1. Who are smartwatches like the Apple Watch and Android Wear really for?

Apple Watch

Now that the Apple Watch is finally here, let’s consider the question of who it is really for. While it is unlikely that anyone in this day and age can live without a smartphone, the question of a smartwatch is a different matter. Honestly, even the Apple Watch, which is generally regarded as the most well-rounded and thought out smartwatch, is little more than just an extension of your smartphone, which also means that it is by no means a necessity – unlike your phone. So who are smartwatches really for? And do you really need one?

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Source: The Guardian

2. Are You Man Enough for a Small Watch?

Small Watches

No one can say for sure when it began, but there are signs that it is happening – yup, it seems that we are finally sick of big oversized watches. This year, powerhouse brands like Rolex, Omega, and Seiko released new watches that are sized 40mm and under. I can vouch for this trend myself: after my whopping 47mm Panerai 372, I went and acquired a smaller 40mm Rolex GMT-Master II and an even smaller Hamilton Intra-matic. So, are you man enough for a small watch?

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Source: The New York Times

3. A Collector’s Discussion With Roger Smith

Roger Smith

Roger Smith is one of the world’s most renowned independent watchmakers, but talks and interviews with him are often overshadowed by Roger’s late mentor, the great George Daniels – inventor of the co-axial escapement. This interview, however, takes a refreshing look at Roger Smith and talks, not so much about his working relationship with Daniels, but more about his watchmaking philosophy, watches, work processes, current work, and plans. This interview offers fascinating insights into the mind and thinking of one of the greatest independent watchmakers in business today.

Source: Hodinkee

4. A Very Unique Historical Cartier Watch

Cartier Coin Watch

Watches are very personal accessories, and some have witnessed momentous events in history. It is always interesting to see and read about such watches with provenance and a real story to tell, and one could perhaps say the same for the unassuming Cartier coin watch that you see in the photo above. Hit the link below to find out the story about this Cartier watch.

Source: PuristSPro

5. OK, an honest thought, but is Omega floundering right now?

One of the fun things about watches and collecting them is reading the various watch forums. There are literally countless watch forums out there on the Internet. But to be entirely honest, not every one of them is worth your time, and most threads are nothing more than just queries for retail prices. Once in a while, however, one does uncover interesting conversations, and this is one of them. On a personal note, I think Omega has been doing a good job of late with some very nice new models and important technical innovations. Obviously, not everyone feels the same way I do. But hey, this is what makes watches fun.

Source: Time Zone

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