Here is a cool set of new Casio G-Shock watches that are coming very soon. And they are pretty economical to bat. Aside from new styling that is still utterly “G-Shock,” the G-Rescue G7900 series of watches is specially made to be very cold resistant. They will survive negative four (- 4) degrees Fahrenheit. That is like like negative what in Celsius? I don’t know, I am an American – we aren’t expected to know these things. If you want a blank stare from me, trying explaining the size of something in centimeters. Millimeters I am OK with though.. gonna know that for watch case sizes!

The G-Rescue watches apparently have the largest pushers ever on a Casio G-Shock watch. Which makes sense if you need to operate them wearing layers of arctic cold gloves. Actually, I don’t even think the pushers are large enough for gloves that bit, but OK for most gloves. There are the four case side buttons and the “G” button for the screen backlight. The case of the watch is maybe a bit larger that standard G-Shock timepieces, but not by much. You can see the new style screws that are used in the bezel as well. The watch is water resistant to 200 meters. A nice hardy little piece.

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casio-g-shock-rescue-g79001 casio-g-rescue-g7900a7

I like the screen and its layout. There is something 80s futuristic about it, or maybe I am just seeing things. Either way it is a nice look with the cool orange moon phase display. Which brings me to the many nice features that the G-Rescue watch has. It has a moon phase indicator, tide chart, two 1/100th of a second stopwatches, four alarms (with snooze and I think a flashing light), it is a world timer, a calendar, and the time of course (in 12 and 24 hour format). You can get the watch is three charming colors. I like them all frankly (even been getting interested in white watches as of late. They look fun). Black, white, and red toned are the options. The red version really looks like a fireman’s watch. More so that other red watches. Price is very reasonable at $99 each. Casio is probably one of the highest value digital watches out there…. which explains why they can sell them by the boat load. The Casio G-Rescue watches should be available soon.

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