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Casio Releases The Premium Evolution Of The G-Shock 5000 Series With The GMW-5000TB

Casio Releases The Premium Evolution Of The G-Shock 5000 Series With The GMW-5000TB Watch Releases

For over 35 years, the Casio G-Shock has been an icon of tough, dependable and affordable quartz watchmaking. The G-Shock line has developed an incredibly loyal and enthusiastic following over time, propelling a series that started as an inexpensive, indestructible timepiece for difficult conditions to a dizzying array of features, styles and price points for nearly any application. Through it all, however, few G-Shock iterations have remained as iconic as the original design. The 5000 series, which debuted in 1983, has had a constant presence in the G-Shock lineup ever since in dozens of different variations, materials, and colors, becoming a style icon in its own right. The latest of these variations, the G-Shock GMW-5000TB, takes the classic shape and functionality of the affordable 1983 original and adds truly premium materials and finish throughout.

While the octagonal case shape of the GMW-5000TB is a faithful reproduction of the classic 5000 series outline, down to the double ribbed guards on the outside of each pusher, the new model sets itself apart in the subtle details. While the textured surface of the case may emulate the look of the classic resin plastic G-Shock, the entire case of the GMW-5000TB is made of lightweight DLC coated titanium. In addition, the crystal here is rendered in anti-reflective sapphire. Beyond the change of materials, gold accents on the pushers, bezel and the lugs hint at the new model’s upmarket shift. While the materials involved may be significantly more luxe, the GMW-5000TGB loses none of the hallmark G-Shock toughness with 200 meters of water resistance and the line’s namesake shock protection.

The gold accents continue on the dial of the GMW-5000TB as a further hint of this model’s more premium appeal. Like most G-Shock models before it, the STN-LCD dial of the GMW-5000TB displays a massive list of various functions. These include time, date, month, a 1/100 second chronograph with 24-hour recording, five daily alarms, a perpetual calendar accurate through the year 2099, a 24-hour countdown function, an AM/PM indicator, and automatic time calibration via radio signals from one of six stations around the globe. Bluetooth connectivity also enables the watch to be connected to a mobile phone via the G-Shock app, enabling automatic world time setting for over 300 cities worldwide, automatic reminders, a phone finder function, and a watch battery-level indicator.

The digital movement powering the GMW-5000TB uses Casio’s Tough Solar technology, providing the benefits of solar battery charging without the usual decrease in durability. Battery life is estimated at up to 22 months stored in darkness after a full charge.

The bracelet of the GMW-5000TB is the most prominent clue that this is no ordinary G-Shock 5000 series. While the vast majority of G-shock models opt for a resin strap, this model offers a DLC-coated titanium bracelet with folding clasp that mimics the textured finish and iconic two-hole pattern of most G-shock resin straps. Casio finished the bracelet with a three-fold butterfly deployant clasp.

The GMW-5000TB represents a major step up in finish for the timeless 5000 series design, one that’s sure to excite the die-hard G-Shock collector. The Casio G-Shock GMW-5000TB is currently available only through Casio authorized dealers in Asia for an average exchange rate of $1,388 USD. More information is available on the brand’s website.


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  • Matt Rowe

    Que the “it’s way too expensive” comments in 5… 4… 3…

    • Independent_George

      Well, in most cases, the subtext in bitching about the price is “I am too poor, therefore it is overpriced.” But in this case, paying a 3X premium over identical spec’ed metal versions, well, I say the questions are valid.

    • What fresh hell is this?

      Even the steel ones are overpriced

    • Katnip Everlean

      titanium ain’t cheap

      • What fresh hell is this?

        The difference in price buys you about 200kg worth of refined Titanium.

        • Katnip Everlean

          steel is $3 USD per US pound…. what is your point?

      • DeepEye

        You can find plenty of titanium watches, from good brands, at less than 500$.

        This 1400$ watch packs the same module of its 130$ brother (plus the STN lcd). Even the GMW B5000 at 500$ is way overpriced, but still viable.

