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Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On

Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

While both the concept and the term “tool watch” has been watered-down through consistent overuse, the idea of a tool watch is one that has always intrigued me. To my mind, few brands better define the watermark for tool watches than Sinn. The German manufacturer has been making role-specific tool-style watches for decades, from pilot’s watches like the 144 ST to cult-hit dive watches like the formidable U1. Among Sinn’s Baselworld 2014 additions, my favourite was easily the new Sinn EZM 13 diving chronograph. With an accessible case size and a mission-timer platform, this simple but highly functional chronograph is an excellent example of the modern tool watch.

Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The Sinn EZM 13’s bead-blasted steel case is 41.5 mm wide and 15 mm thick with a lefty control layout, a unidirectional dive bezel, and your choice of a matching bracelet, leather, or silicone strap. Being an evolution of the EZM 3’s design, the Sinn EZM 13 is pure function and provides unencumbered legibility of the main time display and the 60-minute chronograph. There is also a cool red date display tucked away at 4:30.

What I found so appealing about the Sinn EZM 13 is not just its comfy size and focused design, but also its entirely hardcore nature. The Sinn EZM 13 is no lightweight, boasting anti-magnetic resistance to DIN 8309 (80K A/m), anti-shock to DIN 8308, low pressure resistance, Sinn’s Ar dehumidifying system, temperature resistance for -45 C to +80 C and 500 meters water resistance. Speaking of water resistance, a basic 500M pass was not enough for Sinn, as they have had the EZM 13 independently tested and certified to German diving equipment standards EN 250/EN14143 and Din 8306 by DNV GL (click for more info). Clearly, Sinn’s not messing around.

Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

Time, chronograph, and date are managed by a Sinn-customized ETA 7750, which they call the SZ02. The SZ02 has 25 jewels and beats at 28,800 vph with a 60-minute chronograph. The chronograph is read via a full 60 minute sub dial at six, and this layout conforms to what Sinn calls a “mission timer,” or a watch with a very specific purpose and strong legibility. Sound familiar?

The Sinn EZM 13 expands on the success of the EZM 1, which was Sinn’s first mission timer. As an extension of this philosophy for the EZM 13, Sinn chose a lefty layout to keep controls away from gloves and cuffs and to ensure that the watch doesn’t limit the range of motion for the user’s hand.

Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

The combination of the dive bezel and the 60-minute chronograph allows a diver to time two events (or intervals) simultaneously. Sinn also confirmed that the pushers on the EZM 13 can be used at safety stop depths (usually around 5M/15ft), meaning the Sinn EZM 13 could easily be used to measure your safety stop in the event your dive computer failed or you were using the Sinn EZM 13 as your primary dive timer.

This uncommon ability is thanks to Sinn’s D3-System, which mounts the pushers and crown directly into an opening in the case, as opposed to relying on a more common tube insert layout. With this clever and robust integration solution, the crown and pushers on the Sinn EZM 13 are more capable of withstanding impacts and protecting against the ingress of moisture and dust.

Sinn EZM 13 Watch Hands-On Hands-On

To summarize, the Sinn EZM 13 is the business. It’s Sinn at their best, creating a sport watch with a useable feature set and a dizzying list of protective features and intelligent designs to keep that watch doing its job for a very long time. I am not generally a chronograph fan but the $2960 USD Sinn EZM 13 is a watch that could (easily) change my mind. With the EZM 13, Sinn has successfully taken their EZM 3 diver and added just enough chronograph to expand its functionality but not so much as to spoil its laser-sharp focus.



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  • ZL

    This is absolutely one of the awesomest watches I’ve ever seen. Sinn keeps it real and takes watches back to their primordial meaning.

  • MarkOs

    Good looking watch, nice use of red text and date wheel, as someone who wears watch on the right I would prefer the pushers and crown on the right side as usual as that way they are on the non-wrist side for me. Hope they do a mirror image version.

