Azimuth-King-Casino-aBlogtoWatch-01 In February 2016, the monthly giveaway watch on aBlogtoWatch was an Azimuth SP-1 King Casino. The winner was Rajvind D., and he has written a review of this quirky piece for the aBlogtoWatch audience. Thanks to Rajvind and all the other watch winners who share their experiences with the world. Here is Rajvind’s review:

Firstly, before I begin my review on the Azimuth SP-1 King Casino, I would like to specially thank aBlogtoWatch for giving me this opportunity to be the proud owner of such a magnificent timepiece. I was amazed to be selected to win this ostentatious-looking watch so nicely crafted by Azimuth. Bilal Khan was great in accommodating my emails and responded almost immediately. I would also really like to thank Azimuth for sponsoring this stylish casino-themed watch giveaway. The team of Azimuth here in Singapore was excellent and fantastic to me, as well. With the formalities all done, let me move on to the review.


Azimuth has certainly thrown caution to the wind by daring to be different. Envision the man wearing the watch, and a design would materialize. Perhaps this was the muse whom the Azimuth design team envisaged as they meticulously crafted its dials and face. Being the owner of this timepiece, I now know they, in all probability, envisioned a unique individual much like the timepiece they have created.

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Just looking at the SP-1 King Casino, this is one bulky piece. It is a whopping 45mm across the wrist, yet you would never expect it to fit so snug and comfortably. Ergonomically, I think Azimuth nailed it. The big lugs wrap nicely around your wrist. The only set back is that if you wear it on your left hand, the huge die of a crown might jab into your wrist every now and then. Apart from that, it fits great.


Never in my dreams did I think that shrinking down a roulette wheel onto your wrist would be so much fun, and it was a “gamble” Azimuth took. This wager surely did pay off handsomely with a magnificent-looking piece. The bold colors and intricate details weave together seamlessly. The numbers which mimic that of the roulette wheel line up nicely with the red and black tiles encapsulated by gold borders. Having the numbers encased in gold borders enhances its appearance by providing it the subtle embellishment needed.


Azimuth went one step further to intensify the casino feel by adding some aspects of Baccarat which I feel blend in cohesively with the roulette wheel. A small detail that stood out to me, was that there are slight curvatures to the hour and minute hands pointing towards the numbers and “player” or “banker” parts which represent the game of Baccarat. Another detail that has got me hooked is the spinning turret which acts as the seconds hand. Even the crown was ingeniously thought out. It happens to be die-shaped and has dual functions. Not only is it used for adjusting time, but when depressed, the hand spins and will stop at a random spot on a number of the roulette wheel. Talk about having some fun with your buddies the next time you are out at a bar!

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An odd feature that I particularly like is the dome-shaped sapphire glass which I liken to an optical illusion. From the top, it looks deceivingly flat but if you take a closer look you are able to see that it is actually spheroid in its construction. Azimuth’s superior craftsmanship has managed to showcase itself in every infinitesimal detail impressively. Looking at it up close, it reminds me of a sundial, for some reason, which is apt as both are used to tell the time. All these extra little details show just how well-conceived and well-put-together this piece is.


The Azimuth SP-1 King Casino is fitted with a modified self-winding Swiss ETA which has a pretty decent power reserve of forty hours. In terms of water resistance, it is rated for a depth of thirty meters. In all honesty, I don’t foresee anyone carelessly wearing this to the pool for a dip. It is a little too cumbersome for that sort of activity.


This watch is definitely flamboyant, to say the least. It stands out in an innocuous but positive way, starting small conversations when you least expect with complete strangers. It certainly piques the interest and attention of people who cannot help but to ask for a closer look. Overall, this was a boldly conceived idea by the Azimuth team which seems to be a constant. It is surely a piece that may not appeal to all. This piece adds a little bit of excitement to the normalcy of everyday life. Kudos to the Azimuth team for yet another marvelously bold piece, thinking out of the box, and always pushing watch designing to the next level.

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