One of my favorite independent watch makers, Mr. Kari Voutilainen, is coming out with at least one new watch this year, and it is the beautiful new Voutilainen GMR as a limited edition of just 12 pieces. The Voutilainen GMR (I believe it is named as such because it combines a GMT function with a power reserve indicator) is a gorgeous addition to the Voutilainen family, combining welcome and familiar aesthetics with a new dark dial which just hints at sportiness.

The Voutilainen GMR more-or-less takes the Voutilainen GMT-6 (hands-on here) and adds a power reserve indicator while changing up the GMT indicator a bit. What makes the Voutilainen GMR so useful is that it both allows the wearer to know when to wind the watch, as well as offering a second time zone via the GMT hand. The hands of each are hand-made and here colored red (which is part of that slightly sporty look in the watch that I referenced above).

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The Voutilainen GMR watch dial is produced from solid silver which has been hand-machine guilloche engraved. The applied hour markers are flat brushed on their surface for a very high-contrast, legible look. When it comes to the type of meticulous hand-made watches as we get from someone like Voutilainen and his workshop, there are rarely issues with parts (especially on the dial) that have improper finish applied. I happen to really like the new darker look of the deep gray dial against the Voutilainen GMR’s 18k white gold case (as seen here). Actually, because the majority of these watches are on order only, Voutilainen allows you to choose either 18k white gold, 18k red gold, or 950 platinum as the case material for the Voutilainen GMR.

At 39mm wide with Kari’s favorite lug design, the Voutilainen GMR wears modestly but without an ultra-thin case, it doesn’t wear small. For many people, something like the Voutilainen GMR is the perfect watch – and one that they can wear daily. Everything is produced at Voutilainen’s workshop in Motiers, Switzerland (though he himself is Finnish).


The movement inside of the Voutilainen GMR is in-house made and produced mainly from German Silver (for the plate and bridges). I don’t believe that Voutilainen has the practice of independently naming his movements – so this would be the GMR movement inside of the Voutilainen GMR watch. I am not sure of the frequency or power reserve of the movement at this time, but I can say that like the GMT-6 (GMT 6 O’Clock) the operation of the GMT hand is done by pressing in the crown. The GMT subdial even doubles as a subsidiary seconds dial, as it has two hands.

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I really enjoy the symmetry of the Voutilainen GMR’s dial as well as the great colors used on the face. I look forward to seeing the Voutilainen GMR watch in person, and once again it is limited to just 12 pieces and as pictured in 18k white gold is 108,000 Swiss Francs. voutilainen.ch

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