WATCH GIVEAWAY: Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver

WATCH GIVEAWAY: Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver Giveaways

We all like a success story. The Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver watch is one of those. After a fruitful crowdfunding campaign the brand's newest dive watch is here and one lucky aBlogtoWatch audience member can win one this month. Moreover, the winner can have their choice of a marine bronze-cased Zelos Hammerhead, or a 316L stainless steel model with a Damascus-style steel bezel.

At 44mm wide and 17mm thick, the Zelos Hammerhead Diver is water-resistant to 1000 meters and designed to blend modern and traditional aesthetic elements. The watch is meant to emphasize legibility as well as the bold assertiveness that enthusiasts seek in today's independent brand-designed sport watches. Inside the Zelos Hammerhead is a Japanese-made Seiko NH35 automatic mechanical movement. Depending on the version, retail price for the Zelos Hammerhead is $529 - $629. Enter below for your chance to win one this month on aBlogtoWatch.

To Enter You Must:

1. Comment on this post below (on, not Facebook, or elsewhere you might see this article) before the giveaway is over with your valid e-mail address where required (if you've signed up for the commenting system before, your e-mail should already be in there). In the body of your comment, mention a material that you want your next dive watch to be produced in or to feature.

2. Be a pal. If possible, "like" or follow all or any of the following:

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3. Wait until the giveaway is over on January 31, 2017, for the winner to be chosen at random. A couple of basic rules. You can only enter once. You must comment with a valid e-mail address where you can be reached. Your comment must be confirmed and approved. You must complete the objectives to be considered. You are responsible for providing your contact shipping information if you are chosen. Shipping restrictions to non-US entrants may apply based on sponsor's policies. Giveaway watch selection based on sponsor's inventory and watch availability. All comments made after the end of the giveaway period will not be considered. If you are chosen as a winner, you then have 24 hours to ensure receipt of your full shipping information or an alternative winner will be chosen. For the full terms and conditions, please click here.

Good luck, and thanks to Zelos, the sponsor of the Hammerhead 1000m Diver watch giveaway here at aBlogtoWatch!

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  • Christopher Huang

    Would love to have this watch for this brand new Year!

  • Christopher Huang

    Christopher Huang

    3 minutes ago

    Would love to have this watch for this brand new Year!
    Will be definitely good to be produced in Switzerland and Made in Platinum. I believe it will be very corrosive resistance against the harsh environment we face during diving.

  • ??????

    I’d love to see some stainless steel based case, but from a grade – exceeding the 316L, with polished surfaced treated like ceramic and brushed surfaces treated like “frosten german silver”, but also scratch-proof. For the dial, I’d prefer some lacquer like Urushi with beatiful markers painted with Superluminova C3. Hands – white gold with C3.

  • Michael

    The bronze one has an interesting look to it, but I really just like my dive watches in good old stainless steel.

  • Subhadip Ghosh-Ray

    Mankind’s oldest alloy for a dive watch is a great move by Zelos and would adorn my meagre wrist with an unwavering pride. It gives the watch a distinctive edge which only a handful of others before have executed well. The protective patina, antimagnetic nature and reassuring Japanese heart beating within sounds like the perfect dive watch formula. Let’s hope it works for Zelos!

  • Elijs Dima

    I would really like a dive watch made from Tungsten. Rado does this to some extent (or did), but I’d like a micro to do a slightly nicer, less ‘retro’ design of it.

  • Awesome giveaway once again – love both metals especially the Damascus steel. I’d like to see a dive watch in carbon.

  • arnemart

    The best material for a dive watch is probably good old stainless steel.

  • George Tsatalios

    That is an awesome watch guys!

  • Sztankovics Dusan

    My next dive watch will be bronze, so this is a good time to get it. *fingers crossed*

  • Htaylor

    would love to win the watch! well i hope to see watches being made in carbon (fibre). that would be cool 🙂

  • Jeremy Bell

    I’d love a tungsten carbide cased watch, scratches a thing of the past!

  • Mehmet Kasap

    Bronze would be my choice, since it becomes a more personal item as time goes by with the patina, thanks.

  • Stefanos Stylianou

    I was so close to ordering a hammerhead!
    Definitely bronze is the material I’d like, with a blue dial

  • Dmitry

    Best watch — Titanium watch.

  • IamSES

    Great giveaway.
    My next dive watch will actually be made of Bronze, preferably the Hammerhead 🙂

  • Dominik Rocchi

    Damaskus steel made from old submarine parts, as a little gadget 😉

  • j4m3z

    I like a dive watch made of titanium and light materials.

  • HereForThePrize

    A dive watch made out of good quality plastic.

  • Ju LaGrez

    I would love m’y next dive watch made of titanium or ceramic ! Thanks

  • Ben McLendon

    I’ve always been a stainless steel watch guy… but I think it’s time to add a bronze watch to the collection.

  • Dennis Joseph

    I like the Hammerheads style, very nice. Would love this on my wrist!? Would love my next dive watch to be in bronze and be able observe it patina with age.

  • Andrew Buckley

    I would like my next dive watch to be made of whale bone with a module which monitors the density of cod stocks in the North Sea.

  • Samson Chung

    I haven’t have a dive watch in my collection, would be great to start of with this Zelos Hammerhead. Pick me!!!

  • Steven Williams

    Cool looking watches…would like to have a new Divers watch too!

  • Dénes Albert

    I would like to see more ceramic divers from microbrands/startups. The AP ROO diver in white ceramic and the Omega PO GMT Deep Black are two of my firm favourites – both unfortunately beyond my current financial possibilities.

  • Anders Sederholm

    A bronse diver would be cool.

  • Karl J Seward

    I would like to see bronze used in my next dive watch.

  • Sarosto

    I would very much like to see a carbon fiber cased diver

  • Darren

    Definitely cool looking watches.

    I think bronze would look great on a chunky divers watch

  • Harold Buttolph

    I prefer Titanium in a dive watch due to the lighter weight

  • Ryan

    I would like to see a dive watch that features tritium as the luminous material.

  • bikeohio

    Bronze! I still haven’t acquired a bronze-encased piece. A bronze diver seems fitting. Thanks for the chance!

  • Andreas

    Bronze for sure. Seen so many awesome photos of this lovely strong looking watch, sure would love to own one.

  • Jim Delaney

    Well for my own next (err….first) dive watch, I love the look and idea of bronze but would probably go with steel or titanium.

  • Bronze or titanium. Everything I own is steel. Had my eye on this Zelos for a while.

  • RobertC

    I would like my dive watch to be made of titanium and with meteorite
    dial (just like the one in Zelos hammerhead). Looks amazing. Also to
    include tritium like the one from Vostok. Those have really clear
    luminous dials. Also it should be above 500m a least water resistance.
    🙂 Not just look apart, but to have the specs also.
    Anyway… have a Happy New Year and a 2017 to your liking.

  • araziza

    I would love my next (and first) dive watch to incorporate meteorite.

  • Tom Canedy

    Love the watch. Want it in stainless.

  • Steve Bowden

    I would love my next dive watch to feature a dial made of ‘Mother of Pearl’. The Lume would be Blue Superluminova. I think it would be great to contrast the feminine iridescent dial with a case and bezel that was very masculine, perhaps black matte DLC.

