Originally introduced in the 1940s and then revived in 2014 as a sub-collection within the greater Omega De Ville lineup of dress watches, the Trésor series accounts for some of the most refined and elegant designs in the brand’s entire catalog. Just as its name suggests, the Mini Trésor is the smallest model from the collection that Omega currently produces, and as its latest release of 2024, the Swiss manufacturer has unveiled five new Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches that all feature 26mm versions of the collection’s signature diamond-set case in either stainless steel or Moonshine gold.

Among the five new Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches, three are crafted from stainless steel, and two feature cases made from Omega’s proprietary 18k Moonshine Gold alloy. Additionally, regardless of their materials, all of the Mini Trésor models have diamond-set cases that measure 26mm in diameter by 7.5mm thick, with 13mm lugs and an overall-lug-to-lug profile of 31.1mm. Similarly, all five of the new Omega Mini Trésor watches have domed sapphire crystals above their dials, mirrored casebacks that are adorned with the brand’s “Her Time” pattern, 30 meter of water resistance to protect against incidental contact, and ornate crowns on the 3 o’clock side of their cases that are decorated with an inlay of a red ceramic flower and set with a single diamond.

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The three new Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches with stainless steel cases all feature the same domed off-white Grand Feu enamel dial that has elongated gray-colored Roman numerals printed on its surface. While the watches themselves are essentially the same, the three new stainless steel Mini Trésor models are all paired with different types of leather straps, which provide them with their own unique identity. The ref. 428. has a double-tour brown Novonappa leather strap, the ref. 428. receives a gray alligator leather strap, and the ref. 428. is fitted with a double-tour lacquered black calfskin leather strap that has a quilted diamond-shaped pattern embossed into its outer surface.

While the three new stainless steel Omega Mini Trésor models are essentially the same watch paired with different straps, the two new Moonshine Gold models each have a different dial, along with a strap that complements either the color or pattern that is showcased on the dial of the corresponding watch. The ref. 428. features a Moonshine Gold dial that has a silk textured pattern on its surface, and it gets paired with a black satin strap. Meanwhile, the ref. 428. is fitted with an off-white Grand Feu enamel dial that has red Roman numeral hour markers, and it gets completed by a matching double-tour strap made from red alligator leather.

Regardless of their differences, all five of the new Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches are powered by the brand’s Cal. 4061 Swiss quartz movement, which is a simple time-only caliber that can be found inside a number of other current-production Omega models with smaller case sizes that also embrace a classic two-handed, no-date format. Featuring rhodium plated components and decorated with circular graining, the Omega Cal. 4061 includes a “Long Life” feature to maximize its autonomy, and this allows the Omega Mini Trésor models to run uninterrupted for approximately 48 months between battery replacements.

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Prices for the new Omega De Ville Mini Trésor watches start out at $4,700 USD for the stainless steel model that is fitted with a gray alligator leather strap (ref. 428., or $4,800 USD for either of the other two steel versions that are paired with double-tour leather straps (ref. 428. and ref. 428. Meanwhile the Moonshine Gold Mini Trésor with red Roman numerals and a matching red double-tour strap (ref. 428. costs $8,900 USD, and the Moonshine Gold version that is fitted with a Moonshine Gold dial and black satin strap (ref. 428. is the most expensive among this latest batch of Mini Trésor releases, and it has an official retail price of $9,500 USD. For more information on the Omega De Ville Mini Trésor collection, please visit the brand’s website.

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