        These Ti watches are just a shamless cash grab, they’re going for enthusiasts with deep pokets. I own a GMW, but there’s no way i’m paying 1000+ € for a digital watch .

  • I would like to meet someone who bought this watch at a such crazy price

  • Independent_George

    I hate being a price queen, but $1,500 for a G-Shock? No thanks.

  • SuperStrapper

    If you’re going to buy a metal G shock, buy one that looks like a metal G shock. I’m confused at the prospect of buying a $1400 5600 that literally looks like a $150 5600.

    • Alex A


    • DeepEye

      That’s exactly the point of this watch. Just like the GW-5000 before it. Nobody would notice the difference, only you will know.

  • I’ve made the full payment in advance for the new King of Square G Shocks scheduled to arrive coming Jan
    Naaahh….I paid below retail sub US $1K I’m not a fanatical G-Shock cult follower but…. If you thought the watch is pretty cool, then you haven’t seen the packaging yet.. Kikuo Ibe reminds us “Never Give Up!”

  • Playboy Johnny – Team Mariu$

    Nice watch, but I will spend $43 on a regular 5600 first. Give me a resin case & strap.
    Only one pic, really ??

  • AlbieC

    About 7 years ago, I bought a GShock 5600 version for ~$180 that I thought was just about perfect… black resin case and band, tough solar and atomic time syncing, with slightly unusual orange accents… still what I’d look for today. However, scrolling through the GShock website, I’m having a hard time finding the same bundle of features… either you jump to $400-500+ in metal to get solar charging, or $99 or less in resin without… I kinda miss the middle ground of $150-250 resin with solar and atomic.

    • Richard Webley

      Hi AlbieC,
      They still exist. Look at a GW-M5610-1ER
      Resin case and band, all the usual stuff inc Tough Solar and Atomic timekeeping. I just got one off Amazon for £75 (~$96)

      That one doesn’t have any orange accents and is pretty true to the original but I think they do other colourways.

      Regarding this watch I am also struggling to see the point. If I want a titanium watch I want it to look like a titanium watch. What’s the point in disguising it as a resin watch that’s a tenth of the price?

      I can understand people debadging cars but usually they have a souped up engine behind all the plain Jane bodywork. This ~$1400 watch has the same module as the GW-M5610 that I just bought for $96!

      • DeepEye

        “This ~$1400 watch has the same module as the GW-M5610 that I just bought for $96!”

        No it does not. However it has the same module as the GMW B5000, a 500$ watch. Or like the GW B5600 (minus the STN lcd) a 130$ watch.

  • I’ll take this at half the price (almost 1/3 at street price) any day of the week.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    5..4..3..2..1.. How bloody much !

  • 0ne of its greatest appeal is the very fact it mimics the DW5000C-1A, the 1st production model ’83 right down the Grade 5 Titanium bracelet that looks just like the composite resin of the original Why? Because it’s a paradoxical Stealth Wealth in the Urban Jungle

    • Phil Evans

      Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • What fresh hell is this?


  • spice

    For me looks like Casio (finally) got it all right, except for the price.

  • Katnip Everlean

    give me a version with the red outline like the GWM5610-1 and you have a sale, Casio

  • Phil Evans

    I would like one to love,
    I have gw50001jf – $341amazon,
    already scratched up lens, ~3 years.
    I love the sapphire lens, titanium bracelet,
    but 5X price makes me hesitate&ponder.

  • SuperStrapper

    Yep. Looks awesome, but yes typical of gshock negatives. What i actually try to obtain is colour matched.

    But I doubt they would be considered any more legible, i just think they look better.

    For the gold, i don’t like the ‘positive’ display. I generally don’t like it in any boldly coloured G, probably because the dark negative contrast makes for a more dynamic look than the more functional aesthetic of the positive. I make no excuses, my interest and collection of them is purely for fun. I have an old Pathfinder, that’s my tool watch. That the G shocks can take the same amount of abuse is just a bonus.

  • Phil Evans

    got one 12/3/2019 from Topper.
    now they are being discontinued !
    i`m a happy camper still.

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