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Bulova has relationships throughout the world with a range of partners, but none has been as successful and celebrated as that with the music industry. Now, Bulova has had partnerships with the Grammys, Latin Grammys, Universal Music Group, music label Ultra, and Windows of Hip Hop.

Before Bulova used the tuning fork to test watch accuracy in the 1960s, the tool was used almost exclusively to tune musical instruments. Bulova also built the first clock radio that became ubiquitously used by so many people in addition to running the first ever radio commercial. Music and timekeeping require uncompromised precision, and Bulova has leaned into this connection with pride and success.

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Bulova Precisionist Special Grammy Edition

Bulova and the Grammy Awards partnered up in 2015, and the partnership with the Grammy Awards as well as the Latin Recording Academy’s Latin Grammys have been going strong since.  The Bulova Precisionist Special Grammy Edition watch embodies the brand’s special relationship with the Grammy Awards, also known as the music industry’s “biggest night.” The watch is given to all first-time Grammy Award winners, and appropriately features the tuning fork logo as the Precisionist movement runs within it. 

Fun fact: some of the Bulova Precisionist Grammy Edition watches are made using Grammium, which is a propriety alloy that was created by John Billings. For those who don’t know, Mr. Billings creates all the Gramophone statues given to Grammy Award Winners by hand. 

The relationship between Bulova and the music industry extends to the collaboration with Universal Music Group that resulted in the Tune of Time Collective. This video series is all about firsts. For years now, Bulova has been the first watch for so many people (as well as their second, third, fourth watch, etc…you know how big a watch collection can get) and the Tune of Time Collective is all about highlighting up and coming talent. Artists like Calum Scott, duo JamesDavis, and Matt Hunter are some of the musicians featured in the video series. 

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Bulova recognizes the importance of getting in front of younger people and does so in way that is naturally consistent with this theme of music industry partnerships. The collaboration between Bulova and Ultra Music (the dance music label behind David Guetta, Benny Benassi, Steve Aoki, and others) was conceived with this younger demographic in mind. The partnership is again a content series that goes behind the scenes on a “History of Firsts” where artists collaborate for the first time. Bulova will follow and document the journey of artistic collaboration from concept, to song, to music video, and beyond. Bulova wants to reach out not to just a younger demographic but one that appreciates creative teamwork and musical pursuits. 

Now most recently, Bulova announced a partnership with the non-profit Windows of Hip Hop (WoHH), which is a project dedicated to promoting education and appreciation of Hip Hop. In line with the values of the brand, Bulova supported WoHH to start a hip-hop educational course and construction of a recording studio at a local Bronx school, C.S 55. The program has been a success so far and Bulova was presented with a Citation for Outstanding Service from the Bronx local government. 

From the first steps of musical education and appreciation in schools, to nurturing and documenting up and coming musical talent, all the way to the stage of the Grammy Awards, Bulova is committed to its partnership with the music industry. Bulova takes pride in being the watch associated with these initiatives and there are certainly more to come in the future. After all, you never know who the next Nile Rodgers is. 

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