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Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

I believe every watch collector goes through phases in their appreciation for this expensive and sometimes futile hobby. After the first initiation phase, perhaps after acquiring the first serious timepiece, typically a Rolex or an Omega, or one from the other major mainstream brands, there is a phase of discovery where one will want to acquire as many timepieces as one’s budget allows. After this discovery time, hopefully not lasting too long, there will then be an illumination phase where one seeks to be different and thus likely more attracted to brands that are maybe less common than these “main” brands. It is in that last phase that, like me, I believe most collectors will fall in love with a brand like Linde Werdelin. The Danish brand makes unique, modern, stylish, and avant-garde timepieces that, while never deviating much from their core design language, offer a wide variety of selections that will allow the illumination phase to be interesting, varied, and long-lasting.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

For me, as an avid sports enthusiast with equal passions for triathlon, diving, soccer, golf, and other sports, I have also always been attracted to the essence of what Linde Werdelin stands for: a modern sports watch that can be augmented with digital add-ons designed to enhance the activity at hand. The two founders of the brand, Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin, are well-known for their passions for skiing and diving, and all of their watches are designed with the ability to attach a digital computer on top that augments the mechanical atoms with all types of digital information during these activities. So upon acquiring my first Linde Werdelin, a yellow Oktopus II, I enquired with the brand for a dive computer (the Reef) for my December 2015 vacation in South Florida and dive trip in Key Largo.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

To my surprise, they were forthcoming and offered to send me a dive computer to try out for a few weeks. Linde Werdelin has a well-established “try-at-home” program where anyone around the world can apply to receive any of their pieces or devices for a limited time to try out for themselves. As my trip was scheduled for December, when I contacted them in October, the good folks from LW also offered to send me a piece from their other family of watches, one designed less for diving but rather to be super light – so, for an activity like skiing or for everyday wear. The watch they sent me is the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold. It constitutes an evolution of the SpidoLite line and was released in 2014. It was the second forged carbon watch from the brand.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Two things struck me immediately upon handling the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold. First was how lightweight it was, yet not so light as to make it totally disappear on the wrist. Clearly a result of the skeletonized forged carbon case, with an inner section in ALW (Alloy Linde Werdelin), which is even lighter (at half the weight of Titanium) but as strong as steel. The carved 18Kt gold bezel balances the super light carbon case to give some more heft to the piece. Measuring just around 100 grams with the textile strap that it ships with, this results in a an easy everyday wear. Never once during my two weeks with the watch, when I wore it practically every day, did I feel a need to remove it. This included long 6AM to 10PM working days with two hours commute back and forth to San Francisco.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Confirming this wearability was my girlfriend who got a chance to wear it for a few hours at a weekend outing in Santa Cruz. It was not only wearable on her slender feminine wrist but the light weight made for a usable watch on someone that would easily feel the weight of a typical 40mm steel watch, e.g., a Rolex Submariner. For the record, the Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold’s intricately carved forged carbon case stands at 15mm high, 44mm wide, and 56mm lug to lug.


Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Linde Werdelin also uses a proprietary hex screw to connect the straps which are completely integrated into the case. While such a strap attachment design usually results in a larger-than-normal watch, I found that for this one, maybe due to the flexible textile strap that comes with it, it was quite wearable for my 6 1/4-inch wrist and on my girl’s much slimmer wrist.

Linde Werdelin SpidoLite Tech Gold Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

The second thing that struck me was the colors of the watch. The forged carbon case is black with hints of gray and silver, depending on the way light reflects off the angularly accentuated case. It feels like something straight out of the Dark Knight Batman movie, with the basic case shape reminding me of the fancy Batmobile introduced in that movie. However, instead of being a somber dark watch, the gold bezel and red accents on the skeletonized dial and strap stitches bring some cheerful and playful nuance, making this a real stunner to look at during any long day working or during weekend outings.



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  • Roma KLM

    To tell the truth, forged carbon, looks like cheap plastic, as a rule. Even the gold bezel doesn’t save the situation. I guess watch makers realize it and use this material just for diversity and to please watch nerds and collectors.
    Moreover, steel screws in combination with gold bezel, hands and the crown is like a bad taste.

    • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

      Sometimes I wonder if the LW brand just exists to make Hublot elegant, tasteful and restrained in comparison.. 🙂

  • I agree with Roma KLM that forged carbon looks too much like plastic. I find layered carbon (or other materials) like what Richard Mille uses to better look the part on an expensive watch. Didn’t AP suspend making forged carbon fiber cases a while ago? Technical or durability issues as I recall, but I digress.

    Compared to the Oktopus watches from LW, I’ve always favored the Spidolites. For as visually bulky as they are, the steel cased ones are indeed surprisingly light on the wrist. On the other hand, Morten Linde let me try on his all gold Spidolite at BaselWorld a couple of years ago and, as expected, the use of gold makes that one a heavy watch (but what a looker).

    At about 100 grams the reviewed watch is not very light. For comparison one of my watches weighs 107 grams with an alligator strap and deployment clasp (and I have a lot of stainless steel in the curved lugs on my cases). So my guess is the gold bezel on this watch negates the weight savings from the skeletonized CF case. Not a bad trade off of course. Thanks for the review Max.

    Oh yeah, they really needed to skeletonize the dial – those things are massive (solid ones often weighing as much as THREE GRAMS).

  • Ulysses31

    That’s a cool-looking wallet. The dead horse design LW continue to flog isn’t just dead, it’s been pulverised into burger meat. Thanks to the plasticy materials and bolts, this watch looks like something i’d stamp my foot on to slow down my car rather than wear on the wrist. What once was cool all those years ago isn’t any longer, and the use of innovative materials won’t change that unless you are hopelessly in love with the look. Crank up the sophistication a little, LW.

    • dr.max

      Thanks for comment. However, I have to ask. Have you seen it person? If not, you should. You might change your mind after. Anyhow, thanks for sharing your opinion.

      • Ulysses31

        Thanking me for my comment – I didn’t realise you were the blog owner. Anyway, you should stop thanking everyone – it’s clearly veiled hostility and makes you look like you have a grudge against anyone who doesn’t love this watch. Who are you, anyway? The images are more than adequate for me to form an opinion, besides which this is basically the same design they’ve been using for years – I am very familiar with it.

        • SuperStrapper

          Max is the guy that wore the watch for 2 weeks and wrote this article. He’s genuinely a really nice guy.

          • Ulysses31

            I’m pretty sure he uses a different username to this guy, unless he changed it recently.

          • dr.max

            It’s still me. With the disqus commenting change I updated my username to my first choice.

            As I said you are all entitled to your opinion. However, an informed opinion is better than one that is not. Hopefully we can all agree on that point.

            Like for many avant-garde design, material, art, etc. I find it takes time and hands on to appreciate. Maybe your initial reaction will be the same, but in my experience, I find is that it also might also evolve or change all together… That’s all.

            Thanks @SuperStrapper for the kind words. Cheers all ?

  • Here you go

    • I see your G-Shock and raise you:

      • I could double down your SL with half the Michael Kors collection you know

        • I call.

          • iamcalledryan

            MY EYES!

    • dr.max

      Not even in the same league… I have GShocks (though not this one) and I never once made the comparison nor was I ever reminded of the GShock while I had the SpidoLite tech gold with me. Anyhow, thanks for your comment

      • There would definitely be a problem if they were both in the same league. I understand and appreciate the effort of LW but am simply conveying that “high-tech” doesn’t always translate to “luxurious” at least in photos. I am sure that up close it is different, although I have not had the chance to see one in the metal.

        Btw, love the Goyard.

  • DanW94

    Not my style but to each his own. Nice write-up regardless, It appears from the review this watch is right up your alley 🙂


    would have to see one in real life but as others have said it does look a bit like a block of plastic but no doubt it is well built. any case back pics since we get teased with the “there is a sapphire case back” . I must be getting old but I do like numbers for the hours maybe just 4 of them but the date wheel in red throws me off my time reading game.

