Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

What do we have here? Doesn't look like a new Tissot T-Touch you say? Well look closer. It is. These are part of the Tissot T-Touch 2 collection of watches, that will secretly replace the original T-Touch models. Actually, the best way to see that they are T-Touch 2 watches is by looking at the LCD screen, and by looking at the back of the watch. I actually didn't have a chance to snap a picture of the back of the watch, but it does say T-Touch 2 back there. The LCD screen is expanded a bit, to look more like that on the T-Touch Expert. The real reason for the new model was because the original T-Touch had some problems with the movement and water resistance. The T-Touch Expert wasn't a replacement because it was bigger and more expensive. So while the T-Touch kept selling well, Tissot was dedicated to releasing a new version that improves upon the original, and resolves the issues that consumers complained about.

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

Tissot T-Touch 2 Watch Watch Releases

How do you get a T-Touch 2? Pretty soon Tissot will start to secretly replace all orders for T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2. Tissot actually recently rolled out their own online store here at Shop Tissot. I am quite happy about this, because it true that original T-Touch watches had issues, but they have been resolved. Good to know that Tissot is on top of it, and working to remedy things (albeit covertly).

Anything else different about the T-Touch 2? There are likely to be a few small changes here and there. I didn't do a side by side comparison of the two models. Dimensions are the same, still at 42mm wide. There are actually a host of models available with various color straps, and of course that cool bracelet. That 30 meters of water resistance should now be a reliable number. Like I said, because Tissot will be replacing all existing T-Touch watches with the T-Touch 2, price should be exactly the same as the outgoing models. Look for them soon.

What do you think?
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  • Peter

    Do the T-Touch Expert watches have the same issues as the original T-Touch? My next watch might be the Expert Pilot.

    • No, they don’t.

      • paul

        Hi, can the functions on a T Touch expert be used by using the buttons or do you have to touch the glass?

        • Sean

          Nope. Only functional via the glass. The only model which can access the multi-functions through the buttons is the Sea Touch, however only during dive mode (underwater).

  • Pilgore

    Does it at least have a backlight like the expert?

    Also, their site says it’s 100m water resistant like the expert… not 30m.

    • That’s right. More water resistance is a key part of the new Tissot T-Touch 2

  • Sean

    I’m not sure where you got the idea this was a covert switch? We’ve been very open to the fact that this is coming in to replace the original T Touch.

    Also, unknowingly replacing orders for T Touch with T Touch II would be against policy, and highly unethical.

    Functions/features as below:

    2 Alarms
    Countdown Timer
    Perpetual Calendar
    Meteo (Absolute Pressure)
    Meteo (Relative Pressure)
    Dual Time Zone

    42.7mm case (0.7mm bigger, but smaller than Expert)

    • Sean,
      I didn’t mean covert in a negative sense. The person I met with at Tissot said that sales via the Shop Tissot website would simply start shipping Tissot T-Touch 2 watches when people bought standard T-Touch watches when the items became available. It is an upgrade – I don’t think anyone will be pissed. I didn’t mean to suggest Tissot is trying to confuse or mislead consumers at all. Thanks for your input and the list of features, your comment is very helpful. Thanks for participating. Take care.

    • Sean

      My mistake. Countdown timer is not included on the T Touch II…. only Expert.

  • James

    Based on the specs listed by Sean, T-Touch II is like a T-Touch Expert. Is T-Touch II a replacement for T-Touch Expert instead?

    • T-Touch II and T-Touch Expert are different watches, not to be replaced by one.

  • R

    What exactly are the differences between the T-Touch Expert and the new T-Touch II? I’m not seeing any.

    Thank you

    • Gareth

      I have looked into this for a while now and there dont seem to be any good responses on this on any blogs I have seen so far so instead I downloaded both user manuals and read through them. What I found is that apart from the obvious – size and strap options (and price!), the expert has multiple time zone options and a count down timer in addition to the standard chronograph on the II. Other than that I cant find any differences.

  • Don

    Does the T-Touch II have a backlight and a countdown timer?

  • MikeW

    So what is the difference between the II and the Expert models ? I’m reading the expert is a bit bigger…..but is that it ?!

    thanks !

