There are big watches and then there are bigger watches. The SISU Bravado sits at the top of the ladder being 55mm wide. For some people the mere idea of wearing a 55mm wide watch is insane, not only because of the size, but also because of the weight. On a bracelet, this hunk of steel weighs about a full pound. Some people right now just smiled when reading that, and others were probably disgusted. Let’s take a look at what it is like to wear a giant watch.

This isn’t our first experience with SISU. I reviewed the slightly smaller 54mm wider SISU Guardian watch here. It turns out I liked the Guardian a lot. The sized proved to be an asset for what it was, and if you are into large timepieces, it was a sweet timepiece. Then again, not everyone loves large timepieces. If there is anything watch lovers cannot seem to agree on it is what size a watch should be. There are small watch guys, and large watch guys, and the battle between them seems to be persistent. Surveying comments on aBlogtoWatch for years, I can easily say that nothing comes close to the passion people have for what they feel is the right size for a watch. Newsflash people: there is no “right size.” There are sizes that can be mass-sold to the mainstream. Sizes that look good on different types of wrists. And most importantly, a range of sizes each subjective person likes on their own wrist. If you like a 36mm wide watch, then that is cool. If you want to go 20mm larger to something about 55mm wide. Then don’t fret. To each his own and to each his own watch. Why do you think so many timepieces are available? There is beauty in diversity.

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Having said that, you’ll be very close to the edge of the size spectrum with a 55mm wide watch. That broaches that absolute edge of what you can do with a round-cased watch and make it look decent on a wrist. You’ll notice that the Bravado more or less has tiny lugs. Compared to the case they look like t-Rex arms holding the massive 32mm wide bracelet or strap. The bracelet alone is wider than many women’s watches, but is actually nice looking. For some weight savings we suggest going with the available rubber strap. Having said that, the bracelet offers a more complete experience. If you are going to wear a Bravado, go for broke and get the full package. There is only a $100 difference in price for the bracelet.

The case itself is remarkably comfortable for what it is. Similar to the Guardian in design, the Bravado is nevertheless distinct with a unique look and octagonal bezel. The knurling around the case makes it look as though you can screw-off the “lid,” but that is design aesthetic. Sort of like the watch is part of a large metal jar, and it is practically sized for that. Given the size of the case, it is a good thing that the crown is placed at the 10 o’clock position. That helps it from sticking into your wrist.

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