Tissot has a goal to always be associated with the racing circuit in America. Other brands follow things like Formula One and other types of motor sports that people in the US don’t really pay attention to. Tissot has been partnered with NASCAR (click here to read about their Danica Patrick watch), showing that it was quite interested to align itself with racing events that Americans might actually be interested it. In watch world gospel, “to be associated with popular sport, is to enjoy increased sales.” In the same spirit, here is the newest version of the Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden watch for 2010. The latest limited edition piece for the star motorcycle racer.

Limited to 4999 pieces, the T-Race Nicky Hayden 2010 is an interesting piece that shows how the T-Race is maturing gracefully. Before Tissot redoes the design (which I think will come soon), this is their stock watch used as a base for its motor sports limited edition pieces. The case bezel and crown guard is meant to resemble a brake disc and rotor. The bezel actually rotates and can be used to indicate the GMT time when set properly. While the case is “unique looking” it is actually quite comfortable.

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The steel case here is two tone with a black segment for the bezel structure and the moving, hinged lugs that allow the watch to be more comfortable. The strap isn’t rubber, but silicone actually, and nice in red. Though silicone does have the tendency to get dirty (but they can be washed with soap and water). The watch after all is water resistant enough to be washed. Inside the watch is a Swiss ETA quartz chronograph movement. The crystal over the dial is sapphire.

Nicky Hayden is a young, American, star motorcycle racer. Lately doing the MotoGP circuit. His lucky number 69 with star logo will be placed on the caseback of the watch, and red and black are “his colors ” (especially red). I will be seeing Mr. Hayden soon, and will surely be checking out his timepiece and asking a few questions. The Tissot T-Race Nicky Hayden watch comes in a motorcycle helmet style box that is quite cool. Great – another watch you simply can’t throw away. Price for the watch is 590 euros in Europe – though I think the US price will be less.

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