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Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

Prior to the Geneva watch trade show SIHH 2015, watch and luxury goods maker Montblanc has announced it is stepping into the smartwatch market – well, at least the smart wearables market. The upcoming Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed collection of timepieces will have an optional strap called the e-Strap (product reference 113827) – perhaps the first smart connected wearable from an established luxury company. The e-Strap features a high-end leather strap that has a carbon fiber texture to it that Montblanc calls “Extreme Montblanc Leather” and is produced by them in Florence, Italy. At the bottom, sitting under your wrist is an electronic module made from DLC (diamond like carbon) coated steel or in gray steel. Apparently, there are a few color and size options.

Why isn’t Montblanc simply producing a smartwatch that combines technology with luxury watch design and materials? Well according to most people in the luxury watch world, that isn’t what most of their consumers want. In fact, many hardcore watch lovers face the upcoming dilemma of having to choose between a smartwatch (should they become indispensable) and a mechanical watch. At aBlogtoWatch, we refer to this as the “what I need versus what I want” choice dilemma. So, for Montblanc and other luxury watch makers, they are taking charge by offering what they feel is the ultimate combo – a traditional mechanical luxury watch with a strap that contains a smart wearable device.

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

The e-Strap will come on a few of the new for 2015 Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed watches, but will be available for purchase separately. This is a similar concept as the Kairos T-band, which aBlogtoWatch covered in November of 2014 (a crowd-funded project). Interestingly enough, Montblanc debuted this new version of the long-standing Timewalker collection late in 2014 but did not mention the e-Strap option. That means not all Timewalker Urban Speed watches will have it. The Urban Speed is an attractive, but not revolutionary step for the Timewalker collection, but the availability of the Montblanc e-Strap makes for a totally different story altogether.

The e-Strap is “NATO-style” in terms of how it is designed and how it connects to the watch. Montblanc has made it clear that the e-Strap is debuting with the Timewalker Urban Speed but will be compatible with all 42mm or 43mm wide Timewalker watches currently or previously available. It should also fit on various other watches with similar lug space sizes (perhaps 22mm wide or so). Of course, if you simply don’t want the e-Strap, you can get the Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed without it.

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

How impressive as a connected wearable device will the e-Strap’s electronic module be? It will have a 0.9 inch monochromatic OLED touchscreen display with a 128×36 pixel resolution. That isn’t exactly industry changing, but this is more than just a mere notification device. Montblanc has made it clear that in addition to basic calls, texts, e-mails, calendars, social media, and reminder notifications, the e-Strap will function as an activity monitor/tracker with a pedometer and accelerometer to measure data that feeds into an included iPhone or Android phone app.

Of course, you’ll also be able to control your phone’s music player with the e-Strap and perform a few other cool features such as use it as a remote phone camera trigger and use it find your phone if it is within Bluetooth range. Unsurprisingly, the Montblanc e-Strap will use Bluetooth 4.0 in order to connect to its host phone device. In terms of notifications, the e-Strap will offer vibration alerts to let you know when something new has come in. In my experience, these can be a bit annoying, so I hope that the available Montblanc e-Strap app will have a useful notification management tool.

Montblanc e-Strap Combines Smart Wearable Device With Mechanical Watch In New Timewalker Urban Speed Collection Watch Releases

Of course, everyone who has considered using a wearable device wants to know about battery life and, to a degree, durability. Montblanc claims that the e-Strap will offer five days of continuous use between charges with the internal lithium ion battery. It has a micro-USB charging port right in it. Montblanc claims that the e-Strap is shock resistant and splash resistant. Any wearable device that sits under your wrist will need to have some extra durability given how often people rest their hands on desks and tables. In terms of size, the Montblanc e-Strap is 40mm long, 14.2mm wide, and 9mm high (thick). That isn’t terribly small, but I think it can work without looking like a tumor on the underside of your watch strap.

