MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

Today, MB&F Launches four limited edition watches that are already sold out. That is a shame, but only if you are the type of person who is known to spend half a million dollars per timepiece. The MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 "Alien Nation" is the brand's latest "performance art" watch and is based on the very cool MB&F HM6 SV (Sapphire Vision) which aBlogtoWatch went hands-on with here.

This limited edition set of just four "Alien Nation" watches takes the MB&F HM6 SV and puts small, hand-carved-from-gold extraterrestrial aliens on the movement, which are visible through the watch's expansive sapphire crystal face. The idea is to make the six alien figurines appear as though they are somehow piloting the HM6 SV as if it was some type of spaceship. Fun fact, most MB&F watches are intended to look like some type of vessel or vehicle.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

It is entirely possible that the Alien Nation name is a bit misleading. There was a television show called Alien Nation that I don't think has any reference to the watch. It is a cute name, but given that "Alien Nation" has been used in pop culture before, it doesn't clearly define the message of what the Alien Nation watch from MB&F is all about. More so, it is confusing to me what the "point" of the watch is. Previous MB&F models like this would have been more celebrated "performance art" watches that tie into a relationship with an artist or another watch maker. We don't see that in this limited edition set.

MB&F does of course credit Mr. Olivier Kuhn who did the "sculpting" work for the alien figurines. Kuhn's studio is Atelier-Creation Kuhn, but MB&F never goes into why they chose small aliens or why they worked with Kuhn. This leaves out a lot of the storytelling that MB&F is known for when it comes to enhancing the personality of very limited edition "artsy" watches such as this. My instinct tells me that MB&F made these watches for a particular client who ordered them, and from there, they felt compelled to do a press release about it, even if there was no deeper marketing purpose for the creations.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

From the perspective of sheer majesty, the MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 Sapphire Vision is one of my favorite creations from the brand. Quirky and very high-end, it is thus understandably one of the brand's more acquired tastes since it lacks a bit of traditional elegance in exchange for being rather interesting and different.

The Sapphire Vision (SV) version of the HM6 debuted as a different version of the original HM6 Space Pirate (hands-on here) that included the same movement - but a more spaceship style case. The SV redid the case into something a bit more Art Deco, and here in the Alien Nation watch, MB&F seems to be combining the appeal of the first two versions of the HM6 watch.

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

One of the reasons that we love the HM6 so much is the movement. Produced from 496 parts, the unique movement inside of the MB&F HM6 is something that aBlogtoWatch did an entire article about here. Since we've written about the HM6 movement so much already, I encourage people to reference those articles. In short, the automatic mechanical movement features a flying tourbillon with a user-controlled titanium shield that opens and closes over it. The time is told in hours and minutes in different rotating domes, and spinning turbines which are linked to the motion of the automatic rotor. It is really a lovely sight to behold.

The entire HM6 Alien Nation watch itself is 50mm wide by 51mm tall, and 22.7mm thick. The case is mostly sapphire crystal as well as titanium. The blue glowing material is called AGT (ambient glowing technology), and it is a form of solid luminant which is applied around the periphery of the case and other parts of the watch such as the time-indicating domes, and the turbines (among other small details). The visible case gaskets are in the same color. The case of the HM6 Alien Nation watch is 96 pieces alone and water resistant to 30 meters. It is surprisingly wearable, but it is more like wearing art on your wrist versus a tool watch (rather obvious, but it was useful to mention).

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

MB&F HM6 Alien Nation Watch Watch Releases

The MB&F HM6 Alien Nation is actually the third watch from the Geneva-based high-end producer of horological machines to feature small hand-sculpted gold figurines in the watch. This began in 2011 with a one-of-a-kind timepiece made for a charity auction with the MB&F HM4 Only Watch (hands-on here). Later, MB&F produced the limited edition Legacy Machine 1 (LM1) Xia Hang watch with an alien-style figurine which served to replace the standard power reserve indicator (hands-on here). Thus, the HM6 Alien Nation is in good company, even if the concept isn't totally original for MB&F, or if the brand produced any good story around "why are we making this watch?" Other companies such as Romain Jerome have produced watches with little aliens on the dial, so there is a market for this. Though I think to make them as classy as possible, these items require a rich story behind them.

Given that I like the HM6 Sapphire Vision watch so much, I'd never complain about more of them out in the wild - even though I never have a hope of owning one someday. The HM6 Alien Nation is the priciest yet, and again, all four pieces of the limited edition have sold out. Retail price for the MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 Alien Nation is $500,000. mbandf.com

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  • IG

    Starts to slip into Disney category.

  • ??????

    Where is the watch?

    • Yan Fin

      Behind the aliens

  • Joel Rosenfeld

    This is really an outstanding watch. I particularly like the sapphire case, which I think it much more compelling than the Space Pirate version. On another note, I thought I was the only one who remembered the Alien Nation television show from the 1990s. I dare not watch it again, since I have fond memories of it. It probably has not aged well.

  • Perfect for the 12 year-old billionaire.

  • awildermode

    I kinda like the little aliens.

  • SuperStrapper

    Stuff like this obviously sells, which is why they do it, but whenever I see a new MB&F article I just want to see a net-new watch.

  • John Stevens

    Wonderful engineering and I would rather have this than an RM any day of the week seems strange that the alien is wearing bell bottom trousers though.

  • Marius
  • Pete L

    Absolutely bonkers insane piece and I love it. Would need a lottery win but I would prefer this to many of the sky high priced RM’s and the like.