    • pkansa

      Yeah, that’s how these carbon cases look in photos. In person, they’re a bit more interesting and you can pick out the patterns.

  • Omegaboy

    The scoops on the sides will collect skin flakes, lint, etc. Not to my tastes.

    • iamcalledryan

      Sounds like an extra complication to me!

      • Coming soon to a Hublot press release near you

        • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

          Just add something to the strap that reacts to flakes and omits a raspberry smell 😉

  • hatster

    Not sure where to start on this one. So I won’t.

  • SuperStrapper

    Nice article, ugly watch. Red + coloured gold will never remind me of anything but vomit, regardless of the brand.

    • Makes me wonder what you have been eating prior to vomiting. Well, not really…

      • PleaseSpellRoman4AsIV

        My guess would be a nice yellow curry with a bottle of cheap red wine…

        • That’s a relief. I was afraid the red was blood.

  • funNactive

    This may not be fair, but my knee jerk reaction @ glancing at a picture of this watch = “Toy Watch”

  • Larry Holmack

    Dr. Max…the cool batman watches came out in 2012….much larger and not suitable for water sports at all!!! In fact…you kind of took a chance wearing one on a rainy day!!

  • cg

    So what is a “spido” anyway? Remind me why carbon and gold should be aesthetically pleasing? I just don’t see it maybe the beads and bracelet strap detracts. The Kardashians wood love this watch!

    • SpidoLite = spider and light. As in spider like skeletonized case which is (in steel anyway) light for its otherwise visual heft. If the gold bezel is too Kardashian for you, then try the steel or all gold cases instead. Cheers.

  • Marius

    This article is written in a slightly up-beat manner and the pictures look just like the pictures I post on Instagram: the watch is photographed next to the car, in front of the wallet, and in front of the Porsche steering wheel.
    Asking ABTW to write a critical review is like asking the Pope to pick a religion. I’m only joking!

    Regarding the watch, in my opinion, it looks like another AP Royal Oak-esque plagiat. The design looked somewhat cool ten years ago, now it appears overused. The article didn’t indicate what movement it uses, but probably it’s a third party caliber, costing no more than $353.

    Lastly, I don’t think that people who already own Rolexi and Omegas will necessarily pick the Linde Werdelin brand as their next purchase. For $17,000+VAT (which means that the ACTUAL price will be around $20,000) you can get a very good watch from a large number of proper and illustrious watch brands, that actually uses a highly finished, in-house movement.

    • dr.max

      I mentioned it’s Concepto-based movement. Second my pics represent where I used the watch.

      Finally disagree about AP resemblance. Two different beasts. Again, still maintain exactly what I wrote. If you want something different that no one else will have, looks cool, avant-garde then look at this and LW. Maybe not for you or you are not at this point in your appreciation of timepieces…

      Anyhow, thanks for your comment. Cheers ?

    • I’m with Max on this one (having tried on LW watches at BaselWorld). They do not give me a You-Blow vibe in the least on the wrist. Photo and actual wrist presence often differ. Try a LW watch on if you can before passing final judgement. You might be surprised (or not).

      • Marius

        I travel twice a month to Geneva, so I have seen 7 Linde Werdelin watches in person, so far. In my opinion, they look even cheaper and nastier than in the photos. Also, have you seen the presentation boxes that Linde Werdelin is using? They are a disaster, and it’s an absolute disgrace that a brand charging $13,000 for its cheapest watch can offer such low rent boxes.

        • iamcalledryan

          So you go to Geneva and LW have crap boxes – sounds like in their partisan gushing ABTW really missed the big scoop…

        • dr.max

          Again, I have to disagree. The case I have with my LW fits the brand’s avant-grade design, great looking with a modern shape. I have Rolex boxes, Omega, Cartier, IWC, Panerai, and I could keep going. Never once I felt my LW box felt cheap compared to any of the others,

          As I said, this is not for everyone, clearly not you nor many commenting here. But hey, that’s cool. No harm done. No ones asking you to like it. Thanks for expressing your opinion. Cheers ?

