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Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings ‘Full Metal’ To The 5000-Series

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

In front of my tired eyes the words “instant get” started flashing like the dazzling billboards on the streets of Tokyo when I saw this news: the awesome-looking G-Shock 5000-Series, the daddy of all G-Shocks, is getting a full-metal case in steel with the Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 and in IP gold with the GMW-B 5000 TFG-9. They both also sport all the tech I’ve been missing from, say, this otherwise cool Mudmaster. Let’s take a quick glance at the details of these two new 5000-Series bad boys, accompanied by Casio’s traditionally, famously and consistently crappy, horrendously low-resolution official images – none of which, no matter how awfully bad, can turn me off of one of these.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

Steel, or any metal for that matter, is the least G-Shocky material I can think of and that is one of the two reasons that makes these two watches get on my “want” list. The first G-Shock, technically, was what you see right above: a plastic ball with a display in it. It was this ball that, many drops from Casio HQ’s 3rd floor bathroom window and some 200 prototypes later, had finally taken the shape of the first G-Shock introduced to the masses – the DW-5000C. Since then, though there have been some rather intense metal G-Shocks (like the MTG-S1000 for $1,000 shown here, or the MRG-2000 Hammer Tone discussed here), G-Shocks have remained associated with their plasticky, rubbery exteriors. The 5000-Series getting a metal case and bracelet has some heft to it (pun intended), because it shows how far G-Shock has come in terms of technology, design, and the sophistication of its audience – i.e. us idiots, who have not only fallen in love with a plastic watch, but who are also somehow strangely attracted to the idea of buying it for many times its base price to get it in what otherwise is the most ubiquitous material in watchmaking. Oh, the self-contradictions and ironies attached to love – and anything watchmaking.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

The 5000-Series case will measure 49.3 by 43.2 by 13.0 millimeters and will weigh around 167 grams – with the bracelet attached, of course. All stainless steel was used for the exterior, i.e. the bezel, case, caseback, and bracelet, while a new impact-resistant structure has been adopted in the design of the steel case to absorb shock. This features a durable resin material that fits between the polished and brushed bezel cover and the metal core that houses the movement. The bracelet is also secured to this inner black metal core with a massive, screw-headed pin to ensure the durable, but comfortable movement of the bracelet. Even the pushers appear to be metal. Water resistance, but of course, remains 200m, no drop in that, unlike the BS water resistance we have to endure in so many of the recent Swiss luxury watch releases.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

The typical G-Shock tech featuring a world time, 1/100th second chronograph, perpetual calendar, daily alarms, and so on is spiced up with Tough Solar charging – autonomy is about 22 months after fully charged – Multi Band 6 automatic reference time synchronization for atomic accuracy timekeeping (synced up to 6 times per day, 5 times per day in China), as well as Bluetooth 4.1 low energy connectivity with a communication distance of about 2 meters.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

The Bluetooth connectivity allows for the use of the “G-Shock Connected” app available on Apple and Android devices. This makes for a 2-way communication: you can set your watch via the app for 300 different cities when traveling, as well as for alarms or sync it for accuracy. With the watch you can find your phone (not sure how you could lose it within 2 meters reach, but if you do, you’re in luck, I guess) as well as create logs – the phone will mark the time and location and you can edit these later.

Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 Brings 'Full Metal' To The 5000-Series Casio Mens Watches Watch Releases

The new Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 D-1 in stainless steel will retail for around $500 and the new Casio G-Shock GMW-B 5000 TFG-9 with the IP coated gold exterior will retail for around $600 – note that this is updated pricing based on feedback from Casio. Both watches will be released on April 13th, and while there’s no official wording on these being limited edition or Japan-only, given our experience with G-Shock releases, I’d be surprised to see these on international markets as early as that date. Nevertheless, I can’t wait to see in person what the 5000-Series looks and feels like in the metal and out in the wild.

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  • Very cool…and that bracelet looks like Cartier’s! I’d also ditch the Bluetooth and shave off at least $100.

  • david x. droog


  • PollyO

    Released just a few days before my birthday too. I’m in.

  • IanE

    Surely Casio’s watch equivalent of an oxymoron! No thanks.

  • Anthony Dimaano

    I love Gshock squares! Classic design – 80’s cool. This is tempting.

  • Ulysses31

    It’s nice to finally see a somewhat attractive G-Shock.

  • Oh, man, I hope they do this with the Gulfman someday. Not the gold one, mind you, it looks like something a lazy C3P0 cosplayer would wear.

  • eRZé

    The steel-tone version looks good and the features are impressive but I’d like to see Casio up their game in the display department and implement a full matrix display at least in their mid-range models and up.

  • SuperStrapper

    I have a friend in Japan that has helped me with numerous JDM watches and he has already received a message on this one. I’ll happily be the first to have one here.

    • David Bredan

      Share a pic (as a comment under whatever article) when you do! Or shoot us an email. I have my eyes (and wallet) set on one as well.

  • Playboy Johnny

    Now this is a G-Shock. Like the stainless, but would prefer one in solid gold.

    • David Bredan

      So would I! (if I could actually afford it) There’s been an 18k gold factory G-Shock, have you seen that?

  • Juan-Antonio Garcia

    Bling, bling!!! Want one, the steel version. But $600 bucks, its kind of steep for a nerd watch. The basic Casio steel “mega cool”retro is $20 bucks. Bluetooth is not enough to justify the price, besides the stand in for your regular hooker won’t try to steal it, and might give you a tip instead 🙂

    • IG

      That’s not steel, chromed resin case, no?

      • Juan-Antonio Garcia

        Cheap whatever the could get their hands on, but it is shiny 🙂

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    I really want this. Have a basic 5600-e square and it’s great.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Oh dear.

