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Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

The Seiko 5 Sports, the universally accepted “go-to watch collection” the world over, has just been completely revised by Seiko. The launch of the new Seiko 5 Sports for 2019 includes 27 different models sorted into five styles: Sports, Suits, Specialist, Street, and Sense. Let’s dig in and discover all the details and advancements of the new Seiko 5 Sports collection.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Upon first impression, each of the five “styles” within the new Seiko 5 Sports collection looks rather handsome and likable. The cases are, in all instances, stainless steel, in some instances with “rose-gold color coating” or “black color hard-coating” thrown in to make things that much more exciting. Every style within the new Seiko 5 Sports line comes with the same size and shape case, and they all measure 42.5mm-wide, 46mm lug-to-lug, and 13.4mm thick — big kudos to Seiko for providing all these measurements.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

The cases are always water-resistant to 10 bar (100m) and the fronts are always Hardlex crystals — not as scratch-resistant as sapphire crystals, but then again, not as costly. The casebacks are always transparent, as now, with the 4R36 caliber, there is a movement with ample capabilities to justify a bit of showing off — more on this later.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

By far, the highest number of references can be found within the Sports style — with the interesting motto of “Go beyond the norm.” Steel bracelet options, including a blacked-out model, coexist peacefully with references on nylon straps. There are some truly fantastic-looking pieces in orange, in metallic green, all-black, black and yellow, and blue and red, as well as the obligatory monochromatic silver, black and blue options.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

There’s no way around it — the new Seiko 5 Sports Suits style is absolutely bang on. If these were more expensively made and said Tudor on their dials, they’d be all the rage. Although the faux-patinated lume is not everyone’s cuppa, they are certainly suitable (pardon the pun) for creating a more casual-dressy look to what otherwise would flat-out be a dive watch.


Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

A clever play with colors serves as another reminder that these watches were not designed by the — at this point completely — colorblind Swiss. There’s an olive green version, one in dark blue that goes exceedingly well with the sand-colored Lumibrite lume, and there’s one with a burgundy dial and bezel with gold-colored frames for the hour markers and hands, presented on a Milanese bracelet.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

The new Seiko 5 Sports Specialist style has a Prospex vibe to it, even though the silicone straps appear to have patches of leather stitched to their upper surfaces. The spec-list only quotes these as silicone and the images are dark — but, upon a closer look, some leather(y) segments reveal themselves. The real differences here are in the case coatings: one in bare stainless steel, the other in “black color hard-coating,” and the lastin “rose-gold color coating.” I reckon, with a more upscale aftermarket strap, this gold-colored version (SRPD76K1) would really look the part.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

The new Seiko 5 Sports Street style is, bar none, the most youthful and playful of them all. All three versions rely on the blacked-out case matched to a nylon strap. There is an all-black Jean-Claude Biver-tribute version, while the two other versions feature deep blue or red hands and markers.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Last, but not least, the new Seiko 5 Sports Sense style is indeed the most sensible of them all with what appears to be some nature-inspired elements. The two references come in saturated, healthy green and autumn-evoking brown, with an orange or green seconds hand. The dials appear to display a random, creased texture, further enhancing this natural look. The straps and bezels are coordinated in their colors to the color of the dial. If you are the outdoorsy type and don’t want to find yourself looking at a boring monochrome watch, well, Seiko now offers a few watches that will look a whole lot more at home out in the woods — indeed, a sensible thing to do.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Ticking away in the new Seiko 5 Sports collections is the Seiko 4R36 movement, an automatic movement that offers hand-winding and hacking seconds — treats that have not always been common in Seiko 5 Sports watches of old. Accuracy in, again, a very un-Swiss way, is an honestly quoted +45 to -35 seconds per day — meaning that these watches will not win any observatory competitions anytime soon… Far from it, in fact. But with hacking seconds, meaning that the running seconds hand stops when the crown is pulled out, performing a bit of a correction every few days shouldn’t be too much of a hassle.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Power reserve of the Seiko 4R36 movement is approximately 41 hours — but, then again, there is hand-winding to replenish that with ease, should it be necessary. For those less familiar with affordable Seiko watches, hand-winding and hacking seconds are often unavailable movement features, so having them present in the new Seiko 5 Sports collection is notable.

Seiko 5 Sports Watch Collection Completely Revised For 2019 Seiko Watch Releases

Prices for the new-for-2019 Seiko 5 Sports collection will range between 280 Euros and 340 Euros in Europe, or about $300 to $380 in the United States. Prices will mainly depend on the type of bracelet or strap and the style of case, i.e., whether it is coated or not.

