Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

What do we have here? Doesn’t look like a new Tissot T-Touch you say? Well look closer. It is. These are part of the Tissot T-Touch 2 collection of watches, that will secretly replace the original T-Touch models. Actually, the best way to see that they are T-Touch 2 watches is by looking at the LCD screen, and by looking at the back of the watch. I actually didn’t have a chance to snap a picture of the back of the watch, but it does say T-Touch 2 back there. The LCD screen is expanded a bit, to look more like that on the T-Touch Expert. The real reason for the new model was because the original T-Touch had some problems with the movement and water resistance. The T-Touch Expert wasn’t a replacement because it was bigger and more expensive. So while the T-Touch kept selling well, Tissot was dedicated to releasing a new version that improves upon the original, and resolves the issues that consumers complained about.

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

How do you get a T-Touch 2? Pretty soon Tissot will start to secretly replace all orders for T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2. Tissot actually recently rolled out their own online store here at Shop Tissot. I am quite happy about this, because it true that original T-Touch watches had issues, but they have been resolved. Good to know that Tissot is on top of it, and working to remedy things (albeit covertly).

Anything else different about the T-Touch 2? There are likely to be a few small changes here and there. I didn’t do a side by side comparison of the two models. Dimensions are the same, still at 42mm wide. There are actually a host of models available with various color straps, and of course that cool bracelet. That 30 meters of water resistance should now be a reliable number. Like I said, because Tissot will be replacing all existing T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2, price should be exactly the same as the outgoing models. Look for them soon.

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