATO straps lately. I like the color options and the versatility. And I think most watches look good with a nice NATO. And they’re pretty cheap, so it’s easy to pick a couple of different options.

  • Apollo Frost

    I find that in the fall, I tend to go back to a leather strap… I’m not sure why…cozy on the wrist maybe? I’d love that Omega…

  • Mark Fenimore

    I will definitely be swapping to leather in the next few months. No worries about sweat issues and there are great options to pair warm straps with fall colors!

  • Eric

    My dream watch that i normally could not afford. I prefer bracelets in the fall/winter months. I’m sure I would enjoy the Omega bracelet so much I might sleep with it. lol.

  • Vincent

    I prefer to wear my watches in metal bracelets as they are more durable and wearable with the weather. Sometimes I use a good nylon nato instead. I love the look of leather but hate it when they’re used up to replace them.

  • Benedetto Youssef

    Leather for me. For sure. Just classy!

  • Sean Douglass

    I tend to stick with bracelets year round if they came with them. Dressier pieces I go with leather options and I tend to discard rubber straps in favour of NATO or perlon straps in nylon.

  • Riley

    I live in a southern climate so I keep my straps and bracelets the same all year long. I prefer straps on my dress watches and metal bracelets for my sport models.

  • Eric Thompson

    The Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra 150m is a beautiful watch. I definitely swap straps as the seasons change. In the summer I love nato stripes in various colors; in the fall I wear distressed brown suede or leather straps. However, for my higher end watches I enjoy sticking to the traditional stainless steel or crock straps. I would love to add this to my collection. Good luck 🙂

  • Bartosz Sa?pruch

    Mostly nato, but it depends on occasion. More formal than bracelet.

  • Boris N. Natasha

    I’m always switching between NATO, rubber/deployant, and the standard-issue speedy bracelet on my 300M Professional ‘sword hands’… I wish Omega produced a better OEM rubber/tang buckle option!

  • KJRye

    I love switching back to bracelets for the Fall, however it’s also the perfect season for leather. Hard choice normally!

  • Eric Anderson

    I tend to keep to the OEM straps, where I can, and like to use deployants. I use the bracelet as my mood strikes me but always have a rubber & leather option for my watches. During the winter, I lean towards leather or rubber.

    I do like the work that Greg Spitz does at 922leather and have a couple leather deployant straps for my Seamasters.

  • Paul Mattlin

    I generally prefer leather straps for most watches, however a comfortable and adjustable bracelet (as I have a small wrist size) has also worked well for me. I wore an Omega Seamaster on a bracelet daily for around a year and enjoyed it.

  • Shannon Marek

    I prefer rubber or NATO in the summer but usually move to leather and steel in the winter

  • Mark

    I actually prefer a leather strap year-round. It is generally more comfortable and that little bit of stretch keeps them fitting right regardless of the weather.

  • Spartanmohawk

    I love my ZULU James Bond strap. NATO’s always looked so sloppy to me. No I usually don’t swap bracelets due to weather, only to my outfit or occasion.

  • Anthony Dimaano

    Aqua Terra might be one of the best GADA watches out there. I actually like this model more than the current one. Dig the asymmetrical case.

  • Chase McDonald

    Sticking with the bracelet year round.

  • Ah Shumaker

    I vary between a bracelet, Nato, and leather depending on my whim or need.

  • Jeffrey_Gl

    For the Fall my favorite watch strap option is the bracelet. For me I keep my watch on the bracelet about 99% of the time and from time to time put it on a NATO.

  • Matthew Rowe

    I’m always wearing long sleeved shirts in the fall and winter, so straps that don’t attract lint and don’t snag are key for me. Leather, fabric are generally preferred.

  • Leonardo Carocci

    I wore a nato strap over the summer, during fall I changed it to a brown leather strap. I find it stylish and comfortable, great for the season.

  • Brad Stezoski

    With cold wet weather I generally start wearing rubber or heavy leather bands. The rubber band on my Scurfa is simply amazing! The Seamaster is beautiful, and would be the crown jewel of my collection. Love that it is 38.5mm in size as well.

  • Manuel Manuelín Canallín

    I usually wear bracelets and NATOs, rubber on some divers. I love the look of a leather strap, but they get old or damaged fairly quickly. I live in a very temperate zone, so temperature isn’t a big factor in deciding a strap.

  • PC

    Leather for me has more style.

  • Ryan Thompson

    I prefer leather strap year round.

  • Alec Barrett

    Historically, I’ve been perma-rubber or perma-bracelet. I tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen or just around the house where I get my hands wet a lot.

    That said, I’m slowly coming to the opinion that unless you’re wearing particular outfits like a suit and tie that a bracelet just notmally…maybe it’s just perception of everybody else I see wearing a bracelet on a quartz in a douchey fashion, but I don’t think it works with jeans and a t-shirt at all.

    So, my current daily I don’t think would work on rubber at all, so I’ve been keeping my eye out for a solid if not fancy leather.

  • I moved a couple watches back to their bracelets, and switched out canvas for leathers.

  • Kevin Withers

    Ahhh, the fall, the perfect time to put those vintage leather straps on my family of watches – but I especially enjoy the look on my Hamilton Khaki King and my Seiko Turtle. I love a quality, lived in leather strap…perfect!

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    A nato strap, with color matching the watch dial, is always a great choice, every time of the year!

  • A White

    Beautiful looking watch. I enjoy metal and rubber staps as they hold up nicely in water. Mostly metal for my dress watches. I don’t typically change strap based on weather. Just purchased Sea Dweller 43 and love it.

  • Jared Stephens

    I’ve wanted an Omega ever since I saw Bond wearing one, bracelet over strap for me on this model!

  • Suguru F Amakubo

    I used to wear leather exclusively all throughout the year because it was more comfortable. That was until I discovered the jubilee bracelet that was just as comfortable as well as it looking dressy. I’ve never turned back since but I am considering getting a vulcanise rubber strap for a sportier occasion like fishing, camping etc…

  • arthur gusowski

    Steel bracelets are my favorite strap option because they are super easy to clean and the clasp makes putting the watch on a breeze.This fall I am wearing nylon, leather and rubber straps. I used to exclusively wear bracelets until I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. That means my 7 inch wrist can balloon up quite a bit over 7.5 inches the course of a day which either makes for a loose bracelet when the wrists are not inflamed to a painfully tight bracelet when they are. All of my watches have straps that I can quickly adjust the size of without tools thus i will be wearing a lot of leather and nylon straps in the colder weather. I believe this seamaster would look great with a fine leather strap.

  • Without any doubt, among luxury watches Omega is my first choice in front of other brands, specially Rolex.

  • Aaron Sauber

    I personally enjoy a bracelet for most occasions since it is very versatile but I really enjoy a nice alligator strap on a watch it can really dress things up

  • negativeconvexity

    Leather all year round!!!

  • Kyle Herret

    I usually wear a leather strap in the colder months with my Panerai. I flip between the black calfskin original strap and a Teju lizard strap from Dangerous9 straps. I love Omega’s rubber straps and the Oysterflex from Rolex. Can’t beat either one of those for warmer months.

  • Y Til

    For fall 2018 and usually I prefer a bracelet, it is easier to clean and breath, tend to go back to leather when it cools down.

  • Keracticus

    I love bracelets pretty much throughout the year – so practical. A few watches get worn on a leather strap – gives a wider range of looks with different colours and styles.

  • Marius

    I’m really not that into the metal bracelets as I have a rather small wrist. I find myself choosing more often the leather.
    However, I just bought a G-Shock with a resin band and I love how it sits on the wrist. I find it to be very comfortable as well.
    Nevertheless I am certain I could live with an Omega with a bracelet.

  • shanekleinpeter

    Watches that have good bracelets are supremely comfortable, but not all bracelets are good. In those cases I prefer leather to rubber, and further I prefer padded leather to thick leather straps.

  • Richard Gould

    Now THIS is a killer watch–now that we’re into the fall it’s perfect for throwing a Nato strap on for the weekend then back to leather for the office. And steel for the summer ‘course!

  • Dan Wilkos

    I cycle between a few nylon nato straps in the warmer months, but back to leather for the fall. I’d probably stick with the links for the Seamaster AT, but could see switching it up to compliment the classic, minimalist face.

  • Tristan E

    I find myself gravitating more towards leather and natos in darker shades in the fall.

  • Benny Nem

    I’m mostly bracelet guy, but i like tropical rubber straps on vintage divers and also sailcloth.
    Aqua Terra is a beauty!!!

  • Morgan Heriford

    I really like leather straps, but during summer months I prefer bracelets.

  • Dean Abell

    I’ve never owned a nato strap but that’s my choice for 2018-19. Adding stripes and color to my collection will take it to some new places– especially great for casual weekends or hitting the town with friends and wanting to stand out…

  • Andrew

    I prefer straps over all. So for the cooler months I’ll swap to leather from rubber. However, having a bracelet in rotation may not be a bad idea…

  • John Ferrari

    Living in Chicago I generally opt for Nylon in the fall since the weather can have wild 40 degree temperature swings. Likewise the possibility for snow (and the road salt that comes with it) makes me avoid steel and leather until spring.

  • Rasika

    It’s still pretty warm in France and we’re enjoying a beautiful “été indien” (would translate to Indian summer I guess). A vintage look, brown worn calf leather strap would do just fine on Speedy and would match very well the multiple colors of the leaves! And the Seamaster Aqua Terra is a fine watch indeed! <3 <3 <3

  • Robertas Povilaitis

    I am a bit of a fan of leather bands, rubber for the sport times, but would be willing to try linls also.

  • Jason Yee

    My favorite strap for Fall this year is an elastic nylon strap by new strapmaker The Watch Steward. It is super comfortable and looks awesome!

  • chase harvey

    Honestly the weather doesn’t dictate my straps changing much. That’s probably because I live in Southern Califronia where the weathers stays relatively unchanged eight months out of the year however, the reasons that lead to my straps changing are personal choices and activities. When I head out of state for winter season I’m wearing NATO straps or Rubber but I’ve been know to occasionally keep my metal bands at any given time throughout the year. Whatever I feel like wearing is the final choice. I love them all!

  • Alexander Virabyan

    What a nice Omega!
    Prefer leather and NATO. Going to try perlon this season.

  • Luka Jur?i?

    I use the fall to swap back from bracelets to either Black or Brown Leather Straps depending on the level of fancy or casual I want to portray…

  • GIULIAN Galleria Burgas

    Favourite strap is my metal one, I own DOXA Into The Ocean (orange version), and for the summer I was wearing it with Hirsch rubber. I have another 2 NATO straps for it, one all orange, and one black with orange.

  • David Sparks

    I don’t tend to change straps for seasons, I’ll have a few watches that I change depending on activity, rubber for sports, leather day to day, bracelet for more formal occasions

  • malingerer

    I prefer straps over all. So for the cooler months I’ll swap to leather from rubber. However, having a bracelet in rotation may not be a bad idea…

  • benjameshodges

    I’m the opposite. I tend to wear bracelets and rubber strap for the summer and switch to my leather straps when the air temp drips. Usually browns and taupe colours, that match the earthy tones of my jackets. Thanks for the giveaway, it truly is a great watch.

  • Eric Gordon

    Living in a hot climate, I tend to switch to more stainless, rubber, NATO for the summer months. Fall is when I get to enjoy some of my best leather strap options. I am a strap-swapping nut and frequently change straps with my outfits.

  • Lars Lumpkins

    I definitely would prefer to switch my metal bracelet out for a NATO strap during summer, but the only metal bracelet I have currently is very difficult to remove. That being said, I really like NATO in general. It’s easy to switch out your look to match a variety of styles and it’s comfortable as well.

  • Mike H

    i think the nato straps will continue to grow in popularity as casual business attire is more and more the norm. you cant go wrong with a bracelet though and while leather looks great it can be stiff…always makes my wrist sweat! 🙂
    i like the omega…cool watch with a classy dial

  • ian osorio

    With my G-Shock I have learn to appreciate that a good strap is more comfortable than a bracelet while working in the computer

  • Tim Philpott

    I used to not like the metal bracelets at all, but I got a nice Seiko as a graduation gift several years ago and I’ve ended up loving it. That being said I still prefer the feel of a leather band.

  • April

    Most of my watches are bracelets as I don’t change straps often. But my one watch that does have leather straps, i wear when it gets cooler

  • Eugenio Cigüeña

    Here in Murcia (Spain), with ten months of hot and wet summer, I prefer bracelets because of the sweat, whereas for the fall and “winter” I prefer leather or nylon straps, because they are more calid.

  • Marc Matteo

    I prefer a NATO for my tool watches, but good weathered leather works fine too. Bracelets are for when you want to look all spiffy ;).

  • David

    I tend to prefer the comfort of leather, but when the temperature is up, or there is a chance of getting wet, I will wear a watch with a metal bracelet or rubber strap. I own few watches that don’t have a quick release, and especially prefer them on the leather bands as they tend to eventually break at the bend when you buckle them,

  • Bader Mohd


  • Chris PH

    Being usually a pro-steel, single tone bracelet lover, i have been into a Nato leather streak lately. I like the rustic look added to a modern chronograph. I also like a nice stone washed nylon nato, but rich leather is more Gentlemen-y.

  • Aaron

    I recently purchased my first Speedmaster, with the steel bracelet. I also picked up three different Nato straps (red, black, and the James Bond striped design), which I cycle as a means to keep it fresh and turn heads, but something just feels so good and natural about the quality of the steel bracelet.

  • David

    Love the aqua terra! Will try it on a nato for sure.

  • Dean

    I prefer to match the band to what I am wearing.

  • Christopher McFadden

    Once I switched to silicone straps I’ve not gone back. It stays in place and is highly adjustable to my moment to moment needs.

  • Tim Huber

    Just got a wonderful new leather band from crown and buckle for my Stowa marine. Enjoying it immensely.

  • gtbr

    I like a nice black leather strap. I’ts always my go to style of strap.