    • Boogur T. Wang

      Oh my, this person (Marius) has actually posted a comment I mostly agree with. I am amazed. Although it’s a bottle of Pinot Noir – not whisky.
      I have seen several ( more than 5) LWs “in the wild as it were” and will state that they look rather cheaply made and not very impressive.
      In discussing the piece with the owners/wearers, all admitted to being rather underwhelmed by the piece and 3 actually sold the piece (for a loss) within a month of the discussion. I made no negative comment to them regarding the pieces – just commented and talked about their opinions of the watch. I was simply curious.
      IMO, LWs are nothing more than “fashion watches” that make use of newer materials.
      Not unlike many other marques. Can one imagine trying to clean dirt, sand and grit out of all those nooks and crannies on that thing?

      But, if the buyer is satisfied – That is all that matters.
      Its’ their money.

  • TheInsideVoice .

    >Would reviewer personally wear it: Yes, absolutely.


    Has there EVER been an article about a watch on ABTW where the reviewer wouldn’t personally wear a watch?

    It’s impossible to expect any sort of criticism from bloggers that rely on access to do their “jobs”.

    Everything is a puff piece designed for one thing only, more access.

    The next time this or any other manufacturer sees this AD, they will be pleased and continue to provide watches for these guys to write about.

    • iamcalledryan

      It’s certainly a silly question because from what I understand, the ABTW writers largely write about the watches they like. I don’t see the point in them being asked that question after a review!

      That said, Max wore this for two weeks and has concluded that he really likes it. I am inclined to assume that he liked it, not that he wore it with distain and then wrote an AD. After all, if he really didn’t like it, what good would future access be? Yay, more from the brand I secretly hate!

      Does this site need more reviews of watches the writers don’t like, pointing out why they don’t like them? Not in my opinion, I am able to make that decision myself, as are the many other commentors here who don’t struggle to point out the things they dislike! The important thing to note is that almost all of the time, the things that we dislike about a watch are highly subjective. Believe it or not, some people are simply more enthusiastic about watches than others – and that enthusiasm is the very thing that leads them to choose to write about watches, not some capitalist PR conspiracy.

      Finally, I would just like to add that this watch is not for me, I wouldn’t wear it – but that doesn’t negate Max’s review!

      • dr.max

        Thanks for a fair and accurate description of what goes on here. If we don’t like it then we simply return the watch and write nothing… Cheers mate ?

      • Yeap – that’s right. ABTW writers rarely even review watches they don’t like. So it’s rare to see a watch they would not personally wear. The biggest slam a watch have have here is to not even get review. See a lot of Invicta reviews? Case closed. But it is a fair point to raise.

    • dr.max

      Nope. I’ve reviewed watches where I said no, not for me. Check my review of the Raymond Weil. Also, I own an LW that I purchased myself, way before I got this one to review. So nothing unfair here. No one at aBTW or LW pressured me. What you see here is 100% my opinion.

      And again, you are all reacting to a watch you have not seen. Hey, it’s a free internet so everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. Cheers ?

  • mtnsicl

    Unfortunately, it reminds me of an H-blow.

    • dr.max

      Has nothing to do with Hublot (I assume that’s what you are referring to). Two completely different design languages. Cheers ?

      • mtnsicl

        Just reminded me of it. Maybe because it’s just as bad. Cheers bra!

  • Sevenmack

    Holy Akribos and Android. This Linde looks far cheaper in aesthetics than its rich price tag. Garbage on the wrist.

  • Dinkee, H. O.

    BRAVO! I am so pleased to see A Blog To Watch finally “getting it” and placing watches in a lifestyle environment! Watches are all about lifestyle and statements about lifestyle. The right car. The right bottle of wine. The right clothes. One error, however, is even mentioning the Concepto movement inside — WHO CARES what sort of movement was sourced to put in the watch? My close, personal friend Ralph Lauren dispensed with concerns of in house movements months ago and they are no longer of any importance. Speaking of which, Linde Werdelin could up their game with some wooden bezels!

    Again, bravo on ABTW starting to head in the right direction!

    The HO
    Official Horologist to President Trump

  • Verhovec Karlo

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