  • FK87

    I’d love my next dive watch to be made of titanium – light and durable,as a diver should be

  • Lincolnshire Poacher

    Been looking at bronze, and even some brass cased dive watches for a while now. I like the whole idea of the personnel patination.
    How about caste iron? Is it even possible? It’d certainly be prone to rust. I don’t know if it’d be possible to do it so it looked nice, but it’d be very different, and heavy.

  • Miguel -MO

    Great looking watch … I like them both but would prefer the one in stainless steel

  • Conservatarian TX

    I love the idea of a bronze or brass dive watch.

    • Jlh5683

      Feels Divey, reminds me of the old diving helmets

  • Bluesview

    Stainless steel for me.

  • Jason

    A dive watch in a hardened stainless steel is definitely my preference.

  • Chris Enstad

    I love my stainless steel divers but titanium is my favorite

  • Jim B

    The Christopher Ward is absolutely perfect!

    • Jlh5683

      Did you just comment on the ad?

  • Jlh5683

    While I understand the reason for using steel, and trust me I sure do appreciate it, I love the effect of rose gold and it reminds me of it with this bronze application.

  • Niel

    Although I’ve always buy watches in either stainless steel or titanium, the marine bronze looks awesome!

  • Alf Fernández

    For a dive watch I’d like to have some titanium model. I like the way titamium looks and love the light weight.
    Happy new year to everybody here from Spain 🙂

  • Billde

    That bronze is killer. Very different…

  • Jeremy Chua

    I would like a fully hardened throughout titanium, like Damasko’s hardened steel, for a dive watch. :))

  • David Williams

    I would go for bronze, definitely – maybe treated to resist corrosion, aka patination. Bronze has a distinguished history of being used to make ships’ fittings and machinery – a bronze watch would have an enjoyable affinity with this.

  • William Hargen

    Interesting peice

  • Brandon Fang

    That bronze piece is very nice. And at the prices they want, very affordable too. Poor man’s Black Bay Bronze perhaps?

  • Razvan Cojocaru

    Stainless steel for sure,soild and heavy.

  • APajic

    Whoa, what a piece. I was not aware of the company before, but I do like it! Especially on my wide wrists, the 44mm look just right.
    All of my divers are either stainless steel, or tegimented steel (Sinn) – I wouldn’t object to a ceramic watch though! And preferably one that doesn’t come with the Blancpain 50 fathoms price tag. 🙂

  • Marcus Tee

    The material that I would like for the next dive watch to be produced in or to feature is made of high-strength seawater-resistant German Submarine Steel. Other than Sinn watches. I would like to see if there are other watch company could produce such quality cases. And i do hope i could win this amazing Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver watch. Thanks.

  • par167

    Ceramic. Light weigh or titanium.

  • Jason Mirabello

    Bronze body, Damascus steel bezel and crown , titanium case back…now we’re talking !!!!!

  • Omri Suissa

    marine bronze looks awesome

  • SuperStrapper

    As a fan of metals and materials that show experience, I’d like to see a cover alloy that gives it strength and hardness but still allows it to patina. Could be interesting. Other han that I’d always be interested in seeing something silly or overly exotic: waspaloy, tantalum, inconel, monel, etc.

  • Daniel D.

    My first choice would be titanium followed by stainless.

  • Paul Elam

    Great to see a new brand producing some amazing, boldly designed dive watches. I love the idea and the look of a Damascus bezel – nicely done! I’d love to see a Damascus dial with a tegimented steel, rock-hard and scratch-resistant case and bracelet so it will withstand wear and tear. Nothing gets me mite that getting dinner stories swirlies and marks in a new watch!

  • Claudiu

    Titanium is a nice material for a watch case

  • Marc Vitug

    Titanium or damascus

  • OrigamiHammer

    “The requisite comment .” The previous English words displayed within quotes and ending in a period comprise the requisite comment (hereafter referred to as “the comment” or simply “comment) for the giveaway entry. Said comment (i.e. “The requisite comment .”) is here posted in accordance with the contest rules. The poster of said comment (i.e. “The requisite comment .”), using the online “handle” (name) of OrigamiHammer, has little expectation of actually winning the previously mentioned contest based on statistical assessment and historical precedent, but is meeting the requirements set forth in the contest rules “just in case”.

  • Marcus Fischer

    Titanium – lightweight, durable and sporty-elegant.

  • Sebby Borriello

    Titanium and non stop always illumination of the dial

  • stumpelriltzchen

    A case made of 100% saphire crystal, with sharp edges to break the light, could be interesting visually, especially under water. On the other hand, functionally, stainless stell is hard to beat.

  • Yan Fin

    Solid looking watch. Like the idea of bronze, but would prefer Damascus-style steel bezel.

  • JJ Villarino

    Classic steel, but bronze is intriguing.

  • Douglas Weedman

    Recovered part of the hull of a famous ship!!

  • Jeff Story

    I’d like to see a Damascus steel watch, although that might not work well as a diver. Other than that, some of the composites could be interesting to see what could be done with.

  • Rocky Scaletta

    I’d like some kind of high-tech steel, either an anti-scratch coating, hardening process, higher grade steel, etc. Bronze is ugly and ceramic is too fragile!

  • Krzysztof Smo?ka

    Stainless steel – for sure! 🙂

  • christopher jensen

    Titanium and/or Damascus have both been on my want list for some time.

  • GratisShark

    As you can tell by my user name, I couldn’t stay away from a model named “Hammerhead”! Looks fantastic as well!

  • ndre

    Scratch resistant titanium and sapphire bezel.

  • br1ce

    Titanium or ceramic would be great!

  • PAltares

    I think a Damascus steel would be pretty eye catching. I personally like satin-y, brushed steel looking stuff though. Honestly I never really cared for bronze stuff until I began seeing some of the stuff being made with it recently, from watches to other little pocket gizmos and stuff.

  • Dirk Moser

    Gigant wall clock for hamsterhouse ? Ja ? Ja ?

  • Carbotanium like what Pagani uses in their cars.

  • GratisShark

    Forgot to mention the material. I’ve never owned a piece with bronze. I thought it would be interesting to hand down a watch with proper patina to one of my sons.

  • Benefon

    Marine-grade aluminium, light and durable like Buster boats.

  • Michael

    It’s taken me a while to come around to it, but I’ve grown to really like bronze watches. For a dive watch this is a perfect material. You can guess which one I’d pick out of these two then!

  • Jack D.

    My next one will probably be steel, but carbon intrigues me. The Tempest Carbon, for example. It’s affordable, and the carbon case looks interesting/different.

  • Gabriel

    I would like to have a Ceramic watch. I havent one first the price and then I am afraid if this hit something it will break. Must be invented something to make them less fragile

  • Luke White

    Titanium from a decommissioned SR-71!

  • madgraf

    I’d be interested in a ceramic bezel as I like they way they look on the new Omega POs.

  • Frank

    There are so many great materials out there but, if I have to pick one, I’ll go with bronze. I don’t have one yet so it goes on the list for 2017.

  • nfromto

    Lately I have been eyeing an assortment of bronze divers so this give away is perfect. Thank you

  • Luke

    I love how bronze looks when it’s brand new but to be honest I’m not a huge fan of how it ages (i.e. Oris’ diver). I think I’d prefer titanium. But I have to stay I do like the look of this “artificial patina” hammerhead.

  • Quentin Kuhlman

    I think bronze is an incredibly interesting materiel for a watch given that the patina will be completely different for each person. Everyone has a different lifestyle and purpose for such a watch and I believe the patina will reflect that which gives it much more character in my opinion.