  • MikeC

    Usually use a metal bracelet but I have been known to switch onto a leather strap when it gets a bit cooler

  • Adrian Lessek

    Yes, The band must match the watch. When “winter is coming” I prefer a leather or Silicon strap.

  • Steven Leonard

    I love the Omega Aqua Terras. I live in the US desert southwest, so as the weather cools I switch from bracelets to leather straps. I find the leather straps uncomfortable in the 90+ degrees of our summers. I got a great new leather strap from Heuerville in England – well made and comfortable. I haven’t tried a rubber strap yet…

  • njansen55

    In the fall, I tend to stick with the same strap options that I use year round. I love wearing a stainless steel bracelet, I think it’s the most versatile strap option because it can look great with a t shirt and jeans or be dressed up a bit. If I’m not wearing my watch on a SS bracelet, I’m wearing it on a rubber strap or a NATO, usually a grey one.

  • Tristan

    I typically go with the calf skin leather strap in the fall. I switch to a NATO or bracelet during the hotter months so that I don’t ruin my leather strap.

  • Joel Woodward

    Working outdoors in the heat of the summer, I prefer a rubber strap because of how well it stands up to sweat. Once the temps begin to drop in the fall, I prefer to wear my watches with leather straps as they are more comfortable. Bracelets are on my dress watches year ’round.

  • patrick bremer

    Bought a new strap from Armilla…. high quality NATO. Looking forward to receiving it. And yes, I change straps rarely often throughout the year.

  • Kalle Simonen

    I prefer the looks of a steel bracelet, definitely! There’s just something about the simplicity about it.. Leather is my second favorite, although I don’t own one for my current watch (an old Tag Heuer).

  • Norman Yau

    Nylon strap, especially the two tone ones we see on the Tudor line. So quick to swap when you want to change the look of your watch and so many designs on offer

  • Donald Levy

    My new favorite straps are the two piece quick release nato and perlon nato both from Clockwork Synergy. I tend not to change straps very often, but if I’m bored, I’ll go into my watch box and start switching straps around. I like silicone straps from Barton for my sports watches but not for work or leisure because they just don’t look as good.

  • Chris MoJo

    I definitely favour leather and suede in autumn. I still tend to keep a watch on a bracelet for those very damp rainy days where suede might get ruined!

  • oz far

    leather and bracelet in the winter, usually nato, bracelet or rubber in the summer

  • Todd Haldeman

    Black NATO for me. Goes with everything!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    355 comments…Wow.

    • Gokart Mozart

      Another 40 in the last 30 minutes.

      The ironic thing is the watche giveaway that just finished looked better than this.

      Yet it took almost the whole month to have this many comments.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        The one I want to win? 🙂

        • Gokart Mozart

          If not you then me 🙂

          That was a very nice watch actually. Better than the sum of its parts.

      • Raymond Wilkie

        The one I’m going to win? : )


    I like leather straps in the fall/winter usually, because I do a lot of outdoor activities and recreation, and leather straps don’t get as cold on your wrist as a bracelet. The only thing is, I live in a very rainy area (Washington…raining now and been raining for days as I write this! ?) and leather straps aren’t so great once they’re soaked. So if it’s a dry fall/winter, I like leather straps. Or if it’s one of my everyday watches with a leather strap, then sometimes it’s no big deal if worn out in the rain…I like getting high mileage out of my pieces anyway. Otherwise normally the preference is for metal bracelets…especially titanium.

    Thanks for the chance to enter such a spectacular giveaway!

    I’ve been collecting watches since I was about 17, now 38. Would love to win this Omega, it would be a crown jewel in my collection!

  • donkol

    I almost always prefer the bracelet if it is comfortable.

  • nick

    I have been wearing my nato straps on my panerai luminor and seiko skx009 since I have been down in Mexico for the week. I will probably swap the Panerai back to the OEM leather strap now that I am back to real life and vacation is over.

  • Nick Penteado

    I’m a fan of steel bracelets as they go well with pretty much anything… If I’m going to be active, a nato strap can’t be beat!

  • James M

    I recently acquired a Datejust with the Oyster bracelet, and at times it’s either too tight or too lose depending on the weather. Before my Rolex, I wore a Tag with a rubber strap that was perfect for changes in the weather. With something like this Omega, I would want a NATO strap, I think Omega does a wonder job offering NATO straps along side their bracelets. If I was to win this, I’d put it on a NATO strap for when I wanted the comfort over the steel bracelet of my Rolex.

  • Jason Tucker

    Leather all the way.

  • TresGut

    Just beautiful. I constantly switch between Nato, Leather, and Stainless.

  • Kalle Simonen

    A leather band is always nice to see, but steel bracelets have something the other straps just lack: steel looks really formal, but at the same time it has kind of a bad-boy vibe to it… I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think that steel is the only way to go.

  • Albert Fowerbaugh

    I tend to wear leather straps more in the fall and winter. However, my beater watches are all on Natos.

  • David Macdonald

    In any season I really just tend to stay with bracelets. My Sinn and Tudor are incredibly comfortable that way and they look better in my opinion with the bracelet. However, my cow leather bracelet for my Ball is my go-to “fancy-times” strap, in that I wear it to special events and such.

  • Pablo A.G.

    In winter, i always use a nato. Right now i’m using the grey polyester Omega NATO with the Seamaster 300, great look and feel. In summer, usualy go back to the SS bracelet.

  • Ian Hutchison

    I’ll usually wear more leather straps as the weather cools down, but a couple of my watches live on nylon NATO straps so I’ll end up coordinating them with my outfit. Occasionally I’ll wear a watch with a steel bracelet because my wrists don’t change size as much during the colder months. I can definitely see alternating the Aqua Terra between the factory bracelet and a nice nylon NATO strap.

  • johnwithanh

    Fall weather is leather strap season. If it’s raining or unseasonably hot it’s NATO season.

  • Greg Hall

    I went the Nato way, with multiple straps for quick change for occasion, season, fashion and well washing them

  • Giulio Airaga

    I prefer a leather strap for most of my watch preferences. However, I’ve grown fond Of NATO straps. I think they look the best on dive watches. What’s great about NATO straps is that you can interchange them so easily and get wild colours like orange or lime green to contrast a watch with a black face for when you’re being casual and then simply change the strap to a black (for a black on black look) for a more formal occasion. We see this in the later James Bond films when Mr Bond is wearing a Seamaster on a NATO strap which in most cases the watch sits on a leather strap or metal strap. It’s a fresh look that’s really great…. What’s great about changing straps too is it also makes the whole watch feel somewhat new.

  • Gokart Mozart

    Whatever suits the watch.

    You don’t put a NATO or rubber on a dress watch….

  • Incheol Choe

    I prefer a rubber strap for fall 2018 because it is flexible and soft and easy to clean. I do swap back to a bracelet, but weather is not a major factor. Rather it mostly depends on my style, or I should say places I visit. I have a leather, rubber, and leather bracelet.

  • Paul Monterroza

    I’m constantly switching straps back and forth. I own an average of 3 straps per watch. I prefer to wear bracelets in the cold months and NATO, rubber, and eve leather in the summer months. Although, I prefer to not wear leather if there’s rain in the weather. I enjoy changing straps often because it gives the watch a sense of new-ness . I have a 21mm lug size watch and man that is a hard size to find!

  • VincentS

    I usually prefer a bracelet and preferably a precious metal one. That´s not because of the appearance but rather because I want to feel the heft of the watch on my wrist but at the same time have a discrete watch that isn’t too bulky or thick. That is why I’m not a big fan of titanium as a material for watches either.

  • DZ

    This Aqua Terra would look great on a nice alligator strap with a deployant buckle, perhaps grey. With the weather getting cooler, it’s the perfect time to switch the bracelet for a strap.

  • George

    I use leather or NATO all year, simply because my wrist is too thin for a bracelet.

  • Dennis

    I prefer leather straps on all my watches that don’t see water. Bracelets on dive watches. Never nato, don’t like them. I make one exception for my Seiko SARX055 – the brushing and polishing on the bracelet is so amazing that I keep that bracelet even though leather would suit it better as a dress watch.

  • Mr. Mechanico

    As fall approaches, I usually put a brown leather strap on my watches. I like the supple feel of leather on my skin and am less afraid to ruin the strap by sweating in the colder months. I also think that brown suits the colors of the season and it pairs incredibly well with blue watch dials. Plus, a leather strap is incredibly versatile and works well in a dressy or casual environment.

  • Luis Horacio Velez de la Pava

    Fantastic diseng, i prefer leather straps

  • Cesar Augusto Guerios

    Nato is a great option, because they are much easy to change the look of the watch, and have lots of colors to combine with your humor….

  • Darren Williams

    I prefer rubber for hotter weather

  • Attila Szücs

    I will opt for a curved edge brown leather strap just beacuse the color suits the eason and i just love those curved edges.

  • Jacob Larson

    I’ve just started building an interest in automatic watches through a friend who has an impressive collection that has examples well out of my budget, but he helped me realize there are great automatic watches to be had at virtually any price point. As a beginner, my goal was to find a couple in the $500 – $1000 range, so I started with JDM Seikos. So far, I’ve started with the Seiko SARB065 and SARB033. The band the 065 came with was an awful patent leather strap, that didn’t go with much of anything. I tend to mostly wear browns and blues to work, so I picked up a brown strap from Hirsch (Modena, alligator embossed), which improved the look of the watch tenfold. It works just fine as a dress watch, but totally makes a good daily driver too.

  • Armin

    For dress watches I prefer bracelets during the fall and winter, but leather in spring and summer. Rubber and nato for sport watches throughout the year.

  • Adam Goldstein

    I’m a big fan of leather bands. Most of my watches have them.

  • István Rei

    I prefer leather and steal straps than NATO strap. NATO and rubber straps are very fashionable and colourful, but I’m conservative. I wear a blue leather strap for my blue dial watch.

  • ?ukasz G?d?ek

    You’ve got beautiful piece to give away this month. At this moment of the year leather and nylon are the best options for the watch in my opinion. Aqua terra would look great with both.

  • Rufaro Gomwe

    I actually don’t don’t have a “favorite” strap for fall. I change out the straps I wear to try to match as close a possible to what I’m wearing.

  • Filip Vanura

    For autumn/winter I switch to nice leather, as aquatic activities are over and it won’t be ruined by sweat on a hot summer day, and also it fits more easily under all the coats and jackets. And in the spring, I change back to bracelet for the durability

  • Martin Chiu

    When fall arrives, I switch from NATO straps back to leather. Brown straps go with fall colours.

  • Josef Schmid

    I prefer Nato on my watches, sometimes ss bracelets. I am not changing straps because of the season.

  • Ahmad Hilmi

    As much as I adore the formal looks of leather straps, I find it hard not to go with NATO for its breathability and design choices. Even James Bond prefers one, and if it’s good enough for him it ought to be good enough for anyone.

    Ps, this giveway model won’t explode, right?

  • Andrew F.

    I normally do a bracelet year round, but this year went NATO for summer, as I find it cooler. As we move into winter I’ll probably put the bracelets back on.

  • Lance Dugger

    For fall this year I changed out of the black lizard Hadly Roma lizard strap on my vintage stainless Omega Curvex to a factory fine mesh stainless steel deployment bracelet. The overall effect is visually stunning and I fully expect that the total steel combination to weather Pittsburgh’s brutal winter better than a hide strap. I may just keep this beautiful combination in place for spring and summer as well.

  • SBUBandit

    I prefer bracelets most of the time, but I also have a couple NATO straps. Although I like the feel of leather, I take leather straps off my watches as soon as I get them, because they have such a tendency to absorb smells, especially sweat and gasoline. Canvas is just as bad or worse. NATOs could pose a similar problem, but they are fairly inexpensive to replace.

  • Ammar Mirascija

    In autumn I always prefer calf leather on all my watches, but also wear them with rubber and nato straps and some on the bracelets. I have a rotation schedule for each watch with two to three strap options. This Omega would go perfectly with RAF Bond Style and I just happen to have a spare one waiting for this great watch. Can’t wait to see it on my wrist?

  • Jorge Miranda

    During summer, I changed my strap bands either to metal ones or nato due the cool appearance of them and for it’s resilience capacity to such hot and humid conditions.

    As fall is in the beginning and winter will arrived soon, I am currently replacing my small collection of watches to leather hand made strap bands, with vintage stitches, due my level of work load increase and I do need to wear more dressy. Mostly of my humble collection its more sportive designed models, so leather make it them to
    appears, more elegantly and subtle.

  • Scholli

    I generally prefer a bracelet because it is easy to clean (no stinky strap!)

  • paagen

    When it comes to straps. It’s light brown leather during winter and fall on my speedy. Summertime is metal time. This purely because I prefer leather but I do not want to sweat it up during the hot months. So fall and winter it is. Love the Nato look but cannot pull it off. Personality thing.

  • Mike O

    When I first became interested in watches, strap changes enhanced the ownership. Particularly, custom straps from various, interesting leathers. Notably, I had a custom strap made from an old baseball glove, which I wore for years. However, I now find myself gravitating to metal bracelets, as they are much more pragmatic for my current needs.

  • waterson

    I don’t swap out bracelets or straps. Boring, I know.

  • Atlee Elmont

    I keep my Speedie and Explorer on straps. I had my BLNR on a rubber Everest strap all summer, but it’s back on the bracelet now.

  • Clockwerk09

    Working in a trade I usually stick to rubber for the convenience of cleaning. My after hours pieces like leather though.

  • Kivas Fajio

    I always purchase the watch on a bracelet, then get a leather or rubber strap as a change of pace. I don’t switch them with the seasons, just when bored and need a change.
    Nice looking Speedy.

  • Simon Tout

    Metal bracelets for every day wear summer or winter. A seatbelt NATO if I feel like a change.

  • S. Kahan

    I’ve just started getting into watches so only have two. Wear the leather strap more than the metal link in the winter.

  • Tristan

    Some watches are on bracelets and some are on straps. There’s only one that migrates from one to the other – my Speedmaster Pro. I’m not big on rubber or natos, so if the watch doesn’t have a bracelet its usually on leather. I make my own straps so the ones on leather get regular changes as I refine my techniques.