    • Boris N. Natasha

      right there with you…………………………………..

    • PollyO

      I think you’re just missing the genetic defect that makes grown men love g-shocks. Unfortunately I have it. There doesn’t appear to be anyway to treat it. Perhaps one grows out of it. But as I am already in my late thirties that is starting to seem unlikely.

      • Got my 23andMe results recently and I don’t have the G-Shock disease gene, so I’m safe. Sure I’ve had Casio watches in the past but really they are just to ugly for me to wear these days. I do admire the functionality of them though – a calculator databank was my daily wear watch for years. But broken plastic straps got me tired of them. I did wish for a metal case version about 30 years ago. Now, I’ll pass…

        • egznyc

          Yeah when I saw these I immediately thought of what they made in black plastic in the early ‘80s … for perhaps $5-10 at most. Granted, these are blinged-up metal-cased versions, but they sure bring me back to a different era, where digital was the “new thing.” But they were never pretty.

          • Gokart Mozart

            I could justify wearing a cheap digital Casio, but not something more than about £50. This makes me want to get a Casio F91W … maybe

          • egznyc

            I believe I had that one many years ago – but I had more basic Casios even longer ago (maybe starting around 1981). They were amazingly functional for the times as we didn’t have internet or smart phones with chronographs or alarms etc.

    • Gokart Mozart

      You are alright, your brain works fine….

      • Raymond Wilkie

        Thank you, i thought i was going mad.

  • GalaxyGuy

    I hope I can grab one of these before my vacation in Japan this summer!

  • This is an abomination to the eyes of god, and all my girlfriends should have it. At least the ones that value themselves above the F-91W rose gold and golden crowd.

  • Guys, prev/next in images doesn’t work.

  • Ross Diljohn

    The kid in me will buy it with my adult wallet.

  • Larry Holmack

    Humm…wonder how my will fell if I spend all of our tax refund on watches this year? I have seen more than a few watches lately that I really want!!!

    • Raymond Wilkie

      Think you need to edit 🙂 ( Don’t tell Will )

      • Larry Holmack

        Thanks, I am a terrible typist!

  • Disillusioned Gene

    I like the steel one but why is someone urinating all over the “gold” one?

    • Playboy Johnny

      You pay extra for that.

    • Buy and Sold

      It is a Japan market release

    • Tea Hound

      No more questions, just enjoy the warmth.

    • IG

      Bear Grylls endorses that version.

    • eRZé

      The Casio G-Shock Golden Shower Edition.

    • Disillusioned Gene

      …maybe it’s just ginger ale, yeah…

      • Omegaboy

        It’s Bud Light/urine . . . the same thing.

  • fer

    I am a huge fan of the GW-5000 and haven’t purchased a g-shock in years. And even though I won’t wear it daily. I already pre-ordered the gold one. To add to the info in this article. There is a 3rd version, supposedly steel with a titanium coating that will be a collaboration with porter. Similar to what they did with the GW-T5030. Price is 1200. I managed to pre-order one too. I haven’t been this excited for a g-shock in like 4 years. I was told to expect them in May~ish here in the USA.

    • Playboy Johnny

      Congrats! Enjoy them.

    • CK

      Where is it available for pre-order?

      • fer

        I was told not to disclose that since they don’t know how many they will be getting haha.

  • I wish it had the inverted screen.

    • I think the steel-colored one works well with the positive display. The negative one is really hard to read in anything but direct sunlight.

    • Joe

      or with red LEDs 🙂

  • Tea Hound

    Pretty cool.

  • I run a buying service in Japan White Rabbit Express ( Happy to help any your watch buying needs!

  • Yanko

    Will buy one for fun. And looks cool.

  • Bozzor

    I can see wrist time shifting very quickly to this: definitely the watch to wear for the young boardroom exec who doesn’t play by Rolex Rules…

  • Tõnis Leissoo

    For some reason I want to buy it but I’m very sure I wouldn’t wear it.

  • IG

    Party like it’s 1984

  • The Chosen One

    595$ armor for 5$ quartz?

  • Mariano Ramirez

    I wish an automatic with that look

    • Bill Davidson

      Assault or semi ?

      • Gokart Mozart

        Either should be able to kill a g shock

  • AW
    • Leo

      I think this one has a plastic case with metal like paint plating.

      • AW

        Yeah, and a cheap bracelet. It’d be amazing with better materials and BT connectivity.

    • Omegaboy

      Those look like teats.


    The enthusiasm over this hunk of crap is rather astonishing .yeahhhb they made it in metal and charge you 600 bucks for it are you joking? I get the functionality of such a thing but to go from there to spend 600 bucks on it just puzzles me.
    It is your money spend it as you wish but staying clear from this “watch”

    • Omegaboy

      Silk purse out of sow’s ear.

      • BNABOD


    • ?mperius ???????

      What watch do you wear?

  • larry

    Nice but NOT $700.00 Nice,Give me a all metal with solar charging and atomic timing that”s not made in China and I might bite. The last Casio I bought the bracelet kept coming apart so I sent it back for a refund and it was Chinese made!!

  • Kenny Lew

    I’m hoping for a titanium version but will get the stainless one for nostalgia

  • Perry Rue

    Awesome! Love it! Although they could have NOT launched it on Friday the 13th. 🙂

  • $600 – no good

  • Andrew Thomas

    Bought it, wore it, use it like a G Shock. Has displaced a couple of other nice but unremarkable mechanicals. A bit bit and heavy to use with formal wear such as a suit, but it’s smaller and lighter than most Breitlings and IWCs, many Omegas, and an increasing number of Rolexes too – so even if I did wear it with a suit no one would notice anything out of the ordinary.