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WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tockr Air Defender Chronograph Watch

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Tockr Air Defender Chronograph Watch Giveaways

This month, aBlogtoWatch will be giving away a very special pilot’s chronograph known as the Tockr Air Defender. Hailing from Austin, Texas, Tockr is a brand founded by a team that is both passionate about aviation and high quality timepieces. The Air Defender is the brand’s modern interpretation of a classic aviator’s chronograph, which is fully purpose-built and ready for anything. Most notably, this recent iteration features a gradient silver and green dial that still hasn’t been officially released by the brand.

The design of the Tockr Air Defender centers around the tried and true Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement. This layout provides the wearer with a range of easily legible information and a clear readout that will suit anyone with a love for tool watches. Paired with the silver and green dial, this watch delivers an aesthetic that is unlike any other pilot’s watch currently on the market. The stainless steel case is 45mm in diameter, features a sapphire crystal, and provides 100m of water resistance. In essence, it’s everything most people would need in a sports watch and this one has a price of $1,850 USD. You can enter to win one now by following the instructions below.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you’ve signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, tell us about a totally unique and nonexistent complication you’d try to include in a pilot’s watch if you could build it from the ground up. The sky’s the limit.

2. Be a pal. If possible, “like” or follow any or all of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on July 31, 2018, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor’s policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor’s inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Tockr Watches, sponsor of the Tockr Air Defender Chronograph giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!



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  • I can’t enter to win (too associated with ABTW for that) but my suggestion is an altimeter. For unpressuried aircraft it is a rough back-up device and for pressurized planes it will show you cabin altitude. Like a depth gauge on dive watches in reverse (sort of).

  • Ulysses31

    Trying to think of a complication that hasn’t already been done in a pilot’s watch is tricky, since the most obvious ones already exist. I’ll take a stab at it though; how about a dosimeter of some sort? We know that during flight, we are exposed to far more radiation than on the ground, and in the case of solar flare activity that is probably worse. Perhaps not much of a danger for tourists but pilots are up there all the time. It might be nice to know at what setting you’re being cooked. 180 pounds, 7 minutes per pound, carry the one…

  • Chris Bos

    I’d try to develope a love window. A window at 12 o’clock were every hour a different tiny picture from one of your loved ones will appear. Just to remind you to tell them every day that you love them.

  • JosephWelke

    Say, how about a sensor to measure blood oxygen levels to warn against hypoxia?
    I like this watch, by the way. I follow the company on FB and they seem very genuine.

  • mark

    I like it, it looks nice and the bright green which fades as out from the center gives it a touch of class. For me personally I have to like a watch and to want to wear it. It has sapphire crystal glass both front and back and is water resistant which is a must in my mind. I like the leather strap and would enjoy owning this watch. I think its a winner.

  • Dobrin Tomov

    How about a speedometer showing the current speed in Mach?!

  • 112010

    I don”t have a pilot’s watch and this would be very nice to own! Yes!

  • Chris Bos

    I would opt for a Love Window, because Watch lovers are People Lovers. At 12 o’clock there will be a little window (normally for the date) where every hour a new tiny picture of a loved one appears. To remind you who’s in your heart and that you need to tell them that every day.

  • Jeff Story

    The pilots complication I’d think would be interesting would be distance to next turn/distance to destination.

  • John

    Out of all the watches ABTW has offered in a give a way this is my favorite! I like the look, layout of this one a lot, this is right in my favorite size zone, even the color choice looks great. Would be great to have this on my wrist!!! As far as I would go for adding something I haven’t seen on a pilots watch I have to say some sort of altimeter would be great. Maybe a good compass attached to the strap in case the one in the plane fails? O2 sensor? Not sure what else that could easily be incorporated in a watch that would keep it small enough to be comfortable on the wrist.

  • Jimi

    A complication with a Gyro Horizon. Not sure it would be super useful unless you’re a fighter pilot and your instruments stop working…You said the sky’s the limit right? No matter how crazy right? 🙂

  • David Williams

    Most ‘aviators’ today are passengers – so how about a silent vibration alarm (capable of being set hourly or two-hourly and felt through the back of the case) as a reminder to get out of your seat and go for a walk around the cabin, thereby minimising the risk of deep-vein thrombosis.

  • Murdock

    I’m not sure how to do this practically but as they said the sky is the limit. How about a complication that measures turbulence to help pilots anticipate and avoid rough patches in flight? I guess it has to do with cold fronts and jet streams, so maybe it would need to measure pressure and velocities.

  • What would I like to see? Lightweight titanium case and bracelet, GMT outer bezel and a 24 hr watch sub dial along with the chrono fucntions. And the chrono has to be 12 hour capable.

  • John Lee

    Difficult to think of something not done before yet relevant to pilots. How about a total flight hours chronograph? It’d be a split chrono, with the first chrono timing the hours of one flight, or a sequence of flights, and would be resettable. The second chrono would count total elapsed hours of the first chrono, to keep a running tally of total flight hours. In case of mistake, there’d be a moveable by-the-hour hand to “undo” the mistaken activation of the first chrono.

  • James Petersen

    This Tockr is a dream watch for me.
    In an actual dream watch which may not even be possible to build, I’d love to see an attitude indicator. It would have to account for the angle of your wrist but that’s a trivial couple of extra cogs right?

  • Kyle Herret

    Altimeter would be really cool. Love to see something like that. As for this watch, I love the green.

  • Norman

    Being new to watches and without a pilot’s watch of my own, this is tough. What about a compass that would be useful to both pilot and field watches, while keeping the main watch magnetic free and the watch size reasonable? Or maybe this has been done.

  • Matt

    It’s been mentioned already but an altimeter would be interesting. Especially if you could have two scales, one that would be practical day to day on land (imagine a chronograph style complication that logs elevation gain) and one in flight

  • Peter Cervelli (PeterC)

    I too think the tracking the radiation load over time is the most useful. Also given the potential for bacteria or chrmical problems a built up chip for detection

  • Larry Holmack

    I have problems with my diabetes whenever I fly and my Oxygen levels..both get low. So a built in monitor for my Oxygen and blood sugar levels would be really cool to have. That way I wouldn’t need to travel with my dang needles & monitor when I am on a plane.

  • Daniel Harper

    Oh man I’d be super excited to win this one! Dying for a mechanical chronograph in my collection!! If I were to create the ultimate pilot watch, for me that is, I’d like to integrate the perpetual calendar split seconds Chrono layout that Patek has developed. A standard Type A Flieger with a tricompax split second perpetual calendar would be absolutely NUTS. You’d need a large case, maybe 48mm to keep the dial from being too cluttered and ruin that Type A classiness

  • gchahinian

    Speedometer would be a cool complication, probably fairly straightforward to do but who knows how realistic 🙂

  • Apollo Frost

    Less a pilot complication, more a complication for passengers, but something that senses when the person in the seat next to you tries to poach your armrest. Bonus points if the complication also warns you if the person in the row behind you takes off their shoes and tries to sandwich their feet beside your seat.

  • ikg

    Geiger counter would be great as complication.

  • Td Thomas

    Constant update of weather conditions based upon GPS and weather radar for given location(s).