  • Ryan

    This is my literal dream watch! Love brown leather strap for the cooler weather, matches my favorite pair of spring/fall boots. Metal bracelet and perlon for warmer weather is my usual go to.

  • Rounak Lal

    I like the feel of NATO straps so that will be my fall flavor. I don’t mind the feel of a silicon strap as well, mainly because, where I am from, end of year gets hot and humid and the silicon strap allows water sports more!

  • TEM2k

    I would love to wear this omega with a black leather strap. I also think that the strap from the spectre limited edition omega would go very well aswell. This would be a dream come true 🙂

  • Ryan M

    Suede straps this fall. The texture has been a noticeable change of pace. I appreciate the richness of the suede as fall rolls in.

  • Tom

    Summer: rubber. Winter: bracelet or shell cordovan leather strap. It’s as easy as it sounds 😉

  • Lachlan McKendry

    I only wear bracelets. Only because I’ve not tried anything else yet, being new to the watch world. I am however open to change for the right combination.

  • Darren Ertis

    I like two piece straps, but I dispise the height added by a nato or bund strap. I prefer leather (especially in the winter) but I switch often for the sake of change.

  • Juri Stotski

    Orange NATO strap for my Magrette Moana Pacific Professional Kara watch. Feels good in the cold.

  • ChrisA

    Got to be open ended aviator strap – the one with screws holding them together – brown with contrast stitching. It probably wouldn’t go with the aqua terra, but it it would be fun to try!

  • Jncky12

    Black or green canvas/cordura strap is my jam. I still go for metal bracelet in the winter. I’ve had my share of Colareb strap…For this Omega, it would be on black leather strap, just like Daniel Craig in Girl with the dragon tattoo.

  • Bino Valencia

    I love nato strap.

  • Jarek Napiera?a

    Original leather strap or bracelet on my fave Longines.

  • Robert Carson

    I normally prefer a leather strap or a nylon NATO strap, but I especially stick to leather when the weather gets cold. Steel bracelets conduct too much heat and I live in a cold climate, so the steel can get cold and be a bit uncomfortable sometimes.

  • Matt Geissler

    I’ve always preferred metal bracelets. I have a couple NATO straps I use during the summer, but my daily beater is a Seiko diver, and I think it looks best on a bracelet.

  • Dmetrey Kolesnikov

    I usually stick with a steel bracelet or a nato depending on the mood

  • Jameson

    I like leather or canvas during the winter months if I’m spending any time outdoors.

  • Dave

    I want bracelet on my omega speedmaster

  • Alistair Salmon

    Not going to lie, Omega is probably my favourite maker of watches. Dream watch is a speedmaster professional! With regards to straps, I really like to have variety where I can. My usual watch only has a steel band at the moment, but would love to expand that with a suede option with that beautiful worn look. Something in a soft tan or a forest green to make things pop would be my go to options for fall. Other options I would like to include would be a beautiful but understated leather option for the more formal occasions, something in a dark brown or a black 🙂

  • Other

    Weather doesn’t really play a factor, but then again, the weather doesn’t really change where I live. I think the only factor is that I’ll wear jackets more regularly and I prefer straps that don’t catch on the sleeves. Bracelets are always great, and rubber straps with clasps are also a winner.

  • Ryan

    I live in Florida, so our “Fall” weather doesn’t change much; this being the case, seasonal strap choices mostly come down to color and my activities. This time of year I find myself at quite a few work functions outside the office and family get-togethers, so my watch choice would usually be something that can be dressed up but isnt flashy. These factors taken into consideration, my perfect fall strap would be a burnt orange or rust color suede strap; it is comfy, it’s color is fitting for the season, and it works well with different colored dials. Cheers!

  • Wendy Feryanto

    I prefer rubber strap for casual daily use, it is lightweight and gives sporty look of the watch. The rubber strap will survive throughout the year

  • RSteven

    Metal bracelet is my go to strap for my daily usage. Here in south east asia, the temperature is warm all around so I have no issue with using metal bracelet all year round!

  • Mitch

    I don’t use straps on any of my watches. I only wear stainless steel/medal bracelets on my watches regardless of the time of year. I sweat to much, even in colder climates, to wear rubber/leather/synthetic straps.

  • Patrick

    I prefer the look of bracelets and keep them on throughout the year

  • Liam Forbes

    I prefer leather or nato straps

  • Sigmund Globes

    I like nylon NATO strap for any season, it’s easy and practical. But I do wear bracelet occasionally.

  • Douglas D

    I prefer to stick with the original bracelet but if it came with a leather strap, I enjoy swapping it out with a softer leather like suede or even a perlon strap.

  • Chazz

    Generally, I prefer the feel of leather year round. For sporty watches, I like rubber.

  • ellistyle

    At least a temporary change to nato!

  • Jordan P Lee

    During Autumn I’m finding myself sticking to my new oyster bracelet on my SKX and a vintage leather NATO on my vintage Seamaster De Luxe. Leaving the nylon NATOs off until the summer.

  • Pete Tamayo

    I prefer any shade of brown leather strap for my watch collections since I usually wear brown shoes to match it with my belt and shoes. But I keep the original bracelet in case I wear black shoes and belt then I will change it to bracelet. For sporty or casual Jeans outfit I prefer black rubber strap

  • geo xavier

    Suede Leather strap for the winter and Steel bracelets for the summer. The strapcode bracelets are a favourite.

  • Steve Jacobs

    I’m more partial to bracelets. I also like NATO bands for less formal watches.

  • Jimi

    Oh my…I’m expecting a lot of entries for this one haa haa…. As for straps, I’ve only got one watch with a Nato, but I’m really liking it. Specially for colder days.

  • Seth L

    I currently intend to keep wearing my Sinn 104 on H-Link bracelet as much as possible. If I wear anything else it will be a SARB065 on a nice blue leather strap. The cooler weather does make the leather more comfortable and the bracelet more loose… but I’ll stick with the bracelet this season.

  • Jay Olson-Goude

    I often change to leather in the winter, while summer is bracket time. Brown leather with white stitching on my 2503.33.00 for every day wear, and black leather for dressier occasions.

  • Mark Stephens

    Living in Thailand cooler weather this time of year just means a notch below the sometimes oppressive heat and humidity of the other 8 months of the year. I mainly wear nato and canvas straps, they breath well in high humidity and when wet after being caught in a monsoon downpour dry quickly in the sun here. Metal straps are a no go here unless you live in a climate controlled mall! When I go to the beach I do wear a silicone strap as my waterproof watch joins me swimming and doesn’t get clogged up with sand. Lastly, I have a leather strap, a throwback from when I lived in Canada that I wear for special occasions and when I travel to cooler climes. .

  • Mark Schultz

    Milanese Loop, it has the coolness and comfort of a Nato, with the kind of heft I enjoy as the weather gets colder.

  • J.Edgar

    Currently sticking with nylon – it can handle rain or shine.

  • Jon W

    Definitely more leather in the Fall . . . I find it most comfortable and only deviate from leather if its hot/humid.

  • Chris Hillbun

    I have been really into nylon nato straps lately. They are comfy and look good. I do not go back to the metal bracelet because it does not fit well and making adjustments when it’s warmer or cooler is too much of a pain.

  • Joe

    I don’t like leather and nylon straps either feel cheap or increase the height of the watch.
    Something I haven’t tried is a sailcloth strap.
    This aside, I prefer to use a high quality rubber strap during the summer and switch back to the bracelet at all other times of the year.

  • John Simpson

    I discovered Nato straps in a huge way last year and change them often, total transformation in 10 seconds. Have a few leather straps in backup as well.

  • Rick

    This is a great watch and I would love to own one again. I had a 41.5 mm Aqua Terra and it was a bit too large. So a 38.5 is in my future, one way or another. I don’t often change straps for the weather because I live in Southern California where we don’t change much. I love rubber straps on “tool” watches and, of course, divers. Bracelets on some nicer watches are great. Leather straps on dress watches are best and, for me, nato straps are never on my watches.

  • Claus Hoerandner

    Alligator strap looks the best!

  • Luca Sideri

    A classy brown leather is the best option this time of the year

  • Marvin

    I have tried leather, but in time the worned look takes over. Bracelet looks newer much longer, perhaps vinyl to consider one day.

  • Terry McCue

    A watch is made to be used. As a flight paramedic on a helicopter a metal band holds up in all environments. In addition, it can be cleaned and decontaminated. A watch is necessary to keep track of patient care. I won’t get my phone icky:)
    Omega’s Seamaster is perfect for this task

  • Michael Grenier

    Ski season starts Nov 17 – prefer a nato strap on the slopes and perhaps leather by fireside apres-ski gatherings. Cheers.

  • Paul M

    Really nice watch. I prefer bracelets year round but have been wearing more NATO’s and leathers lately.

  • Nick Sutton

    I’ve got skinny wrists, but I love chunky dive watches, so I don’t really mind what type of band or bracelet I use as long as it sits comfortably and looks good.

  • Sean Lee

    Straps are to compliment the watches, not one in a particular situation that is the best overall but instead differs according to the character of the piece much like how different propel have different styles

    Then again, Metal straps are convinent, durable and long lasting like this omega. But nothing bearmts a good vegetable tanned leather strap that ages with you. I’ve always been a suckerbto leather straps that look better the more effort you put into it. The Patania is an amazing thing to behold after 5 years or effort.
    But then ub the camharacter of this watch the BEST strap that suit this piece is a black stingray strap, I cannot think of a more fitting combination

  • Mark Helm

    I was never a huge fan of nato straps until I bought some of the much thicker and heavier weight “seatbelt” style natos and now I am a fan . Very comfortable as long as the time piece isn’t too heavy that it overwhelms the strap . Ease of use, ability to make fun and inexpensive changes and comfort (with the seatbelt style) have made me a convert . The only seasonal change I make (down here in Florida) is when it goes from scorching hot down to mild temps the rest of the year I will break out the time pieces I have with rubber straps more often . Less of a sweat factor from October until May .

  • Doug Wisniewski

    I really love the black and also the blue dial of the Seamaster. As for straps, the SKX007 is always on the upgraded Turtle silicone strap in the summer. But I do like to pair it with a brown suede strap in the winter, to give it an Oris feel. I’m not a fan of the NATOs, a little bulky for me. i would like to try a milanese at some point though. My Stowa Flieger has always been on its original soft leather strap so far, very comfortable.

  • firehat

    I’m a firefighter and being in EMS I’ve always required that my watch be entirely washable. I can’t do cloth or leather straps, as much as I like the look. It’s either a metal bracelet or a rubber strap for me. Normally I stay with the bracelet but do occasionally enjoy a natural-rubber strap. The weather really has no affect on the choice.

  • Bill Flannery

    That omega Seamaster is a fine watch and would suit my slim wrist perfectly, I have trouble with anything much over 39mm.
    As to watch straps/bands I generally prefer a bracelet for everyday usage, but as they say, ‘Horses for courses’, some dress watches absolutely beg for a good leather strap, and a diver a rubber strap although I’ve been tempted to try a silicon strap. I really don’t like the webbing/cloth Nato straps.

  • Alberto

    Love the look of this watch. For fall looking like leather will be my choice.

  • brian t duffy

    The Omega can’t be beat for the money. It’s one of my favorites. As for the straps I always switch back to the bracelet’s when I can. Rubber is good all year around. I was into NATO’S for a minute but there not for me anymore

  • Mike Alessi

    I switched to the bracelet and leather for the fall. I may switch to some Natos depending on options that pop up. I prefer perlon in the summer since between swimming and sweat the leather suffers.

  • Nashat Cassim

    I usually use a NATO during summer and switch over to thick leather straps for the fall!

  • Yih-Yoon Lee

    My favorite strap is still leather strap for fall and winter.

  • Krishna

    I am in Malaysia. Being a tropical country, it doesn’t make much of a difference. I use all…nato and rubber for casual wear or sporting activities and bracelet/leather for any occasion based on attire and moods.

  • Ranchracer

    I match the strap/bracelet to the watch and the occasion, not the weather.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Can we beat the record so far this year of 1128? ( Hong Kong trip )

  • Swiss_Cheese

    This is an amazing giveaway ABtW + WB, in regards to watch straps, I pretty much always wear a Steel link Oyster bracelet all year round, I’ve recently switched to some Milanese weave bracelets for the more humid weather (Australia), it disperses moisture a lot easier! I also own a few nylon/NATO straps as they are more casual, In regards to rubber straps, I’ve never owned one because I don’t think it would look right.

    Thats my 5c worth. A $5k giveaway is monumental!

  • Mark Krebs

    Swap straps all the time for different looks. Primarily stick with leather options but go with rubber when hot outside.

  • Jeff Harper

    I tend to prefer bracelets, but will mix things up with the odd nylon NATO or leather strap.

  • chrono b

    I prefer bracelets across the board, so I don’t have a need to swap for Fall or any other season. I have two watches with leather bands; my dress watch and my Timex. Everything in between I keep the bracelet on. That said, if I win the Omega I promise to swap out the bracelet for something else at some point 🙂

  • Farris

    All leather, all year

  • Dave

    Almost ready to buy my first Omega. I have been in love with the Seamaster Diver 300 for years, and the 2018 modifications are spectacular. I will miss the traditional Seamaster case back “seahorse” emblem, but with the sapphire crystal back with the Calibre 8800 chronometer, I think I’ll survive. I can’t imagine this watch with anything but the stainless steel strap.
    One last thought… does anyone else think that Omega missed something by not offering the grey dail with a black bezel and accents, instead of just the blue?

  • Victor C.

    Love the comfort and versatility of nato but the fall weather just seems to beg for some nice earthy leather straps! Fingers crossed for this beautiful seamaster!