    • Kuroji


  • Saul Sloota

    Steve Hallock is like super super excited about this. He knows Max like super well. Super.

  • Esteban
  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    See that Mona Lisa painting, you know, the Leonardo da Vinci. Wouldn’t that look great with a moustache randomly added ad hoc.

    • IanE

      Well, there’s always Duchamp’s version (with one moustache) to get started.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Can you not just assume coming out with ” One of the reasons that we love the HM6 so much is the movement ”
    This is pretty pointless. Sure it’s this that and the next thing as far as horology goes. One of four ! I want it ! . If you saw this one someones wrist my thoughts wouldn’t be positive. I believe when a piece become so exclusive that the buyers don’t really care what they have just how much it’s worth and look what i’ve got and you haven’t.’if someone asks you the time and you pull this out your pocket. I can only think that Alien convent is in the cinmema and these were wrap party gifts.


    • Lincolnshire Poacher

      I am considerably richer than yoww…

      • Love the line “I’m a self-made man and my wife’s a man-made woman.”

  • Word Merchant

    It’s both insane, gorgeous and deeply cool, just like Theresa May.

    • Raymond Wilkie

      I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot barge pole,

    • IanE

      TM : Mad – tick; looking like a gorgon – tick; icy – tick! And none of the others are any better (mostly worse): oh, how we laughed at the dire choices in the recent US election – we are not laughing now!

        • Lincolnshire Poacher

          Have you read the books? I absolutely love them, the Patrick O’Brien novels.

          • Sorry, no. Being illiterate (I had to have someone help me type that word), I can only watch the movies. I was always waiting for a follow-up movie where they would open by chasing down the French man-of-war.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I like this watch, but real aliens don’t look like this. They have no idea…

    • Looks like Roger from the TV show American Dad.


    It certainly is different I will give you that and I suppose if you have sooo much FU money then get an alien watch. As much as I think it is cool it should remain wearable and this is anything but so while it is shiny I would put my 500k somewhere else

  • Marcelo Melgaço Costa

    All MB&Fs belong to an alien nation, IMO.

  • Ross Diljohn

    Fascinating. Beautiful. Insanely expensive. Wildly impractical. That about covers it.

  • Saul Sloota

    I’d rather wear two Diesels at the same time.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    I love this watch. It`s cool,creative, childish, extraordinary, interesting, unwearable, fascinating and it looks like an air matress. This is why you all love the Swiss for, admit it. And it has aliens.MB&F, the cooler Richard Mille. The better Urwerk. The horological funk.

  • Sheez Gagoo

    The oly thing I don`t like about this watch is the alien outside the case. Doesn`t make any sense.

    • Richard carroll

      Yes, it should be under the glass.

      • Somebody has to fly the spaceship (open cockpit – must be a vintage spaceship).

  • Richard carroll

    Its amazing to me that the addition of those little aliens transforms what I previously considered a pretty ridiculou$ watch into something I think is very cool and desirable. It’s like a tiny manned spaceship now. Can’t afford it, of course, but that’s beside the point.

  • It’s just mechanical art with a bit of added whimsy. You take it out of the safe, admire it and then strap it on – because you can. You dance around the room with it on for a few minutes. Then tuck it back away into the vault. But if you can afford it and admire it as art, then why not. As a watch it makes little sense but for half a mega-buck the fact that it sort of tells the time is incidental and just a bonus. Wind it up and it truly is performance art.

    • IG

      You dance around the room with it on naked and masterbate watching Gillian Anderson outtakes from X-Files?

      • Never was an X-Files fan, so no that’s not me. I can’t afford an MB&F watch so I will have to dance around the room clothed and not aroused while watching South Park.

  • Love it. That’s got to be the first time I have seen lume on a tourbillon cage!
    I know a guy with a regular HM6 and, for certain personalities, they are surprisingly not as loud and unusual looking as they are in isolated images. Very cool offering for people that have enough round-case-two-lugs watches. The aliens are lots of fun too. Adding little characters brings these things to life and plays with the scale too. I really like the L’Epee clock they did with the little Neil – and remember the unique HM4 that had a panda driving it?!

    • Berndt Norten

      Welcome back, Kotter.

  • This is the first HM6 I can say I really like. In Mark’s words, this adds enough whimsy and artistic content to make it appreciable as art. I just wonder how much disposable wealth one would have to have to allow a person to drop $500K on such a bauble.

    • Gary Mark

      $2 Million! – 1 buyer bought all 4 of them.

      • Yea. One dealer with a very well healed clientele.

  • The Deplorable Boogur T. Wang

    Whimsy, yah, that’s one of the first things I look for in a wrist watch.

  • Marco Sampuel

    MB&F the first watch with aliens.

  • Phil leavell

    I love it what a piece of artwork. Delightfully whimsical. Only something that would sit in the safe and rarely come out no matter who bought it. Definitely amazing craftsmanship

  • dennis

    ” I found it Scotty, beam me up “

  • Ulysses31

    One has to start questioning whether or not something as extreme and bizarre as this is really a watch at all. It’s an amazing piece of machinery, and looks interesting, but has all but lost any sense of purpose. People complain about smartwatches not being “true” watches despite being able to display the time quite conveniently. This thing can tell the time and even attempts to display it in a thoroughly half-assed way, but doesn’t really care if you can read it or not. That’s no longer the point of a piece like this. Note, i’m not having a go at this, rather wondering what category it falls into.