  • Eric McClellan

    I think a pulse oximetry / HR monitor would be a great addition to a pilots watch

  • That would be an altimeter

  • Curt Tracy

    I would like it to include a Smart watch capability with gps that can be calibrated with your departure time, give real time updates of points of interest, and estimated landing times. With smart watch capabilities you could look at connecting flight and gate info, maps of the airports. And wouldn’t it be great if your watch could automatically reschedule canceled flights, book you a hotel in such an emergency, or set up a rental car?
    Could it just be an app on your phone? I suppose so, but where is the fun in that?

  • Mic

    I would like artificial horizon, altimeter, air speed and ground speed. Whit these caracteristics it should be complete. Not so easy to do i guess!

  • Jesse H

    I’d like to see a barometer, in the style of a moon phase. As the pressure changes, it will have corresponding weather markings.

  • spotpuff

    Geiger Counter Lume Flash in the dial.

  • Daryl Okayama

    A laser ala 007, to cut your way out of the aircraft if it ever goes down (provided you survive the uncontrolled landing)!

  • THGL

    How about a magnetic compass.

  • Jason Yee

    An altimeter feature would be kinda cool, although totally unnecessary… 🙂

  • Lurch

    A totally unique and nonexistent complication you’d try to include in a pilot’s watch if you could build it from the ground up is a breathalyzer. One wouldn’t want their pilot to be hitting the bottle before take off.

  • Bernardo

    in true James Bond fashion I would have Q install a miniature grenade launcher operated by an additional pusher which could be activated by the wearer in times of dire distress – that is nearly all the time if you are live like 007.

  • Barbarian Lifestyle

    An Altimeter or a barometer in a watch would make it extremely useful for aviation purposes.

  • Mark

    This one is actually a hard one. Pretty much anything I can come up with would already be onboard a modern commercial airliner. A complication that I have never seen before on an analog watch would be a countdown timer that you could set off when you go wheels up and let you know how long you have left until wheels down. Also, there is a lot of green in modern cockpits (Sorry, I should be PC and say Flight Decks) so the beautiful green that Tockr chose would blend in quite a bit.

  • Fabio De Cillis

    interesting watch and pretty original set of colors

  • BS

    Thanks for the chance to participate in the giveaway.

    What unique feature to have on a pilot watch? Hmmm…
    I work in the aerospace industry and there have been cases of pilot errors leading to incidents, so a watch that can act as a backup device to prevent such incidents would be cool.

    One case where the aircraft lost pressure and oxygen got so Low that the Pilots were incapacitated, so a cabin pressure indicator to alert the wearer that oxygen level in the cabin is dangerously Low would be a good, and can act as a backup to the cabin pressure alt indicator found in all cockpits.

    Another case of fatigue where both Pilots were dozing off at the same time, so a watch that could detect alertness of the wearer and send a jolt to wake the wearer up if he doze off would be good.

  • Zane Domke

    Just like many other comments have stated, there is almost no unheard of complications that would serve a practical purpose in a pilot’s watch. My choice would be a complication that would show a gradually decreasing value that is not time. This would look something like a timer or chronograph that decreases or increases at a manually adjusted rate. Say a fuel gauge or something similar to that.

  • Adam Strzemi?ski

    Uhh a hard one for a newbie 🙂 But since there is a “sky is the limit” policy i would say artificial horizon and/or ILS system. I would say it is more like the backup of the existing devices inside the cockpit. ILS is the system which supports landing – which i believe is the hardest part of flight, so in case of emergency it could help a lot.

    Best regards!

  • Andrew Zolotoff

    Something new and exciting! Love this watch from the first view! Great job!

  • Martin

    That is a tough one, what would be useful but is not invented. I would like to see an altimeter shown with fluid (like HYT watches) that are telling the altutide incorporated in bezel.

  • SH

    Cool watch. As a non pilot id would be cool to have an artificial horizon complication for us in the back of the plane to see.

  • Sirbu Vlad

    Hello everybody!
    First of all, i am very excited to enter my chance to win an automatic chronograph, because i wish one for a very long time. Also, for a very long time i have been participating to your giveaways hoping to win! In my opinion, there are two answers to your challenge. One would be to keep in pure mechanical ( automatic ) and add a complication that would include a turbulence-meter and a gyro horizon subdial, like i said, all mechanical. The other way, would be something a lot more scientific and technological feature, almost SF, i’d say, to have an built-in sensor that would activate an adrenaline injection shot mechanism if the data colected would show that the pilot has passed out or something 😛

  • Eelco Bikker

    Very nice watch from our Tockr friends. Would love to try this one on the wrist. The complication that I would love to see is a mechanical counter with a seperate pusher for the pilots to keep track of the number of stewardesses he has conquered…must be able to go at least to 10.000. Or he could use it to keep track of the number of flights he has done as a pilot.

  • Demonix

    Aero complications on my Pilot chronogaph, G-meter, pitch and yaw dial with 3d rotation and happy/sad face emoji sub dial for when the sick bag would be required!

  • angela

    The complication I would incorporate would be a level of intoxication of the wearer meter or a level of alertness meter. Perhaps a bird warning alarm

  • manivelle

    reductio ad absurdem. So, I’ll go with a google-like quotation search. At the current state of technology, we may have to limit it to tempus-related citations.

  • christopher campagnari

    NIce clean lines, sharp looking dial, dig the color!

  • Dan Baxter

    As far as a complication to a pilot’s watch, hmm. How about a button remote to unlock the door to the pilot’s cabin? Or a call button for the flight attendant.

  • TresGut

    Lovely watch. How about incorporating a very small jet engine that allows the watch to fly off your wrist. Totally useless but exactly what I would like.

  • G Lauer

    a modified compass inclinometer around the bezel that could act as an artificial horizon might come in handy. Depending on the position of your hand in relation to the airframe, you could check for roll or pitch. Or calculate the optimum angle for pouring a drink ?

  • Daniel D.

    How about a electronic E6B for flight and best bar/night club locator for post landing activities!

  • SBUBandit

    I’d like the entire dial to be an attitude gauge, the inner bezel to rotate as a compass, and an analog altimeter. That would be a slick watch

  • victory pants

    I like all of the flight instrument ideas but any kind of barometer (to include a pressure altimeter) wouldn’t work in a pressurized cabin would it? Maybe for small private low altitude planes. I know that this may not technically be a mechanical complication, but what about some form of reactive color change property on the dial to indicate localized pressure? Inside a pressurized environment, like a cabin, the dial or lume alters color or reacts in some way. A watch company could also use that on divers! I do really dig the green on this Tockr.

  • ???????? ????????

    I’d really jump for a pilot watch that shows the pilot his point of safe return, just in case something happens – he has a sure way to go home to family and friends. Or maybe something like an adrenaline shot if it detects your vitals are dropping.

  • Bartman Hawaii

    I would like for the watch face to be able to change color to become more stealthy when wanted. It could be colorful as shown, or face to cammo or black when needed.

  • lildoggy4u

    Love the watch style. I’d be sure to add a compass which would seem to be a natural compliment to this watch.