  • DJ…

    I would like to own an Omega but it has always been a bit above my pay grade so I have settled on Hamilton. I have a mix of Nato, Leather, Rubber and Bracelets for each of the three Hamiltons I own and find myself more comfortable with bracelets in the summer and fall purely for comfort in Atlanta Georgia. In the cooler months I switch between Nato-If I am doing something dirty;-) Leather-If I am going out on the town and may rub up against someone:- Rubber if I don’t know what I am going to do or where I might wake up:-]

  • Adam Richardson

    Omega me please

  • Clete

    A favorite strap option for 2018 is exactly the same as it is every other year. I have one watch on a bracelet and a cheap beater on a leather NATO. The work involved in changing a watch band means that if I’m making the effort, it’s because I’m replacing something outright.

  • Tirthak Shah

    A very cool giveaway…great opportunity provided by ABTW & WB !!
    I live in Singapore where there are no seasons per se…..someone once said to me that Singapore has basically two seasons : Feb to Oct is ‘Wet’ Season and Nov to Jan is ‘Very Wet’ Season 🙂
    As my interest in watches has grown so has the interest in strap options….hence I always buy new watches with bracelets wherever possible but then add on to the collection with leather, nato, leather nato, elastic, rubber, shark mesh etc and then try to match them with the shoes & outfit in general. In the last 4+ years since I have been doing this the cost of straps including shipping them to Singapore is now pushing S$ 2k and has to stop as it’s getting out of hand !!

  • Tuan Tran

    Mesh strap is the best!!! Especially the strap mesh of Staib. Soft and airy

  • dcdorrell

    Bracelet or nylon. Something washable.

  • Growingabitskeptical

    I absolutely love a NATO strap for the holidays Allows for a new look without much effort

  • Peter Szczerba

    I am a huge fan of the omega seamaster, definitely on my list of grail watches. When it comes to bracelet options leading into the cold weather, I tend to stick with meal bracelets. It suits my personal style best, but also feels most comfortable for me, especially jubilee style bracelets. Jubilee style bracelets just sit so nicely against the wrist, where as I find with rubber or leather straps i tend to have to tighten them more than i find comfortable for them to feel snug and secure. Fingers crossed for the Omega, would be an amazing surprise!

  • Denis

    I like the seatbelt NATO, to me it’s pretty timeless and I wore it most of the summer only switching to the bracelet on occasion. Fall is good for the bracelet though because it’s not too hot or cold. In the winter braceletw get too cold so I like something like leather for winter time.
    Thanks for the give away! Messaging from Canada 🙂

  • william schwettmann

    Love the watch! Bracelet fan here, will tolerate rubber straps that are on my 2 suunto’s

  • Tom A-S

    Soft touch leather and suede in tan is appealing to me for everyday casual wear moving away from the dressy or glossy styles, similar to the distressed leather used by Tudor.
    For water activities and days on the beach I’ll be reaching for something a bit different and tropical straps are appealing.
    The ubiquitous nato is still the goto though with bright block colours matching details like hands or dial details or dark colours with single central contrasting stripe.
    Overall looking to move away from the standard bracelet default for something a bit more eye catching and a point of difference!

  • Matt

    A dark brown leather or an olive green nato.

  • Garrett Lukin

    With the cool weather coming, a leather strap is definitely the go-to. It’s a great, rough pairing to compliment a pair of boots and a thick jacket, and doesn’t catch as often on sweaters. For whatever reason, the warm leather just makes me feel warmer. Plus, especially where I live, a metal band pulls warmth from my wrist, and can be bit of a cold shock in the mornings after it has been sitting beside my bed all night. It’d be tempting to try with a Seamaster, but that’s almost a watch built for a bracelet.

  • Hmmm

    I love a nice brown gator strap.

  • As it gets warmer in the Sth Hemisphere the suede straps come off for rubber straps. This brings the watch into summer mode and ensuring you can wear your favorite timepiece at the beach (or in the Ocean subject to ATM capability). Panerai’s look great in their summer rubber straps, for the more traditional divers a tropical rubber straps is always a winner.

  • RM

    I prefer leather or nylon in the cooler months as they don’t absorb and retain the cold like metal bracelets do. They’re also (sometimes) lower profile, fitting better with longsleeved garments.

  • Boaz shuval

    Personally, I am a metal strap kind of guy. I am a big fan of jubilee type bands.

  • Thanks for the competition I like a bracelet year round, but I’ve also had watches with a leather strap year round. I don’t really swap straps. I live where it never snows so weather isn’t an issue.

  • Fahad

    I prefer wearing a leather strap as it remains a classy and comfortable look with a subtle indication of specific taste.

  • Bryan M

    Bracelet and NATO for me doesn’t matter the time of year.

  • Just the watch I was looking for!

  • Many Whelps

    What an interesting way to run a competition! I prefer leather straps in the winter, like an OEM alligator strap on my 50th anniversary speedmaster. I think leather pairs better with thicker fall cloth,
    and especially with leather gloves! I had been alienating between a steel bracelet and a black and white striped nato strap up until now. I’m actually looking for some new leather bracelets to try as I write this.

  • mburrows

    I am partial to a leather strap. I like the look and feel of the leather or reptile skin. I want tot try adding a deployment clasp to strap on the watch I just purchased.

  • Cory Knutson

    I stick with bracelets year round. Leather is not something I prefer to wear.

  • PoIsIt

    Wow, not bad

  • Leather and NATO straps year-round for me! (Just depends on the watch and occasion)

  • Peeranat

    bracelet is great but I would prefer the nato strap due to the looks of this watch to make it more sporty. For winter, I always sticking to the leather strap because I wasn’t sweat that much unlike fall when I swap to nato for more comfort.

  • Keith Ritchie

    i think the leather look portrays more elegance and class then bracelets.

  • Robert Benson

    Love this watch, give the Rolex a run for it’s money.

  • Neuropolitics

    I switch between my SS bracelet and my NATO straps, because right now that’s all I own. lol. I guess haven’t thought about switching out for the seasons…what an interesting perspective. I think I would like the feel of leather, though, I currently don’t own any. The main reason I will switch is to get the right look for the occasion. Cheers!

  • Mark Palmer

    NATO strap in the hot months and bracelet during the rest of the year.

  • Huy Tr?n

    I prefer leather for not only for fall but also year round. Leather is elegant, stylish and though its versatility is not as bracelet. I’m looking forward to trying NATO next year, and it would be fantastic with this OMEGA

  • disqus_u4RRfDb2fo

    I mostly stick with a bracelet on my GMT II but sometimes I put it on a Rubber strap which is very nice and weight-adjusted also.*^^

    With the leather strap, it really works with chrono you got to admit it.
    I can stare on my Zenith el primero all day due to it beauty.

  • Minaz Fazal

    I prefer rubber. Gives a more sportier look. Don’t switch out for different seasons.

  • PaulR

    I keep my same rotation going regardless of the season – leather, nato, perlon as the mood fits!

  • Ken Benson

    I do love an oyster bracelet but my favorite is the marine national from Erikas Origionals.

  • Kimo

    Aqua Terra to me represents the balance between sporty and dressy watch I just love it

  • Georgi Angelov

    I’m personally liking the leather strap especially with a stylish suit. It completes the look in my opinion

  • edesge .

    Usually during the summer I use a seatbelt material nato strap and for winter i switch back to leather.

  • edesge .

    I love this omega, the co-axial movement is much more special than any Rolex movement.

  • Mow

    I love light brown leather straps, I just do, and what suits best a sport watch that a light brown leather strap in autumn ? Nothing! Then again it depends on the mood, the watch and the occasion.

  • Peter Bakke

    I love changing between leather and bracelet. Normally I use leather when I need to dress up and use a bracelet when I need to have a tool-like appearance

  • Dave locking

    I stick to bracelet as much cooler in the summer months. Love the aqua Terra. I have a seamaster 300m. Co axial movement is very special. Thank god for George Daniels.

  • Elmar Tobi

    Fall started late in Holland, so just switched from perlon, nato and steel bracelet back to full grain leather, a nice denim fabric strap and a strap made of tweed (soft and warm).
    The black seamaster co axial would look cool on a denim strap by the way…

  • Bart Thans

    I’m a big fan of nato straps, they’re cheap, easy to change, there’s lot’s of colors to choose from, they give your watch immediately a completely different look.

  • Waqar Jalal

    Would love to own the seamaster. I leave the straps on the watch. Just switch watch according to mood.

  • himanshu singh

    Omega is a watch every watch lover loves to have,here the co-axial watch movement add more beauty and speacialty. Personally i prefer leather strap,but with this timepiece i would like to go with bracelet. I am hoping to win one. Fingers crossed may luck with me.

  • Omri Suissa

    Bracelet, on any weather!
    I just love how the end links blend with the case. Something that leather just can’t give you…

  • Agnar Sidhu

    Well this certainly is a price worth competing for!

    This time a year I like a brown, or something in the typical autumn leave colors in leather strap. I like the way a leather strap feels.

  • Timmy Ng

    Here in Singapore, it gets rainy towards the end of the year, so Nato and leather straps are out, and the rubber straps or metal bracelets come on. Makes me feel more of a diver when desk diving lol.

  • Krystof Zielinski

    bracelet for weekend sports and activities, leather for office hours and evening drinks.

  • Dale N

    I prefer a fawn colored leather strap however my husband prefers the metal bracelet.

  • Dustin Deisher

    Bracelet for me. It’s classic, comfortable, and looks best on my Seamaster in my opinion!

  • Demonix

    Had always been a ss bracelet guy for Dive / Sports watches but now I like to keep original metal bracelet in near as new condition so swap out for a decent Rubber B strap. Milanese seems to be back in fashion judging by the number of watches that seem to have it this year but can look cheap if not done right and am not a fan of the NATO as that can also make an expensive watch look naff.

  • Matt

    The soupy Houston climate generally limits me to bracelets – now that it’s finally cooling down, I’m happy to finally slap on a nice alligator strap.

  • SetNick

    Natos on the wrist most of my days. Occasionally a metal band if a nato doesn’t work.

  • Bryan A

    Switching from a silicone strap to a NATO for fall and the colder months to come.

  • Charlie Sherlock

    Always a bracelet for me. The Omega bracelets are fantastic.

  • Ulysses31

    For me, it’s a metal bracelet or nothing. OK, occasionally a thick rubber strap, but nothing beats the security of metal.

  • Chris Martin

    I like leather straps year round. I have a few silicone and metal straps but they do not get rotated in based on weather.

  • Dino Pappas

    Jubilee bracelet for the spring, summer and fall. Leather band in the winter.

  • Brian

    Bracelets and Shifting to leather in the winter. Retiring rubber for the season.

  • Jackson Nyez

    I really love a jubilee bracelet or any metal bracelet when the weather cools down, it feels more secure, but I like to switch it up with a real leather strap in the fall too. It matches my clothes better and in some cases, looks more casual. Occasionally I will wear a NATO or Silicone strap too on certain watches.

  • Mikael Juellund

    Always Metal for me.

  • simon

    Always the bracelet for me.
    That Aqua Terra has a nice bracelet……..

  • Roy

    Any bracelet or strap any time of year. I don’t live in a particularly hot or humid environment so anything works. My MN strap hasn’t been getting a lot of wear recently

  • Omega has always been my favorite “aspirational” brand. I don’t own one yet, but I’m looking forward to it.

  • Max Attack

    For the cooler weather in the Fall I switch my watches to leather or suede straps. The comfort of a quality leather strap is something I like, Also a strap change can instantly change the look and feel of a watch giving it new life. In the warmer to hot seasons I start to switch back to bracelets and rubber straps. I find a Nato strap is also a good way to change things up, and seriously reduce the weight of a watch over its bracelet.

    I have always loved the Aqua Terra teak dial, thanks Watchbox for such a beautiful giveaway.

  • Frits van der Veer

    Nice nice nice, i am short for words!

  • AAW

    Our weather in Northern California is fairly temperate. My favorite fall strap is a vintage Erika’s Originals MN strap. It securely holds the watch, is super comfy as it flexes with my wrist and makes me smile every time I look at it. The weather in Northern California is pretty temperate, so my strap choices are fairly consistent year round. I also wear watches on Natos, perlons, bracelets, rubber and leather depending on the activity.

  • Seng Chuen Looi

    Nylon and bracelets for the tropical weather where I’m from

  • Derek M.

    I prefer mostly a metal bracelet.

  • George Botrous

    I prefer wearing stainless steel for its durability and its ability to match with both casual and formal attire.

  • Keith Alden

    Leather straps always look great in the winter. I love the DiModell Chronissimo and Rallaye. They look great on pretty much everything.

    Some watches just look better on the bracelet though – I think the Aqua Terra certainly does.

  • Tommy Britt

    Leather is great all the time, but especially for fall since I’m no longer sweating in it.

  • qwerty

    I like to choose a leather strap for Fall because the earthy tones of the hue seem to match. I like to still be casual, so I’d choose a leather NATO strap in a warm brown color.

  • Salil

    Beautiful Watch !! a very cool giveaway!

  • Robert Alford

    I love shifting over to leather in the fall, though I continue to wear braclets and nato straps through the season as well. Where I live it’s too warm to wear leather in summer, so it’s a nice change of pace. And thank you to A Blog to Watch and Watchbox for offering this giveaway!

  • THis is a beautiful traditional watch from a classic manufacturer. Would look stunning on a collector’s wrist.

  • Cul de Sac

    Hi, I’m Pablo from Buenos Aires. I love to change straps on my watches, it depends on the occasion I will use them. I have watches with leather, nylon, rubber and metal, independently of the weather, nowadays I feel more comfortable nato straps, they are so light, clean and modern! At least here no one is using them. I would love to win this watch, specially cause the 30-NOV is my birthday! Thanks!

  • Liutauras Balsys

    Leather works for me all year round. If I want metal I switch to the next watch in my collection.

  • Nicholas Yeung

    Always bracelet. I’ve found I sweat too much under leather.

  • ericthegreen

    Depends on what I’m wearing. Leather more as we head into colder weather and will only leave house to go to work!

  • Nick Moss
  • Blue Note

    I switch between leather and „two piece nato „ on my Seiko turtle, and keep the bracelet on my Tagheuer Aquaracer GMT.

