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Tag Heuer Formula 1 Analog/Digital CAC111D Watch

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Analog/Digital CAC111D Watch Watch Releases

Released a few years ago I believe, this cool looking Tag Heuer really flew under the radar for me. Some people are immediately going to dismiss it because it has an analog and digital face, but that has a lot of the appeal for me. Ever since the Omega X-33 became a cult hit, watches with good pedigree and a quality designs that use this style have fascinated me. With analog/digital version of the new Formula 1 design, Tag Heuer joins the ranks watches from Breitling (the Aerospace, among others), Omega, (X-33), Montblanc (Sport Titanium Digital), Bell & Ross (BR03 Type Aviation), Chopard (Grand Prix de Monaco Historique Time Attack MF), and others.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Analog/Digital CAC111D Watch Watch Releases

In my opinion Breitling popularized watches like this for the mainstream. Although the Aerospace watch has a quartz movement, it is highly functional, and super accurate with its ETA Superquartz movement. This sold a lot of people on the concept. Like I said, it was the Omega X-33 that I think had collectors and more enthusiast types take notice. Why all the buzz? Well when it comes down to it, you can have the convenience and functionality of a quartz watch, in the shell of a nice analog watch. Toting around a plastic quartz watch simply doesn’t give you the same feeling or respect that something with a good-link metal case does. Watches like this are one part “disguise,” and one part nod to the need for watches to be functional tools.

This isn’t Tag Heuer’s first watch of this nature – but the nicest one. The first Tag Heuer analog/digital watch that I know of is one of its older Kirium F1 models. With the new generation of Formula 1 watches, Tag Heuer brought this concept back, and I think it did so very well. First of all, as an analog watch it works nicely. Easy to read hands, along with a small hour marker scale on the inside. There is also the newer titanium rotating bezel and crown. matching the black bezel and crown are black crown guards and a black strip on the left side of the case.

Tag Heuer Formula 1 Analog/Digital CAC111D Watch Watch Releases

The case itself is 42mm wide in steel, and came on Tag Heuer’s nice looking F1 bracelet or at least two rubber strap options. Like all F1 watches, the case has a sapphire crystal and was water resistant to 200 meters. Functionally the digital part of the movement probably had a calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and second timezone. Perhaps more features as well. The lack of a ticking seconds hand was a good move on Tag’s part.

Tag Heuer watches like this are interesting, and I think this model was a bit on the rare side. At least I didn’t see many of them. But it is cool, and people wanting a highly functional timepiece with Tag Heuer styling can easily look here. Original price was about $1,100 retail, but available ones are less if you can find them online.

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  • IS3515

    Tastefully done by a well know watch company and there is a market for this type of watch.

  • IS3515

    Oh I forgot to add, I like my watches AC or DC but not both :):)

  • Ken

    Tag Heuer watches are quite nice, but I don’t like the rubber watch bands. I think they make this elegant watch look a little cheap.

    • fusion01

      Mine came with a lovely stainless steel strap. For this sort of money rubber wouldn’t sit well with me

  • Evan

    For a self proclaimed “Expert”, this is a pretty hopeless review. Did you actually see the watch in person?

    Lets forgive the fact that you didnt know about the Tag 1000 analog digi of the 1980’s- or the Sel as worn by Senna in the 1990’s. Fair enough you can’t know everything about every watch house.

    Its these words that had me laughing: “Functionally the digital part of the movement probably had a calendar, stopwatch, alarm, and second timezone. Perhaps more features as well”.

    Probably? You probably could have checked the Tag website and found the answer before you posted. And “perhaps more as well” just says “its late and I want to post and go to bed”.

    Oh, and in places you have used the word “quartz” where I think you mean “digital”. Oh, and the bezel is steel with a titanium PVD coating. I’m not saying that I am superior to your expertise- just that I checked the website and it says it right there.

    SO, I’m not here just to hate on you- generally I enjoy your website and you’ve got the fame…but if you want to be seen as an expert then your readers should hold you to account for lazyness.

    Maybe you’d already had an eggnog or two? hahah. Anyhow, merry xmas and thanks for your work in 2010

    • Evan, lol.

      Only a few of course points… are on point. On other places you read me incorrectly. I didn’t start to get into watches until about 2001 – so a lot of more obscure watches prior to that aren’t on my radar. As I said “the first analog/tag heuer” that I can think of. Maybe there was also an Aquaracer model as well. Such digital movements often have the same 4-5 features. I didn’t feel like finding the exact specs, sometimes brand sites even don’t list them all. I didn’t want to leave out “second timezone” and have people com back later and complain. So I figured if little aspects of that are important, people who want to get one of these (and care about the feature) will find out. I am not selling the watch, just discussing it.

      To my knowledge the watch is in steel with a titanium bezel (that is coated with black PVD). While this article didn’t tell people everything, I didn’t mislead anyone or say anything that was wrong. Thanks for the enthusiastic response though.

  • Evan

    Well, kudos to you for replying and I do appreciate it….but not sure how I feel when you say this:

    “I didn’t feel like finding the exact specs, sometimes brand sites even don’t list them all”

    Didn’t feel like it? ummm, OK. But surely at a minimum you should check the manufacturers website before posting, because sometimes they do include useful info. Like the fact that the Bezel is Steel with PVD titanium treatment. Its a small point, but you get my drift.

    I agree that you had good intentions and didn’t mislead anyone- but the bar to being an expert is set a little higher than that!



    • Evan. To be honest I looked on Tag Heuer’s website and wasn’t finding the timepiece there. The watch’s “cousins” – other newer Formula 1 watches all have titanium bezels. Where exactly are you seeing otherwise?

    • Some sites mention the bezel is titanium, others mention it is coated in titanium. Tag Heuer themselves isn’t super clear on this. So my hands are a bit up in the air.

  • Ivan Y

    Isn’t an appeal of Omega X-33 that is has a super-load alarm?

    I think, most watch fans are like IS3515 and don’t like mixing digital readouts with an analog dial, so these models are for a very niche audience (hint — might be good for collecting, LOL).

  • PepeSuarezCanal

    Hello,  I’m having issues with this watch,   I know you can program the time format to appear as 12 or 24 hours,  also you can chose the language format. –  but  don’t know how to do it.   Can you help me ?

  • d_aanish

    I own a Tag F1, the rubber on the side just melts and deteriorates away, which makes this watch look like a fake. For Tag to sell a watch with such craftmenship is pretty bad.My first Swiss watch, I would never buy a Tag again wish I had saved a bit more and bought and an Omega.

  • fusion01

    I bought this watch in mid 06 and the defining factor for me that I found so cool was the analogue and digital mix. And its simplicity: the modern f1’s are completely OTT with the number of dials and what not! It has faults, the bevel is to easy to turn then switching digital modes without request, the alarm can come on due to the crown being pushed against wrist. It’s been very reliable although parts and service aren’t cheap. Hoping it’ll last me another 10 years. Thanks Tag for a super coo, timeless watch!!!!