  • RoadWarrior

    Ti and bronze combo with Tritium tubes and SuperLuminova combined with 28,800 BPH automatic movement would be something I am interested in. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • frank m

    I have always been a huge fan of carbon fiber. For some reason I think it just looks so cool and classy

  • 112010

    I would like this watch in titanium. Yes!

  • Jason Yee

    I have been looking for a bronze diver for my next watch purchase – I think its such an interesting material for a watch case, and especially makes sense in a dive watch.

  • Steve

    Titannium is the hardest metal can be used for a perfect watch and the lightest one with beautiful grayish color, hope to see sponsor will consider using this material for next watch.

  • TPaulD

    Excellent watch to win. i would like to see my nest divers with thin but solid gold hands including the second hand or just a gold second hand and stainless steel casing.
    This may or may not be practical but there you go..

  • edo bhaskara

    Patina produced by bronze is always great. For next watch maybe titanium diver would be nice.

  • nclt

    Very nice both of them, actually I’d go for the steel one. As material I like carbon but for tough people who like challenge I’d go for tungsten: even if it may not be possible to make the watch out of it, some details might be. Regards,

  • Rodeojones000

    A bronze watch is on my 2017 must have list. What a better time to start than now?

  • Brian Dunleavy

    There’s this material called timascus, it’s like Damascus Steel but there’s another step in the process that makes it colored. It’s an extremely cool material and it would be awesome to see a timascus bezel or some other small accent on this watch.

  • Robin

    Would be a nice way to start the new year!

  • Jim B

    Very nice !


    Tamahagane steel

  • Rafael Lirio

    I think carbon fiber would be an incredible option. Light weight, beauty and toughness.

  • Adam Schwartz

    I’ve been thinking about pulling the trigger on the Black Bay Bronze since I feel that a bronze watch would be a beautiful addition to my collection, but this Zelos bronze with meteorite is far more stunning!

  • Alexander Crawford

    I like the bronze option… Premium ukulele companies like Kamaka or Kanilea often inlay sand into the fretboard and headstock of their more expensive instruments. I think this might be an interesting (to say nothing of unique) material to feature in the face of a dive watch.

  • Dave

    Great looking watches. I’ve been wanting one ever since they were announced but now seem sold out. would make an excellent start to 2017

  • Jeremy

    I really like the bronze case designs and the idea that they patina over time with the wearer. I have wanted one for some time now. What better fits the nautical theme of a dive watch? I would also like to see more cot conscious ceramic watches. It’s an exciting material with bullet proof scratch resistance and a range of great finishes available.

  • Chris MoJo

    Great giveaway. I have a Bronze watch and I love the way the patina is developing. I think a dive watch with zinc elements could be interesting as the zinc would develop a very different patina.

  • mtbkr65

    I am planning to make this my only purchase of 2017! That is unless I win it.

  • Yojimbo

    I’m on the fence with these watches design-wise, the bronze-ish one seems a touch better visually but those are renderings it looks like, so it’s nigh impossible to say. Material wise I’m thinking 904L or gettdafugouttahere

  • Allen Ross

    I would love for my next dive watch watch to consist of a matted carbon fiber as I can see it having a really stealth look!

  • Ted Cole

    I find most dive watches fairly boring, but these look pretty cool. And one has the metal that I have been looking for: bronze. Double bonus!

  • Raymond Wilkie

    Ticks all the right boxes, solidly made, clear to read. The silver version just wins against the bronze.

  • Rush Pairush Chokmaitree

    Like to see Bronze case in blast-bead (if possible). And Meteorite dial is cool…

  • dz

    I’d love to see a bronze dive watch, like an old diving helmet

  • Daniel Chng

    Meteorite dial is definitely cool. Wish watchmakers did more of these at the entry level, not just for dive watches.

  • Jim MacNeil

    The bronze looks like it belongs in the sea!

  • Phil R.

    I would love a watch made of stainless steel. The bezel on the hammerhead watch is very unique. The stainless steel watch can go with any type of wear whether you’re dressed up or casual.

  • Omegaboy

    Not entering for this one. It’d stretch my left arm out an inch or two..

  • Stoppel1

    I want to buy a bronze or brass watch this year but haven’t decidet which one.
    As a material for a watch i would like to see magnesium or if possible mokume gane.

  • Edward Foo

    Titanium FTW 😀

  • Oskar Svahn

    The bronze one looks amazing..

  • Thor Svaboe

    I would like my next diver to feature a case of forged carbon fibre, as I have yet to enjoy the lightness of this wonder material….. Would be a nice contrast to the brass hammerhead should I draw the winning ticket here…..:-):-)

  • ted

    Titanium with platinum bezel

  • Janko Bajagic

    The bronze is pretty awesome but carbon would be awesome

  • Andrew Reittinger

    I’ll jump on the bronze train with several other posters. Would be a really unique material to have in the lineup.

  • Suba Pál

    Tungsten carbide.

  • Andy Stenke

    Titanium, I love that grey. Maybe with a ceramic bezel?!??

  • wallydog2

    I have a bronze Halios. It’s a warm metal with character – something like the owner- not stainless steel of a dentist’s drill, or the gold of an old roue. Bronze is old and has been around the block, something like sensible shoes.

  • Gabor Tonka

    A big Like for the bronze one! Titanium would be nice, too!

  • Juan Pablo Gomez

    I would like to see a diving watche featuring or made of 904L steel, like Rolex watches do. Not only because it has better polish but also because of its strength and high corrosion resistance.

  • tim blanz

    Love the legibility of the bronze bezel markers!

  • Florian Schier

    Such a nice Watch. Would love to own one!

  • KJRye

    Love this unique design. I actually have no bronze in my collection, that would be my choice for my next dive watch.

  • Kris Brunsden

    I’d have to take the bronze. I like Damascus steel but I’m just not a fan of it on the bezel. Still though, pretty cool watch.

  • NDL1

    I have several friends that have Zelos Hammerheads with meteorite dial and others with bronze cases. They are beautiful pieces that were quite a value when originally offered. I would have preferred a high beat movement, rather than the NH35, though.

    I would like to see my next watch sport a heavy, but sturdy metal such as bronze or tungsten with an enamel or meteorite dial. Other not as distressed space rock would work as well.

  • ????????

    Ceramic and sapphire glass

  • Steve


  • Pete LeCren

    Would really love a bronze. Also would like to add a ceramic diver at some stage!

  • chris casaus

    Cool beefy divers. Don’t own a bronze piece, that one would be cool.

  • Y Til

    I like the bronze style and would love to have my next diving watch made of it.

  • Mike V


  • JesseSifuentes

    Definitely bronze, i love the unique look it provides! Sapphire glass goes without saying. These Zelos’s are very nice.

  • Brad Herndon

    Sapphire crystal with ceramic case. Zeros is sharp watch!

  • Luke Sevior

    The bronze model of this watch looks great so will go with that otherwise something ceramic.

  • Jun Lee

    Lume bezel and lumed crown

  • Magnus Graven

    Bronze always seems to look good in dive watches. Silver is pretty cool too, feels like only old pocket watches are made in silver at times 🙁

  • Ulysses31

    Personally i’m not a fan of bronze, or the patina that so many rave about. It looks dirty to me. I prefer a clean look that to me expresses the durability of a watch and its ability to resist corrosion and time. Perhaps a watch made from tungsten or another super-hard, dense and rare metal would be appropriate.