    • There are some other feature differences – the Expert has a bit more things it can do. I don’t have a list of them all on the top of my mind right now.

  • andreas

    My tissot touch presented functional problem after a 6 month use !!!The hole movement must be replaced and Tissot-swiss does not cover the cost since the watch is bought from an unothorised dealer!!I wonder who cares about the dealer since the watch is original. DO NEVER BUY A TISSOT AGAIN
    Historic watchmakers must be proud of their products and offer the warranty the promise. Otherwise the don t worth our trust

    • Rgoldo

      I had the same issue. And now, getting the watch fixed through Tissot has been frustrating and difficult. In return, all I got was “sorry you feel that way”. Andreas is right…where’s the pride? How come Tissot doesn’t make it easier when/if the watch does need repair!

  • Marcus Lau

    Judging from Sean’s list, the Touch II doesn’t have an azimuth and Altitute Difference functions. Aside from these two additional functions which are only present in the Expert model, both have identical functions.

  • Girts

    I didn’t buy t-touch till know because of 30m waer resistance, but if now it has been risen till 100m, i start to think about buying.

  • Ray

    Hi. I’m about to buy a T-Touch expert watch. I’ve been looking at the Suunto Observer for some time but just couldn’t pull the trigger because of some technical shortfalls. I didn’t even know about Tussot until I came across a reference in a blog. That being said, I’m trying to figure out what that latest model number is. I’ve seen a reference for the “T-Touch Expert III” on amazon. I’ve also seen a couple of different model numbers/part numbers out there. Can you help me nail this down? Thanks!

  • Ray

    Quick follow-up: The two model numbers I’m referring to are T013.420.17.202.00 and T013.420.47.202.00. I’m also sending an e-mail to Tissot customer service. Thanks for any help on this.

  • Cdr. Michael E. D. Daruwalla

    Dear Sir,
    I was an offshore helicopter pilot, and was presented a Tissot T- Touch Titanium in Dec 2007, by my wife. Though the watch is accurate time wise, the barometeric pressure has been wildly off from the first day. Now approximately two years down the line, the temperature guage is totally flawed.
    I have read enough internet reports to know that this watch is not waterproof. But it does not appear to be sweat proof either.
    Defective cars have a recall policy what liabilities does TISSOT have when it produces a defective product specially as it has been advertised as a waterproof watch.
    I would like to know all the legal options that are available to me, as I am not prepared to sit back and be cheated!

  • Jorn Olsen

    I bought a T-Touch sometime in 2002, when they first came out. I considered it a type of sportswatch and used it everyday – never took it off in the shower or swimming. Afterall it said water resistant to 30 m. It worked perfectly for 4 years, when the touch functions started getting faulty. In fact the -button stopped working. I handed it in to a Tissot Dealer in Ohrid Macedonia who looked at it and told me, that he fixed it as much as he could, but that the rubber sealings around the buttons were worn out and water had damaged the electronics. He did not charge me and advised me to remove the watch in the shower. I did as told and the watch stayed half-functioning for another couple of years, when I decided for a new watch. I liked the looks of the the T-Touch and in 2008 my wife bought me a new model. to make this last longer I decided from the first to remove the watch in the shower and when swimming, however last month on the beach I had to catch my daughter, who fell in the water and accidentally got the watch under water resulting in immediate faulty touch screen. After about 24 hours all touch functions ceased to function. today I had the Tissot dealer look at the watch and was informed, that corrosion inside the watch had damaged the touch function beyond repair and that a repair wuld probably cost as much as a new watch.
    I feel exactly like Mr. Daruwella, that Tissot should take responsibility for this. Afterall they do brand themselves as a maker of high quality watches…and with prices that matches that image. Obviously I have had my last Tissot T-touch regardless the upgrade and promise of better water resistance…8 years after the first reports about the poor quality must have been received.
    I wonder if there is an interest in gathering a group of people disappointed with their Tissot to file a claim against tissot.

  • Faizan

    Hi, I was planning on getting a Tissot T-Touch Expert but now I am confused, can you please tell me what is the difference between a Tissot T-Touch Expert & a Tissot T-Touch 2 ?

