Twice weekly, aBlogtoWatch brings you two incredible podcasts for horology lovers to listen to. Every Monday, we have the Superlative Podcast, hosted by Ariel Adams as he talks with the people behind the brands and watches you love, and every Friday, we have aBlogtoWatch Weekly with Ariel and Rick as they talk about exciting news in the watch industry. Both shows are available on all major podcast platforms.

This week on Superlative, Ariel was joined by Michal Dunin, the founder of both Blonie and Chopin watches. Ariel and our guest talk about what the watch industry is currently like in Poland and the history that Poland has with traditional watchmaking. Dunin also talks about a book he played a part in the creation of, and the two discuss how to get the younger generations into watchmaking. They go into the backstory of both brands, Blonie and Chopin, as they dive deeper into the values of each, as well as what makes them different. They also discuss the unique watch they helped create with the company “CD Projekt RED” and how that partnership came to be.

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Michal Dunin along with his company, Blonie, happens to be doing something that we wanted to bring attention to in order to help the people of Ukraine. Blonie is auctioning an incredible and limited watch in solidarity with Ukraine, and the proceeds of the sale will be fully credited to the account of the Polish Center For International Aid — Help for the citizens of Ukraine. Click here to check out the auction with the description available in Polish, Ukrainian, and English.

On aBlogtoWatch Weekly, Ariel and Rick talk about the Limited-Edition UR-112 Aggregat Odyssey Watch, the Universalzeit Watch from Moritz Grossmann, and the Zenith Defy Series. The two also discuss the new Spirit 37mm watches and the hands-on review Ariel wrote on the new high-end digital Casio watches. To read all the articles mentioned, check out the links below:

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•Moritz Grossmann Unveils Universalzeit Watch

•Exploring 53 Years Of Avant-Garde With The Zenith Defy Series

•Longines Announces New Spirit 37mm Watches

•Hands-On: Casio G-Shock MRGB5000 High-End Digital Watches

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