When Bulova announced its Precisionist X line in 2020 as a 10th-anniversary celebration for the Precisionist series, it ushered in a new high watermark for the performance of its high-end quartz chronographs. With a 1/1000 second analog chronograph and an aggressive angular integrated design, the Precisionist X offered a bold look forward for the future of the brand, and for 2021 Bulova returns to the Precisionist X line with a more refined second attempt. By increasing the water resistance to a robust 300 meters and introducing a slightly cleaner case design, the new Bulova Precisionist X Sport offers a more polished experience than its predecessor with impressive capability in any conditions.

The general form of the Bulova Precisionist X Sport’s angular 45mm x 47mm stainless steel case is shared with the original Precisionist X, but the bezel architecture has been simplified. The Precisionist X Sport eliminates the complex bracket motif from the Precisionist X’s bezel, leaving a more streamlined and cohesive look that distracts less from the dial in initial images. The rest of the case shape is largely left the same, with a blend of aggressive top side brushing with brightly polished bevels, intricate ridged pushers, and a prominent polished crown. This crown marks the other great departure from previous Precisionist X models, as thanks to a reworking of the crown architecture, the Precisionist X Sport boasts a hefty 300 meters of water resistance where the original model was rated for only 50 meters. Bulova offers the case of the Precisionist X Sport in two colorways. The first is a bright and classic stainless steel option, while buyers can also choose a gray ion-plated variant with a black bezel insert for a moodier, more futuristic look. Both variants also feature dial matching accents on the pushers for a unified feel.

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Bulova offers the Precisionist X Sport with a trio of dial options. Each of these follows the pattern set by the first wave of Precisionist X models, but with the new simplified bezel, visual attention is more tightly focused on the intricate layers and forms at play. The ultra-modern design is dominated by the chronograph subdials, especially the hexagonal stacked 1/10 and 1/100 second register at 12 o’clock, as well as the fast-moving retrograde 1/1000 second subdial at 6 o’clock. The other major visual hallmark is the semi-skeleton cutout in the lower half of the dial, exposing the date wheel and movement bridges. Each dial colorway emphasizes a different character from this ornate layout, with the vertically brushed cobalt blue dial of the bare stainless steel model feeling the brightest and most traditional of the three in initial images. For the gray ion-plated case variant, buyers can opt for either a slightly darker blue with rose gold accents for a modern masculine edge or choose pure black with flaming red highlights for a more aggressive sporting look.

Bulova powers the Precisionist X Sport with its in house 262kHz quartz chronograph movement. The brand claims this is the most precise chronograph movement ever fitted to an analog watch, with additional innovations like a continually sweeping seconds hand to avoid the distinctive ticking look associated with quartz.

Each of the three Bulova Precisionist X Sport models is finished with a unique strap choice. The stainless steel-cased variant is the first Precisionist X model to be fitted with an integrated bracelet, with the brand opting for a broad angular H-link design with a blend of brushed and brightly polished surfaces. For the gray ion-plated models, Bulova offers a ridged integrated rubber strap in black or royal blue, depending on dial color.

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With a cleaner case design, massively improved water resistance, and a substantially lower price point than its predecessor, the Bulova Precisionist X Sport stands as a substantial evolution for the brand’s flagship quartz chronograph line. The Bulova Precisionist X Sport series is available now through authorized dealers with a starting MSRP of $975. For more details, please visit the brand’s website.


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