  • Christian Lévesque

    My next dive watch will definitely have bronze in it. The Hammerhead fits this need perfectly.

  • Daryl Okayama

    I second JTFMT, Tamahagane steel would be sharp (pun intended) and unique! Winning either one of these would be great!

  • Jason

    That titanium looks real nice.

  • Tina Abelarde

    I would love my next dive watch to have a feature that tells the depth of the water when you are diving. 🙂

  • Tina Abelarde

    I would love my next dive watch to have a feature that tells the depth of the water when I am diving. 🙂

  • Duffy Olson

    Bronze weathers so well. Definitely have to go withthat.

  • Jim B

    Titanium will last last

  • Shinytoys

    I’m thinking carbon fiber, or at least a good portion of the watch would be made from this wonderful material. If it stands up to the abuse and exposure that our race bikes provide, I think a watch would be reasonable request.

  • Dan Ramirez

    I’ve always had my dive watches in brushed stainless steel, though I won’t mind having my next one in rose gold either.

  • ?ukasz Cegielski

    Looks great in titanium

  • MydogBuck

    Dive watch fan here, love the bronze.

  • Cam Nadeau

    I would like my next dive watch to be 904L stainless steel.

  • Nice looking titanium watch!

  • Wilson Meeks

    Nice watch. Stainless steel best for dive watches

  • Liang Yuan

    bronze will be next for me. The material really suits the nautical theme well.

  • LapYoda

    Happy new year! Zelos makes a solid watch; I have an Abyss myself. But to change it up, I’d like a diver in titanium, or barring that, in mokume gane with different metals.

  • David van der Bokke

    Looking for a titanium dive watch..

  • Chris Davis

    Bronze, bronze, bronze and bronze. Maybe titanium.

  • Anders Malm

    I’ve been looking for a bronze watch for a while. But titanium is nice too.

  • Yohaan Jacob

    A steel diver would be my next acquisition.

  • K.C. Ng

    An aluminium alloy watch is just about the only thing we haven’t seen. It’s long been use d for aerospace applications and there is the risk of galvanisation when used alongside steel parts, but aluminium alloys for marine applications do exist, and these are challenges that can be overcome.

  • Andrew Hughes

    I would like to see a dive watch in ice hardened steel (matte finish to keep the barracuda’s away), ceramic bezel.

  • at1time

    I would like a bronze watch. Better yet I would like to win one.Happy New Year!!

  • Josh Chessman

    Great way to enter the new year!

  • Eric

    Happy New Year!
    Titanium would be my obvious choice: it does not corrode so it’s good for salty environments. It’s tough and lightweight. Also while diving you do not want reflective surfaces (like polished metal that scares fish away) and titanium looks great when brushed.

  • Andrew Shilov

    Bronze + stainless steel, combined 🙂

  • Gary Aerne

    I like the look of Brass. I think a watch made form brass are classy and cool

  • Manzur Dan

    i love bronze look on diver watches, for me it’s next target on a diver.

  • eric

    Bronze would be a great idea!

  • markusp

    definitely bronze!

  • Kristian Kohler

    I would love to see a diver with Ceramic case, titanium crown and meteorite dial.

  • Nick

    Titanium would be good, I’ve not seen bronze in person but like the idea.

  • Bill W

    Tantalum with a gold movement. FP Journe dive watch, that’s what I’d like to see…

  • dfbugeja

    i would apply a very fine textile over the dial, or a very fine steel mesh to give an interesting and unusual texture. thumbs up for the use of bronze and meteorite. Thank you for this opportunity and happy new year to all! A big hello to watch enthusiasts from Malta!

  • Stopkata


  • Vexed

    I feel like ceramic would be great for a dive watch, minor damage like scratches would be negligible which would be great as you could use it as a tool watch without worrying about damaging your timepiece

  • Brian

    Maybe tungsten carbide.

  • ZBT71

    The Zelos Hammerhead 1000m Diver watch clearly is a distinctive piece of kit in either marine bronze or the 316L stainless steel with the Damascus-style steel bezel. Perhaps in the near future with technology being brought down to worldly cost levels a diver watch can be produced for the masses using a case made entirely of sapphire crystal.

  • Blaize

    This brand is the proof that it is not mandatory to exist since 1780 to produce interesting time pieces. I like the looks, I like the style and I like the price!

  • Jonathan Davies

    A brushed Tungsten Carbide dive watch would be amazing. Maybe in a lighter shade like a light gray with a different shade for the crown as an accent. It shouldn’t be too bulky though because I think the tungsten would make it feel pretty heavy.

  • Vamsi

    Coral dial and bronze case… Perfect for the dive occasion.

  • senfnas

    rusted iron

  • Well, I’ve had resin, steel, titanium and aluminum watches, so bronze or ceramic are good ideas for me and my next watch! Tungsten carbide is ok but with time it wears (I have one that the bezel and crown is covered in that, it has lasted lots of years, but it’s showing wear).

    Also, a giveaway can’t be wrong all the time, for sure this time you’ll get it right and I’ll be the (rightful) winner and owner of this bronze diver!

  • Derek Berdin

    Stainless steel case with resin straps, shock proof material plus specific pressure inside the watch. In short epic watch

  • Derek Berdin

    Carbon fiber coated movement with gold plated borders, silver number on case with titanium body and stainless steel straps.

  • funkright

    Ceramic. Titanium and Carbon, would love to have a diver composed of those materials

  • Derek Berdin

    From the word itself zelos, ancient personification of zeal also emulation which mean ambitious!! Above all, achievement. For my next material i want it to be titanium with carbon fiber coating. In short hand carved and built by gods

  • SH

    Love the Bronze one. Maybe brass for a dive watch, a classic vintage marine material.

    • Sheez Gagoo

      Wouldn’t recommend brass. Smells weird, turns your wrist green and smelly and the 2% amount of lead is not very good for health. Brass watches were normally covered with chrome.

  • The Grand Kipis

    Titanium is best

  • Ramon Abreu

    Happy to see the brand is succeeding since its crowdfunding days, wouldn’t mind owning one and evaluating its merits.

  • Otso


  • Alejandro Cifuentes

    Titanium <3

  • Definitely ceramic. Titanium makes for a lightweight bracelet, but a ceramic casing wouldn’t be at risk of shattering at the most likely reachable depths. Plus, it’s just cool.

  • Lauri Mäkinen


  • Wally

    Bronze and ceramic would be both great materials, even a mix of them for (like Omega does for the bezel) would be even better. Ceramic is very fragile.

  • Jonathan

    Titanium would be fantastic.

  • Rhobot


  • Dru

    I don’t know how water resistant or pressure tolerant it is, but I’d love to see my next dice watch built using some sort of composite material like carbon fibre.

  • Michal Pštross


  • Antoine Rollin

    Titanic iron

  • San Tapia

    Bronze and Ceramic

  • Stephen Wright

    Tungsten would be really interesting

  • Jaycee

    It would be really neat to see a watch built featuring a sulfuric acid resistant steel.

  • Mitch

    Tungsten steel would be a cool metal to make a dive watch out of.

  • Riyad Abdool

    A new material that mimics the colour and the patina property of copper will be very cool. It might give the aged look with a nice textured rubber band…not the regular ones that have become prevalent these days!