  • Jackal

    I also like others over here, would appreciate if some one can please tell me the difference between the new T-Touch II Titanium and the T-Touch Expert Titanium in terms of design, features, functions and quality? Which one is better?
    And what is polished titanium compared to titanium, and steel options available in T-Touch range?

    • Tissot has more info on this. The sizes are different, as is the style, and some of the more complex functions. Neither is “better.” It is about what you are looking for.

  • dj

    Come-on guys if you wish to know the difference then just compare the manuals for both the watches and ull see the difference.
    1) azimuth
    2) alti difference
    3) dimension
    4) dial color option

    Expert: http://www.tissot.ch/virtualdata/usersmanual/141-en.pdf
    t-touch II: http://www.tissot.ch/virtualdata/usersmanual/146-en.pdf

    till now i thought that tissot has fixed the water problem….but looking at jorn’s comments sadly not….Its been almost a decade the first ver came out and the basic fault has not been fixed yet….come on tissot.

    The real reason why tissot is not able to fix it, is i guess because the technology was purchased form some other watch comp. so its not tissot’s baby and now its out of control.

    • Thanks DJ, a response like this was needed to explain the distinction between the two models. Not sure about the water resistance. I think that Tissot has a lot of that handled, especially in the Sea-Touch model.

  • I’ve had a t-touch since 2005. Love the watch but it’s been in the shop 4 times. Twice I had to pay for it, hundreds of dollars each time. Never took it off for showering, supposed to be water resistant but its not.

    I want to get a T-Touch II but think they should give it to me for free because I’ve paid for the first one twice over in the 5 years I’ve had it. Does this mean that the higher quality watches have lower quality than Timex? I’ve had a Casio Pathfinder a couple of years-all the same functions not a hiccup. It’s too big for wearing under a suit. The suunto with same funtions has had no problems in 3 years but it is also too big.

  • Mike

    Thx DJ – couldn’t find the II manual on their website…but I still cannot see the dimensions in them ? Face width & depth being the main ones. Is it my eyes ? can anyone tell me the difference?
    thx again

    • Sean

      T Touch – 42mm (12.01mm deep) 3 bar
      T Touch II – 42.7mm (14.6mm deep) 10 bar
      T Touch Expert – 43.6mm (14.6mm deep) 10 bar

      II vs. Expert… II is lacking the Altitude difference meter, countdown timer and azimuth. II is available in high polished PVD Titanium, while the Expert is only produced in a brushed finish titanium.

  • wmfiremedic

    As a disgruntled Tissot owner, who tells everyone I can not to buy Tissot, I was wondering is anyone has heard of Tissot taking the lemon T-Touches in on trade for a newer model? Owning up to a faulty product would go a little ways with me, stepping up and attempting to make it up would go quite far. I would not expect a free watch, but they currently have my watch and are telling me it will be $420 to repair it… for the 3rd time. How many times do I need to pay for this watch… they don’t even sell on Ebay as people have become wise. “Sean”, you seem to be a Tissot representitive…. thoughts?

    • Sean

      In Australia we’ve upgraded a number of T Touch owners to Expert or II, but only in specific circumstances. It’s always on a case by case basis.

      • wmfiremedic

        Thanks for the info Sean… Might you be able to provide contact info for myself and other disappointed owners in the US?

  • kiwial

    I am trying to choose between the t touch expert, and the t touch 2 but am now getting the wind up because of all the negative things said about getting them wet, Maybe better to spend my cash elsewhere??

    • Sean

      All negativity is aimed at the original T Touch, so don’t be too put off. While it is still available, the original model (T33xxx) is primarily there for ladies and solid gold/platinum references only.

      Expert, II, Sea Touch and Sailing Touch have no consistent faults and have been very good sellers to date. All are at least 10 bar.