  • Nate Horlick

    I love the Hirsch rubber straps for all weather, especially fall. I rarely swap out based off the weather cooling down, as I find that the strap doesn’t really affect how hot my wrist gets.

  • Fadi

    Rubber for work, leather for all other occasions. Daydreaming of yet-to-buy good all occasion bracelet.

  • 0059mike

    i prefer straps to go in water worry free, so it’s a rubber strap for now. nothing to worry about.

  • Bob

    I prefer a NATO strap there are so many to choose from and you can mix and match as well as being durable and practical.

  • lydia kyskira

    I use a bracelet all year round. I find that it matches anything I wear. No swapping the bracelet!

  • Steve W

    I prefer bracelets for fall on the weekend. At work I usually wear a nylon band.

  • Michal Turkiewicz

    Always the bracelet for me.

  • Heather Bush

    I prefer a bracelet strap all year long

  • dennis

    Regardless the size of the watch a strap is a better fit for comfort

  • sidney004

    The versatility of a stainless steel bracelet is my preference.

  • Jonathan C

    I prefer rubber pretty much all year round. It is super comfortable and versatile. However, I do like my NATO strap to mix it up and keep it fresh!

  • adrian

    Gotta choose suede or leather strap(possibly horween) for fall this year. I can’t really wear them in summer. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to wear them. They also look good with boots and jackets that I’ll be wearing this fall.

  • Easy Quindo

    Stainless steel bracelet for me, unless I’m being fancy. Then it’s leather.

  • Gary Kitahata

    Live in both Hawaii and San Francisco. Pefer nylon for Hawaii (Nato and perlons) and leather for SF, unless it is an unusual hot day.

  • Brian Bezel

    I am a braclet fan for dailywear due to its durability.Most of my bracelets are adjustable to expand in the summer and contract in the winter.The Seamaster Aqua Terra is an awesome watch as it perfect for causual everyday wear but can be worn to work with a suit.

  • Hung Nguyen

    Always like the blue leather strap, or bracelets only from Omega and Rolex

  • Sperelli

    Since I live on the coast, I use NATO straps during summertime. When autumn cames, I switch it with the bracelet until next summer to come!

  • Andrew Metri

    The best watch strap for fall will always be stitched brown leather!

  • BrandonS

    Prefer rustic thick leather with custom contrast stitching. I do love steel bracelets for summer, and often do switch to rubber or leather when it cools down. Often have to punch an in-between hole for perfect fit, though. The strap often depends on the watch. Dress? Ostrich or steel. Diver? Rubber or nylon. Aviator? Leather.

  • GojiB

    I definitely favor the leather straps for the winter.. metal gets cold sometimes.

  • Gage

    My choice right now is Jays and Kays zulus! They are just indestructible and easy to clean

  • roland monkman

    i like a stainless steel braceless comfortable for me.

  • Steve Mutz

    I prefer bracelets on almost all of my watches all year round. I feel they counterbalance the weight of the watch better.

  • Jonathan

    I’m in the tropics. I just run NATO straps year round.

  • Joanna Fogt

    Bracelet. All day, every day.

  • Benny Reidiboim

    Rubber in the winter is so nice and comfy…

  • Estevan Villarreal

    Default is bracelet because:
    1) I’m too lazy to regularly switch a leather strap to match my belt and shoes
    2) I’m too cheap to buy an entire watch just to have both black and brown leather options for the purpose laid out above

    That said, every so often I remove the bracelet and switch to NATO straps for a few weeks, changing them daily to complement my shirt/tie. They’re easier to switch than leather, and it’s much more fun to play with the multiple fabric color combinations that it is with the more limited leather options.

  • Yhong

    Preferred Racing Leather strap! It look nice and vintage feel! Something will change NATO, it look young and sporty also.

  • Eric Yang

    My favorite strap option is a worn in leather strap. The way it conforms to my wrist and doesn’t pull any hairs makes it a winner

  • Cam Nadeau

    I rotate watch straps throughout the year. I tend to avoid leather on hot days. Other than that, it all depends on which watch I’m wearing. That being said, I love the bracelet on my Black Bay all year long.

  • kieronwood

    I think the best straps for winter are a brown distressed leather are the best match for most outfits

  • barbarian1534

    A decent dress watch fits everyone

  • Bracelet +1

  • Randi COOK

    Entering to win for my BF. He hasn’t owned a watch in the 30 years I’ve known him! Would think he’d prefer leather as his arms are hairy! lol

  • Marco Sampuel

    A don’t have a favorite watch strap per se, I just change straps depending on the day or the occasion.

  • Steven Worth

    I like high quality leather straps as they’re comfortable and versatile.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    I prefer HQ leather. It just feels the best. But you have to have a good clasp (e.g. double fold) instead of a buckle to keep the strap in good conditiom. Bracet is for a diver only.

  • dsheph01

    I’m mostly concerned with how the band looks with the rest of the clothes I wear and because I don’t typically change the bands that much, I go with something versatile. I like black rubber straps, bracelets, and neutral NATO bands.

  • CA100

    I’ve “discovered” Crown & Buckle Black Label Collection straps. I like how they have a vintage/weathered look and feel. As a general practice, I tend to stick with leather/rubber/nylon straps because I haven’t find the right bracelet yet.

  • Matt Skretta

    I bounce between rubber bands and metal bracelets. I love leather, especially on a dress watch, but I’m cursed with the ability to funk up a leather strap quickly so I don’t use them for daily wear.

  • FollowPhil

    I still like the look of a jubilee bracelet, although, leather or silicon are easier in winter where I live. In Michigan, the cold reduces the size of my wrist substantially and it’s easier to size a strap over a bracelet.

  • Asko

    I prefer leather for Fall, preferably brown leather because it’s an ideal accessory for a Fall wardrobe. This all depends upon which watch I’m wearing but a leather strap is my preferred choice.

  • Guido Landgraf

    Great website. Would be my first outstanding watch.

  • Chemenger

    This has to be one of my favorite watches of all time. It looks great on a steel bracelet, which is how I prefer my watches throughout the year, particularly if there is an easy adjustment on them.

  • Stelios

    I tried an rubber strap for the summer in a vintage world time seiko and it was perfect, i now have it on leather strap for the winter

  • logomachy

    No changes.

  • ross kaleolani

    I prefer soft rubber or nylon (NATO Style) for fall and pretty much always. I don’t know why but my wrist size fluctuates and when I size a steel band when I go to wear the watch it is too small ( I rotate wearing I might not wear a certain watch for a few weeks) . So I switch them all to Nylon NATO Style. Or any buckle clasp.

  • Geoffrey Long

    With living in south Texas, there is no really Fall weather… typically slightly boiling hot, with a hint of humidity. The strap depends on the mood and the occasion. Typically I wear a bracelet, due to the business attire at my employer, but on the weekends it’s typically a rubber strap. With being outside and doing outdoor activities, I like the versatility and the comfort of the rubber strap. I don’t have to really worry about getting it wet or dirty.

  • charlie miller

    NO LEATHER IN HOT WEATHER! NATO THE WAY TO GO! Now that its cooling down I pop a Colareb strap to curb my frown. Thanks WatchBox and a blog to watch, love the podcast!!!

  • Pedro Pastor

    Defenitely would keep a leather strap, cause now you won’t have the possibility of damaging it on the beach or the swimming pool…

  • Max

    For sure the Bracelet preferably with a fast adjustment when the wrist gets bigger during the day 🙂

  • Fernando Lopez Lizano

    I love leather, so this is my favorite option most of the time, under any climate condition. If I know I am going to sweat, I change to a Nato strap and that is it.

  • AF

    Leather in winter, rubber or nato in summer.

  • Rick T

    One of the nicer things about switching up the straps or bands on a watch is that it can give the watch a whole new look. For me, in the fall it’s time to start switching out the natos and steel bands and putting leather straps on my watches. The cooler weather means I won’t be sweating as much and can wear leather bands without worrying about ruining them. In the fall, I usually break out the browns and blacks, saving the brighter blues, greys, and other colors for the spring time.

  • Adrien Groulx

    I’d love to win an Omega.

  • Fernando Lopez Lizano

    Most of the time I prefer a leather strap. Either with cold or hot weather. But when I known I am gping to sweat, I change to a NATO Strap.

  • Sam Ko

    My favorite strap for fall is leather because it goes well with fall fashion such as sweaters and coat.

  • Nato straps all year round! My current favourite being the green Toxic ShizNit from ToxicNato’s

  • Christian Henriksen

    In the Bay Area California there isn’t a lot of temperature change to worry about, but I love to switch to rich red/brown croc strap to evoke some autumnal feelings.

  • Jim Davis

    Leather strap for dressier occasion, metal for when you want to feel like a rock star.

  • Daniel D.

    Leather for the fall and winter!

  • Michael

    Usually I’m all about the Nato’s and leather straps. However I recently bought a diver on a metal band with a tool free/quick microadjust feature and It’s converted me. I love being able to adjust the band as my wrist enlarges and shrinks throughout the day and I think it’s crazy that a large number of luxury watch brands still offer metal bracelets without the feature but still offer near useless features (for the majority of their customers) like wetsuit extensions. If I’m diving with a watch I’m putting it on a rubber strap or Nato.

  • BeerBudgetBeerTastes

    NATO straps and bracelets for me
    Leather looks great but I work in a field that requires handwashing and exposure to microbes, so leather won’t work for me

  • Nate A

    My go to is a classic oyster bracelet. That being said, a tan leather 2 piece strap is always a good option in cold weather. It give the right watch a little visual warmth and soft feel.

  • Adam

    Their is nothing better than a brown leather strap. No matter what the watch a brown leather strap seams to always work.

  • Maxtor

    I have bracelets on all my watches but I am starting to think a rubber band may be a great alternative. Lots of interesting reviews on the web. I am tempted.

  • James Nguyen

    Nothing beats a brown leather strap to match with the fall

  • Kip

    It depends on the watch, the weather, and the occasion. I have a black dial field watch and a white dial minimalist dress watch.

    This fall has fluctuated between warm and chilly out, so far. When it’s warm and/ or I am doing something a little more active, I will wear the field watch on either a Bond NATO or grey perlon strap. If I’m just wearing it as an everyday watch, I put it on a black distressed leather strap.

    The dress watch I mostly wear on steel, but I put it on a burgundy or black leather strap for the occasional formal event.

    Thanks for hosting the giveaway! An Omega Seamaster has always been a grail watch for me, so just being given the opportunity to try for one is great. Cheers!

  • ChaCha Amphan

    Fall means leather and certain colors for me: dark oranges, browns, dark blues. Bracelets work too but are much less fun.

  • Van Whiting

    Bracelet all the time!! Though for some watches a rubber band with a deployment clasp is fantastic.

  • dstudio

    A free watch is certainly an attractive incentive.. thanks ablogtowatch

    Favourite watch strap is Hirsch Performance straps especially the James brown and gold brown as they pairs well with my speedy 57.. the natural leather at the top goes well with the vintage inspired watch and the rubber underneath is useful for the sweaty tropical weather where I live .. and no, I do not swap back to bracelet

  • Josh Graves

    My favorite watch straps are still NATO straps.  I like my Citizen watch titanium watch band.  Still my most comfortable metal bracelet.  NATOs are great, and I love to color match as well.

    Best of luck to all!

  • Darren

    My go-to band is the stainless steel bracelet on my divers watch. It is so versatile – easy to dress up or down. And the comfort is as good as anything else. On my pilot watch I like to use a light brown or tan NATO strap.

  • Edmond Leung

    Bracelet. Thank you for the kindness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me.

  • PJS

    In the damp Pacific Northwest where I live, a rubber strap is the the ideal fall/winter strap – although they work well year round. It’s my go-to strap unless I need to dress it up.

  • Jay

    I stick to the bracelet the vast majority of the time because it’s the best looking and most durable option.

  • Lurch

    Only bracelet for me year round. I don’t like leather or rubber because it makes my wrist sweat.

  • Ang Wei Shi

    No seasons where I stay, so I’d stick with bracelet all year round. Comfortable and versatile.

  • Larry Holmack

    Actually, during the cooler months, I usually wear my watches that are on an Alligator, or regular leather strap. It’s too hot and humid here in Central Texas, so leather straps get pretty gnarly smelling if you wear them any length of time.

  • mickey

    I personally like metal bracelets. I just do not like the leather or rubber band straps. Thanks.

  • Kumaran Ramu

    Regardless of the weather, i always prefer leather straps. For this season, i am planning on buying a good shell cordovan or horween thick leather strap in navy/natural color. Anything in leather, i am in 🙂

  • Janne Huovinen

    I like the heft that bracelets give to a watch. But i also have dress watches which naturally uses leather straps. Best wishes from Sweden.

  • Daryl

    I swap back to a bracelet as the weather cools. It’s not as hot and sweaty so the bracelet doesn’t stick to my wrist.

  • robert csontos

    Hello everyone,

    steel bracelet all year round,as I live in a tropical climate

  • Jason Specland

    Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call. And I’ll be there, wearing a stainless steel bracelet. Anything else is a magnet for gross sweatiness.

  • David

    Awesome prize here guys. I’m a bracelet guy. I have a good range of nato straps that I use for a couple of selected watches and a few leather straps. The nato is a fun way to go but they can be too bulky, I have to be in the right mood for Nato. I’ve never had much luck with leather straps, I find them uncomfortable and have a tendency to sweat, that said I think I need to up the anti and try some better quality ones. I’m really impressed by Seikos latest rubber straps for the likes of the Samurai and other pieces, they are incredibly supple and comfortable, but a little boring. As for bracelets, I like watches with some weight to them. I know it’s subjective but a nice bracelet oozes class for me. Bracelets and Natos work well for me in all seasons. I enjoy sourcing after market bracelets for watches, but I finding its adding hundreds of dollars to my watch purchases.Thanks for the comp.

  • Aloisius Kevin

    I live in a more tropical climate in Indonesia, and leather would mainly be my go to for office and running errands in the city of Jakarta. I found that leather could enhance your smart look, and it would help someone with a baby face type and a small wrist to look more mature.