As an interactive connected wearable device, the e-Strap is thankfully more than just a unidirectional notification device. With more and more interest in smartwatches, I think it is fantastic that the luxury watch industry has taken to studying and now producing these products even before the mainstream consumer has. While it doesn’t represent the sentiments of all luxury watch makers, Montblanc’s upcoming release of the e-Strap is a healthy sign that the often conservative luxury watch industry is trying to work with smartwatches rather than ignore them. I previously wrote a popular aBlogtoWatch article asking how screwed the luxury watch industry is because of upcoming smartwatches like the Apple Watch here.

Montblanc Timewalker Urban Speed watches have 43mm wide cases produced from steel with a ceramic bezel and a hip color palette that includes some nice red accents. Montblanc will release the pictured 43mm wide Timewalker Urban Speed Chronograph (ref. 112604) with a base Swiss ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic movement with the e-Strap priced at 4,690 Euros, while the 43mm wide Timewalker Urban Speed UTC will be priced at around 3,990 Euros and the 42mm wide Timewalker Urban Speed Automatic will be priced at about 2,990 Euros. Separately, the Montblanc e-Strap will sell for about 250 Euros – which, while a lot for a device of this nature, is very inexpensive for anything related to a luxury watch product.



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  • gyang333

    Ariel are you sure the Urban Speed collection will be using ETA movements and not Sellita?

  • ScubaPro

    This is beautifully ludicrous. The whole tech world is desperately trying to find a problem that this is a solution to. As phones get bigger because people bitch that they need a bigger screen, let’s put a postage stamp on my wrist that has to use my phone to have any functionality. The same crowd that doesn’t wear a watch because “I just check my phone to check the time,” now has to have a smart watch (or smart band(TM)  so they don’t have to fish their phone out to see their oh-so-urgent messages, texts and related jetsam. I see Smart Watches and their ilk being popular initially, and then dying as people discover they’re tired of being so tied to their devices all the time. The bubble will burst. Sanity will return, and people will start living their lives again.

  • WimadS

    That’s actually a clever solution! The Kairos T-band had it integrated, but this seems to be a device that sits on the strap rather than being one with it. So I suppose you could change straps and put the e-thingy on the new strap as well.

  • Jeje H


  • rclayton

    ScubaPro Excellent and optimistic analysis.  If only it would happen!

  • This is really the only way that I see the wearable thing surviving alongside actual watches, I just can’t fathom how they will replace watches (in the foreseeable future). I honestly don’t think that people really ‘want’ to wear a smartwatch over an actual watch, even the Apple fantards that are salivating in wait for the Apple watch. Maybe I’m just naïve, but I do think that actual watches and smartwatches are 2 separate, non-interchangeable items that just happen to both desire to live on the same plot of fleshy real estate.

  • rosskale2

    I have to say ,that MONTBLANC smart wearable device timepiece is beautiful by itself! I took one look at it and said to myself,”OUTSTANDING”! The colors of the red on black with the strap is perfect by my opinion! I just really haven’t got in to all the “Smartwatch” scene yet and really don’t know if I ever will.Maybe I need to investigate it more.My thought is if I have a smartphone why do I need a wearable device to control it? This article if I read it correct said it has a remote phone camera trigger.My thought is if I am holding my phone with one hand and my watch is on my wrist ,how am I going to use my watch as a trigger?The phone has a button for it anyway why complicate things. This watch is very good looking.Like I said though as far as all the Smartwatch scene goes,if my watch tells me I have an e-mail etc…I have to get my phone out anyway. Maybe if I jogged and wanted to pace myself or check my heart rate that would be different.As far as some other aspects of a Smartwatch I think they are just one of those devices you don’t need. Like when you get an incoming call or want to call a blutooth earpiece already does everything for calling for you why have a watch connected to your phone? I am not putting down Smartwatches or any one who has one. Just my opinion.