  • Slobodan Radmanovic

    Great looking watch in my opinion and I love that green colour dial. This combo has it all, and I wouldn’t ruin nothing in it just maybe incorp some GPS tracking ( module)device in strap. Just in case something goes wrong with Air Defender owners.

  • Mantro

    How about winding a wristwatch with changes in temperature and/or barometric pressure? Something like Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Atmos clocks. It would be a real feat to make something tough enough.

  • Jo Fo

    Great design and colours!

  • Kevin Beard

    For a pilot I think it would have to be some altitude change alerts. Maybe a countdown for flight duration based on airspeed? Sounds pretty cool to me.

  • Curt Thompson

    How about a compass that’s not restricted to just one plane, but can move around all axis, like a tourbillion does?

  • Seaton Li

    Might be interesting if they had a function that would tell you which direction is up and the relative position of the horizon so when you are doing extreme loops you can make sure you are flat. Would also be fun if it could deploy a little parachute when u drop it from a high enough distance to prevent shocks to the watch

  • Pete L

    How about a pilots ‘grand complication’ if you will. Time, calendar, Compass, altimeter, slide rule, chrono, gmt. Could have a part quartz strap sub section with GPS beacon too!

  • Noel Mc Murray

    I’m loving this TOCKR very much. It certainly would add the tick to, dare I say’talk’ 🙂 As far as improvements to a Pilot watch, I would like to see more with GMT included either with the separate arrow hand or, preferably a small sub-dial with both hands showing second time zone. Especially on the IWC’s; dump out the power reserve sub-dial and include a hour/minute 2nd time zone. How sweet would that be? [For those who really want a power reserve, place it on the back of the movement and use an exhibition case-back]

  • Krishna

    I am new to the world of micro brands having collected 2 so far and the 3rd on the way. I love the value for money they offer as compared to the ‘big’ brands. If sky is the limit, I would like to see watches with some tools embedded within…somewhat like a wearable swiss army knife. Or maybe an embedded credit card chip that would allow me to pay by just scanning my watch on the credit card machine!

  • I’d like an altimeter or an airspeed indicator. Yes, I know the second is a practical impossibility, but I think an altimeter might be doable. How accurate would it be? God knows.

  • PAltares

    I know altimeters have been done, as well as air speed indicators like in Breva’s watches. A good chronograph with a slide rule can tell you most of what else you’d need to know. Unless there’s a way to make a GMT complication that accounts physical changes in time zone based on how far and fast you travel I really can’t think of any complication that could help a pilot that isn’t already available. Awesome watch by the way, and good luck everyone.

  • Evan R

    mechanical altimeter of some sort. Nice looking watch.

  • geo xavier

    I would like an oxygen level indicator, barometer, altimeter, chrono, slide rule, gmt hand, 70 hr pwr reserve, 200m WR along with shock and magnetic resistance on my Pilots watch. If possible integrate an emergency beacon like Breitling to help search and rescue in the event of a crash.

  • A little arm to flip pancakes. Because pancakes.

  • tokicsek

    An altimeter, barometer combo would be nice, as a backup to the plane’s instruments.

  • Lindsay

    Inertial navigation. It would likely be very difficult to achieve usable accuracy in a wristwatch-sized device that isn’t fixed relative to the airframe, but that just presents a challenge to the designer!

  • Mikita

    It’d be interesting to measure the acceleration (how many g’s) using fully mechanical watch. I hope MEMS technology can help solve this problem one day.

  • iBradcon

    A countdown timer that tells me the number of minutes I have for my current flight to reach the gate before I’ll miss my connection, factoring in the distance between gates.

  • Rob M

    A counter that kept track of the number of flights and/or dives that you have taken (using altitude/depth to detect each event).

  • Matt

    An attitude indicator would be cool.

  • Darh109

    I’d like to make a watch with a complication for a space pilot (?) – it would show positions of Jupiter’s Moons. Their motion is quite noticeable on a daily basis, so it’d be an interesting “thing” to look at.

  • Daniel Schmidt

    Some sort of G Force meter would be cool, even though it probably would not make any sense.

  • Stewart James

    We wants it precious

  • Steve Allison

    A barometer would be great. But, great watch as is.

  • Jordan Rausch

    It would be cool to have a time zone changer where you can advance the watch to a specific time zone with the push of a button.

  • jroot1974

    Altitude indicator!

  • Jeff Durocher

    Nice watch, lots of great idea below, how about some survival tools built into the band just in case

  • A Cheese Sandwich

    In addition to a barometer and altimeter gauge, how about a pitot tube to measure airspeed? Not functional in a closed cockpit, but maybe in an open biplane? Or on a bicycle.

  • NC

    A timer to keep track of engine time, for maintenance schedules as a pilot. Only needs to show hours. I could also use it to keep track of number of hours on my LP stylus.

  • Charlie Sherlock

    A separate timer to tell you when the bar is open

  • funNactive

    I’d have to opt for a speed Gage

  • stumpelriltzchen

    A reverse chronograph, counting backwards. Like a timer. But completely mechanical, and with the hands moving counter-clockwise. (Also useful for cooking 🙂

  • Eddie Saenz

    Smart looking made in the USA and in British racing green?! What a great combination!

  • BrandonS

    Roll and Yaw indicators that are realtime but mechanical and adjust for a zero-set (to counter arm movement). hey, you said anything! 🙂

  • James Donnel

    Circular gauges (like the tachometer on a car) for speed, acceleration, altitude and a compass bearing would make for a very cool – if crowded – dial display. Sure, some of these complications exist by themselves, but it would be impressive to see someone fit all of them into the 5-10 mm height required by a watch movement

  • drhrva

    An altimeter, barometer, and liquid-filled compass would be nice.

  • John Simpson

    A proximity warning indicator (sure would be fun in crowds) and since it is 100M waterproof a depth gauge would be fun.

  • Finch Coppens


  • warscourge

    Holographic image above the dial to indicate the following: time, compass and height of flight (when on a plane)

  • Paul

    A highly fun watch feature would be a hook that deployed for use in aiding me in doing deadlift!

  • RM

    I love this watch but I think the perfect aviation watch would have to take advantage of modern technology and utilize solar power and gps tracking for many useful functions, including interfacing with ATC for gps location of other aircraft. An emergency beacon similar to the Breitling Emergency ii would be another nice addition.

  • Gal Sh

    I would like to see some real flight instruments incorporated in a watch, i.e. artificial horizon, altimeter, speed etc.

  • Michael Harvey

    The Tockr Air Defender looks pretty nice until you turn it over. Then it is awesome with it’s decorated movement and unique rotor. But what is that second crown?
    I think that a purely mechanical barometer, which could activate an alarm when cabin pressure is undesirably low, might be a useful feature. This could also be useful to hikers, as well.

  • David J Greenspun

    Electro-mechanical (rotor generated power) dial/hand luminescence. Great model… the TOCKR quality build is very high, and a great value at this price.



  • Manuel Manuelín Canallín

    Give this man the watch

  • Nicolás Robertson De Ferrari

    An altimeter complication would be great in my opinion, maybe with a regulable bezel, so it can be known when a certain pre-setted height is surpassed.

  • Doug Wisniewski

    I love the green dial, definitely sets this one apart. As far as a unique complication, maybe a artificial horizon/glide slope type of indicator. Or a “fuel” guage inspired indicator to display the power reserve of the watch might be more practical.