The Seiko 5 Sports is an extremely important collection to Seiko and the attention and depth with which they addressed its complete overhaul testifies to that. A solid — albeit inaccurate — automatic caliber with hand-winding and hacking, paired with a robust case and creative dials, lend the collection an entirely different character through some creative play with colors. Add all that up, and the Seiko 5 Sports will see no hardship remaining among the dominant forces in the competitively priced sports watch segment. Oh, and there’s a new logo, too. Browse through the different new Seiko 5 Sports references on the dedicated Seiko website here.






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  • Kevin Vanderveen

    They look great, however, I wish they had made a few references around 38mm to 40mm in diameter.

    • AlbieC

      The large size seems to be due to a slightly wide dial, but mainly accommodation for the rotating bezel… a version without the diver bezel… which would be interesting to me… would bring it down to size as well.

      • They do have smaller divers like the SKX013 which is 38mm and fully capable 200m diver (like the SKX009 and SKX007).

  • The new logo is horrible!

  • Dave D.

    The blacked out Street is my favorite of the bunch. And for around $300.00, seems like a steal to me. Blacked out Topper Edition Seikos going for over a grand right now.

    • egznyc

      It’s certainly a very different look – one that would be fun to try out from time to time. But I wonder how crappy the blacked-out lame looks when the lights go down. Ordinarily, Seiko lume rocks, but here … I don’t know.

  • Martin Pitt-Bradley

    The little “5” shield always meant “cheap” to me, so the redesign is welcome, though who wants a cheaper Seiko? Perhaps a teenager with bday money? If you’re an adult, save up the extra $150, shop around a bit longer online, and get a Prospex.

    • Independent_George

      I am guessing the re-branding is part of Seiko’s North American strategy, where Prospex watches are going to slowly move a little “upmarket” from the $300-$500 range to the $600 and up, using mainly 6R movements with sapphire, and the Seiko 5 will continue with 4R movements and Hardlex? I am guessing because I have no inside knowledge, but it does seem to me that Seiko is putting in an effort to delineate between their line-ups, where the Seiko of the past was kind of a mish-mash.

      This release also corresponds with cease and desist letters SeikoUSA sent to ADs who were also selling JDM watches, so there is that.

      • Martin Pitt-Bradley

        I didn’t know they were cracking down on people selling the Japanese models, though I’ve always found bricks-and-mortar prices on Seikos silly since online prices are always better and really don’t care where you want to ship it.

        • Independent_George

          Last week Marc from LIW said on a video he received a cease and desist letter from SeikoUSA telling him has to stop selling all JDM watches and sell only those watches pursuant to his AD agreement with SeikoUSA. And then on the forums (not the most accurate place, I admit), folks started posting that some others, mostly online dealers, got similar letters.

    • John Doe

      Cheap is relative, people tend to forget here that there are some parts of Earth, where this amount is not a teenagers birthday money but an average monthly income.

      • Martin Pitt-Bradley

        You’re right, I would not slight someone whose responsible budget happened to slice right in between 5s and Prospexes. In general, I’d still say Seikos are already solid value, so don’t chase that all the way down, get the Prospex.

    • Tony NW

      You’ve got it all wrong. Perhaps you were born with a trust fund, but for those of us who weren’t, appreciating more expensive watches is a stair case. Give them an entry watch, hook’em and move ’em up.

  • Sébastien Billard

    No new 36-40mm Seiko five ? 🙁

  • gwd

    An SKX case with 1/2 the depth rating? I assume they have a screw-down crown, so does the exhibition back cause the difference? Also, I’m not a fan of the new “5” logo or the old one for that matter. Lastly, I have 2 Orient watches (Owned by Seiko Epson), these are insanely accurate. Either Seiko is being conservative with their accuracy rating, or they are making a movement that is worse than another one they have access too, that costs about the same?

    • Cuppa Joe

      No screw down crown… they apparently get to 100m without it.

  • This feels like it’s competing in the fashion watch arena, rather than the “serious budget watch” one…they should have made more solar versions as part of this lineup.

    That being said, they are not that cheap either…considering the turtle is about the same price.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      The 5s are traditionally automatic. They made a solar street style watch recently. Reviewed on this blog. It was a Prospex.

      • Seiko has many quartz pieces in most of their collections, so traditionally they offer a mix of mechanical/quartz.

        Maybe they didn’t have quartz in the “classic” 5s, but these are going in a very different direction from the classic lines. With the previous 5s you knew going in, that you were going to get a decent, fairly priced first automatic.

        These 5s are the new SKX’s but more fashion oriented. The “street” collection above is 100% fashion watch. So in that sense, the “new” watch buyers that will see this collection as a nice alternative to say…NAUTICA and other faux-divers, will not be very happy with the wild (in)accuracy of these watches.

        Hence it would make more sense to have more solar (or quartz) pieces in these collections.

  • Jared

    amazing looking watches(especially once you consider the price range)…but the new logo is a bit of a miss for me.