    However, as we approach raining season in oct-dec, i would opted for Nato Strap for outdoor activities, as it would stand water and humidity better. Metal bracelet is also a no for me, as the chunky piece would put more weight, and thus make my wrist appear even smaller

    If a were to experience fall season, i would still choose leather strap, as i wanna appear smart, and the cool weather is perfect to prevent sweat

  • JF Beaulieu

    No matter the season I switch between leather straps, natos and bracelets. But I did just buy brown suede strap for my Tudor BB red that looks really fallsy!

  • Joe in WI

    Great looking Omega! Bracelets are an all year round thing for me, but in the fall I tend to wear more leather straps. Natos look great with t-shirts, but I don’t like them as much with long sleeves.

  • Derell Nar

    I definitely switch back to bracelet or Leather for the fall. I’m excited to try my new perlon strap I think it makes for a fresh look even for the colder season!

  • celticfox

    Great prize this month! Strap choice for me depends entirely on the watch – for some, it is a good chunky bracelet in stainless or titanium; for others, a nice leather of various descriptions. Not big on rubber, but a good NATO or perlon may fit the bill for certain watches. Today, it is a vintage black leather through the swing lugs of a 1912 gold trench watch. Tomorrow – who knows…

  • Jon Mercier

    I hang up my NATO straps in the fall and winter and stick with the stainless steel bracelets. Due to the cooler temps, the nylon/canvas straps just don’t dry out quick enough if they get wet. I have been liking some of the newer rubber/silicon straps and may consider trying one out.

  • Christopher Redhead

    This is a great prize for the monthly competition. I try to buy my watches with a bracelet as I feel it is the best combo long term,but at present I nearly always swap for a leather strap which I prefer for every day use.

  • JF Beaulieu

    I switch between leather strap, nato and bracelet on my watches no matter what season it is. But I did just buy a brown suede strap for my Tudor BB Red that looks really fallsy!

  • Steve F

    For fall I like leather straps because the temperature is usually perfect

  • romaricdrigon

    Amazing price, thanks for organizing 🙂
    In Fall, I’m used to swap back to leather. I’m not a big fan of bracelet, so usually a nice leather strap will do. Depending of the watch it can be a dressy alligator or a patinated thick veal leather. Nothing beats the warmth of leather on the wrist in cold months.

  • Tobi Tool

    I prefer leather if it is not to hot. In hot conditions I chose rubber or nylon. I don’t like bracelets, but I have to admit, that I have not really tried yet. So maybe with my new Omega. 😉

  • J Wysong

    I generally like bracelets (including mesh bracelets) best, followed by Nato, and then leather straps. I have about an 8″ wrist, and longer leather straps (that actually go well with what I have) are difficult to find. For me, bracelets are for when you really want to showcase your watch, Nato straps are for color/pattern matching in casual situations, and leather is more subtle/formal.

  • Michael Würtz

    I switch between NATO and bracelet in the summer depending on how warm it it. Winter is usually all bracelet!

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    I only recognize 4-5 people from this list.
    Would be nice to see a regular win for once, and be rewarded for their loyalty.

  • Olaf

    Bracelet for summer, when sweating, leather strap for winter, to feel cozy and warm. This is my cup of tea.

  • Iain

    Leather – for the warmth & color – in the Fall.

  • victory pants

    It depends on the watch sometimes. It may also depend on the clothes. It’s hard to argue with a smooth metal bracelet but they don’t always work well on certain cases. Well fitting leather almost always works unless you’re going to get wet or it’s too hot. This fall, I’ll be leaning heavily on my beefy leather strap from The Strap Smith on my Laco and various NATO options for some of my other watches. I wouldn’t mind finding a nice stingray or other exotic, just to mix it up.

  • J Moore

    For the Fall…it tends less to be around this seasonal change in making a strap switch and more upon the need or desire for a change. Summer tends to have more of an impact on strap changes for me due to the temps.

  • Unkdub

    All bracelet all year

  • JMN

    Kavu retro strap with a sieko turtle is the best for fall….bring out the color on the dark cold days

  • karen petrychko

    My man prefers the bracelet but also switches off to rubber or leather on occasion.

  • Jason

    I tend to go back to leather. Summers here are extremely hot so leather is just not a great option but, after bracelets, they’re my favorite option.

  • Brian H

    I really enjoy leather straps. But when dressing up and wearing nice leather shoes it’s not always easy matching your strap with your shoes so then I choose to wear watches with bracelets

  • Allen

    I prefer rubber most times as I live in a tropical climate.

  • Greg

    I usually stick with metal bracelets year round on most of my watches. I like the durability and look. Sometimes during the summer I will swap out a metal bracelet for a rubber strap or a nylon Nato style strap. In the Fall I will on occasion change out the metal bracelet on my Seamaster or Speedmaster for a nice alligator leather strap. It depends on the occasion. I typically wait for cooler weather to wear leather straps. However, my vintage pie-pan Constellation is fitted with a black alligator strap year-round, though I tend to wear it more in Fall and Winter than Spring or Summer.

  • Russ Altman

    Of course this could change, but I’m all about bracelets these days—water resistant while I do the dishes, no worries in rain/snow and I like the look! Omega has up’ed their game and the bracelets are very strong, so this aqua terra would stay on metal for a while were it to wind up on my right wrist!

  • Eric

    Camille Fournier leather for most of the year. Don’t have a watch on a bracelet I like so I go without a watch when hot/humid.

  • cjjohnso

    For me, fall is all colors and no better way to do that than with a NATO strap. I think it’s the perfect time to go with some of the bolder choices like red or orange. If I want to be more subdued, then kakhi works just as well. Once winter sets in a things get really gross, then it’s time to go back to the bracelet!

  • Michael Bell

    I prefer the durability and looks of a bracelet on my watches so that’s what I use. I don’t change them when the seasons or weather change.

  • Jason H

    I prefer leather straps for fall and winter as they tend to get soaked by sweat the rest of the year.

  • Moutasem

    For me, fall is all colors and no better way to do that than with a NATO strap. I think it’s the perfect time to go with some of the bolder choices like red or orange. If I want to be more subdued, then kakhi works just as well. Once winter sets in a things get really gross, then it’s time to go back to the bracelet!

  • Graham

    Leather always unless it’s a particularly nice metal bracelet like this. Leather feels better than rubber. You can scuba in leather too.

  • ohni

    Personally, I prefer metal bracelets since they are more durable than anything else. It is perfect for any situation. Also, if sometime try to rip and steal the watch off your wrist it would be hard to rip a steal bracelet compared with a leather, nylon, or rubber strap. But If I could not wear a metal bracelet the rubber bracelet for the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra is an excellent choice.

  • michaelm

    For fall, it is either metal bracelet or suede straps. But to be honest, I’m not much for switching things up based on weather. Thanks for the gaw!

  • Dat C

    All sorts of nato straps for versatility and to keep things fresh

  • Tony G

    Love a good quality rubber strap. Comfortable and durable for not too much coin. Likewise a good quality Milanese mesh strap can completely elevate the right watch.

  • awildermode

    Bracelets and NATO straps for warmer weather as sweat and leather are not a great combo. Once the weather gets cooler, I swap back to leather.

  • Kin Cheng

    Leather straps are the way to go for Fall. Navy, black, or brown leather straps goes great with Autumn colors. And the feel of a leather strap on your wrist during cool and breezy days just feels right. During the Summer, I’d opt for a stainless steel strap so I do not have to worry about my watch taking a dive with me into the swimming pools.

  • Maj P

    Bands – I’ll be honest, I never really gave it much thought
    until recently (go figure). For all that is holy, it’s a band, ah but not so
    quick there young one, a band is half the watch I have recognized. I can be
    tough on watches and in the past have traditionally gone with a rugged military
    sort on some of my watches, however now, I honestly wear a bracelet year round.
    Crazy right? But honestly, the right watch / band combination can help build not
    only the look of a watch but help increase the actual confidence that the wearer

    Almost every watch can be placed in a certain style to wear
    it, thus why shouldn’t the band be an outcast. I have seen numerous watches go
    from blah or just ok, to one of my favorite watches from putting the right band
    on it to compliment it. Many may think, its just a band, but listen it makes a
    big difference. I encourage all readers o look at their watch and try to
    improve or change one of their watches they accounted for as “ok” and watch the
    magic. Good luck every one! Semper Fi

  • Rodion Raskolnikov


  • Ednelson

    I like me the nato strap. I change up the colors depending on my mood. Though I’ve been liking the black lately because of Halloween.

  • Venkat Santosh Behara

    For me changing the strap with change in weather does not matter. Using the watch in it’s original form is what matters to me that’s the reason why I make my choice while buying the watch and do not invest much time and money into changing the strap.

  • Wristtime

    I live in a place that stays hot pretty much all year, but for fall I’ll wear earth tone NATOs and rubber straps. When I know I’ll be at the office in the A/C, I break out the leather straps to at least feel like I’m part of the season change. Otherwise my watch lives on its bracelet or rubber all year.

  • Marvin Büdtz

    Right now I really like washed canvas straps, especially on a vintage-style dive watch. Otherwise, in winter I actually like steel because once it’s warm, it’ll stay warm on the wrist.

  • Milos …

    I like suede leather straps lately, no contrast stitching.

  • theairjens

    I usually wear bracelets but right now I’m kinda diggin canvas because it’s kind of stiff like steel but more flexible and very comfortable.

  • Victor Chu

    Depends on the company. I recently tried on an Omega bracelet and by gosh are those things comfy

  • Stefan C

    Bracelet all year round, but i do love perlon, and have been getting into nato straps. Leather definately gets some wrist time when weather starts to cool down.

  • Djoha

    An Omega Aqua Terra with arrow hands, now THAT is near perfection! This is one of my all-time favorite watches with exquisite proportions, a beautiful textured dial and Omega’s wonderful co-axial movement. The Aqua Terra is equally at home with a business suit at the office and with jeans and a sweater at a football game. This is a watch that is most definitely on my wish-list. I am a big Omega fan and this timepiece is one reason why. Regarding my favorite straps, I am becoming increasingly partial to seatbelt nylon Nato straps for casual wear but generally, in the winter, I stick with a leather strap or a bracelet for comfort and practicality.

  • Jo Fo

    Dark brown leather day to day

    Bracelet for business

  • Meir Weiss

    I find that leather adds more character both to the watch and the rest of my outfit. I like my slim and supple.
    But sometimes you’re just in the mood for a bracelet!

  • Elliot

    Ever since I switched over to nato straps I haven’t been able to wear metal bracelets. They all feel too heavy on my wrist. Because of that, I only wear leather or nylon now.

  • David Humphrey

    I would wear a bracelet in the fall and winter. As the weather cools, most people begin to dress more formally.

  • Rory Fitzy

    Bracelet all day! Love a good leather band during the winter.

  • Frank Kotarski

    For the Fall I switch back to a bracelet. Why? In the summer months I sweat more and swell up during the heat in which I use a nylon strap.

  • Sam Kryszek

    It depends on the type of watch, but I usually prefer leather. Very comfortable, easy to adjust, and easy to share.

  • sam-b

    I love all sorts of bracelets, it’s amazing how you can change the appearance of a watch by swapping them. Most of my watches have leather straps, but if it is as hot as last summer, I prefer rubber and nato straps or composite material like canvas & caoutchouc…

  • as_821

    I typically have mine on bracelets all the time — I’m very active and sweat a lot, so leather tends to get a bit gross. I’ve recently switched to a rubber OEM strap though and I’m loving it. It’s very casual but I tend to wear mostly jeans and t-shirts for the most part anyways so it hasn’t been an issue.

  • Eric

    I wear only leather straps, or nylon one piece straps like perlons. i dont care for natos, as i do not like the ‘extra flap’ which adds height to the watch and does not allow me to center the buckle under my wrist. i especially despise bracelets, which are too heavy, less adjustable, and add extra cost to watches. this omega is perfect in all regards. i especially like the smaller size, i have skinny wrists and will not purchase any watch greater than 40mm.

  • Vin Dico

    My favorite watch strap options for fall 2018 would be the of rubber watch strap kind since I’m more into sports activities and it would perfectly suit my active lifestyle. Thank you for hosting another giveaway, all the best!

  • wai man leung

    leather straps, entry pls

  • V Pham

    I tend to prefer bracelets; I feel they have a classic appearance that can easily go with casual and formal attire, and I feel like they afford a certain degree of durability during times of physical activity.

  • WatchYouWant

    For the fall i prefer exotic leather such as lizard, ostrich, or stingray with a deployment clasp.

  • Cristina Lim

    I prefer the sporty, waterproof and fashionable rubber watch straps for autumn.

  • Lyndon Tan

    I like leather watch straps for fall, and all other seasons. They look good, and add a touch of class. But if the weather is snowy or rainy, I would go with a bracelet to avoid damaging the leather watch strap.

  • Melissa Whiting

    I generally prefer to wear watches with leather straps for normal days, but tend to switch to a bracelet when I go out.

  • Mark

    I like to stick to leather in the cooler months. I find the metal of a bracelet to be uncomfortable once temperatures drop too much. I gaha a fantastically comfortable Buffalo leather strap I like for my weekend warrior diver. My work watches get leather nearly year round. Anything darker, black, charcoal, very dark brown are the colours I prefer for cold weather.

  • Chris_sim

    Although I love the idea of leather straps, I always end up prefering bracelets over leather straps even when the weather cools down. Bracelets from reputable brands are comfortable and they go with almost everything since they lack color.

  • Jakub Smolen

    I prefer leather as natural material. Also it doesn’t cool the wrist in cold weather.

  • Paul Ellis

    An Omega for the giveaway, I have to admit I’m somewhat surprised but thankful for WatchBox’s generosity for the chance to win a watch from a brand on my “yet to own” list. As for my strap choice for fall 2018, it’ll be the same as my usual preference, bracelet. I’ve had a some issues with leather straps in the past and NATO or rubber just doesn’t do it for me. That said, there are times, for work reasons that bracelets aren’t allowed, then it’s a fall back to leather. I’m fortunate enough to have two watches on bracelets and two on leather, so at least I have the choice.