  • Sid Gupta

    I would include a compass bezel that actually functions like a compass would. That would be cool.

  • Pat Mon

    ABC functions, mach gauge and g force meter would be nice!

  • AllYourFache

    These are such cool watches, I drool over them all the time!
    I’m not terribly versed in complications, but a little window on the side of the case would be cool for showing something- air speed, compass, GMT- that only needed a glance at the crown to see.
    I’m gonna figure that out.

  • M?n Phi

    I would like to have the power reserve from the case back

  • Conservatarian TX

    I’m not a pilot, so I assume most potential complications for a pilot watch would already be a part of the aircraft’s instrumentation. However, the one thing I would like to see would be an altimeter complication on a watch – it could be useful in case of a failure, or just for information as a passenger. Would probably come in handy for hikers too.

  • Kevin Peterson

    i want a radar that tells me how close other planes are.

  • Art Leyenberger

    I think a barometer complication would be cool for a pilot watch.

  • Duke

    Nice to see a valjoux being put into these watches and it looks great to boot! A functioning compass would be an amazingly useful complication. It’d also make a pilots watch a serious explorer’s watch as well.

  • bert gillespie

    If the “sky’s” the limit built in wifi/BT so connectivity to tablets would sync for coordinates and aviation apps.

  • Richard Tubbs

    Cool looking time pieces! I like to see an altimeter. Something akin to a depth gauge on a diver.

  • Keith Ritchie

    It should have an altimeter and depth guage to elevate it to the best.

  • Manzur Dan

    I would like to have solar powered flash light 🙂 on the watch.

  • John Effing Zoidberg

    That is the most delicious kind of horizon.

  • John Effing Zoidberg

    Unless you are skydiving, such a display will not be very interesting. Aircraft are pressurized to the equivalent of 2000m, and even there the difference is not very interesting. See here for details:

  • Allan Brown

    What an absolutely fantastic timepiece! The only way it could be better would be with a complication that used the Coriolis effect to automatically and mechanically change time zones as your flew across the world.

  • Gregory Gonsalves

    Great looking watch! GMT and a mechanical altimeter would be nice additions.

  • Stephen Wright

    I would love a complication that has an extra hand, that will remain half way between 12 and the hour hand. This extra hand could be pointed at the sun and used to find North. This complication could be combined with a North, South, East, West bezel for added function.

  • mickey

    Nice watch, love the green. If I could add functionality a compass. That way you can always find your way home.

  • Radu

    It would be nice to have a compass and/or an altimeter

  • Ryan

    Love this watch. I think an aviation watch would benefit from a mechanically-powered, magnetically-oriented GPS, displayed on a sub dial. This way if the avionics went out, the pilot would still know their precise coordinates, without having to rely on something electronic or battery-powered.

  • Shahran Kumar Veerakumar

    Amazing watch. maybe a built in SOS signal transmitter or a built in black box

  • Doctor Ben

    For a pilot, something to test whether it is safe to eat the fish, or you’d have to go for the steak (or lasagne).

  • Daniel Gilland

    Nice! Altimeter, speedometer, and gps could be fun.

  • Alex Strîmbeanu

    Built in SOS signal transmitter, with GPS.

  • Moosedriver17

    The Tockr Air Defender seems to check most of the boxes I would look for in a pilot’s watch. The Day/Date function is great, particularly when you’re on a multi-day trip. Transiting through the night, and sleeping through the day can make figuring out the day of the week a bit more challenging than you would think. Chronograph as a backup timer is also nice to have. I would add a GMT complication, as a majority of aviation related planning and products are coordinated in zulu time. Having the ability to quickly reference UTC without having to do any calculations can save a lit of time; not to mention the bandwidth used to figure that out. Lastly, I would change the inner rotating bezel to either a 24-hour GMT bezel; giving you the option to track three time zones, or to a compass rose. It can be easy to allow your assigned heading to drop out of your cross-check; it just gives you one more form of redundancy.


    The Tockr Air Defender definitely has everything I look for in a typical pilot watch. I would however like to see a piece like this with some type of valve or pressure system that could tell the oxygen levels at current altitude. I’ve never seen a piece to do that, would be a cool innovation.

  • SeanM

    A watch face modeled after aircraft instrument faces. A moving artificial horizon watch face would be very interesting.

    I do like the Tockr radial engine inspired designs

  • Pasi Piirainen

    A meter for G-force would be nice on a pilotwatch.

  • Sipemon

    Attitude indicator. Wouldn’t work on the wrist though since the position of your arm would affect it. You’d have to place the watch somewhere on the cockpit

  • Won Matt

    The Air Defender looks bold and something I look for in a pilot watch.
    A watch with the ability to read g force would be neat.

  • Albert Post

    the air definder should have caliber 02.15-L that features 353 components and Chopard’s Quattro system, skeleton with moonphase

  • ted

    A compass

  • Gary Barclay

    150m of water resistance

  • Saayed Agha

    A compass with range tracking built-in. Kind of like how cars have the A/B trip feature where you can track how many kms your trips have been.

  • Thierry

    On a pilot watch… current speed and altitude.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  • Pilot watches are my preferred style of time machines. I own several, but not with the appeareance of this TOCKR watch. Indeed appealing.

  • Trevor Hirst

    I love a great, legible pilot’s watch- for a quartz watch, I would love to have the time audible at the push of a button. For mechanical, I think it would be neat to have the timezone change with the turn of the bezel. I know that Oris and Rolex use a complication with the bezel, but the one hour jump with the bezel would be cool- doesn’t even have to be a GMT complication, but that would be cool too.

  • Lee Gribbon

    A personal locator beacon would be incredible (but probably not possible with current tech).

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • peacesun

    The back of this watch is as intriguing as the front. The band reminds me of race car drivers and the green face looks like it belongs to a future world.

  • LapYoda

    A totally unique and nonexistent complication in a pilot’s watch, eh? How about a parachute?

    Anyway, I really like the green dial on this Tockr pilot watch! I wonder if it would look over the top on my lime-green leather NATO? (Probably)

  • Liz

    a compass would be interesting

  • g vd linden

    A few features actually! Would take one hell of a designer to make it look good though:
    – A small recess on the side of the case with a piece of razor sharp blade hidden in it to swiftly cut seat/safety belts
    – Removable back of the case with cutting tool
    – tiny automatic heat “generator” by friction to let a tniy piece of fabric smolder and light a fire….Good luck!

  • jimley815

    Well- since it is called the air defender- how about an alarm any time a bomb or missle is descending on your position? An alarm that warns you when you are getting ready to be blown up.

  • Michael Bell

    I’d like to have an automatic fuel remainder.

  • Bryan A

    Include an altimeter and gyroscope to go with the classic face and look of a Pilot model.

  • RyoGeo

    Been said already, but an artificial horizon, with an integrated compass would be very cool.

  • Repo

    It seems to have been said before, but a classic Pilot face and potentially an exotoc matrial (asteroid, cut/ sliced on the face) could give it a unique and totally custom look! I like the model and the color scheme as it is. On the tech side – an altimeter could be an awesome addition as well as / or dual time hand. regards, Dmitri

  • michaelm

    It would be interesting to see a watch with a radiation gauge, but it might be better for a space watch.