  • rosskale2

    ScubaPro So true ScubaPro…It cracks me up when people comment on why I would spend so much just to see what time it is.Or like you said they just look at their phone.Hey,if that’s what their opinion is.Fine. These people don’t understand an expensive watch is really jewelry that tells you time in my opinion.People who narrow themselves down to how much you spend for something need to think they also spend there money on “fun”. If someone asks me why I paid $700 for a watch I could say “why do you spend a couple hundred bucks every weekend partying”?etc…It’s okay Scuba,I don’t know how old you are but most kids now days don’t know how to do anything by themselves,even some adults are bound to tech.I think if we took away all the tech we have today most everybody would have a job if they wanted to work. Tech is to help large corporations make and save money. Like some Stores already going to when someone checks out there are no cashiers and no self check,you just leave,everything has a bar code on it and a scanner you walk through scans everything you put in your cart and automatically deducts it from your bank account.How is that good for the economy? I also believe the bubble will burst because of technology.

  • sasnak1

    I notice in your various articles, you list prices in Euros in some and USD in others.
    Could you list both types in the same article?

  • thornwood36

    Another example of something that didn’t need inventing.

  • Jimxxx

    this is just the early beginning…. Curious to see where it will all lead to. What I would like is a smart sapphire crystal that would display all the information digitally on it, only to ‘clear up’ at the touch of a button and become completely transparent reverting instantly to being a normal crystal that reveals the mechanical watch underneath it. Now THAT I might consider!

  • WimadS

    Jimxxx Check out the Kairos watch. Its exactly that. It is not yet on the market, but I think they are pretty close to production right now.

  • KenTabor

    jeremyjohnson It’s sad seeing the old industry dinosaurs die off, eh? Once majestic beasts are soon merely dust and bones.

  • Utter silliness

  • Roypam1 And this is YOUR shop?

  • ScubaPro Modern social intercourse…

  • WimadS

    Chaz_Hen Roypam1 Probably… there should be a button to mark spam in here… 😛

  • edumasuda

    caocerberus e se eu falar que não gostei? 😛 hehehehehe

  • antjay

    Kind of defeats the purpose of a display case back. Like many of the current iterations of this technology it screams afterthought and speaks of an unseemly rush to get something out there . Maybe they could incorporate a screen saver showing an animation of mechanical watch movement .

  • Borys Bozzor Pawliw

    I’m going to say that this is a perfect solution to a difficult problem done in a pretty average way. We all appreciate the inherent beauty and appeal of a fine mechanical watch. But many of us do need to convenience of having key data displayed in a relatively easy to read fashion. And there is just so much limited space on a person…and face it, we don’t want to carry around too many devices. I really do think Montblanc has nailed the concept: use the band/bracelet as the e-display.

    But the execution of it…well…hmm…

  • sasnak1 (exchange rate vary daily after all)

  • WimadS Chaz_Hen Roypam1 There is a way to mark a post as spam (I do it all of the time). Look for the “Flag” icon at the bottom of a post on mouse-over. Click on it, then select SPAM as the reason for flagging, enter you email address, etc. Then the ABTW editors will take care of removing it.

  • SuperStrapper Agree, and while I like that MontBlanc is doing this, their current execution leaves something to be desired in the strap itself. The “NATO” double thickness under the watch plus the single strap thickness over the smart module just makes the whole mess overly thick considering you are adding the thickness of the smart module. Kris – I’d love to see what you could do with one of these modules on a strap of your creation.

  • Chaz_Hen ScubaPro Is that lone dude using Google Glass?

  • caocerberus

    edumasuda kkkk

  • Time2Go

    This makes me happy. I think this approach is a smart (no pun intended) way to test the waters in this space with minimal commitment and disruption.. I would much rather see Montblanc and their competitors working on a self-contained add-on such as this, vs. derailing all their mechanical watch efforts by creating some kind of mechanical/smart Frankenwatch in a hurried response to all the hype around smart watches.

    This let’s them dabble in the space, and then quickly get out of it if, somehow, it turns out that we can all go on living without a smart watch strapped to our wrists… (the horror!)

  • Time2Go

    Chaz_Hen ScubaPro If that weird guy makes eye contact with me, I’m tweeting the police immediately!

