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Perpetual Calendar Tiffany & Co. Watch Shines With Company Heritage

Perpetual Calendar Tiffany & Co. Watch Shines With Company Heritage Watch Releases

Since Tiffany & Co.’s new deal with the Swatch Group, things are quickly expanding on the watch side of things for them. One of their main benefits has been to make classic look cool. Tiffany & Co. takes the appeal of makers like Patek Philippe (which coincidentally they sell), and takes enough of the pretension out of it to make it appealing. The message sent is that you don’t need to be flamboyant to look good, which seems to be the fashion message sent by many watches.

With a degree of British demeanor, though it is not an English company, Tiffany & Co. sells “proper” looking watches that seem to be timeless in their appeal. This particular model is just such an example. You’ll notice the all gold case with the uniquely curved lugs that bend over the strap. It is just a classy look. In typical Tiffany & Co. motif, the bezel is thick with relief Roman numeral numbers. This model is likely a version of the Tiffany & Co. Atlas Perpetual Calendar. The Atlas line is known for the use of large Roman numerals see here.

The shining point of this watch is the simple and effective integration of the perpetual calendar. Using as many black on gold contrast points as possible, Tiffany has made a full perpetual calendar look really simple! The thin black hands are simple like an Omega Speedmaster, and just as effective. You almost don’t notice that this calendar has a moonphase, day, date, month, and leap year included on the face. Kudos to Tiffany & Co. for taking what is essentially a basic and classic look, and giving it unique flair.

I predict that in the coming years with the revitalization of Tiffany & Co.’s watch selling arm, we are going to see a richer, and more abundant variety of watches like this and more.

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  • Adam

    The watch that you illustrate was designed and developed long before Tiffany entered into their venture with the Swatch Group. Swatch had absolutely nothing to do with the design or the production of the watch which you have posted. So before you begin to praise a relationship which is ultimately destined for failure you should really get your facts straight.

  • Hi Adam,
    Sorry for any confusion, but I didn’t suggest that Swatch Group designed this, or that they helped Tiffany design new watches. Tiffany has, and will continue to use ETA movements, modified as they may be, and Swatch will help invigorate the watch making arm of Tiffany & Co. It is still a Tiffany & Co. game, just with some help. Oh, and I don’t know why you suggest the relationship is doomed for failure? That facts are you referring to? Take care.

  • Matthew

    Where can I buy this watch?

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