  • Tomas

    I would go for an metal strap as it rains too much in Norway during the fall. This watch would be very nice with a leather strap aswell but again the weather is not good enough yet :/

  • Lloyd G.

    For fall, I typically prefer either a bracelet or nylon strap for comfort. I don’t usually swap unless the occasion calls for a more formal setting. A steel bracelet gives some extra peace of mind knowing that it can double as a self-defense tool.

  • Martino Turrini

    I love bracelet for every period of the year.
    It is classy, durable, resistant and perfect for any occasion.

  • Arik Gurevich

    The weather in where I live is quite hot and humid in the summer. So for me, it’s rubber or bracelet whenever it’s hot and leather during the winter times.

  • VandyChiver

    I prefer a deployment clasp buckle on either but I wear a metal bracelet on my Seiko because it can take a beating, and leather on my Jaeger-LeCoultre dress watch for formal.

  • Jim Clark

    Don’t own a watch with a bracelet, just kind of getting going on this collecting thing. Church, going out socially, leather strap. Work, nato strap but the color changes almost every day, as does the watch.

  • Jeff Jackson

    Love the Seamaster!!! Great giveaway!

    I have grown quite fond of my rubber strap for my Marathon diver over the winter.

  • jennifer zamora

    I don’t typically switch straps dependent on the season, but I’ve noticed I do tend to switch from my more breathable perlon straps, to leather when it gets a bit colder out!

  • gabs

    This watch is my “attainable grail” per say. Omega is my favorite brand due to the rich horological history. Strap choices, Bracelet for a warm day, anything above 20 celsius. A strap or leather band for anything colder. Oh, and always try to match watch band to shoes and or belt

  • Trey

    I am constantly changing straps! I tend to like bracelets most during the spring and fall favoring leather in the winter and nato’s during the summer. But I’m also indecisive so a lot of the time I just change them depending on what I’m doing or what I’m wearing.

  • LapYoda

    In the watches for which I change straps, I usually go from a NATO in the summer to a single-pass leather strap in the fall and winter. Most of my bracelet watches stay on the bracelets year-round.

  • German Lopez

    I most definitely switch back to steel during the fall. I love the feel of the cold steel on my wrist.

  • G Lauer

    Cooler weather means leather or bracelet will replace summertime NATO straps.

  • Ed

    I tend to stick to steel straps but I will break out the leather on occasion if it gets cool here in FL.

  • prince samoor

    I usually prefer to wear leather most of the time regardless of the season, but for professional situations I switch to bracelets.

  • Colin

    Straps are a year-round mixed bag for me, and I love the feeling of a well-fitted bracelet. But I have started wearing some nice, autumn-colored NATO’s on my tool watches in the colder months. One of my favorite looks to rock right now is a gray seatbelt-style with tan edges paired with a vintage-inspired diver.

  • Timur Tulyaganov

    really want this omega =)

  • Matthew Christensen

    There’s something warming about a leather strap in the colder months.

  • drunkos

    Dark leather NATO in the fall and winter is the only way to go.

  • Justin

    Depends on the watch. My latest, a Tudor GMT i swapped the steel bracelet for a rubber one… will keep that probably through the winter

  • Briscodarlin

    I wouldnt really alter the staps I wear in a given time of year. The main reason I would swap straps is to bring new life to an older watch and give it a new look. I love Horween leather straps.

  • AP

    Keep the steel and get a different watch with a leather strap for cooler weather.

  • David Schreiber

    I live in a hot, sometimes very humid country. Starting 4-5 years ago, I had been trying all number of watch straps, staying away from leather due to climate concerns, and starting with my Seiko’s jubilee bracelet. While light and comfortable, I ultimately couldn’t take the wiggle, with it sliding 1-2 cm up and down around my wrist. Next was a Maratac 3-ring zulu, which was good but the chunky hardware was distracting and got in the way. I moved on to a high quality Perlon strap which I stayed with for almost 2 years. It was smooth and light, held the watch in place without cutting off circulation as a result of the high resolution, 1/2 mm increments enabling near perfect sizing. On a down note, the Perlon strap engraved a pattern of itself my SKX007 case back, I assume due to dirt and grime and friction. Then I bought a Halios Seaforth. It came with three straps, but was fitted with caoutchouc rubber. What a delight. Very thin and pliable and curved so only the edges touch the skin. I was skeptical at first, but my skepticism evaporated quickly after I put it on. I love leather straps. The smell. The look. The feel. But the practicality and inherent comfort of the thin caoutchouc rubber strap from Halios is impossible to ignore. So, for the foreseeable future, that’ll be the strap on my everyday watch that never gets taken off.

  • jimley815

    My favorite strap option for Fall 2018, is my good old fashioned NATO nylon strap. It can handle a lot of abuse, and it goes with everything. The only time I might not wear it is if I have to dress up for an event. That’s another plus for a nylon NATO strap- weather doesn’t matter, and it can take a beating.

  • TL

    I would always pick between a nato or bracelet.

  • FS1900

    Donde esta Berndt?

  • Aidan Fenix

    Living in a colder climate I generally prefer leather straps with my mostly brown/gray/green fall wardrobe.

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    I prefer brushed oyster bracelet and I like always to keep the bracelet on.

  • Martin Boucher

    Always leather. Whatever the weather, whatever the occasion, whatever you are wearing, it’s always perfect, always timeless.

  • Randy Bradford

    Though I try to keep the band of a vintage watch accurate, on my everyday Pulsar and my Timex work (not really a great lost if it gets destroyed) watch I prefer a leather band.


    steel in summer and leather in the the feel and look of leather.

  • F Woodson

    Classic leather strap for fall. Not sweating as much.

  • Daniel Gilland

    Always with the leather strap. I just like the look of it best. Never have been a huge fan of the metal bracelet.

  • Swolelax

    I’m a year round bracelet kind of guy.

  • Keesonchan

    Metal bracelet or rubber strap usually, down here at the tropics it’s always hot and the sweat would stink up the leather strap pretty quickly.

  • BluePineapple

    I personally have always been a metal bracelet over any other type of band, just love the feel and durability of them. However, recently found out about NATO straps by Omega, and really enjoyed those. (not just saying that because its an omega post 😉 but it was one of the nicest synthetic bands I’ve ever worn.

  • Curt Thompson

    I’m a fan of bracelets for any weather, personally. Great giveaway, I’d love to win such a valuable watch.

  • Louis

    Bracelets do the trick for every weather and are the best all purpose option. However, now that fall is here (Belgium) leather strap and especially suede ones are a very valid choice. It goes well with the cooler temperatures and the season’s colour tones.
    This Omega is a perfect candidate to change strap, dimensions are good and the black dial goes with everything!

  • quang tran

    My pick would be a nick thick 4mm brown leather strap from Toshi straps. I have been buying Toshi straps for years and the quality and craftsmanship have always been there.

  • Greg Cat

    I used to be a NATO only guy, but the bracelet on my latest watch is fantastic! Now that I don’t have to worry about my wrists swelling from humidity, I will not be switching to a NATO until next summer!

  • Hajra Shakespeare

    Nothing beats a classic leather strap on a man especially when he matches it perfectly with his belt and shoes. The combination makes fall look it’s hottest without worrying about perspiration damage to your strap thanks to the cooler weather.

  • Jeff

    I actually prefer leather, but most use a metal bracelet. In the summer, it gets hot and humid around here, and I sweat quite a lot. I hate the way leather eventually comes to look (and smell) in that environment and I’d need to replace my leather straps every couple months. So, this is the time of year that my leather straps start to come out, though some watches I wear with just the metal so I still wear different metal bracelets all year. I also occasionally wear NATO straps on my more casual watches. If I won, it would probably stay on the metal bracelet most of the time, but occasionally it would get a nice black leather or alligator strap.

  • Jonathan

    Keeping it on the bracelet is always an option but I generally like the snug feel of a classy leather strap on a dress watch or NATO for something a little more sporty. My issue is the fat NATOs when you have a 22mm + strap width and the lack of taper sometimes is uncomfortably thick.

  • DYL

    I prefer a textured calf or alligator strap all year long. In the middle of summer I sometimes switch to a bracelet or fine shark mesh, but my dressier watches are always on leather.

  • I’ve made some strap exchanges in a few watches over the years (when I saw this in particular some ideas came to mind), but there’s not a favorite in my set. It depends much on which watch I’m using and also in the quality of the strap, sometimes even more that its design. But if I’m supposed to choose one, my choice is the black leather strap. Timeless classic, works with everything.

  • Reese Heinrich

    I usually stick with metal bracelets or NATOs for most watches, unless I’m wearing a G-Shock, in which case I opt for the default resin band.

  • John Cherry

    In the fall I tend to switch my dive watches back to their bracelets, from usually rubber/tropic or NATO straps. For my other casual watches, if I’ve put any on NATO’s (usually happens) I switch back to leather. My dress watches always stay on leather with deployants.

  • Connor

    I predominately wear bracelet watches unless I am dressing up (opt for leather), or going to the beach (opt for rubber) the Omega AT goes with all 3 strap options perfectly!

  • Kenneth Barnhart

    My preference depends on which watch as our weather doesn’t change much year round. For me, it’s feel, fit and finish per watch – in either leather or bracelet. Rubber deteriorates quickly here.

  • David Daniel Trevino

    No matter the weather, I prefer my watches on a bracelet. Just about every one of my divers and dress watches are on jubilee style bracelets. That being said, I do rather like Perlon too.

  • Androidas

    A smooth leather strap is hard to compete againt =)

  • Jeffrey Tung

    I like to put on leather for colder weathers, as compared to metal bracelet. I think metal in the summer can direct heat away better.

  • vasilis mavroidis


  • winston gao

    Always prefer a bracelet! it just looks the most natural for me.

  • Andrew Cho

    Sticking with the steel strap! Tend to wear navy/black clothes in the autumn and the brightness of the steel provides a great contrasting colour, rounding out your overall look.

  • Benjamin Scott

    Depends on the watch, but generally I wear a bracelet in the summer when my wrist is stickier, then switch to leather or NATO when it cools down. During the cooler months I like to swap different colored leather straps on a couple of my watches, depending on my mood or what I’m wearing! In general I prefer leather, but like others mentioned, don’t want to sweat on those during the summer.

  • Szymon Sobolewski

    In the summer time, I usually go with a bracelet or a rubber strap – especially for a watch that doesn’t mind getting a little wet. But as the temperature cools down, I switch to a thick, brown leather strap with white stitching. Sporty, yet elegant.

  • Edwin Nessain

    Love the look of leather straps on my watches. Very comfortable. Looking at my watch collection, I certainly am a fan of leather straps on my watches. Fan of dark leather straps like amber etc. I also tend to swap out my leather for nylon straps during the summer.

  • TicTocGoesClock

    My favorite watch strap thus far has been the nylon strap that comes with Laco watches. Even though it isn’t as dressy as other straps, it has been extremely comfortable even in rather warm weather. I’ve definitely become a fan of quality nylon straps but will not shy away from a metal one for a dressy occasion. As for leather, I’m not a huge fan since I tend to be in rather warm climate and they just don’t fare well with sweat.

  • Jasper D

    I always go for a leather (preferably suede) strap where I can when it starts getting colder, it’s much less cold than steel, and switching from a nylon to a leather nato is a cinch!

  • Roland Lindgren

    Living in Melbourne Australia, i tend to use the rubber option on my divers watch during the Summer months as I spend a lot of time out on the water. When Winter rolls around and its to cold for the ocean, I swap back to a bracelet.

  • C Chow

    Once the weather starts cooling down, I prefer wearing leather – something which doesn’t quite work out so well in the sweltering summer months.

  • Ryan

    I prefer an Omega nato strap on my SMPc in the summer and fall months, switching back to the bracelet in the winter. I also use a rubber Seamaster strap when on vacation if I’m at the beach or planning to go swimming at some point. For my Aqua Terra, I switch back and forth between the steel bracelet and an Omega blue alligator leather strap. I prefer the leather in the fall and winter months.

  • Andres

    i prefer the leather strap with rubber in the inside, it keeps your wrist warm, it looks really well in all ocation and all kind of watches, and you dont have to worry about the sweat in the hot days. just imagine this omega seamaster aqua terra with a perforated leather strap with red color rubber by the inner side, perfect combination.

  • Nearly always a titanium bracelet or nato strap though it’s mostly dependent on the watch. The only ones I shy away from are rubber.

  • Jim mccleary

    Honestly, the change in weather doesn’t really dictate the material strap I wear. I’m plenty comfortable wearing leather, steel or rubber no matter the time of year. I guess I’d have a slight lean to leather in the fall.

  • Matúš Hron?iak

    I like the nylon straps and leather to. But the bracelet is my choice for the almost every situation.

  • Gal Sh

    I always use metal bracelet when possible. The only other option is nylon strap which suits military styled watches. Metal bracelet gives the watch weight that enhances its presence.

  • Alana LeSueur

    My favourite watch strap option for the fall of 2018, is the rubber, because I am frequently washing my hands and the straps of any watch that I wear, are always getting wet. So, I always opt for rubber for the everyday use…however…If I plan to go out on the town, or to a special function, then I do prefer to wear leather or a bracelet strap. That choice is determined by the function/event that I am planning to attend, and by the choice of my clothing. I do not allow the change in weather to indicate what strap material that I wear…it comes down to practicality of each situation.

  • Joshua Daniel Discipulo

    I always go for either a rubber strap or a leather upper/rubber bottom combination strap. Rubber for outdoor and rugged activities and leather upper/rubber bottom combo for formal events as I want to preserve the metal bracelet as much as possible. Replacing the bracelet the watch comes with for an aftermarket strap ensures that the bracelet retains its brand new/mint condition. Also the heft of the watch is reduced because of the switch to a different watch strap.