  • Giorgio B.

    Titanium with ceramic inserts!

  • Andrew Turner

    I would like a carbon fibre cased divers watch– stealthy looking, with unique patterning.

  • Kirk Macdonald

    I think that going back to bronze and brass would be would a choice of nostalgia over utility. Titanium is a great option giving the corrosion resistance. Also, the lightness of titanium could compensate for the general large size and weight of diver watches. I really like the look of the new ceramic Omega Seamasters. For a diver, which is a tool watch in my mind, ceramic would be my choice. And it would give me an excuse for getting an Omega Seamaster! However, I do love the use of Damascus steel on this watch. A wonderful artistic choice!

  • Joakim Eriksson

    I would like to see a diver in carbon fiber, saphire front/back and dark grey rubber strap. Delicious ?

  • Scott Rhue

    I really like weathered brass/bronze look like in the Zelos featured here. Been wanting one for a while but then other things come up. It just seems right and makes me think of giant diving helmets and portholes for some reason. I also like when dive watches use black mother of pearl as a dial material.

  • Daniele Bonaldo

    I think that the combination of bronze case and rubber strap is the best for divers with a retro look.

  • Terry Pitts

    I am loving the “weathered” bronze look. But I am also intrigued with how Damascus steel would age over time. This is really a great looking piece. Being a geezer with old eyes, however, I could do without the date. Make it pristine for me!!! LOL!!!

  • CARLOS Dator

    Black ceramic case and bezel, and sapphire crystal would be, to me, the perfect materials for a dive watch. Of course, an automatic helium release valve would also be a welcome feature along with rubber band with deployment buckle.

  • Josef Schmid

    I want my next diver to be made of titanium.

  • NoiseTank

    The bronze one looks absolutely stunning, boy would I like that. Maybe some day 🙂

  • Sam

    Does titanium make a good diver watch? I really like divers, and I really want a titanium watch

  • jra716


  • Joseph Jordan

    I’d love to see a dive watch made out of wood. Probably wouldn’t last long, but it’d be cool to see if it could work.

  • himem65535

    Definitely titanium … light, strong, resistant. My least preferred would be bronze.

  • Emanuel Costache

    Dive watch made of black satin titanium could be interesting

  • James D

    I love the bronze version with rubber strap. It looks awesome. I would like a divewatch that features a platinum bezel!

  • Tim

    A diver with some weight and the look of case hardened steel would be cool if it could be sealed to maintain appearance after water exposure.

  • Djsherif

    Very interesting pieces, great design. Thanks for the opportunity. Would like a watch made of a self healing material. A liquid metal in solid form??? Who knows.

  • Jason Sheppard

    I would like a dive watch with a day off the week function and at a reasonable price too

  • Laurie W

    I think titanium would be the best choice as it’s light, durable, and slow to rust in salt water.

  • vasilis anagnostopoulos

    I think Titanium or Carbon fiber would make great watch cases. Thank you for your kindness for having this constest.

  • mtnsicl

    I’d like to see a watch made of steel and blued just like a gun. In fact a whole watch with a gun motif would be really cool!

  • How about iridium? It’s a metal who’s “mechanical strength is an essential factor in some of the extremely severe conditions encountered in modern technology”, and would have some serious heft, just shy of platinum.

  • 0059mike

    I prefer to see something in carbon fiber. something new, different from the crowd.

    great contest.

  • Tim

    I’d like to have a bronze or blackened steel diving watch.

  • JChisholm

    I’d like black tegimented with a solid ceramic bezel.

  • Adam Goldstein

    I would love a bronze dive watch.

  • Mat P.

    I would like a Black ceramic case and bezel with a domed sapphire crystal.

  • Astronuts

    Applied polished coral hour markers.

  • Gary H

    Titanium compression case with an extension in the buckle for a wet suit. HE valve is useless in rec and most tech depths anyway

  • Chia Christopher

    I would like a ice hardened steel case dive watch, similar material to my Damasko DC56.

  • Matthew Liu

    Stainless steel but with automotive paint on top

  • Ty

    I love the bezel on the steel model. Also i quite like the minute track and how the minute & seconds hands actually reach it.

  • Roberto García Cela

    I would like a ceramic case

  • Johann Espiritu

    I have steel, titanium, and bronze divers watches and would like a ceramic one next! Or mayb an unusual metal such a magnesium or tungsten

  • Ryan Singer

    All kinds of quality metals are already being used, more ceramic would look cool because of the colour options. Would also like to see materials from the sea, teeth, shells, etc.

  • Patrick Moraal

    Great watches these Zelos divers. My preferred material would be titanium, but maybe with the dial made from outer space material.

  • Elias Schön


  • Omar

    I’m definitely impressed with them as a start up brand. I’d be curious to see the damascus steel up close and personal.

  • bert gillespie

    Mother of Pearl would look great and provide a maritime feel.

  • Elie

    Cool design indeed for me as would be great if they make the liquid diving watches of titanium.

  • Roger Swiper

    Zelos deserve the success they have achieved. The Hammerhead is a striking piece.

  • Garrett Hu

    I like the bronze one.

  • tolerance

    Why to reinvent the wheel? Made of steel as usual, titan plated as a bonus.

  • bastien koert

    I’d like a nice titanium watch, super light and strong.

  • jahenson

    I’m looking at the black bay bronze as my next purchase, so bronze.

  • Foek

    How about a forged carbon case..

  • Bryan M

    I’ve been thinking about a new Ti dive watch.

  • Randy Bradford

    I would like to see a dive watch made with a brass case and bracelet. Especially one that has
    aged and not polished out.

  • Elliot

    I really like the black bay bronze as well, so probably bronze. Or possibly even titanium just because of its great material properties.

  • Mark Haywood

    Agree with other comments. Blue ceramic diver such as Blancpain would be on my wish list.


    I love titanium, would be the go for me

  • Alex

    Always liked the look of ceramic

  • Alex

    Titanium would definitely be my choice. Love the look and feel!

  • Brett Lintvelt

    Would like to see a skeleton diver in surface hardened titanium with ceramic bezel. Dial markings in superluminova etched onto inside of sapphire crystal.

  • Martin Chiu

    Anodized aluminum would be very interesting for a dive watch with weight and anti-corrosive properties.

  • Aaron Ryder

    I really, really want a brass/bronze diver. But I’d be interested to see a metal that oxidises somewhat used in a diver. Let the rust shape the watch in a similar way to bronze or brass Patinas. Don’t know if it’d be any good, I’d just like to see if it does.

  • Justin Disher

    I love the simple classic look of the stainless steel but I’m always open to other materials being used. Good luck everyone!

  • Sam

    Would love to see more titanium on zelos diver 😉

  • Bill Flannery

    With the Zelos Hammerhead Diver it’s nice to see a crowdfunding watch that actually looks like and sounds like it’s worth the money. With a watch that size Titanium may help with the weight situation, although the SS is my pick for the looks at the moment.

  • mayank singh

    Carbon fiber, the material of choice for next-gen dive watches!!

  • Ben Nabas

    Cool design. I really like the bronze version.

  • Jason McLaughlin

    Definitely need to add a bronze to the collection

  • Nathan Schneider

    A copper dive watch seems like it would get an amazing patina.

  • Louis Cheng

    Wish I can try this out in the water especially with that 1000m depth ability!