      • Marco Soares

        Hi Sean,
        I am an Touch Expert Titanium owner for about 6 months now and have no issues to report. Before I bought it I was reading a lot of reviews, and all talked abot water issues. When I was in the shop, the seller advised me to “avoid water contact as much as possible”
        Now all I want to know is if it is safe to take it for a swim in the beach.
        Best Regards,

        • Tony

          Marco, I also owned Expert Titanium for 2 weeks. On my first day of buying, I brought it to swim in the pool. Everything is still good. 100M resistance should be alright for sport swimming. Love this gadget…

        • I own both the original t-touch and the expert. The original t-touch had water resistance problems. Internet fora were full of problems. I avoided watersports with mine and it’s been fine. It simply wasn’t designed for swimming or showering. I agree Tissot should have fixed the problem or sold all watches subsequent to the problem being discovered with a warning. Still, it absolutely wasn’t as crap a product as some people are making out. I appreciate people had a bad experience and have a right to complain but it was generally the same problem repeated many times. Perhaps the support in some countries is problematic but it’s pretty good in Europe. It reminds me a bit of the Suunto Core problem. After several years it’s just about fixed but many people lost faith in an excellent brand because 1 bleeding-edge product was under tested. I wouldn’t give up on Tissot.
          If you’re going to swim with it, you’ll need to get the seals tested every few years. Also, if you’re really set on using it for water sports but not diving then consider the sailing touch.

  • Joe

    Does anyone know how many versions there are for T-touch Expert? I have seen many advertisement about Expert I, II, and III. Some differences among them?

  • odot

    La tissot touch 2 que jais acheter il i a 2 semaine a perdu son bouton centrale ( T ) qui active la glace tactile doux on éfectu tout les réglage. je trouve que pour une montre tissot touch 2 rfe: T047420 de marque suisse parmi les plus réputées de puis 1853 ;trop fragile pour une montre sportive. de plus j’ai peur d avoir dépenser 554$ dans de la camelote .je vais voir avec la garanti se qu’il me propose .?

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  • Sean

    There’s no such thing as a T Touch III. Although some may be referring to the new Racing Touch?

    To date, still no consistent issues, water or otherwise, found in the new models. I personally wear an Expert, and treat it like crap purely to see if I can bust it. I’ve dropped it on tiles, thrown it into pools, worn it in hot showers, and put it through long, sweaty gym sessions. It’s even been around the world a couple of times, with constant variations in temperature and pressure. So far…. hasn’t even hiccuped. I’ve replaced one battery and that’s it.

    I’m biased (I work for Tissot) but I would wholeheartedly recommend an Expert or II to anyone.

    • ryan

      How much does a battery replacement cost for the T-Touch Expert?

  • tim

    I also own a Titanium expert and like it. Its a bit larger than I would have liked but ok and certainly lighter than it looks. The titanium scratches fairly easily (mostly fine ones) and the rotating bezel is not a precise fit. I have worn it everyday for a couple of years and have not had any problems at all. It seems to be water proof but I have not taken it diving. The screen appears to be scratch and chip proof, cant believe some of the impacts it has taken and come up unblemished. Battery lasted 2 years with moderate use of the other features and is easy to change yourself.

    I would buy another one.

  • Rich

    Tim , Thanks for the review, but would wanna ask if you or anybody who owns a touch2 or expert wore it to hot showers daily and swimming with no issues? becoz that’s what I”m planning to do with my touch2 🙂 thanks a mil!:)

  • Ashraf

    Wow, I have read all these comments, and found them very informing. I am from Malaysia, I bought my T-Touch in 2008, my compass and altimeter when haywire after my two year warranty, I paid RM600 for the repairs and extra 12 month warranty, three months later all my touch option not working only stays on my chrono function, I sent to my TISSOT authorized repairshop, complained like hell, then was told that if I can wait one month, TISSOT will replace my classic T-Touch with a brand new T-Touch ll with new two year warranty. Un bloody believable, I kept asking are u sure FOC, the attendant said since a month ago, TISSOT IS RECALLING ALL TOUCH CLASSIC WITH WARRANTY TO BE REPLACED WITH T-TOUCH ll. So after all these years of complaints, the loyal TISSOT customers shall be satisfied with the overdue deserved customer service and warranty.
    So all those unhappy T-Touch owners, check if your entitled to a new T-Touch ll, I hope their promise is fulfilled. Will let u guys know in a month.

    • Lisa Roy

      Is this true? Can one of the Tissot reps confirm this? I am in the middle of the first issue with the lovely Tissot T Touch I bought my husband. Seems to me Tissot would care about their reputation as this seems to be widespread.