  • RobbieKhan

    I can only imagine how uncomfortable that eStrap will become after a few hours going by the position of the strap buckles and loops right at the end of your wrist rather than resting on the underside where even complex clasps are relatively comfortable.

    I like the idea but in practice I can’t see many using it long term for the above reasons.

  • busyworksport

    JustBlaze you like/have any Devon Works? i think those are so crazy.

  • IcyMikeOriginal

    JustBlaze I’ve been a fan of their automatics for years. I’d say go ‘head

  • N0CHILLnTheWild

    JustBlaze Nomos Glashütte is the way to go.


    JustBlaze are you gonna get on that diplomats project? That’s the only way it’ll be right

  • JustBlaze

    busyworksport I alllllmost bought a Devin a few years back. The first model. Fell back tho.

  • MrOunce

    JustBlaze write a review of this on hodinkee. Would be great to see another guest writer with them.

  • JustBlaze

    MrOunce not familiar with hodinkee

  • MrOunce

    JustBlaze john Mayer on there and so is JJ Redick. Give it a read.

  • MarkCarson WimadS Chaz_Hen Roypam1 Looking at all the recent in-depth, substantive “Twitter” comments here just reinforces why I’m not part of that enlightened “community”

  • Chaz_Hen MarkCarson WimadS Roypam1 What Chaz, you don’t want a “Devin” Thread? Or guest write for the dink?

  • 5803822

    Think I’d prefer a better looking bigger battery strap to wear on the other wrist .

  • IndianIdle

    krazyfrog I read this 10 minutes ago. So tempting for people who wants the best of both of the worlds.

  • krazyfrog

    IndianIdle Yeah.

  • BabuBeg

    _Gobol Oho amazing

  • WimadS

    MarkCarson WimadS Chaz_Hen Roypam1 ah, didnt see that Icon… need to hover over the post for it apparently 😛

  • WimadS

    RobbieKhan Never worn a nato strap? A lot of them have the loops and clasp on the side of the wrist. You would expect it to be uncomfortable, but actually it doesn’t really bother me.

  • RobbieKhan

    WimadS RobbieKhan  – On the contrary, I have many 22mm/20mm Nato straps from
    genuine Maratac to Timefactor’s own new big buckle ones to German Dievas and
    previously had Zulu hardware Maratacs as well as C&B leather Natos. None of
    them have ever had a clasp/buckle that far at the end of the strap. Unless your
    hand is far below 6 inches in size then I can’t see any decent Nato being like
    that either and if it did in that instance, where your wrist was so small, then
    the strap holes wouldn’t accommodate that size a wrist anyway in most

  • WimadS MarkCarson Chaz_Hen Roypam1 Yep, it’s stealthy. But it’s there.

  • I’d certainly be willing to give it a whirl. Although, despite my large and ever-growing inventory of leathers and hides, I don’t think I have anything EXTREME.

  • mmfphotodude

    datachick Theirs actually a product from a group in Toronto that does the same thing, been out for over a year

  • RajuLawrenceNJ

    In my knowledge, this concept was first introduced by Modillian, an Israel start up:

  • datachick

    mmfphotodude Nice.

  • EmersonStoecker

    crownandcaliber aBlogtoWatch definitely picking one up in lieu of an Apple Watch.

  • SantiagoT

    The funniest thing is, it so looks like Microsoft Band and yet it is not compatible with Windows Phone ô_Ô
    I like the concept. As it’s been said here by SuperStrapper it is about the only way to go. At least doesn’t sound like “omg Apple watch is coming, let’s try and compete anyway we can!” However I do forsee a few people wearing this solution having shoulder problems because they will never rest their arms on the chair/table not to break the OLED screen.

    It is also good for Montblanc because it gives a unique argument for the TimeWalker which has to fight in a very crowded arena full of powerful contenders. Be it accepted -and therefore bought- or not, it puts the watch in the front line. That can only be good for the Mountain Maison. Whilst Mr. Biver is still playing with Christophe Claret’s Margot watch to guess what to do in this matter.