  • Martin

    Why not carbon fibre?? Pretty cool looking material in my opinion. And tough too.

  • Kelvin Wong

    I hope my next dive watch to be entirely constructed of Ceramic, including the bracelet!

  • Porcelain or enamel. I love how they look. Lets hope I win this..

  • Daniel Greengarten

    Another great watch by Zelos, classic appearance i am sure it will sell well.

  • Stephan Chan

    Definitely more Titanium or Submarine Steel Zelos

  • Brandon Jackson

    Titanium is epic!

  • Carol Roberts clark

    need to add a bronze to the collection

  • Ashkan Garshasbi

    like the crown

  • Dan Baxter

    I’ve been wanting a bronze diver for quite some time!

  • Trevor Hirst

    I think a bronze diver would be great with a ceramic bezel and maybe a meteorite dial. Rose gold markers. Yum! Something like the black bay meets the Oris Carl Brashear.

  • Jeff Addison

    Ceramic – lightweight and water resistant

  • Michael King

    I’ve been wanting a bronze watch. I like the meteor dial.

  • Nathan Sedlak

    I would prefer my next dive watch to be bronze. The patina that forms is something I love. I think the watch industry at large is catching on to bronze with big name manufacturers creating their own versions (like Tudor). I tend to like ceramic bezels too but bronze watches look great with all bronze bezels as well.

  • Colby

    Adamantium! O_o

  • Jeffrey Gougeon

    Definitely would like a bronze diver to see how it will age.

  • Johan Lindstrom

    I like the look of the 316L stainless steel model with a Damascus-style steel bezel. Very unique and different!

  • Muhammad Yasar

    I would like my next diver to be made of Carbotanium case, black coated titanium rotating bezel with a ceramic insert and black titanium bracelet. White clean dial with good legibility and have a high accuracy quartz movement.

  • Neill Levine

    I think I’d like to get a bronze divewatch – so it could age well with my antique bronze diving helmet (untested by me!)
    Either that or brass? Brass looks good when polished imho.

  • dylan

    titanium divers are the ultimate!

  • drThrillman

    Bronze or something like the carbotech by panerai.

  • Martin Vrlik

    bronze looks stunning…

  • Ryan

    I would like to see titanium and my email is

  • FlyingMoose

    I want a dive watch that’s made out of cheese.

  • Joey Freeze

    Titanium is super cool for dive watches.

  • Vincent Y

    With the right design, bronze is definitely the most appealing to me. Hoping to pick one up someday.

  • funNactive

    I like titanium for a dive watch. Bronze would also be cool for the patina it would develop.

  • bryan arent

    Not a fan of bronze coloring, carbon would be interesting.

  • Gregg Turcich

    hard to decide… they both have their on aesthetic

  • Neal Goodacre

    Would like to have bronze.

  • MBacc

    Boo Ya?????

  • Anne C

    The sturdy steel or titanium bracelets are great!

  • Richard Bias

    Titanium or carbon fiber for dive watches.

  • Brian Wells

    I’d love to see a tungsten watch.

  • Cary Lewison

    My next watch will be a bronze case. I am waiting for a manufacturer to design one with a bronze outer shell bracelet. The inner shell would be stainless.

  • Simeon

    Titanium, with power reserve indicator, 40-42 mm case, unique design

  • Rene Pedroso

    Blue MOP Sandwich Dial, BGW9 SL, Ceramic Bezel (w/BGW9 SL Indexes, HEV, 1000m WR, 46mm Case, Platinum Case and Bracelet, In-House Movement,

  • David Chung

    I would like my next diver watch to be in bronze as the patena ages naturally and with the owner.

  • Bald Steve

    I would love me a bronze watch, y’all. Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Gary

    i would not know which to select: the patinated nostalgia of the bronze or the perception of the contemporary with the Damascus Steel’ but I would love to have the choice.

  • Andrew Lai

    Blued steel. Would make an interesting look when used on the case. Pair well with a nice dark blue crocodile strap.

  • speedylover

    I’m a big fan of stainless steel so I would probably choose that as my next divers watch. But I am a fan of titanium.

  • Jason H


  • krypticide

    Only recently found this watch site.

  • LCslater

    Would love to see a dive watch with tarnished steel.

  • G Street

    Stainless steel all the way!

  • Manuel

    Damascus (stainless) steel would be nice.

  • Whoisi

    Superalloy for dive watch. This superalloy should be high corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength (the thickness of the dive watch can be reduced), scratch resistance and free allergy on the skin.

  • David Dellinger

    Metal for a dive watch? How about lead? Or at least lead-colored, like maybe graphite or something. Why? Because it’s a DIVE watch, and back in the day diving was all about strapping a bunch of clunky grey lead weights to your waist and jumping off a boat. I want to see a dive watch that harkens back to the days when scuba diving was exotic and dangerous and rugged and cool, before it became a watered-down (ha!) tropical resort activity filled with neon day-glo colors.

  • Susanti

    stainless steel ofc!

  • Sergiu Luca

    Probably Stainless Steel as the cheapest options but Ti would go much lighter and Bronze that in certain cases have a special charm are equally good options. It must also match the overall design as I saw many cases were the Ti (or PVD), for instance, didn’t go well with the watch look. In this case I would go for the Bronze version!

  • Jerry Glassco

    The Blued steel on a nice rubber strap with the bronze buckle from Zelos would be my pick if not on the stainless steel strap with the bronzed head..

  • nils444

    Submarine grade alloy steel is the natural choice. I am more interested in the design and specifications rather than the material.

  • Sean Kim

    stainless steel

  • Chen Weizhong

    Awesome piece. love the bronze case !

  • Dave Ryan

    Jus some forged carbon T a reasonable price

  • Pacheaco

    I’ve always like seeing more bronze on dive watches

  • Zachary

    Whale bone dial. Obviously don’t kill whales for it, but just harvest bits from dead whales.

  • Sully

    The bronze case is delightful!

  • HPWatchEnthusiast

    First, I should admit I am shamelessly interested in winning this watch. I think the idea of a modestly priced watch with 1000m rating and a Seiko movement is terrific. In terms of case material, if this was my first watch, I would definitely want stainless steel. Since it isn’t, I’d be very interested in bronze. I am doing a 2 week snorkeling trip in 2017 and would love to win and do a trip report.

  • Grumpy Cat

    I would like to see the dive watch case and optional bracelet made out of Ruthenium.

  • ?????? ?????????

    Bronze and stainless steel is great for this watch!

  • Tan Qing Wei Philemon


  • JackPShepard

    Ti-Au Titanium gold alloy! just because.

  • Mohamed

    Zelos, just a great watch. excellent design I already own Abyss and its just perfect. The beauty of Zelos watch that it builds its own personality over thousands of watch brands. It looks so professional with excellent finish. I really wish to get either the stainless or the bronze. both are perfect.

  • Benny Reidiboim

    Adamantium would be a nice 😉

  • Jesse B. Jiang

    Bronze + titanium would be nice!

  • louis martinez

    Bronze would be just fine with me.

  • MikeyMo34

    Aqualoy 22!

  • Martin

    Bronze is sth I secretly prefer quite some time. That aged patina makes it unique, archaic, yet appealing (at least for me…). Apart bronze, maybe brass would be interesting

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    The bronze one is perfect! An alternative material would be titanium. A long time ago I had an titanium watch and I really liked how the material felt on my skin.

