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watchuwant.com, a leader in pre-owned luxury watch sales and service, is proud to announce the launch of its factory-authorized Omega watch service and refinishing facility. Access to factory parts, factory-trained watchmakers, and rapid turn-around times is becoming the defining challenge of watch ownership. Owners of Omega watches can find all of these advantages at a single source: watchuwant.com.

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Only a factory-certified parts center has “The Right Stuff” to keep your Omega Speedmaster flying. Correct factory bezels, bracelet links, co-axial movement components, and replacement crystals define the look, feel, and function of an Omega watch; watchuwant.com is the collector’s connection to Omega’s Swiss stash.

watchuwant.com’s Omega factory parts are supplied with the express approval of Swatch Group, U.S., and virtually all late model and vintage timepieces can be restored to factory operating tolerances while maintaining their material integrity. Discretion and experience count; watchuwant’s watchmakers understand the sanctity of a factory tritium dial, unpolished vintage cases, and surviving “Naiad” crowns.

Omega factory parts deserve Omega factory-trained watchmakers, and watchuwant.com has them. Only AWCI/CW-21 master watchmakers with Omega co-axial certification perform mechanical service on customer timepieces. All watch service is performed in a world-class workshop outfitted with Swiss-standard tools, benches, air filtration, and testing gear.

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watchuwant’s facility has been built with Omega watches in mind, and the technical capabilities include 1000-meter+ dive watch certification, restoration of factory timing tolerances, and restoration of factory cosmetic finish. Refinishing is a specialty of watchuwant’s separate metallurgy studio, and all factory finishes from sandblasted steel to polished platinum can be restored by the company’s Swiss-born finish specialist.

While competitors measure service turnarounds in months, watchuwant.com delivers in weeks. watchuwant.com’s Omega-certified watch service and refinishing ensures peak performance, beauty, retained value, and the rapid return of your Omega watch.

Call 1-888-726-3178 or visit watchuwant.com/Repair to schedule Omega service.

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