  • JosephWelke

    An “Autumn” Sense for me, if I can find it more cheaply online.

  • James Brickwood

    Loving everything about these watches, except the push/pull crown.

    Do screw down crowns add a lot more to the price of manufacturing a watch?

  • gwd

    “No lume pip”, good eye!

  • gwd

    good point.

  • gwd

    The more I look at these the more tired they look and I’m starting to hate the ‘5’ – It doesn’t even play well with the obligatory 9 past 10 hand position :-/

    I’ll pass, but continue to love Seiko in general

  • H.S.M.

    Very tempted to grab one of these.

  • The perpetually too short hands are a deal breaker for me. Attractive as the prices are, I won’t own any of these ’cause of the dinky hands.

    And while these are affordable watches, the hardlex crystal is clearly (pun intended) a compromise I would not make. Sapphire crystals, especially flat ones, are not very expensive.

    Others have noted the no-lume pip at 12 on the bezel. I say either lume it and the other markers or leave it alone. I always thought a single pip lumed is not that useful in low light conditions compared to a fully lumed bezel. As Yoda said, “do or do not, there is no try”.

    As GWD said, I too still love Seiko, but I’ll pass also.

    • egznyc

      I had to laugh when I saw your Yoda quote. Some of these designs are pretty interesting indeed … but yeah, I’m not too excited about some of the component choices.

  • NaJo

    Homerun from seiko ?:.. those complaining on crystal, screwdown crown; its a $300 watch and seiko is easily 30% off the shelf. Also these hardlex r quite hard until unless ur someone who bangs your hand every now n then! Common be reasonable…

  • Mikita

    Agreed. I could never understand people hating Grand Seiko. Exceptionally good watches, but some just hate them without any reason, like Japanese can’t sell anything more expensive than SKX007, that’s privilege of only the Swiss.

    • Boris N. Natasha

      And the Germans. Saxony is the new Geneva.

      • Mikita

        Agreed. ALS > Patek, GO > Omega, Sinn > Longines, I can continue.

    • egznyc

      I am sure there is a lot of elitist nonsense behind Grand Seiko not being perceived by some as a top-tier brand. However, I also feel there are legitimate criticisms that can be made – so long as people recognize that these criticisms apply equally to some of the big Swiss brands. (For example, I get the impression that many of GS’s watches are on the thicker side.)

      • Mikita

        If you ask Raymond why does he hate GS – he’d not explain it clearly. It’s not because of some physical parameters of features, it’s simply because in his model of the world only the Swiss can command high prices for watches. And so are 99% of GS haters.

      • Berndt Norten

        I was just at the Seiko store in Knightsbridge the other day and I also did Bond Street, Regent St, etc. Grand Seiko’s level of finish is up there with the best.

      • Berndt Norten

        I agree. Some GS watches are chunky and crowded-dial like Breitling. About half a dozen GS models can compete with anything from Rolex, Omega etc. Most GS however are just a bit ‘off’.

  • Raymond Wilkie

    I didn’t mention individuals.

  • ProJ

    Yup, this one’s not too bad

  • Boris N. Natasha

    Wow. Would love to be a fly in the room at a Seiko Marketing meeting when Branding comes up. So, we’re gonna keep calling it Seiko 5, ’cause we still can’t think of a new 6th key feature since the 60’s, right? But, this is going to be Seiko 5 Sports RE-BORN! So we’re gonna have sublines like Seiko Sports Suits, Seiko Sports Sense and Seiko Sports Sports!! Why are we calling our desk divers Sport Suits? Why are we calling our dive watches Sports Sports?? We need some common sense. Let’s add Sports Sense! Why are we not calling it Seiko 6 again???

  • Mikita

    There is such thing.. point of viewing. You rotate the watch even 1° and bum! it’s misaligned for youR eye.

    • Swiss_Cheese

      Fair enough, from the promotional photos they look misaligned, that said, the SKX007s are notorious for it, doesn’t mean I don’t love them any less.

  • egznyc

    Sorry – I don’t know the source material from which you parodied. But … don’t let the sun go down on me. And then, think of Semi Charmed Life’s lyrics.

    • Berndt Norten

      The source is the brilliant showman/lyricist Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys. See their live sets from Glastonbury. Epic.

  • Tony NW

    Let’s be clear: Hardlex is crap. It’s terrible. I have a Seiko Cocktail Blue; the hardlex dinged through a shirt sleeve when it brushed against a trunk latch. Sapphire (which is on almost all my watches) wouldn’t even notice, and Acrylic buffs out or replaces easy.

    I won’t buy another Hardlex watch.

  • Snorlax

    I’m all butterfly ? til I read those prices. €300 for a Seiko FIVE?! I’ll wait for other retailers, thanks.

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