  • Tom

    I want my next watch to be stainless steel so that it does not rust

  • Lawrence BonForte

    Pearl, or perhaps mother of pearl would be appropriate. In general however, a dive watch should feature materials that add to it’s durability or legibility.

  • Markus

    I would like to see more submarine steel in dive watches- fits the theme and makes a lot of sense functionally.

  • Lorenzo

    for a diver the perfect material is titanium. although the bronze makes the watch a unique charm.

  • Tayyab Pirzada

    I think the perfect material for a diver is titanium due to its strength, however adding in another material like say chromium or tungsten, would be interesting. Bronze highlights would be cool too (but not bronze for the whole thing).

  • Roberto Paleari

    I’d like a very strong steel (let’s say 904L) for the case + ceramic bezel.

  • iBradcon

    I recently opted for a black bay black over the bronze model, so now a bronze diver is high on my list of watches to get.

  • Armaan Ujra

    Stainless Steel on a high-quality nylon strap!

  • Windhund

    I’d very much like my next dive watch to be made from 904L steel ?. A bronze watch would be a nice alternative.

  • Mikko

    I want my next diver in ceramic, preferably blue..

  • Jaroslav

    Nice watch…

  • Perry Gurman

    I like my next watch to be in bronze. Matt bronze.

  • Rajeeva Jayaratne

    i like the next dive watch to be produced with GOLD.

  • benjameshodges

    Waves and pressure can put a lot of stress on a watch. Rather than a material, I think a watch case should be designed to not only withstand the depths but also dissipate the energy.

  • Joel Schumann

    I have a titanium coming in the new year. If I have to suggest some exotic material, it would have to be ceramic but, solely based on images, I am not sure I like the look of it.

  • Vlad

    I’d like my next watch to be made from titanium.

  • Ciaran M

    As a nod the early days of underwater exploration, I think a fitting material to feature on a dive watch would be Brass

  • Marek

    I’d like my next watch to be made from ceramic

  • David Stoddart

    I would like to see more Tritium used, so as to enhance the dark view!

  • David Sparks

    Hmm, I’m not sure, I’d like to see something 3d printed though so I guess a tough form of plastic, not the most glamorous I guess

  • disqus_h2r0bVnb9G

    Carbon Fiber 🙂

  • Šimon Slávik

    I would like to have diver watch made from some type of stone 😉

  • Mat,

    Anything light i would say titanium 😀
    Or some luminox style plastic i like alot

  • ninjagosg

    my next dive watch should be in titanium

  • Dodo A

    I definitely would like my next watch to be made from carbon NTPT.. as it give to the watch some unique character.

  • Steve Jacobs

    Steel for me. Boring, I know.

  • Scientists from Pohang University of Science and Technology, South Korea have developed an alloy as strong as titanium but much cheaper. Would love to be one of the first to have watches made from this new material.

  • ???????? ????????


  • Tommy


  • Brian Hemphill

    Nickel could be interesting, with a tungsten bezel, crown and pushers.

  • Nicholas Yeo

    A brass diving watch would be interesting.

  • space debris!

  • taylor

    I really like the look of patinated bronze and I love the idea of having a watch that ages into something really unique over time.

  • Magnus Leung Fd Gustafsson

    Bronze, for the patina.

  • Benjamin Denay

    Carbon fiber would be cool as long as it is water proof!

  • AbeFroman12

    Several elements come to mind like carbon fiber, titanium, or bronze but I’d like to see mercury included for something like a thermometer. It’s mild danger with functionality.

  • Tony G

    Tritium gas tubes!

  • eboldo

    I want my next watch to be a bronze.

  • Breno Magacho

    The damascus bezel look cool. And lume insert at the corwn is a nice touch!
    And the bronze one… I think I would prefer a natural bronze and let it age…

  • Matt Nymoen

    I appreciate the character and uncertainty of a bronze alloy. Coupled with brushed ceramic maybe.

  • Wanda Bee

    I would love to see brass.

  • Enrico Opezzo

    riminds me of squale classic case design

  • Darren Seah

    zirconia ceramic.. Preferably in black 🙂

  • Joe in WI

    That watch scares me. I’d love to win it and try to overcome my fears. At least I’d get some exercise in lifting that beast.

    I most want a diver in bronze. I’d be keen on a titanium diver as well.

  • Paul Schwandt

    Bronze would be great

  • grandma 1

    perfect gift for my hubby. black one if possible.

  • Josh Graves

    Great watches. I love how bronze develops a patina, but my all time favorite watch case material is titanium. Light, strong, but a bit dull. It is the perfect tool watch material.

  • mattron

    Titanium and tritium tubes (I’m looking at you Ball).

  • AirborneAl

    Interesting looking watch! Very nice. Though it’s more expensive than stainless steel I really prefer titanium watches. Stainless steel, particularly in clunky, big divers watches can be too heavy for my wrists. Titanium is, of course, lighter and more scratch resistant. It’s about the ideal material. Doesn’t bronze stain skin green? Bronze looks nice, but I’m not sure it’s practical. Titanium is where’s it at.

  • Matt Jaffe

    I’ve been a huge fan of the bronze watches, such as the Carl Brasheer and the Black Bay Bronze. While the Oris can develop a huge patina, it looks fantastic with a mint dial… like looking through a porthole of an sunken ship. Would love to see another evolution of that theme… the bronze Hammerhead looks the part – like something you brought back to the surface after a particularly good treasure hunt.

  • cyklopz

    I’m going with the new Anonimo Militare Bronze with black strap/black face. 17mm is thick AF.

  • Bob Sebastian

    Taking a page from Romain Jerome’s book, I’d like to see materials with some diving significance. Maybe material used in the construction of the Nautilus nuclear sub. Or Jacque Cousteau’s Calypso. How about rocks or material brought up from the Marianas Trench. Far fetched, I know, but fun to think about.

  • bdeshaies

    Bronze is epic. But so is carbon fibre!

  • Dana Graves

    Sleek, stylish and handsome . . . just like me!!!!

  • Kyle Herret

    Always love to see a watch company get started with a Kickstarter fund and grow. Love the bronze watch and would love to have one in my collection.

  • Nate White

    Sweet. I’d like to see tegimented titanium in the future.

  • TBP

    TTT : Titanium and tritium tubes for me!

  • Rick Singh

    A Granite bezel would be pretty awesome

  • Valentina Leonova

    I want my next watch to be a bronze

  • Mike F

    The legibility is a big issue and these watches are great. Definitely the bronze.

  • Ige

    Scrap metal took from sunken ships, and name the watches after the ships. To be more reasonable, now bronze is the thing.

  • Was looking at this brand the other day…very nice!

  • Roy Radin

    Very cool looking watches. I’d like this to be my next dive watch and I’d pick the bronze one to add something different to my collection.

  • Darh109

    Damascus steel all around!

  • Phil Fleming

    I would love to have a watch in bronze, they get a wonderful patina and make a great change from steel.

  • Reprobus Marmaritarum

    I’d like one of these with an Unobtainium bezel please.

  • michael mercurio

    I have a titanium watch, and it is my favorite. I’d like to get one with some carbon composite

  • J Wysong

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the use of jade. It’s sea-green color would be classic for a diver watch coupled with bronze.

  • doulikemyname

    Let’s see us push the boundaries and test both the watch and the material!

