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Orient Sun & Moon Models (RA-AS0101S, RA-KB0001S)

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Your wedding. A new job. A graduation. A special celebration. Your friend’s wedding. There are innumerable reasons to strap on a dress watch. While what makes a dress watch a dress watch is subjective and debatable—the genre ranges from ultra-clean two-hand dials to incredibly complex timekeepers—the inclination to elevate one’s style with a refined timepiece that communicates both elegance and achievement is something with which we’re all familiar. For some time now, Orient Watches has been a go-to for those looking to celebrate and commemorate with high style. While most are familiar with the Orient Bambino, Orient’s dress watches span multiple collections and price points, ranging from the introductory Bambino to high-end offerings from Orient Star, all with in-house movements.

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The Orient Bambino RA-AC0M01S

While the term “dress watch” may be up for debate, Orient’s Bambino has become a paragon of the genre.  With a 38.4 mm polished case, an uncluttered dial, and polished hands and applied indices, the watch is peak elegance. While date windows may not be present on the most iconic dress watches, Orient’s decision to include one is both practical and an acknowledgment of current preferences—most people simply prefer a date, and with the beveled edge around the display, this is a most sophisticated execution. The Orient Bambino is available in white, cream, and black dials, with the white dial offered in a gold- or silver-tone case. With hacking, a domed mineral crystal, and an embossed leather strap, it’s no wonder the Bambino is so popular. And although gold is the most traditional option, there’s a Bambino for everyone and a Bambino for every occasion that calls for such a watch.

The Orient Contemporary RA-AC0E06E

The Orient Helios RA-AG0027Y

If you know about Orient’s rich history, you won’t be surprised to know that the Bambino is just the tip of the iceberg. At the same tier, there are offerings for those who want more modern or more complicated timepieces for formal occasions (or even just to wear every day). Orient’s Contemporary collection features dials with the same refinement as the Bambino and other Classic models, but with updated accents and case designs that are decidedly modern, with sharper edges, more angles, and sleeker hands and indices. Like the Bambino, these models come in an array of colors. A more recent release is the Orient Helios RA-AG0029N, which is an excellent introduction to one of Orient’s hallmark open-heart dials. Putting the balance wheel on display through the dial, Orient shows off the horological prowess behind its lineup of in-house movements and complements the mechanical display with striking gradient dials in brown, green, silver, or blue.

The intricate dials of the Orient Sun & Moon (Left: RA-AK0007S10B; Right: RA-AK0011D)

The Orient Contemporary RA-AK0303L

Perhaps second only to the Bambinos in popularity is Orient’s Sun & Moon watches. Available in a number of different layouts, cases, and dials, these moonphase watches add a bit of intrigue to the typical dress watch. Some of the better-known examples feature intricate guilloché-like dial patterns, with novel dial layouts displaying not only the moonphase, but also the date and day of the week and Roman numerals marking the hours. Orient, though, has recently released a new edition of its classic moonphase watch, with a pared-down dial that further embraces the urbanity of classic dress watch design. With an open-heart dial, beveled hands and indices, and the moonphase moved to 6 o’clock, these newer models demonstrate Orient’s ability to find the balance between contemporary design and traditional aesthetics.

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Orient Star 2022 Limited-edition Models (RE-AT0015L, RE-AV0120L, RE-ND0017L)

The Orient Star Mechancial Classic DX02002S

As with many brands, though, Orient reserves its most impressive work for its luxury offering, Orient Star. In looking at Orient Star’s collections, you’ll notice elaborate dials with beautiful patterning and, in some cases, rare materials. Orient Star timepieces are executed to the highest standards, and while you’ll find sportier options amongst them, the more ornate dress watches truly amaze. Orient Star timepieces feature the remarkable Sallaz finishing for which many Japanese watches are prized, skeletonized movements with perlage and anglage finishing, blued hands, and other unique design elements. Perhaps most impressive is the dial work: While all of the Orient Star timepieces deliver incredible quality, the limited editions bring an unequaled panache. Special dials in a dazzling array of colors with balance wheel apertures and delicate patterns create a uniquely luxurious presence on the wrist. And even though these watches feature complicated dials and embellishments, they remain eminently suited as dress watches.

The Orient Star Limited-edition 70th Anniversary Models (RE-AY0111A, RE-AV0118L, RE-AT0205L, RE-ND0014L)

While the Orient Bambino may get much of the spotlight when people are considering the brand’s dress watches, what becomes clear from even a cursory glance at the full range of offerings is that the Bambino is just one of the myriad exceptional timepieces available. From more affordable contemporary to classic design, minimally elegant dials to intricately complicated timepieces, and extending to high-end watches that show what’s possible when a historic brand uses everything at its disposal, Orient covers the full gamut of dress watches. Whether you’re celebrating or commemorating, wearing it once a year or every day, Orient has a timepiece for you. Orient and Orient Star watches are sold via authorized distributors around the globe. Although there are a number of unauthorized sites that sell pieces from the brand, purchasing through an authorized distributor is the only way to ensure that your watch is genuine. Please see below for a list of distributors within Europe along with where to buy. For all other countries, please visit the brand’s website.

Country Distributor Key Retailer or Transactional Site
Italy AI On Time https://aion.orologiorient.it
Poland Poljot Euro https://poljot.com.pl/en/
Spain Platisur https://orientrelojes.es/distribuidores-3/
Finland Timanttiset https://www.timanttiset.fi/
Germany International Watch Trade (IWT) https://www.deutsches-museum-shop.com/
Netherlands Weisz Group https://www.seriouswatches.com/collections/orient-orient-star
France Societe Spiero https://montre-automatique.com/
Hungary Next Time https://www.itstimeshop.hu/

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