  • luielopez

    The styling of this watch really says something to me. I like the design. It has just enough complexity to make it interesting and functional, yet there remains a clean simplicity to it. The red type, date and graphic add that little touch of spice to it. I have always admired Sinn watches for their design and functionality…this one could very well be one of my favorites in their line.

  • GBD

    Love it, just wish it had a 12hr counter.

  • Zeitblom

    Proof that sober is not the same thing as boring. 
    And that you can still get a good watch for reasonable money.

  • Oh, HELLLLLL yeah!

    I can honestly say I can’t find a damned thing to critique about this beast! Technology, value-for-money, size, aesthetics, it has it ALL.

    Seriously?? Under three grand (is that for the bracelet version or strap)??? Amazing!!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  • Borys Bozzor Pawliw

    I never thought I’d say this about an automatic watch from a prestigious German company but…that is TOO cheap!


    Looks very robust and handsome!! I especially like the left crown and pushers

  • I’d like it even better if the minute markers where shorter (than the fatter hour markers) as they make the dial look just a bit crowded. But outside of this small quibble – this watch is a winner! I remember how jazzed James was at BaselWorld when it had it on his wrist.

  • This is a badass watch and the bracelet is as badass as it gets!!! I had a damasko chrono which is IMO in about the same league as Sinn and I can honestly say that nothing beats a serious German tool watch. 

    While the lack of 12 subdial would bug me, it is easy to use the bezel to time hours when the pip is aligned with the hour hand (5 mins = 1hr)

    I will now go peruse the online Sinn catalog…

  • Zeitblom “Proof that sober is not the same thing as boring.” you *said* it ZeeBee!!!

  • Dan Baxter

    Sinn has really knocked it out of the park with this one!  Just an awesome piece, particularly at that price.  Umm, anyone want to make an offer on a gently used 103 St Sa? 😉  I may need to free up some funds…

  • Spaceguitar

    You don’t see this often here…more or less total consensus/mutual adimiration, heh heh.
    Joining the chorus….

  • DangerussArt

    $2690? Must be a typo. Seriously impressive watch for so few dollars. I was reading the specs and about the modded 7750, thinking “well, there goes the affordability.” Stunned. I was just about to buy a Tudor Pelagos, now I’m wondering why.

  • jstacey

    Chaz_Hen  The quoted price includes the rubber strap. Not sure of the “landed” (US) price with a bracelet as it’s not yet in the listing from the site that sells Sinn in the US

  • DangerussArt Forget the Tudor! Get THIS Sinn…

  • marbstiu

    Nice. This is much better than the Muhle Glashutte releases

  • marbstiu So you don’t like the MG Rasmus 2000  or Seebatillon? Personally, I dig the Rasmus a lot. Cheers.

  • marbstiu

    MarkCarson marbstiu I dunno i just dont like the MG watches.
    Id rather buy the Dievas Maya (lower priced but same banana)
    or the UTS for the utilitarian look

  • socabaptist

    I love Sinn watches! I think they are one of the biggest bang for the buck. Well designed, top notch materials and finishing. They are several models that I lust after including the U200 and the EZM 10 but the one I’m really after is their 140 Space Chronograph. I love how they’ve changed the movement to use two large hands one over the other like a rattrapante  hands. When you start the chronograph one hand counts down the seconds and the other large central hand directly below the seonds hand counts the minutes. Instead of it being on a sub dial minutes and seconds are using the main dial. Genius!! 

    Seen here:

  • socabaptist I stopped the video after a minute as that was what it took to see the central chronograph minute hand. Very cool. The narrator might eventually get to that  but I was already tired of hearing him pronounce it as “sin” instead of the German “zin”. Thanks for the video and info.

  • socabaptist

    MarkCarson socabaptist LOL! Yes Mark he does butcher the name over and over and over again.

  • Whitesnake77

    Are the small seconds hand & central chronograph seconds hand sweeping or hacking hands? How did thepushers feel for thenchrnograph & did you think the lefty controls make it awkward to operate the chronograph?

  • frustin

    MarkCarson marbstiu I dont dive, but I’m considering the Rasmus for my next purchase.

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