  • Nixa

    An altimeter, a compass and an ETA indicator.

  • Olaf

    Sunrise and sunset indicator would be my greatest wish.

  • Shammy K

    I want a Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) built into my pilot’s watch.

  • Abrielle

    An altimeter and a speedometer

  • larry

    Sharp timepiece like the green touches.A+Plus!!

  • Steven Lu

    I would like to have one in blue or ceramic strap, compass, depth indicator, dial that changes color depending on the time of the day

  • Marco Sampuel

    As you stated “The sky is the limit” it would be cool to build a wristwatch that could fit a parachute.

  • Mike F

    This a good looking watch. The non existent complication would be a mechanical GPS combining a compass, the time piece and and a sextant. Come on Tockr you can do it.

  • Pedro Quaresma

    A parachute! 😀

  • Richard Borden

    Fantastic look. Clear, legible, and very masculine appeal. Gotta have it!

  • Mohammad Alkazimi

    Green is the new blue

  • Tan Tai Nguyen

    compass , longer power reserve , automatic re-adjust the time functions after out of power .

  • nemonomenest

    I would add a laser pistol, or an energy weapon like a phaser, for all those space piloting situations 🙂

  • Daniel Stephens

    This watch is super cool, can double as a divers chronograph if you put it on a rubber strap. Like.

  • Co-axial

    A thermometer

  • Guerrilla Jr.

    Despite being a conservative myself, I have to admit what an awsome place is Austin for all creative endeavours. From software development to nutrition research…You name every field and they got it covered. And now mechanical watches too. If only could be added a pulsometer to the watch to have your pulse checked, it would be perfect

  • Tee Bell

    Beautiful watch.. ok creative for a ground up watch…fastest speed traveled that far away is nearest plane..sos beacon for emergencies and closest landing strip.

  • PJ Dechaine

    The unnecessary complication I would add to a pilot’s watch a depth meter. Like a reverse altimeter showing relative position to sea level both above and below, you know, cause I’m not a pilot and would most likely crash…

  • Nic

    I can only think of one day a year I could actually wear this watch 🙁

    As for a non-existent pilot watch complication….. a Mile High clicker??

  • cjjohnso

    A bit of a departure from the classic pilot’s watch formula for sure – I’d have pegged it as a diver at first glance. Although I’ll admit it is definitely unique!

    As for a new complication idea, for today’s modern commercial pilot, how about a tarmac delay countdown timer to help avoid FAA fines? When the boarding door closes, the pilot starts the timer; after 2 hours an alarm lets him/her know it’s time to pass out food and water, 3 hours and it’s everybody off! Also equally useful for passengers and federal regulators.

  • Tsmom

    For the unnecessary complication I’d add a bluetooth tracker in case I misplaced it. (in the unlikely event)

  • dicotfan

    I’m not a pilot so I might not have practical suggestions, but maybe one which indicates the angle of your watch against the earth’s surface (e.g., by first sensing the direction of gravity, calculating the angle between the watch and that vector, then subtracting 90 degrees or the perpendicular vector from the original angle). Another complication might be a ground speed estimate. Not sure how that could be done without GPS, but since the sky’s the limit…

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    A Compass.

  • Jeffrey Lee

    I would probably add something like a SpO2 +HR monitor to help keep oneself in check.

  • Watch collecting with Chris

    I would like to see an brietling emergency type transponder in other watches and possibly one powered by an automatic movement!

  • Paul Teets

    Mechanical minimum altitude alarm!

  • Tim Bone

    A big ol’ reminder written on the dial to be patient when we’re getting screwed around by (insert supporting agency here).

  • Laurence Daly

    I’d have to say an altimeter, it would be fun for crew and passengers alike

  • Liutauras Balsys

    beautiful watch, although the color seems more appropriate for infantry than to air force 😉
    for a true pilot watch the most important feature would be an altimeter and if someone could build it I’m sure there would be strong demand for such a watch

  • George Tsatalios

    Oh that’s easy! a mini sextant!!!

  • Michael

    How about a lost luggage tracker?

  • Abe

    Great looking watch. Green is definitely in. Keep it mechanical. Add GMT and power reserve complications. Lots of the proposed features I have read about so far belong in an digital version of the watch.

  • Matthew

    Compass Bezel something totally different.

  • Carlos Alfonso Diaz

    Oris has already an altimeter in their watches. It would be great a complication like a speedometer or one that could give the flight time between two locations doing the countdown.

  • Ivan Gaidarski

    It would be great to see a thermometer and Geiger counter as complications.

  • Ant

    A waypoint calculator, now that would be complex!

  • Dat C

    Button on watch to call for coffee

  • Calvin Lee

    Pilot watches typically have oversized cases with easy-to-read, utilitarian dials.

  • Lord Ravenor

    I’d like to get a complication that provides the wearer’s momentum relative to the earth.

  • Jeffrey Kot

    The green is very striking

  • Ben Garner

    I’d like a complication that lets me know which city my luggage is going to if it’s different than my destination.

  • SuperStrapper

    I’d like to see a pilot watch that deploys a tiny little drone that you can control (controls on the watch) and do covert missions with, like stealthily fly around upstairs and confirm everyone is asleep so you can raid the fridge without fear of being caught.

  • Jeff Harper

    Window in which one could set the minimums for the instrument approach being flown.

    Countdown timer with vibrating alarm when time’s up.

  • Harry Lakin

    I’d love to see a laser that would allow for measuring distance as well as being a level.

  • Mufthaz Mohideen

    Would love to see an altimeter and a manually setting pressure datum to read the QFE and QNH of a given location. (QFE – Height above a specific location/aerodrome & QNH – Elevation of a location/aerodrome from the mean sea level.)

  • Ealaag

    For my money, it would be nice to have a sub-dial which tracks the motion of Polaris around the north celestial pole. I always have to check a phone app for that, but I could imagine an analog way of re-creating that (it is a circular motion, albeit in a gradually spiraling course of travel). Note that Polaris is about 1 degree away from the celestial pole, not at the pole, as is commonly believed. Thus it moves.

  • First and foremost, I’d want a button that would protect my entire body with an impenetrable force field.

  • Joel Friedman

    I’d like a complication that automatically sets the watch to the correct time for whatever time zone the traveler enters, with a GMT-style arrow indicating time in the home time zone.

  • Marcelo K.

    A Geiger counter !

  • markahaviland

    This watch has a great look. the green accents are like the ocean waves, so for that reason, it is very appealing to me.

  • Robert Carson

    If I were to build a new pilot’s watch with a thus-far nonexistent complication, I think it would have to be an attitude indicator (the instrument which tells a pilot a plane’s orientation with respect to the horizon). I don’t know how this would fit in a reasonably sized wristwatch, but it would be awesome.

  • kibbyster

    I would include a futuristic alien parachute.

  • Noah Joseph

    I wonder if there’d be a feasible way of including a (mechanical) altimeter into a wristwatch (if that doesn’t exist already), or if it’d necessitate an electronic component.

