Most actual retro military field watches are smaller and not in the best condition. What I like about the Weiss timepiece isn’t just the modern 42mm wide size, but also the quality. It feels like a sturdy instrument without also feeling like it is trying to be a luxury item. That is why I said the watch is unpretentious; because it is quality-made without trying to pass itself off as a “lifestyle” item–or heaven forbid, a “fashion watch….”

The Standard Issue Field watch dial is a pleasant analogue of instrument dials and military watch faces of old. The high-contrast face is monochromatic and easy to read, with properly-sized hands and Arabic hour markers along with a minute track. I further like that the dial text consists only of the brand logo and origin of the timepiece. That lower piece of text is important in helping to balance the dial, but otherwise there is nothing extra. A close inspection of the dial reveals how it has just enough detail, but not too much.

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My only real gripe about the dial is that while the hands are painted (actually hand-painted) with SuperLumiNova lume, the dial doesn’t have any. I sort of know why this is, and the reason has to do with the fact that Weiss has to apply the lume personally. Perhaps in the future he will find a satisfactory supplier who can paint lume on the dials properly. So, while it is understandable, in an ideal world, the Field watch would have either fully lumed hour markers or lumed points around the periphery of the dial.

With 100 meters of water resistance, a sapphire crystal, and a rather durable movement, the Weiss Field watch could theoretically be used for sport purposes. It may not be wise to subject it to a lot of abuse, but it could probably handle some roughing around. Most people getting one surely have done so because the timepiece is stylish (without trying to be stylish), but it is supposed to be something a soldier would wear. The sapphire crystal is double-domed which is nice, but I think it might benefit from some added AR coating.

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To complete the field watch theme, Weiss has matched an olive drab colored fabric strap with a leather liner to the Standard Issue Field watch. It really feels like a war-bound timepiece in this configuration. If you don’t feel like a canvas green strap is what you want to wear all the time, Weiss also offers a tan leather strap, but in reality, any 20mm wide strap will fit the watch just fine. It might even look a bit dressy on a black leather or even alligator strap. In addition to the standard watch, there is a set Weiss sells for a bit more money that comes with two straps and a changing tool.

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There is something wonderfully simple and intelligently curated about the Weiss Standard Issue Field watch. For some, it will be boring or fodder for hipsters looking for modern, hand-assembled stuff that looks like old stuff. Having said that, Cameron Weiss isn’t a hipster, and if people who might be referred to as hipsters are fond of the Field watch then it might be purely by accident. It is the type of watch that Weiss personally wants and is the beginning of a brand that will likely offer more like this. It is inspired by the past, but interpreted by the tastes and sensibilities of today. Some might call that the very definition of fashion, but I just call it a pretty nice watch when you want something slick but that is also under the radar. Price for the Weiss Standard Issue Field watch is $850, and you can buy them direct from their website. weisswatchcompany.com

Necessary Data
>Brand: Weiss Watch Company
>Model: Standard Issue Field Watch
>Price: $850 USD
>Size: 42mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes
>Friend we’d recommend it to first:  Either a well-funded fashionista with a penchant for classic tools or a tool watch guy with a desire for a simple military-style watch.
>Best characteristic of watch:  Well-executed design with nice components given its simple character. I personally enjoy the Los Angeles connection.
>Worst characteristic of watch:  Lume could be better and should be coating the hour markers as well as the hands.

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