  • sp1

    Hi got my Tissot touch in 2003, used it in the sea shower etc, even went diving to 30m twice to see what that pressure in Meteo would read, no probs at all. Had a new battery and service in 2009 after 6 years which was a bit expensive at £90 but it had lasted 6 years. This year display started to flash, hands wouldn’t syncronise and touch wouldn’t work. So sent it off for a service. Tissot replied saying they were going to replace it with a Tissot touch 2, which I couldn’t believe. Guess what? brand new touch 2 arrived today. Fantastic service Well Done Tissot. You got a customer for life.


  • Bruce

    Just got a T Touch 2. All functions work , however, I notice that the hands will not set with the digital display when setting T2 (time 2). They do in T or Time one. Is this normal. I also notice that the upper push button seems a bit sticky, compared to the lower one. Any comments appreciated.

  • My Tissot T- Touch Z 253/353 does’nt work, I bring it to the service center at No Curfew Araneta Center Farmers Plaza Cubao, Philippines. Their findings is the module is not functioning, they said that they will replace with the T- Touch 2 for a price of 50% cut -off, then i will surrender my old T – Touch watch. I only bought it last December 2008 at No Curfew Trinoma. It did’nt last for three (3) years. Is my T-Touch watch was not covered by the warranty period? Please give me an urgent reply.
    Thank you very much.

  • Biren

    I bought tissot t touch and since it was advertised to be water proof, wore it having shower and plonk… the watch stoped functioning. The secreen went blank. After lying for 8 months i found some time and went to tissot service center. I was asked to leave the watch for 10 days. Then the lady from tissot service center called up to ask if i am ready for replacement? Why not i said and please mail me the pictures of the watch you are going to replace my watch with. Got the mail and honesty i didnt like the watch. Mine had a yellow dial and here i see a watch with black dial. Can you not replace it with some colorfull watch? i asked. No this the color we have came the prompt reply. Now after more then 20 days of waiting i collected the watch and honestly i liked the previous one with a nice yellow dial though this seems to be more reliable.


  • aniket jain

    i bought my tissot t touch watch in sept 2008 in India ,Delhi FROM AMARSONS unfortunately i hadnt noticed my touch functions which r not working earlier ,so i went to the service station in rectangle one ,saket district centre delhi,there i was been told that i had to pay 12000 for a fresh movement, or i can get in changed by a touch 2 by paying 17000 for steel one , it is just a rubbish statement by the company that they r bearing the losses ,i had worn my watches hardly ten to fifteen times due to its heavy wt ,if a part is defective in a watch company should replace at a nominal cost,tissot should do something to maintain there reputationplease help me what to do

  • rich

    my Touch 2 ‘s altimeter is always lower than it shud be…although I”ve ressetted it many many times!. anyone else has the same prob? mind you, I”ve set the correct location i.e, the right hemisphere.

  • Kemal Çetin

    I bought my Tissot T Touch at 2008 and after 3 years the watch’s tactile screen started not to function i gues it had some manifactue defects from begining on and no more settings… After couple of weeks i send it to the official LPI service point and 7 days later they informed me to change some engines for 3/2 price that I bought. It’s unfortunately to much for 3 years old watch to pay so much for repair. After 2 weeks got a call for replacement wihth 50% of the market price. So i am waiting their proposal.

  • olivier

    I bought my T-Touch in 2006 in France, took my showers with it, did some sailing with it and it worked perfectly for years, without even changing the battery. I find the watch nice and I like the design. I have been impressed by the resistance of the glass to bumps and scratches.
    a few months ago some functions started to go wrong, and it went worse over time, only digital time still works.
    Tissot informed me that they could repair it for 150 € or I could get a new t-touch II for 290 €, I think I will go for the latter deal …
    A little bit disappointed by the fact it broke after 5 years, but I find the offered deal is fair.

    • Caspar Wit


      I have the same year and the same problems as you.
      Could you tell me how you contacted Tissot for this deal on the Touch 2?

