To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Hong Kong-based UNDONE has launched an upgraded Basecamp watch model along with an exciting new California-style dial option. The original UNDONE Basecamp model was introduced earlier in 2019 as both an exciting entry-level mechanical timepiece (full aBlogtoWatch review here), as well as an homage to classic Rolex explorer’s watches. The Basecamp 2.0 introduces both upgrades alongside additional new styles, each of which can be customized via the UNDONE website when ordering.

UNDONE listened to customer feedback about the well-received Basecamp watch models and has upgraded the Basecamp 2.0 to be even more durable and resilient over time. The Basecamp 2.0 maintains the same 316L steel case dimensions and case color options but now delivers 100 meters (versus 50 meters) of water resistance. The second major upgrade is the use of K1 mineral material for the bezel insert (as opposed to plexiglass). This upgrade should offer increased watch case durability and scratch resistance.

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Even though the Basecamp 2.0 continues to be inspired by the look and feel of vintage sport watches, UNDONE created it as a thoroughly modern timepiece for today’s watch-lovers who never had an opportunity to wear the “originals,” most of which were produced over 50 years ago.

Also new for the Basecamp 2.0 watches is a selection of new bezel and matching dial color options. UNDONE now offers the Basecamp bezel color in black, blue, and green. Undone continues to offer both graduated (with markers) and uni-marker (with just one indicator at the 60-minute marker) rotating bezel options for the Basecamp. Using the UNDONE customizer, users have the ability to mix and match cases, bezels, dials, and straps for the ideal Basecamp cool. Watch enthusiasts can also choose from a selection of pre-configured Basecamp 2.0 watches specially curated by UNDONE.

Responding to popular demand, the Basecamp now offers a California-style dial which includes half Roman numeral and half Arabic hour markers. Vintage California-style dial watches originated from Rolex and Panerai, with modern variants on the quirky cult favorite being relatively uncommon. For the Basecamp Cali models, UNDONE chose to pair the distinctive hour marker design with a textured dial that helps increase the visual interest and overall value proposition of the watches. UNDONE is very proud to finally offer the Basecamp Cali as a supplement to the larger Basecamp product family.

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The UNDONE Basecamp Cali will debut with an olive green or ebony black dial, available with thematically appropriate 20mm-wide strap options. To explore the Undone Basecamp 2.0, Basecamp Cali and other UNDONE watches, please visit the freshly upgraded and redesigned website. Price for the Undone Basecamp 2.0 watches begins at just $315 USD. Learn more, customize, or order at the Undone website here.

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