Surely, pieces from Greubel Forsey often command prices on par – or often exceeding – those seen on auctions achieved by historically important watches, but an important difference that is worth pointing out is that these actually are very modern watches and for that reason they are expected to function exceptionally well in real life – even if their prices are from fairy tales. Apparently the brand chose a direction that steers towards more day-to-day practicability, spiced up with the generous amount of technological innovation and excessive engineering that we have become used to seeing from Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel.

Greubel Forsey QP a EquationSpeaking of unique solutions, the QP à Équation features what is about to become the “workhorse” tourbillon escapement for Greubel Forsey. Debuted in 2007, the tourbillon 24 secondes incliné was the third major development by the brand. Housed in a cage consisting of 86 parts and weighing a sub-featherweight of 0.37 grams, it is two and a half times faster than the ordinary one-minute tourbillon. Among others it was incorporated in collections such as the GMT, the Contemporain and the Invention Piece 3. Its sole purpose is no different this time around either. Offering exceptional chronometric performance, while likely drawing less power from the movement than other, multi-axis tourbillons do, therefore leaving sufficient torque for the numerous displays of the perpetual calendar.

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A little note on images and lack of video. To make a long story short the watch is not done yet with regards to dial and case finishing. Greubel Forsey is (as usual) concerned about images of the QP watch circulating before it is aesthetically perfect. So we will have video and more pictures of the watch in the future – but just not right now. What we can assure you is that the piece is incredible and a clear indication of what you get if you are able to dedicate the funds for such a purchase.

With its unique perpetual calendar system this novelty tells us more than just the date. It implies a new direction for Greubel Forsey, one that will – hopefully – bring several new technical innovations concerning complications not directly linked to chronometric performance. As enticing as tourbillons can be, it should be interesting to see what complications the brand will choose to reinterpret, and the QP  à Équation can be an important step in that direction. Price is 670,000 Swiss Francs.

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