Favorite Watch Product Line Extensions At Baselworld 2019

Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor

Not long ago, Rolex once again re-introduced its mid-tier dive watch family, the Sea-Dweller. This time around, the Sea-Dweller grew to 43mm-wide and finally sported a proportional matching bracelet, as well as Rolex’s modern generation 3235 automatic movement. It was not, however, until 2019 when this Sea-Dweller 126603 in two-tone steel and yellow gold “Rolesor” did the new Sea-Dweller become really sexy.

The similar-looking Rolex Submariner Rolesor is smaller and has yet to be updated with Rolex’s most modern case-making and movement technology. For now, if you love the statement, a two-tone Rolex sports watch makes and prefer a more generously sized case, the Sea-Dweller Rolesor is a compelling option. Price for the Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Rolesor is $16,050.

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Tudor Black Bay Chronograph S&G Two Tone

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chronograph Two-Tone

Swiss Tudor watches has a relatively quiet year for 2019 but released a very attractive version of the still fresh Heritage Black Bay Chronograph in a two-tone steel and matte rose-gold case with matching bracelet option. Tudor did an excellent job on both the color and surface finishings on this version of the Black Bay Chronograph that contains a Breitling-made automatic chronograph movement. The combination of handsome looks, very high quality, and reasonable pricing make this Tudor a very compelling choice for 2019. Price for the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Chronograph Two-Tone is between $5,600 and $6,800.

Bell & Ross Bellytanker BR V2-94 Chronograph Bronze

Bronze watches are not universally recommended, even if the gold-style metal alloy color is compelling. That is because many bronze watches will oxidize over time, resulting in a look that isn’t to everyone’s tastes. Bronze is, however, an interesting alloy to work with and certainly does cost far less than gold. For 2019, Bell & Ross chose a stable form of bronze (meaning an alloy that will not “patina”) as the base material for this attractive version of the Bellytanker Heritage Chronograph. With a vintage vibe and lots of personality, this attention-grabbing (but not pretentious) sports watch has the right mixture of style and character to merit some serious attention by watch-lovers. Price is expected to be around $4,995.

Casio MT-G Lunar Rainbow

Casio has exploited the “rainbow-like” patterns that occurs after a particular form of electro-plating on metal surfaces for fashion purposes. And the result couldn’t be more interesting, unless it was paired with a matching bracelet! The 2019 Casio G-Shock MT-G “Lunar Rainbow” takes last year’s new MT-G watch and updates it to include the “lunar rainbow-toned” metal parts with matching dial color accents.

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MT-G watches are all-analog, mostly metal G-Shock watches meant to assert a more mature and adult side of G-Shock for a generation of people who grew up with the brand’s colorful resin-cased watches. Nevertheless, the MT-G Lunar Rainbow is very fun and is a newly high-end (for most G-Shock customers) watch that features modern tech on the inside and bright colors on the outside for a price of $1,000.

Sinn 206 Arktis

About 20 years ago Sinn originally released the model 203 Arktis as a cold-weather-resistant military style watch for serious exploration needs. The all-purpose sport watch also sported a stunning “ice” metallic blue dial that has yet to be replicated. The new- for-2019 Sinn 206 continues that tradition, with a slightly larger 42mm-wide case but, otherwise, this is the Arktis as we love it, just for today’s generation of would-be frozen weather explorers.

Inside the watch is a decorated Valjoux 7750 movement, and the case is further filled with anti-humidifying gas. Price for the Sinn 206 Arktis is $3,570 for the version with leather strap; the bracelet option is yet to be confirmed.

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