  • Bertold B

    The best functional watch strap for me at almost all times is rubber due to the customized fit that can be achieved. This allows for use while swimming or exercising and not having the moisture move the watch around on my wrist. Its a great feeling to just lift your wrist and view the time without making any sliding adjustments around the my wrist to position the watch.

  • Christopher K.

    I like to wear my Stowa Antea 1919 on a Sauvage calfskin strap from “Wilhelm Kaufmann und Sohn” (Ref. 180 Bruciato).
    Looks not just great on that watch, but also fits to the autumnal environment here in Germany :).

  • Jesse Sherer

    I have always thought that for sport watches the rubber bracelet was most functional. However, I had a leather strap once that was very comfortable. I might not be the person to ask however, as I’ve never swapped out the watch band on a perfectly good metal watch!

  • Concerned Citizen

    I prefer to switch to a leather strap during the colder months, I have a couple Baseball Mitt leather straps I can chose from.

  • bikeohio

    I don’t exclude any strap materials from my wrist during the fall season. I may avoid bright colors, though. That being said, I typically wear steel and leather in the fall months. Thank you for the chance to win this beauty!

  • Brett McDougall

    I’ve really started liking straps over bracelets in general, I still like a bracelet every now and then but find myself switching to NATO straps more in the summer instead of a bracelet. In cooler weather I’m very happy to have a leather or canvas strap on. With many good quality and well priced options out there it makes it easy to have numerous options so why not change things up.

  • Chris

    Being at a desk all day in a temp-controlled office, my strap choice is more based on my attire than the season. Happy to wear nato, leather straps or bracelets year round.

  • Marco

    For this fall I’d stay on a classical brown leather strap. Usually the strap I use depends on the watch i’m Wearing, if it’s sportish I prefer a steel or rubber strap. Otherwise for a more formal occasion I go with leather. Cheers

  • Jamie

    During the fall season, I definitely lean more toward dark, subtle NATO straps. My go-to right now is an Orient Ray II, and it looks especially nice peaking out from under a coat sleeve on a simple bond-style strap.

  • sherry ibrahim

    love the leather strap 🙂

  • Jan Mulkers

    The all seasons Nomos cordovan strap I like the best here in Belgium 🙂

  • AllinHerMovements

    I’ve definitely been using more leather straps in the fall. These go very well with my fall dapper outfits! I do prefer a bracelet, though, so a few watches stay on bracelets during the cooler months even though I have to warm them up in the mornings before putting them on! I am a BIG Omega fan. It is the Bond No. 9 of watch brands for me–basically still niche and affordable and with lots of options when compared to Creed fragrances (Rolex) that are a pain to track down and more expensive.

  • Eugene Najera

    This is exactly the watch that I need to win. During the fall it would be on the original bracelet or maybe a good quality leather NATO strap. During the summer it would spend lots of time on a NATO strap.

  • lionstan

    Rubber in the summer, bracelet for winter, and leather all year round for the formal occasions.

  • Jonathan Allen

    Brown leather straps were made for Fall. If I’m wearing a NATO in the fall, it’s likely a dark earth tone.

  • Jim Ainge

    This watch is the “Perfect” companion for my ocean centric lifestyle. I live in Hawaii and I typically use a bracelet style watch band all year long for it’s water resistance & overall durability. Even when purchasing watches I am drawn to those with integrated bracelet style watch bands. As a diver I prefer to use a watch with a bracelet style band that incorporates a Diver’s Extension thus allowing it to fit over the wrist cuff of my wetsuit. I feel that there is less chance of band breakage due to the wear and tear experienced with lesser materials. The loss of a timepiece is the last thing you want to be thinking of when subjected to extreme conditions. To me, the use of a metal bracelet style band is an assurance against accidental loss and a deterrent to theft.

  • Kyle K Boyd

    I always prefer a bracelet regardless of the weather. I like how bracelets are custom-fitted to my wrist and therefore don’t require a keeper to hold down any excess.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I don’t change bands, but the weather here in Hawaii doesn’t change that much either.

  • robert

    during the fall, my favourite straps are hermes tie straps, they are fun and have colours that look great in autumn, especially on a watch with a black dial like this aqua terra

  • Matt

    I change bands all the time but I don’t really care what the weather is. I wear a lot of Barton silicone bands. I just love the feel of them. I’ve never owned anything close to an omega. I can’t even imagine how sick that would be.

  • Saayed Agha

    Leather strap for fall. It tends to go well with the types of jackets and clothing that is needed as the weather cools down.

  • Harold

    I like (silver) metal bracelets for dress watches and rubber straps for active/casual watches.

  • Amazing giveaway. Here’s my shot at it!
    I either use the stock Rolex metal bracelet or rubber straps made by Everest.

  • Chris McCloskey

    Bracelets are my number one choice year round, but Natos are probably my second choice when I get tired of them. For the past few months I’ve been using my ratcheting mm300 clasp to handle all the fluctuations in humidity, and rubber just seems not to do it for me, most of the time. Winter is when I tend to switch up my straps the most because I tend to perspire easily and once it’s cold out, I feel much more comfortable sporting black leather or a one piece Nato strap.

  • x2jneat

    It’s funny that the topic comes up because I am heading to my jeweler this weekend to have him put on my bracelet this week. Down in Texas it gets hot so I end up wearing Natos from about May thru September, then it is about 50-50 leather strap and bracelet the rest of the year.

  • Dave Araujo

    I’ve been watching the Urban Gentry channel lately and he’s got me hooked on NATO straps. Several reasons really; one is because I have a small wrist and most bracelets don’t get small enough, plus I like the security of the NATO design. I like the color choices, different fabrics, and the adjustibility. In winter I find that my wrist is smaller than in the summer and I have no idea why.

  • Antonio Rosales

    My general preference is bracelet all year round. That being said I did spend the summer wearing at leather strap on my vintage Speedmaster and am switching it back to the bracelet this weekend. Thanks.

  • Scott Kuntze

    I generally switch from bracelets in the summer to leather in winter.

  • Circe Circassie

    When I landed in Jalalabad on a night helo flight, my regular watch band spring bar fell off and my watch fell off. I was able to retrace my steps and recover my watch, but since then I really use NATO full straps to prevent that happening again. Also, my wrist expands in hot weather and then a metal bracelet is too tight.

  • I usually have a bracelet on my watches year round but depending on the watch I switch it up to a NATO for sportier watches and leather straps for dressier ones.

  • David van der Bokke

    Bracelet on my current Omega.. sports strap on the Garmin..

  • Imaginary Person

    Beautiful piece. Classic.

  • Sean McBane

    I like a NATO strap on a dive watch, but I wear my Citizen A-T chrono with titanium bracelet most days because I love how light it is.

  • Filip Dragicevic

    This watch with a Hirsch performance strap and you can wear it all year arround

  • NDA

    I usually have my SKX on an aftermarket silicon strap. Bracelets get scuffed up, leather feels like an affectation.

  • matthew chen

    Leather strap throughout the fall, winter and spring months, nato straps during the summer. Curious to try a genuine shell cordovan in the warmer months.

  • Steven Lu

    I would keep the watch as original as possible with the original bracelet. But if i needed to change i think it would be a leather strap

  • George Elgart

    I do not like to change out a bracelet on a sports watch but in a case like this a nice leather strap is great especially for winter wear. Beautiful watch.

  • Wilson

    I generally keep my watches on their bracelets year round. Occasionally switching it up to a darker leather in the fall. But when I wear a leather strap I like it to match my belt, shoes. With a bracelet I don’t have to worry about trying to coordinate outfits.

  • Connor

    I like to rotate natos during the summer months but once it gets colder I switch back to the bracelet

  • Dana Votour

    Love it ! Can I has?

  • Remmi Mundeling

    I just switched back to a rubber bracelet and i switch it up with a leather bracelet when i need/want to look sharp. This omega would definently end up on a nato until summer, just to settle my nerves. And i would treat it as my baby!! My other watches is no way near this price point.

  • Ian MacHiver

    During the summer I usually go for natos and bracelets. Once it gets cold I spring for leather straps though. The bracelet always gets so cold!!

  • Felipe GL

    Leather and canvas the whole year for me. I just don’t like bracelets or rubber straps.

  • Tim

    For this fall i switch back to darker tanned leather straps for my speedmaster, or i go for the beige textile straps on vintage military watches.

  • A Domi

    My favorite watch.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I love a nice cordovan strap, but wear them in the fall/winter. In the summer, it’s either bracelet or perlon.

  • Shelli

    The bracelet is the way to go. I’m drawn to the look of the watch and I haven’t found one yet with any other material that I feel I could ever buy for a man.

  • Carijillo

    Weather doesn’t effect strap options much for me. I just like to change between bracelets and NATOs for some variety. I do wear a lot more NATOs during the summer months though.

  • Harry Gage

    I would love to win this watch.

  • Catta David

    I have been wearing my watch on a tropical rubber strap, a real pleasure, very confortable and keeps warmth from the skin, a more organic feel to wearing a watch.

  • Bacchus Leto

    I mostly go for steel, but the Winter has me looking at leather as a less frigid alternative.

  • Mladen

    If possible I always choose the rubber strap most because it is durable to scratches and it gives the watch sporty look, of course it does not apply to my dress watches, then I choose a leather bracelet.

  • G Pate

    I guess I’m old fashioned, I always prefer a bracelet to a strap regardless of the weather. I just like the way the bracelet looks on the wrist.

  • Alex G

    I prefer leather or a NATO, first not as much worry about the sweat ruining leather, and second it doesn’t pass the cold down to the skin like bracelets do.

  • John Corp

    Bracelets for life.

  • David Gimenez

    In summer I always use nato for military and classic watches, and rubber for sport watches. In autumm or winter I use leather straps or bracelet.

  • Ebreezy

    It’s cold this Fall so I opt for the warmth of leather

  • Adam

    For this season I choose leather. There is something about nice rustic full grain leather in dark brown that makes it ideal for fall.

  • I prefer metal bracelets (even though I don´t like getting “desk diving” hair scratches.
    Sometimes and specially during winter, I use leather bands.

  • Jacob

    Almost always go with a nato. Mostly for the comfort, but also the security. Sometimes if I’m doing a lot of work in the rain or know I’ll be getting wet, I switch to a rubber strap so I’m not dealing with a soaked strap.

  • David

    I like to keep my watch straps OEM, whether that’s a steel bracelet (99% of the time) or a strap of some sort (like the OEM textile strap of my Oris ProPilot).

    For me, the entire aesthetic of the piece is something I look at, which is why I don’t swap out straps on my watches.

  • The best straps have ventilations, are made of rubber so they don’t slip and are wide and lightweight. This is for everyday wear and sports. For stylish, it has to be leather, solid and masculine. I do not switch winter/summer, but I do switch among my watches, often. If the watch is a steel-style, heavy duty watch, the strap must be a heavy bracelet. The light straps belongs to fashion of the last millennium. My fav watch strap is still in good condition, despite being 35 years old. It’s a seiko divers watch ^^

  • thebarhound

    So, I use NATO straps on all my tool watches all year round. Usually get my straps from Crown and Buckke. No fav color. Really any strap will do, crazy patterns are fine with me. I just put the regular strap in the watch box. The NATO straps are really easy to switch out. Guess seeing one in a James Bond flick as a kid got me hooked.

  • Dash13

    I tend to prefer steel in the summer and often switch to a
    rubber or cloth in the winter, Reserve leather to retro and deployment capable
    for more formal (and with less risk of being soaked) type events. I like to get
    an oem or manufacturer supplied strap if possible. Mesh steel type bracelets I
    avoid, too often find having hairs pulled form your wrist each time I check the
    time to much of an annoyance. I’m not even hairy!

  • Xplor_Time

    I use an orange hirsch rubber strap in the autumn

  • warscourge

    I’ve always prefer steel bracelet rather than leather straps for all occasions and weather conditions. It’s convenient and sturdy. Add to that, the maintenance on bracelets are easier than leather straps.

  • Jason_88

    I prefer nato strap since there are a lot of strap options and i can simply change into another nato strap in a heart beat.

    It is very versatile as i can wear it during the summer or winter. I’ve used it under water and trekking the mountain.

  • LP

    Prefer nato strap most of the year and sometimes swap to leather into winter. I have various colours of nato strap and these are easy to change

  • Pablo Moreno

    I usually prefer steel bracelet rather than leather straps in autumm, and in summer i feel more comfortable in a nato.

  • Lozza22

    I always wear NATO straps on my everyday divers watch. I can easily change colour and pattern with a deep solid colour, blues or maroon, to suit the fall season and then swap out to bright nautical themed straps in summer. I love leather bands for dress watches and a steel band on a watch I would want to show off in.

  • Gabriel

    I use a little more leather straps because in my opinion they are more comfortable and hot in the cold season.

  • MrNoPants

    I often prefer bracelets to straps, regardless of the season. But when I do wear a watch with a strap (i don’t swap options unless made available by the manufacturer at time of purchase, I prefer leather. I once swapped to a rubber strap from leather (original had began to fall apart from wear & tear) because of the sticker shock for an on brand replacement. That was on my first nice watch, a quartz Tissot chrono. If I still wore it, I’d probably get another leather strap, shopping around or generic, now that I’m more familiar with the hobby. The differences were noticeable and not enjoyed though between the rubber and leather.

  • bbfrid

    It depends on the watch…some bracelets are superior to others. I always wear my Bond Seamaster on bracelet…same for my Grand Seiko, but the watches I really wear in the water are always on a NATO or silicone strap. I like to wear dress watches and chronographs on leather in general. Love the Aqua Terra!

  • Aditya Nilacantan

    I switch to leather come fall, but I really loves NATOs/Perlons (always feel more stylish) so I try to bring em out whenever I can!

  • Marc-Alexandre Nolin

    I don’t swap bracelet and I prefer a metal one because I often find it gives a “continuity” to the case

  • besezu

    I like to change to leather straps (especially to suede ones) when fall comes. I feel them warmer and they get along better with Autumn outfits than metal bracelets.