  • hawaiicanal89

    Should all systems fail, and you have to make an emergency exit out of a plane as it careens to the ground, I would want a watch that has 2 things. The first, something that could break the thick windshield/window of an airplane so I can make it to the outside, like a sharp metal point on the watch. The second, a pair of fully functioning wings that I could use to fly myself to the ground safely and in style. Honestly, I have no idea how we haven’t figured out this technology yet.

  • Gabe Chambers

    This is a nice looking watch
    I would like to build in a noise cancelling system that would also let me listen to the inflight entertainment

  • Claudiu

    Not a new feature, but I imagine a compass would be useful. I don’t think I’ve seen any on a mechanical watch…maybe because of magnetism stuff?

  • Tobias

    Don’t know i anyone mentioned this so far, but when sky is the limit, i want to have a build-in parachute (of course, it is a pilot watch) ?

  • H F

    Sky’s the limit, eh. Remotely flying a plane via a watch. ; ).

  • Brian Bezel

    My pilot watch besides being antimagnetic would have two unique complications,1) An UV Light monitor and 2) A Flight Cabin Ozone Concentration Monitor.Both of these complications would to measure exposure for the pilot and flight crew

  • Brian Bezel

    My pilot watch would have two unique complications; 1) A UV Light Monitor and 2) A Flight Cabin Ozone Concentration Monitor.These complications would measure exposure an help to ensure the long term health of the pilot and flight crew.

  • Soulmachiklamo

    I would add a pitot tube with peak velocity function, so a skydiver can roughly measure his max airspeed.

  • Andy Spencer

    I’d like to see a G dial, as in G Force readings.
    That’d be pretty cool.

  • Cristina Lim

    I just want the watch to be easily readable even if my plane flies upside down just like how Denzel Washington flew his 🙂

  • Alan Labossiere

    I would like a live Horizon display which I can observe from the ground showing a variety of aircraft I can choose from to observe . Would like to watch the horizon of a fighter jet at a air show in real time on my watch or choose from a menu of available flights to observe .

  • Douglas Weedman

    How about a watch that could detect the pheromones of any lady next to you and be able to tell if she’s ovulating or not. It would definitely affect a significant amount of bar and ‘at home’ activity. Maybe some indicator light would go on.

  • Cade Mayo

    Altimeter, I have always found it interesting that in the early 20th century when people were first becoming fascinated with flight luxury cars would be equipped with altimeters

  • ryan

    Oddly enough, I’ve never seen a watch with a themometer on it….it’d probably just end up reading near body temperature, but that’d still be kind of cool.

  • Dx Xd

    I would like to see a star chart that rotates with the seasons and is adjustable to whatever hemisphere you are in. Maybe with glow in the dark constellations!?!

  • J Shadey

    I would implement quantum particles to hold a charge for a the luminosity, like a small chamber in each place instead of typical lume. I would also have the rotor generate energy whever it spins around, and transfering that energy to the quantum particles while keeping the watch wound nice and tight.

  • David Fisher

    Another great looking Tockr watch. The green sunburst is oddly appealing. How about a surface temperature reader? Instantly know how hot your car seat is when you are parked in the sun all afternoon.

  • M. Rogers

    Definitely an altimeter. Incorporated into the bezel somehow, say with 40k feet of measurement.

  • sko2386

    If we’re going with unique and nonexistent complication, how about a SOS beacon? I think an interesting take on a pilot’s watch in case of a crash/accident would be for a beacon that can be tracked via satellite.

  • William

    Such a difficult proposition to come up with a unique complication, especially after sifting through some of those already suggested. Rather than go supremely bizarre, I think that a pilot watch built with anti-magnetic properties to allow for a legible functional compass in a floating bezel would be useful for actual pilots that might have to fly instruments only and would like to have some redundancy. It would be also nice in a durable tool watch design that might be useful to hikers, hunters, orienteering types, etc. Likely would be on the large side to allow for functionality and legibility.

  • Ed Yu

    Would love the bezel to automatically adjust itself like how compass works and tell me the direction it’s facing. It’s a useful complication for pilots.

  • Christopher Wright

    A unique complication add a secret digital display still utilizeing automatic movement to list special contacts at different lay overs.

  • R Stover

    Have to include an altimeter and a compass built into the bezel. Possibly 24hr hand and chrono without making it too thick.

  • Todd Shyiak

    That’s a good looking watch – for a new company, they’re off to a great start

  • brian wagner

    Very nice looking watch that I could see myself wearing daily for either work or social events. My grandson would probably lay claim to it if I were to win. He is 6 and has already said he wants my truck, my guitar and my Tag. Would be another item to pass along to 3rd generation for when he is old enough to appreciate it.

  • chris

    Great looking watch. A complication that detects by radar a approaching bird strike therefore avoiding a collision.


    A cabin pressure guage…hypoxia sucks! (Literally. You’d be aMAZED what can be sucked out a tiny hole at altitude.)

  • mmurayam

    MPH/KPH would be pretty cool combined with a Chrono function

  • ahmad mohamad

    I would prefer complications that automatically synchronized timezone, altimeter and compass. I’m terrible in adjusting manually. Lastly, i will include the scale to weight the hand luggage.

  • logomachy

    An air quality complication.

  • Christian Henriksen

    Parachute watch, obviously.

  • Ifan Maulana

    i’m new at watch, but seeing this watch i’m feeling like one of badass (*sorry for language) “The independence day movie” Pilot. Dial, strap and the color (green = Pilot outfit) match with the pilot character shows masculline, strong and tell everyone “i can fly”.

  • Sean

    An automatic with a T-shaped rotor with a steel cylinder on the end that, when rotated, travels through a magnetically insulated copper-wound tube (punctuated by a series of small, isolated magnets) that goes around the circumference of the watch, creating a small current, while also winding the mainspring. this dynamo would power a micro-GPS receiver, which, paired to a digital servo, would allow the servo to set the proper GPS-standard time, day, and date, with the additional benefit of automatically changing when you change time zones. the only digital components would be the GPS receiver and servo, the current displayed time being fed to the GPS receiver via unique tension values from a series of hairsprings connected to the timing gears. the nice thing about this being designed as a pilot watch is you have a nice, broad case to deal with, as width would be more important than depth (the larger the radius, the more current created.)
    I wish it could be fully analog, however, I do believe GPS signals are strictly digital.
    also, that’s a fine-looking watch. I’m within a week or two of pulling the trigger on a Bulova chrono that’s a bit over-spec’d for me, but this has all the features I really need, while being automatic! whoever wins it is one lucky duck.

  • Janith

    Change the dail shape, it’s very mediocre. Change it to a more interesting shape like a hexagon or pentagon. Place the crown on the left side as it’s easier for pilot to turn it. As well have the crown bigger and the case diameter be about 45. Reduce the amount of numbers in the dial, then you can place a perpetual calendar, Rubber strap. Have a different type of case, probably titanium, or ceramic, or stainless steel in black.

  • Michael Stivaletti

    First of all I would like to thank ABTW and TOCKR for the opportunity to enter this contest. The watch is exceptional as it stands. The addition of an SOS signal like on the Swiss Army watch would be great. Tritium markings would really make it a keeper and to also have a functioning compass would be the ultimate for me.

