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Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Tuna SBDB008 Watch

Seiko Prospex Spring Drive Tuna SBDB008 Watch Watch Releases

Seiko SBDB008

The Prospex line of professional divers from Seiko has long been a rich source of fine watches and superb engineering, sadly less known than they deserve due to Japan-only sales. This one is worth questing for though, it’s the new-for-2013 SBDB008, in the Prospex Marinemaster collection. Spring Drive (cal 5R65), DLC titanium shroud, titanium nitride (the gold colored bits) highlights, date window tucked in at 4:30, and a new handset. From the sheen, it looks like the bezel insert is ceramic, which would be a nice touch. I like this one, though it’s tall at 16.2mm thick. Width not known, but we know that those are 22mm lugs so probably 44mm plus. 72 hour power reserve, and that movement is rated at +-15s/month.

It’s on page 41 of the Japanese-language Seiko 2013 catalog (PDF). From that, list price is 399,000JPY, or about $3,900USD as of today. Limited edition of only 300 pieces, on the bright side AZ Fine Time has announced they’ll be getting these for US sale.

A hat tip to Oceanic Time for more details, and WUS for more details. We just love these and can’t help but discuss them.

This is the first time Seiko has put Spring Drive into one of their Tuna series; it’s a nice upgrade. Heckuva dive watch for half the price of a new Rolex, and you get one of the most famous dive watches around that looked too good to be true when the “Tuna” first came out in the 1970s.

Little note on Spring Drive as well. A Seiko executive has told us that (at least for the rest of the world outside of Japan) they will be keeping Spring Drive movements exclusively for Grand Seiko collection pieces.


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  • cptodd

    Thanks for the review of a really beautiful watch. However, I have one question. . . should “that looked too go to be true when” be “that looked too GOOD to be true when”?

  • Ryan B

    I’m a little confused as to why the bezel has a guard over two different portions of it? Would love it if somebody could explain the reasoning behind it because I just don’t understand.
    Spring drive is awesome.

    • antjay

      Ryan B it covers the quadrants of the watch most likely to be bumped in regular use , but still allows for enough purchase on the bezel for ease of adjustment.

  • JohnKim

    I love me some Sushi grade Maguro Divers!

    • Panagiotis

      JohnKim  ahahaha +1 for the “sushi” grade 😉

  • Ulysses31

    The looks may not be to everyone’s taste, but it remains an excellent watch.  If this thing’s built at least as well as the cheaper Marinemaster, it’s a PO beater.  People might laugh at that last statement, but they would be wrong.  For a dive watch, I regard build quality and durability to be one of the most important aspects.

  • First Tuna, 6159-7010(9), came out in 1975 after 7 years of development.

  • Lesthepom

    Thanks Paul for showing us this watch I don’t go looking for this sort of thing may be I should if there are things as good looking as this. I think as an every day watch it would look a bit out of place on that small rubber strap put it on a chunky titanium one and you might get away with it. if I was into diving ( I do live next to the great barrier reef ) this would have to be on my list looks very cool the black ceramic and gold make this look like a classy dive watch if you can have such a thing
    Keep finding these little gems Paul and share them with us

  • shaiy007

    Springdrive is the ticket!

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