    And what is by now very clear is that Jérôme Lambert is making a lot of horological noise out there. The very good kind of noise. I’m sure it is going to cause some changes. Outside the Richemont group but inside too (Baume & Mercier, I’m talking to you; go back to the start line, next to TAG).

  • JesseNewman

    Always fun to see the competition people rush out in response to first gen Apple products. They typically tout a particular feature or spec (i.e., longer battery life!, more storage!, more ergonomic!), but where they inevitably fail is in delivering the full-scale platform experience. Apple put an immense amount of time, research, manpower, and money behind their watch– it’s simply not something another company can even broach without taking years of intensive work to painstakingly develop a worthwhile competitor. 

    There are devices out there that *seem* similar to the Apple Watch, but when the reviews and long term sales figures start coming around, the depth of what Apple has done here will prove its head and shoulders superiority in its design and feature set.

  • jpetche

    davidcastera ça fait un petit budget en effet… je ne peux pas lui donner tort 🙂

  • JesseNewman While I suspect time will prove you correct with the Apple Watch, at this point none of what you have said has come to pass for their watch as it has not been yet sold. Has Apple many fully developed (and successful) products? Sure they have. But they also have a long list of misses. No company is infallible and other companies may also produce great products. Time will tell. Cheers.

  • theneeds_shop_
  • Time2Go

    JesseNewman You’re right.  There’s absolutely no reason for anybody else to play in the smart watch space.  The almighty Apple has exclusively defined what a smart watch is, etched that definition in stone, and captured 100% of the market.  Apple’s “superiority in design and feature set” produced the perfect product which served my needs, as a mechanical watch enthusiast, perfectly.

    We should probably just prepare ourselves for the upcoming legislation requiring all existing “dumb” watches to be turned in and melted down to provide raw materials for more Apple watches…

  • JesseNewman

    Time2Go JesseNewman I don’t think Apple would be particularly better at pulling a product out of their butt in a timeframe of 6 months than any other company. That said, Tim Cook has repeatedly stated that this product has been in development for 3 years. That’s Ive and a team of some 17 world class experts working long days with each minuscule detail about this thing keeping them up at night, as well as a massive cash stock pile, full-scale company support and an extremely attractive ecosystem for developers. 

    Also, considering the success of this product at this particular point in Apple’s history it is fairly critical they succeed with it. Knowing this, they’ve thrown all of their chips in on this product. We can’t reasonably expect another company to deliver something comparable without dedicating resources to their project the way Apple has. 

    I’m not saying it’s a 100% guaranteed roaring success, but in post-NeXT unification era Apple, it’s a fool’s game to bet against their flagship products.

  • JesseNewman

    SuperStrapper Sounds like the relationship of a typewriter to a computer, or a film camera to a digital camera, or a horse to an automobile. Yes the smartwatch is very different, but it’s nevertheless going to dismiss the need for its analog ancestor.

  • Film cameras are still immensely popular, as is horseback riding. We’ll have to agree to disagree. Feel free to rub my face in it should we live long enough to see ‘smart’ (still not sure what makes them smart) watches replace actual watches.

  • JesseNewman SuperStrapper Extinguish? Speak for yourself. By your analogy photography should
    have caused artists (painters) to cease to exist. Synthetic diamonds and
    rubies and sapphires should have, by your logic, totally replaced mined
    stones in jewelry. How many luxury product examples do you need?
    Apple or any smart watch maker can produce will “extinguish” my lust
    for a UN Freak, a PP Nautilus, a de Bethune, an Urwerk, etc. Commodity
    items and luxury items generally are different markets with different
    buyers. But keep drinking the Apple Kool-Aid.
    BTW – here is a rewrite of your first post:
    fun to see the Apple rush out in response to first gen competitor’s
    products. They typically tout a particular feature or spec (i.e.,
    longer battery life!, more storage!, more ergonomic!), but where they
    sometimes succeed is in delivering the full-scale platform experience.
    Many companies put an immense amount of time, research, manpower, and
    behind their watch– it’s simply something another company like Samsung
    or Google can do with years of intensive work to painstakingly develop a
    worthwhile competitor. 
    There are pre-existing devices out there
    that *seem* similar to the Apple Watch, but when the reviews and long
    term sales figures start coming around, the refinement of other people’s idea is what Apple may do
    here. It remains to be proven if it will be head and shoulders superior in design and
    feature set.