  • iliasbeshimov

    I’d include a way to track how many air miles the pilot racked up, and display it in some fashion that adds to the design. Thus each pilot watch would be unique to the pilot and thus one of a kind.

  • Ovis

    The only complication on a pilot watch would be a pinup girl etched on the dial that would get naked when the cabin pressure drops. You know, like the old pens from the ’80 …

  • Mike

    They could add a artificial horizon on watches to figure out the orientation of the airplane if the instruments failed. There have been some cases where airplane artificial horizon instruments failed and pilots failed to realize the orientation of their aircraft leading to crashes.

  • Jeremy West

    I’d like a 24-hour sub dial like on the first run Flightmaster.

  • Jeremy West

    No…I originally posted about a 24-hour sub dial…but that’s totally a thing. Something unique? Altimeter? Is that a thing already? If so, maybe a discrete but highly detailed flag appears showing in what country’s airspace I’m flying.

  • Positive Vibes Only

    i would put the speed you are going at 😀

  • penemio

    I would include an emergency alert feature.

  • ivel1977

    The ability to over-ride a hijacking attempt through bluetooth technology connected to the computer of the plane.

  • Michael Carlson

    A working radar navigation system.

  • Tushar

    Very nice looking watch, case back looks absolutely awesome. Green bust dial gives it extra charm. Would love to give it a try.

    As for complication is concerned how about height calculator. 🙂

  • Yung Ben

    Never owned a watch with a green dial, really great looking sunburst on that thing.

    I think a cool complication would either be some sort of mechanical altimeter or a speedometer.

  • beeger

    Small gyroscope complication like that zenith

  • Harry Cancel

    Complication, hmmm. I am going with the nonexistent and letting the imagination flow a little bit while having fun with this unique subject. I would attempt adding a built in compass in one of chronograph dials while another offers a time machine indicator. To conceal the beauty of the watch, I would make the face a stealth appearance. But not only will the watch be stealth, any plane the pilot is maneuvering will be as well. Each feature will be activated at the touch of a button while one is a voice control for entering the time machine data.

  • Tadas Karkalas

    Mechanical registry of direction at predefined time intervals based on constant compass measurement and periodic fixation of the readings. Feature could be started like regular chronometer.

  • Yaseen Abdulrahiman

    Hi! Clearly Tockr is a 1970s aviation theme watch company. A feature that Tockr Air Defender should have is power reserve which most of the pilot & aviation watches today offers.

  • Jason

    A time travel complication would be nice in a chronograph. Powered by a tiny mechanical flux capacitor.

  • W.k. Ng

    Equipped with a Valjoux 7750. Tockr is a workhorse!

  • Sergei Rõbakov

    A barometer could be an interesting complication for a pilot’s watch. You could measure the atmospheric pressure on the airfield before takeoff and take readings of the pressure inside the cabin during your flight.

  • Andrew Ha

    Put a automatic 4130 calibre movement.

  • wcse

    A celestial calendar. Or a stop watch that stops time like on that Twilight Zone episode – but don’t cheap out on the shock protection like they did, maybe use a G-Shock style suspension case.

  • Elijs Dima (@x2eliah)

    Sign me up, auto-chrono ain’t never a bad thing.

    I’d design a Gee-force recorder complication. Something that is fully autonomous and not subject to the watch’s mainspring, something that at all times shows the MAXIMUM G-force that the watch (and by extension the pilot/wearer) has been subject to. Maybe this measurement device would have a reset option, or maybe it would be a lifetime-long measurement. Preferably splitting positive and negative G-loads as two separate measurements.

    As a result, you’d wear the watch on flights, races, etc, and always have a visible reminder of the most extreme acceleration/deceleration loads that your body had been subjected to.

  • Matias

    I would add an automatic time zone selection together with GMT .

  • NinerZulu

    For an aviator, if I were to build from ground up…I would include an Oxygen concentration gauge and alarm! This would help prevent aviation accidents due to hypoxia! I love this TOCKR wristwatch and especially the caseback which matches the front so well.

  • Simon

    Te gauge for the horizon maybe?

  • Jonathan Fisk

    An oxygen saturation sensor would be a great safety feature for flying. The watch face is a little busy for my taste, but I like the case shape and integration the strap.

  • Stephan den Ridder

    If the sky wasn’t the limit, but the outer cosmos was, I would inclide a Geiger counter. Why? Why not. How interesting would it be to measure the background radiation that lands on your body everyday. How awesome would it be to see how much radiation increases during an airplane flight.

  • A G

    Let’s add an oxyegene level meter + smart sensors + electric shock (one-time rechargeable batter) – it will give you electric shock when in the case of oxygen levle is too low and you are phased out.
    Besides that, not much to wish for , chronometer is there and great green color….

  • SuperStrapper

    Can I get a hand made finely finished mechanical upgrader to first classer.

  • Briscodarlin

    How about a gauge that would tell you the destination of all the commercial aircraft you encounter while in the sky? I have no clue how to build it and presume it would be against some TSA regulations.

  • S. Mark

    Automatic time zone updates. (I’ll leave it to the experts to figure out a complication for that!)

  • bujienla

    don’t know anything about aviation, but if someone could somehow put in an actual compass instead of having to use the sun and hour hand to boy scout the direction you are facing.

  • Tony G

    I think a measure of magnetism surrounding the watch would be useful, considering how affected by magnets mechanical watches are.

  • trainman

    I’ll take mine with an altimeter! 10,000 ft and climbing!

  • cassfan3

    Pretty sweet looking piece! How about a G-force gauge. Or a built in level that would show the cant of your wings and degree of climb or descent the nose of the plane has. Throw in a compass and you’ve got a winner!

  • Jon W

    A complication that measures maximum G-forces experienced would be interesting for those who have the chance to fly beyond the standard commercial passenger flights.

  • Brian DeFoe

    I am not a pilot, but this is a very cool looking piece. Cool color!

  • Louis Tong

    I’d like to see a GMT like complication where you have standard hour and minute hands, but allows you to automatically swap the standard hour and minute hands with the gmt hand time.

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Traveltime countdown function.

  • 0059mike

    I’d like to see gps/speed/direction available.

  • Amit Menachemi

    I want to fly !!!

  • amit

    I want to fly !!!

  • Allan Manibo

    a time elapse which does not require tachymeter calculations, GMT, maybe barometer and altimeter on a decent wearable size casually. A simple compass can also be incorporated.

  • Robert Douglas

    A complication where by you can measure the distance from point a to point b

  • jimmy1701

    Not usually a fan of green watches, but that one is awesome looking. O2 sensor?

  • Frits van der Veer

    This watch color will very well fit with my neighborhood!!
    Zaans green they call it!

  • John Carson

    I’d like to see a simple counter, operating via an extra crown / button. Although it may seem elementary, for many important field activities, an accurate count can be extremely important.

  • Jason Tucker

    If it can be absolutely anything, I want a watch that can literally stop time. Everything stops, but I can function normally with everything else stopped.

