Continuing their partnership with the Williams F1 team, Oris has released a new motor sport watch for 2010 that is likely the nicest yet when it comes to a watch made for Williams. This is at least the fourth watch to come from the partnership, and it looks really nice in mostly black with a technical looking blue trim. Oris is further refining the dial design, offering a fascinating, yet polished look.

The case itself is 44mm wide in DLC black. Notice the thin blue line that extends around the periphery of the side of the case. It is a neat little detail helping the case of the watch to stand out. The colors are also of course those of the Williams team. The little blue line is actually rubber, and Oris says it acts like a bumper to protect the case (a bit). Though with the DLC coating, it shouldn’t need as much protection. The case of course has the special hinged lugs that help the watch be really comfortable, and comfortable it most certainly is. The numerals on the bezel flow naturally into the several rows of numerals and indexes on the dial. The black metallic dial has some hour indicators that are actually cut slits showing the day and date discs below. An interesting rendition on the skeletonization theme.

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You’ll notice that Oris has refined the look of the “open date” window. The almost triangle-like shape now integrates the day and date indicators and allows for that “open date” design. Oris watches are often innovators when it comes to continuously polishing existing designs. I appreciate them for that. Reading the watch isn’t touch at all. The hands have larger lume covered sections in white that contrast nicely with the dark dial. The blue bordered race-font style hour numerals are easy to spot as well – while there are lots of little lumed sections of the dial.

Apparently there is also a non Williams F1 version of the watch as well. This model will be mostly the same, but with red, versus blue trim (and no Williams name). The crystal is sapphire over the dial, with a mineral crystal caseback over the movement. Inside the watch is a Oris 735, which is basically a Sellita SW220 (like an ETA 2836) automatic. It is quite a nice watch for gear-heads and F1 fans. Not to mention Oris watch lovers. A very youthful look that has that expected level of Oris fit and finish. Not always a great “any occasion,” but fun and lively nonetheless. Look out for it soon.

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