  • Time2Go

    JesseNewman  I have no doubt that Apple will produce the finest version of what Apple has defined a smart watch to be.  And I have no doubt that they will sell approximately zillions of them, as people seem to really enjoy lining up around Apple Stores these days.

    But to understand my real point, you’d have to be able to acknowledge for just a moment that maybe, JUST MAYBE, there are other definitions of “smart watch” that might be worth exploring.  Last I checked, this was an infant and entirely unproven space…

  • Time2Go JesseNewman No, you must give up your dreams of round smartwatches. Only the Apple rectangle is good. Only iPhone integration is needed. Only… (well, you get the idea).

  • Time2Go JesseNewman It’s more that we’ve seen this story play out numerous  times before, and often the rivals who think they have it licked… well, don’t.  See: Creative, Rio, BlackBerry, Nokia and Palm, among others.  More often than not, it’s because they haven’t really thought holistically; they forget about things like design and ease of use.

    Take a look at the Gear S, for example.  Independent 3G data! Large curved screen! Multi-layered interface!  Sounds good in theory, but it’s a car crash in practice.  It’s a huge eyesore.  The “you don’t need a phone” part is a lie, since you can’t even activate it without one.  The interface is confusing, and because the watch is both Tizen-based and only pairs with Samsung phones, no one will write apps for it.

    Obviously, there are better cases (Android Wear has big flaws, but it’s still more elegant).  It just shows that simply throwing specs at a problem doesn’t solve it.  I don’t know that Montblanc has “solved” the mechanical/smart watch gap by giving you a tiny OLED display in your wristband.

  • smartwatchme

    Many companies are trying to get into this non-smartwatch This device looks more promising than the Kairos T band and is actually similar to the “Wotch” band

  • falzm

    granissado j’ai pas compris quand j’ai vu ça… C’est quoi l’intérêt d’un display où tu dois te tordre le bras pour le voir ?

  • granissado

    falzm avoir les infos sur ton smartphone sans changer de montre mais j’avoue que l’écran est plutôt inutile

  • neuroquila

    Montblanc pon nak layan Smartwatch gak…

  • DG Cayse

    Ghastly combination.

  • DG Cayse

    5803822 Maybe some ‘backpack’ type battery carrier.
    Just to round out ‘the look.’

  • DG Cayse

    Chaz_Hen ScubaPro People like this bump into me. Often. They just seem to bounce off.

  • 5803822

    DG Cayse 5803822 I’m with “neuroquila” but heh backpack sounds good with bandana and Harley

  • jamSUPREME

    XPrometheusX Not bad. I like that somebody is finally keeping the normal watch look and popping the e-stuff on the invisible side.

  • BenjaminBrooks

    gepeto42 saw that. Seems like a good idea.

  • alnasiri

    mqasem ????

  • gaucho1275

    A clever alternative to people who think the smartwatch is a bit on an eye sore. I’d much rather have this than a full blown apple watch that will be made obsolete 365 days from now when a new slimmer version comes out. These companies will forget that a timepiece is something a lot of people buy once every 10 years or longer. A 1980s Rolex still looks smart on the wrist today. An apple watch will be old news a week after its launch. Not saying the smartwatch is a bad idea. It’s just aimed at a much smaller market than a mobile phone.

  • SantiagoT

    MarkCarson Time2Go JesseNewman The other day at Hodinkee posted a pic of the watches he’s used the most in 2014, and as you can see it was a Patek and and Apple watch.

    Now I have already stated here that the is a well thought out product and it will sell hunderds of thousands which will make the entire smart watch market sell millions of units in a few years (pretty much like Tamachies I said once), and it will certainly damage segments of the tradtional watch industry (even Rolex may feel their breath if the in solid gold sees the light).