  • zoommb

    I love the color of the dial and the 45mm case size.I’d like to see a second time-zone hour hand; not a GMT hand because that’s 24 hour, but an actual 2nd time-zone as I spend a lot of time 2 hours away from home.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I’d like a buzzer/vibration that would let me know when I’m about to do something extremely stupid and dangerous. Maybe a microphone that would identify phrases like, “ Hey! Watch this!”.

  • Gabriel Iacovita

    Cool looking watch!
    I would add an mechanical G force indicator as a hand, like an forth hand of an ordinary watch (think about gmt hand) and a scale on the inner bezel. I don’t know how could be built but I think there would be an “mad” engineer to build it.

  • njlou

    it would be nice to see a changeable color face. some tech may do it??

  • Beau9

    I would incorporate a jump hour, retrograde or even a Tourbillion movement just to name a few. I like unique movements and a pilot watch with any of these would be great.

  • Cary Lewison

    Have been looking for the best American watch to add to my collection. This watch fits everything I am looking for. Tool with style.

  • Dave Grasch

    I think the green really pops with this watch. More importantly, the watch is legible at a glance. So many chronos are too busy, requiring more than a second or two, just to read the time, whereas this one seems more than legible. Love the leather band too!

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    Because this is a pilot watch, I really didn’t think a lot, what I’d like to see on such a watch, but until now I haven’t seen this on ANY watch. But I must admit, that I’m not really an expert so maybe on a very rare and most likely expensive watch this has already been implemented.

    What am I talking about?

    A g-force meter. (Here is a short explanation about g-force on WIKIPEDIA: )

    But not such one, that displays its readings in a digital format, like on HUD (Head Up Display) or a touchscreen. I’d like to see a “miniaturized” example of such a meter, that can be found in older jets, for example as in the legendary F4 Phantom.

    And here comes the “unique” part: Even if an accelerometer can nowadays be found in virtually every smartphone, if a wristwatch is meant to be a “tribute” to a SPECIFIC jet fighter, for example the PHANTOM (which I mentioned before & certainly has a legendary reputation) you won’t find such a gauge on ANY other watch. Especially if the manufacturer has the intention, to stay close to the original to such a degree, that really something unique will be made.

    Just hypothetically, if I would have the opportunity to design such a watch, I’d add such a complication in a form of a dial INSIDE of the larger, main dial. I don’t know, how the g-meter in a F4 looks like, but look at the picture I added and you’ll see, what I had in mind.


    I find it ironic (& sad), that just before I got sick and almost died a few weeks ago, if 2 emergency surgeries would not be performed on me (and in spite of that, the diagnosis has not been found yet, so the worst possibility maybe still awaits me) and the FIRST day after I came home after they told me, that for the time being everything will be fine, I found out on the very same day, that my best friend died.

    Before this “misfortune” hit me, I was already for more than a couple of years “collecting” money, to buy me a quality watch with the Valjoux 7750 movement in this price range (or a little cheaper).

    I’m PERFECTLY aware, that this giveaway is like a “roulette” (NOT a ‘charity’), but what I’m nevertheless asking some of you is, keep your fingers crossed for me, that I win, if you do not really need the watch or have enough money to buy one for yourself.

    I spent all of my money for the treatment and won’t even mention, how in debt I am because of all this what happened to me. NOTHING will bring back my health or my best friend, but maybe, for a short period of time, such a watch would bring a little smile back on my face.

    Thank You.

  • Goran Ilic

    Traveltime countdown function.

  • Mark Krebs

    I’m a fan of pilot watches as they are but 2nd time zones are great on any watch.

  • Ogso

    True bellows altimeter, can be used for hiking as altimeter and as weather predictor!

  • Stan

    Would like to see the hand signals from ground crew that are used to communicate with pilots used as hour hands at the 12,3,6,9 positions on dial

  • MSM

    I’m a big fan of 24 hour hands that can tell time in a separate time zone.

  • Louis Hixon

    Air speed for sure. Great looking watch….

  • PaulnLory Cotangco

    Very Sharp looking pilot watch

  • Jorge Nunes

    First of all, watch looks great, the green is sick.
    For the complication, probably something to measure atmospheric pressure.

  • Colin Hamilton

    Since admiring the Tockr Air Defender, I would like to add a surreal complication for a pilot watch like a colour monitor to inform anyone the estimated height from the ground without having to read a monitor. This could be linked with pressure monitors to slowly change from the darker green ground level colour to lighter blues and even silver whilst higher up… Potentially this could be a ball like mechanism which slowly turns around as the pilot gains altitude!

  • rawdesignhouse

    Another great giveaway guys—nice! I wish I could think of something that would be a unique and nonexistent complication for a pilots watch. That’s a tough one for a non-pilot to imagine. Perhaps some type of alarm bell that goes off when you reach lower than a user-set altitude?

  • Jeff C

    Love the giveaway and the color scheme of the watch. It’s refreshing to see makers embracing color! As for a complication to add to any pilot’s watch. It would be great if my watch would send daily reminders to my kid’s phone. Basic things like, do your chores, take your meds. If that’s too much to ask a vibration alarm feature would be a nice addition to any watch.

  • Eric Thompson

    I agree this is a great looking watch. The watch looks very stylish. My non-existent complication would include a chemical and indicator that determined air quality, almost like a throw-back “mood ring”. I don’t know how many times I’ve flown on airplanes and landed with respiratory issues due to the recycled air.

  • Allen Ross

    I’m not sure of a nonexistent complication but this watch looks so kool and I’d love to have this one for sure.

  • Kai Simon Fredriksen

    Lovely watch 🙂 Looks nice and masculine, the green really adds something extra. – If I could add a complication on a flight watch, really would be on having it pick up my flights and keep me up to date on schedule changes.

  • Jeremiah Terry

    Pilots watches are my favorite genre. Classy and manly at the same time. IWC and other Big Crown styled pilots embody eclectic taste. If I could design a pilot I would add a divers water depth of 200m a visual power reserve meter and a GMT to a classic 30s style flieger face. Great topic.

  • Gokart Mozart

    I think most complications you want with a fight watch have been done, just maybe the altimeter, which I am sure will have been done.

    I suppose the chronograph is the most important to be able to time all the parts of your journey that are over the prescribed journey time

  • Murray Kreeger

    A complication, would be for me to win this watch.

  • V Pham

    If there was a way to do it feasibly and without taking away from the functionality and design/appearance of the watch, I think it might be kinda cool to have a GPS function added somehow.

  • Abhijit

    I would add an air pressure gauge in the watch somehow if i could

  • Humphrey Mar

    I feel like I’ve seen this in cheesy spy movies, but how about tiny drawer that opens to reveal a foldable screen to play video or display digital/connected information…

  • Pasi Piirainen

    Why not do it like Maradonna? Watch in both hands. One for local time and another for home time. Twice the fun?

  • Okasha Zia

    I would create a GPS marker that tells you about where you are, and sends out your position to people you share your personal code with. The way the personal code would work would be that you pressed the buttons in a certain sequence, and for 30 or so minutes some one could see your location if both of you typed the personal code in and pulled on a button on the other side of where the normal 3 buttons would be. Also I would love this watch, so please pick me 🙂

  • Gregory Gonsalves

    Another addition to the growing list of interesting green watches. A mechanical altimeter would be a nice addition to the watch.

  • Drail

    Great watch!