      Thanks a lot,


  • Naveen Panuganti

    I took my 5 year old titanium T-Touch for battery replacement to the authorized service center in Hyderabad and they told me that the watch is not working and they need to send it to their Main service centre in New Delhi. Now after a month, I get a call from the service centre saying that the model is phased out and it cannot be repaired and instead they would send me a T-Touch 2 if I am willing to pay Rs. 25000/-. I feel so cheated. Never expected such a bad response from Tissot. It didn’t even last for half a decade. So much for Tissot’s efficiency.

  • An Original Tissot T-Touch Owner

    I had the original T-touch for about two years before it had to be repaired for water leakage – $276. Just recently, about 2 1/2 years after that repair, the watch failed again, although this time just the compass. After several weeks my jeweler (Ben Bridge) got a fax from Tissot saying the watch was roughed up (not!) and had suffered water damage (again! – and I only use it in a swimming pool, never below 8 feet!). Tissot’s estimate to repair the watch was actually a $415 quote to replace it with a T-Touch 2. Nice of them to do it “at cost”, although that’s debatable, except that their inferior quality was about to cost me $276 + $415 = $691 for a watch that didn’t cost much more than that. So I sent an email to Ben Bridge, and they told me to complain to Swatch Group, which owns Tissot. I did, they didn’t respond, so I called Swatch Group Customer Service (310-820-2450) and a great guy named Justin said he’d take care of me. Justin called back a few days later and said they’d make me a deal: subtract the original $276 repair from the $415 exchange price and I could have a brand new Tissot T-Touch 2 for $139. Deal! Overall I’m satisfied, but I wish there’d been better workmanship from Tissot at the beginning and a little better response to a complaint at the end. Overall I’m still a satisfied customer, but the best companies in the world don’t make you jump through hoops to resolve a complaint.

  • Can anyone tell me where I can buy a touch screen for my Tissot?, I can seem t o find one on the web, thanks!!

    • Hi Eduardo,

      Unless your a watchmaker, your better of sending your watch back to Tissot. We have an onsite watchmaker but would still send the watch back to Tissot rather than attempt a repair as these watches are technically complicated.



  • Hi All

    First Time user of this great Blog.

    I am an official Tissot dealer in the UK and was sad to hear some of the bad experiences with the Tissot T-Touch. However, I am pleased to say that I have in my hand Tissot’s Official Worldwide Policy regarding T-Touch watches that go wrong :-

    If your T Touch is within the 2 year warranty period and needs a service, Tissot will offer you a T-Touch II replacement – free of charge. However, if your watch is outside the 2 year warranty period, then Tissot will still offer a replacement, but on condition that you pay 1/2 the recommended retail price.

    The T Touch II has quite a few minor improvements which you can read on http://blog.watchhub.co.uk but the best improvement is definately the increased water resistance of 10bar of 100 metres.

    Great blog site and I look forward to making more comments.

    Robin K


  • EmptyAl

    Hi.  I have recent experience here.  I bought a T-Touch back in 2006 (I’m in New Zealand) and loved the watch.  Was told at the time it was waterproof or at least water resistant enough for me to swim and surf with it, which I did.
    The watch didn’t miss a beat and the battery lasted for just over 5 years, which I thought was great.  Six months after the battery change, the watch started dropping functions.  The compass was inaccurate and Meteo and Altimeter would not respond.  I took it to the local dealer and they were surprised that I had used it in the water.  Response from Tissot was $300+ (NZD) to repair, or $500+ to replace with a T2.  I chose the T2 which I picked up yesterday.  Very happy with the watch, and I understand it is wearable in (shallow) water.  Here’s hoping.

  • phishpond

    Can someone tell me more about the recall. Seems as if a ton of people are having this issue and Tissot is very aware of it.

    • Phishpond & Fellow watch enthusiasts
      Tissot are aware of the problem but there is no ‘recall’ as such.  We have listed the circumstances in which Tissot will give you a free replacement in our blog http://blog.watchhub.co.uk/ (just scroll down the 18th November blog post).  The onus is on you to approach Tissot.  
      We are a UK authorised dealer but the replacement policy is worldwide.  We have found Tissot to be very fair with our customers watches.  We would suggest that you find  local authorised dealer and ask them to send the watch to Tissot on your behalf or if you can find the US Tissot Service Centre speak to them directly.
      Hope that helps.

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