    However. Looking at the picture I realised some of the points that have been said about the A.Watch are actually true: on its own it is a valid piece of work. Next to “normal” watch it really has a hard time proving itself as a true contender. It is actually as Biver said: it looks effeminate (not feminine) and lacks the strength of traditional designs. And in the photo you see with an image, but these smart watches will be most of the time off or with just an indication of the time (to save battery), so they can end up looking a bit like the Swatch Touch -particularly the sporty versions.

    Ariel said he will be wearing one on each wrist. I don’t know, I want to see if that idea lasts in time. My guess is it will have to be one or the other.

    I don’t think -and I may be wrong because I haven’t had the opportunity to fiddle around with a smart watch yet- the small screens will allow you to type or even find a contact to phone faster than taking out your mobile phone. Also headphones with integrated microphones have been available for ages now but the amount of people that use them to speak on the phone so I don’t know if people will start using them now to be able to hear the call and talking to their wrist.

    That’s why this Montblanc’s idea is interesting: if somebody has the absolute need of knowing something about the mobile phone they have in their pocket without taking it out these “bands” will do the job and you can still wear a watch, or not wear a watch at all (the bands are not as heavy as a watch, which is what many people complain about).

    Anyway we shall see.

  • SantiagoT MarkCarson Time2Go JesseNewman Many great points Santiago.
    In theory, voice will be the killer interface and it eliminates the shortcomings of a small screen for input. However, there are situations where it will be embarrassing to talk to your wrist. And voice recognition will never be 100% perfect. So voice input won’t always be the answer. Plus anything more than a few swipes on a watch screen is impractical. You won’t be composing anything more than pre-canned text message answers on a watch. So I still see smart watches (or bands in this case) as primarily notification and sensor devices and not usually input/content creation devices. That limits the scope of their usefulness greatly compared to a smartphone or tablet (let alone a laptop).

  • hoxca

    falzm granissado je ne vois pas l’intérêt de confondre horlogerie et gadgets. Ceci dit c’est un ETA 7750 donc pas de la haute horlogerie…

  • granissado

    hoxca falzm stop trolling ! En quoi changer un bracelet transforme ta montre en gadget ?

  • gaucho1275 I do think that the initial Apple Watch will probably seem outdated far quicker than conventional timepieces… but you’re also operating on an assumption: that the behavior of the watch market will remain the same.  What if smartwatches catch on, and it eventually becomes acceptable to replace your watch in, say, 3 years instead of 10?  You definitely won’t upgrade as often as your smartphone, but a device that does much more than timekeeping gives you an incentive to trade up relatively quickly.

  • gaucho1275

    I agree with a few words, but the smartwatches mainly from Apple will launch with very high value in order to change every year as we exchange our iPhones, I’m a fan and I have almost all of their products but if this clock launch a very high value’ll just buy the first we can not afford to replace every year clock

  • SantiagoT

    MarkCarson SantiagoT Time2Go JesseNewman

  • nobi
  • idanbo

    nobi CES Unveiled Las Vegas ????????????????

  • nmisawa

    idanbo nobi Sans???????????????????????

  • nobi

    nmisawa ????…

  • I like this site too much.

  • I like this cooment to.

  • nchantec

    Hi anyone knows with whom Montblanc work for the e strap (high tech supplier)?
    from my side, it could much more than just a gadget, it could be an intersting tool for developing manufacture / customer relationship and customer experience

  • hatster

    I like this and will share the piece on Twitter (but the Twitter ‘share’ button ain’t working for me)

  • mims

    AntHatter montblanc_world aBlogtoWatch I like this — I hope we get a diversity of devices and not just a wearable monoculture

  • AntHatter

    mims montblanc_world aBlogtoWatch It is the best response yet from a traditional watchmaker to the issue of wearables

  • Gadgets IO

    Amazon Echo is a powerful Voice Interactive device by Amazon for Alexa commands interaction using AI technology

    If you want to find more info check:

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