We are thrilled to be expanding our highly popular selection of horological art with six new pieces inspired by watchmaking icons who really need no introduction. Fans of the Tudor Black Bay 58, Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch (in two variations), Rolex GMT-Master II “Batman,” Breitling Navitimer, and the recently refreshed Cartier Santos can now adorn their home or office spaces with truly spectacular pieces of art. Created by wristwatch drawing artist Tamás Fehér, each item is a remarkably high-quality print of a fully hand-drawn image that took up to two weeks to create, with prices ranging from $149 for a medium-size A3 print to $179 for the large B2 prints — including free global FedEx Priority Shipping.

The goal of the aBlogtoWatch team with our very own Store continues to be to offer outstanding value across all product categories, and we worked hard to make sure these prints continue to reflect that.

We introduced Tamás and his painstaking work in this interview — please do check it out to learn more about him and his craft. We are also thrilled to have received so much fantastic feedback for our currently existing product categories – from our lumed T-shirts (new designs coming very soon!) to our supple watch pouches, and, of course, artwork. These products really are about wristwatch appreciation at a larger-than-life scale while supporting local artists and apparel printing workshops and sewing companies.

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A special addition among the new artworks is an extra-large drawing inspired by the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Apollo 8, available only in B1 size prints measuring 70.7 cm x 100 cm (27.8 inches x 39.4 inches), priced at $249. This large print will doubtless become an elegant centerpiece of any living room, study, or office. Its enlarged size means this Moonwatch Apollo 8 drawing took exceedingly long to get right, as every detail of its Moon-inspired, open-worked dial, as well as all the chronograph design elements, had to be rendered on a larger scale. From the texture of its ceramic parts to the finest details of this unique dial, this large print beautifully evokes every last bit of the Moonwatch mood we love so much.

Available in regular sizes, the hugely popular white-dial Omega Speedmaster Apollo 13 Silver Snoopy Award also makes an appearance in our store. This drawing remains faithful to the charming, spectacular rendition of the Speedmaster. Accurate to extremely fine details, such as the “What could you do in 14 seconds?” script around the periphery of the dial, Tamás’ drawing enables an immersive appreciation of this amazing collectors’ piece.

Joining our collection are stunning renditions of the Breitling Navitimer – accurate to the finest details of its slide rule, handset, extra-long lugs, and all that makes the Navitimer such a favorite up to this day. The Tudor Black Bay 58 looks back at the very beginning of its mighty history with a split image. To the left is the 1954 Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner reference 7922, accurately rendered down to the typography used on its dial and bezel, as well as the construction and surface decoration of its bracelet. To the right, history is contrasted with the present — today’s Tudor Black Bay 58 reference 79030 looks immensely sharp in every detail, including the machining of its bezel and crown.

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The Submariner-Black Bay and Navitimer drawings bring watchmaking history to life – in a larger-than-life format.

The sixth new artwork added to the aBlogtoWatch Store shows off the new-for-2018 Cartier Santos, this perfectly proportioned latest iteration that actually harkens back to the nuanced yet rugged vibe of Santos watches from a century ago. The various surface treatments along the trademark curves of its case, the reflections on the supple Cartier leather straps, and even the tiny Cartier text inside the “VII” index are all captured faithfully in a drawing that took over 75 hours to realize.

We are thrilled to have all these high-end artwork prints now available on the aBlogtoWatch Store with prices ranging between $149 and $179 for medium and large prints. Prices include Free FedEx Global Priority Shipping, excluding any taxes or customs fees. These six spectacular additions mean that a total of 12 artwork prints are now available on the store – browse away and decorate your space, or surprise a friend with horological art today!

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