2010 saw some sleeper introductions from Tag Heuer that are going to be big hits. Items like their Pendulum concept watch that has no hairspring (or changes for sale to the public anytime soon) stole a lot of the attention, but here is one a few good looking Tag Heuer watches to look forward to this year. Over the last few years Tag Heuer has revamped its famous Formula One collection of watches. I predicted that the Tag Heuer Formula 1 Grande Date watch from last year was going to be a bit hit, and it was. For 2010 the Grande Date models get some quite upgrades, and the new model is this army green Formula 1 Khaki.

The watch is a return to the standard three-hand look the collection is popular for, though the subsidiary seconds Grande Date model was pretty kick-ass. The dial is an olive drab green color, with a closely matching green rubber strap. There is also a brand new style of steel bracelet available with a diver’s extension. Tag Heuer puts the watch in a 41mm wide steel case with black coated titanium carbide metal (not plastic) rotating diver’s style bezel. The mixture of green, steel tone, black, and white make for a very masculine and functional design. The military look of the watch is done on purpose and is a welcome new character for the collection. The Formula 1 date is back as Tag Heuer’s entry level work-horse watch. Inside of the 200 meters water resistance case is a Swiss quartz movement.

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Like all Formula 1 watches the Khaki is very legible, thanks to a clever hand and indicator design. The dial also has a lot of luminant on it for night viewing. Since the new style of Formula 1 watch has come out, I have appreciated the dimensions of the case as well as the really nice bezel. Tag Heuer says the black coating  The black tone extends to the crown guards as well as the large crown itself (which is also in titanium carbide like the bezel). The crystal is sapphire.

Tag Heuer did a nice job with the rubber strap giving it deep vertical grooves and some nice branding. You might find the strap cheesy at first, but it looks good on the wrist and is nice to the touch. Really not much else I can say about this piece. Price is $900 for the watch on either the rubber strap or steel bracelet – with the street price being a bit less I am sure. No doubt that many people will be getting one of these when they are out soon.

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