Rolex Daytona GoldWhen you hear the Rolex name, several things probably come to mind. Expensive and prestigious are probably among them. In America, the idea that if you become successful you need to buy a Rolex is common place and readily accepted. When I meet people, I always take notice of the watches that they wear. Among such people are doctors for example. Not that I meet so many doctors, but I have recognized that almost all of them wear a Rolex. The funny thing however, is that the age of the Rolex seems to be commensurate with their age. Meaning, it looks like each of them bought the watch sometime after finishing medical school.

This must mean, that some unspoken force communicated to new doctors that they had to buy a Rolex when they finished medical school. Why? In order to show their success of course. Out of all the watch brands sold, Rolex spends the most amount of money on advertising. Much more. Since the 1980s, Rolex has worked hard to engender the idea that you have to buy a Rolex, not only to show yourself that you have made it, but to show others. That is the real power of Rolex. The feeling it is supposed to evoke in the people that see you wear the watch.

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Rolex watches are nothing to scoff at. They are quality watches, with handsome designs to say the least. No one would ever call a Rolex beautiful, but a Rolex does have a place with almost every outfit and style. Rolex watches are not even close to being the most expensive. There are countless other watch makers whose quality and aesthetic value surpass that of Rolex by leaps and bounds. Regardless, wearing one of those other watches around someone who does not know about fine watches will not have the same effect as a Rolex has on another’s perception of the Rolex wearer. Only a Rolex has the power to impress like fancy sounding degrees and titles.

Rolex TurnographEven I, who feels at least slightly immune to the power of Rolex is slowing considering the effects of owning one. I wonder what people would think, which watch they would react most favorably to. Notice, none of this contemplation has anything to do with what I want personally in a watch.  A Rolex is a pretty standard watch by most measures. They don’t do anything particularly special, and yet people want them, and countless other watches want to be them.

So the next time you see a Rolex on someone’s wrist you can think a few other thoughts. Did this person actually put any effort in to choosing this watch? How much did Rolex advertising affect this person, or myself? Should I mention to this person that they might be interested in other watches. I would go so far as to say that most Rolex owners, have but one or maybe a handful of watches. They aren’t collectors, or watch admirers for the most part. Of course there are plenty of people who gladly collect Rolex watches, but for each of them are thousands of others who don’t even know what makes a Rolex tick.

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