  • ricsif

    Titanium. I think it has some very good properties.

  • Asodin

    Well, obviously adamantium beta and turquoise. Gives and earthy mythical feel.

  • Dylan Nguyen

    It would to see a dive wacth partially made of pyrex since pyrex is used for submarines since it handles pressure really well

  • Daniel Chirvasuta

    I’ve loved the brass/bronze look ever since I first started liking wstches. All of them were out of my price range though so I “skinned” two Komandirskies of their chrome using hydrochloric acid… My first time taking a movement out. As much as I love them, I’d love a legit bronze diver that’s actually water resistant.

  • Robin Van der Straeten

    Black ceramic with titanium

  • tknospdr

    I absolutely love this watch. And they’re all sold out on the website.
    I’m quite happy with bronze dive watches. More of those please.

  • War Jonson

    Vibranium, good enough for Captain America good enough for me

  • David Peirce

    Great looking watch. Creative use of materials!

  • Hrvoje Holett Hadzic

    At first I thought to myself it wasn/t that much, but after second consideration it is a great watch…
    Perhaps little bit too big, but hack its a divers watch. Spec and construction look great

  • Philipp Weßling

    dark blasted stainless steel

  • JF Beaulieu

    Definitely bronze, I’ve been looking for the perfect bronze diver for a while now

  • ggkini

    I would like to see a diver watch made of magnesium alloy with some blue ceramic.

  • Heigo Protten

    Definitely a brass or bronze diving watch. Love the vintage look 🙂

  • Robert ?orluka

    Chrome or maybe some composite of gold and carbon 🙂

  • kittylt

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway ,Hope to win. good luck

  • István Rei

    I’m old-fashionad man and I like stainless steel material. I prefer when the steel material in addition to other materials (black ceramic crown or black-plated titanium buckle or….)

  • Pako Rivera

    Titanium with ceramic FTW!

  • Mason Delpino

    I’d like to see a dive watch made from brass (not sure how feasible that is) because I play the trumpet!

  • Fitifazrul Rahman

    I prefer a brass dive watch.

  • Chris Martin

    I’d vote for titanium or if you wanted to be a bit cheeky and make an antique watch — iron. Think big daddy from Bioshock or 1000 leagues under the sea.

  • Nickolas Puthumana

    I would vote for a bronze dive watch.

  • Paul Rogers

    I would definitely vote for a nice titanium watch

  • Michael Harvey

    Zelos Hammerhead divers are great at their price! Bronze is nice, but actual Damascus forged trim would be awesome!

  • Kevin Oomen

    bronze watches really look good for a diver!

  • Rodney Stone

    Nice watch, i would love to win this, the Damascus forged trim is great

  • Maryna Jedrzejak

    This is amazing titanium watch!!

  • Jim DiGioia

    Good looking watch, I’d love to win one. I’ll add my vote for titanium!

  • David Schaefer

    Great looking watch. I have been wanting a bronze watch for a while now. However that Damascus is nice looking as well.

    Thanks for the chance

  • MEzz

    The bronze version looks very enticing

  • Maxtor

    Sharp watch. I think that it would be cool to have steel from a decommissioned navy ship as the bezel. A bit of history to go with style.

  • Hieu Trung Vu

    a meteorite watch would be nice :))

  • Justin T

    I’d like to see a supercompressor case made out of marine 5086 Aluminium alloy with a double curved crystal and helium valve. Double crowns, cross-hatched.

  • Devon Crane

    I would love to see a watch more rubberized! And super comfortable as well as very legible.

  • Khoi T

    Love to win this one. I’d like to see titanium or bronze hands.

  • James Dillon

    I think a tungsten watch would be cool.

  • Greg Bouton

    I misread the instructions and wrote about a feature I would like in a dive watch. To stay true to the instructions, I would like a bronze dive watch with the following feature: An internal rotating bezel and an external bezel. One with a 12 hour scale and the other with a 60 min countdown. I do a fair amount of short trips for work and would love to be able to use track time zones when traveling and keep the timer function in tact.

  • Kevin Peterson

    carbon fiber? I have no idea what would be a good material to use.

  • GKS

    Imagine a dive watch case made of graphene. But I’d settle for a bronze Zelos.

  • Abjarv

    I really do like the meteor with a bronze case, but I also would love a watch made from the body or skin of a Ferrari Formula 1 car.

  • tfreud513

    I would love to see a dive watch made in a metal they make rings on – titanium, tungsten, or cobalt.

  • Aji Smith

    Bold watch! Favorite is Titanium!

  • Gloria Tretiak

    would love this for my son

  • Elmer Gantry

    South Sea Pearl.

  • Eddie Koh

    Vibranium isn’t a real thing is it?? 😀
    Titanium would be nice, but 316 would already do the job. Nice watch!

  • Andrew Bistak

    I would love to see a watch that incorporates elements of Copper and Bronze together. The Bronze craze has certainly caught on, but I have yet to see a copper watch element on the market. I think that this bronze Zelos would at least quell that a bit, as I do not yet own a Bronze piece!

  • Kenneth Khor

    Amorphous metals. Twice as strong as steel. Perfect.

  • Asem Maher


  • Ron McKelvie

    A Bronze case, very bright yellow luminescence and a ceramic bronze and yellow bezel.
    I know Yellow, but hey what the hell.

  • Paul Dietzel

    These appear to be rugged watches, though I favor the one with the more traditional appearance. As far as my next dive watch, I would like long-lasting lume or tritium indices, hands, and bezel. I would also like quick and easy strap and bracelet changes.

  • M. Hen

    I’d definitely like to see a tungsten case for superior scratch resistance.

  • Adrian Lessek

    Nice watch! A polished bronze will be nice!

  • Westwest

    Bronze version looks cool imo.

  • Michael Mak

    I would certainly like to see a Ceramic case for its lightness and hardness.

  • Steffen Fonn

    Rose gold

  • Mark Mason

    Nice looking watches. For my next diver I’d love a bronze case and bezel with a dark blue or brown matt dial plus some serious lume

  • Lzam Pham Nguyen

    Blue titanium dial would look nice on rose gold or silver case

  • Jerry Davis

    I think I need a titanium version

  • Pedro Quaresma




  • Duncan Gray

    Lithium. It’s quite soft so would scratch easily but as problems go this would pale beside the fact that it ignities when it contact with water. A diving watch that explodes when it gets wet – I’m sure that the marketing department could do something with this. “The watch with an unmissable “you are in water” indicator”.

  • Billy

    A mixture of bronze and titanium, but something smaller than 44mm.

  • Roman

    I’m fine with stainless steel.

  • JF Schnell

    a simple stainless steel with blue dial it’s great. Didn’t know the brand but as i am trying to get into this kid of watches I am sure this is it!

  • Jeff Durocher

    I’ve been a fan of the colour of tungsten, not sure how viable that is for a watch though.

  • Nigel Langrick

    A nice understated Titanium watch

  • Manan Kacheria

    A form of plastic, maybe? Make it really lightweight, and it would also float! Never lose your watch in the depths again

  • Christopher Pratt

    i have a lot of stainless steel watches and would love for my next diver to be in bronze

  • Michael

    I would like to see my next divers watch, my first divers watch to be made out of some kind of tangible metal in the shape of a watch with hands like a watch so i can see the time.
    Basically i would love to own a divers watch
    Thank you.

  • Adi Lungu

    that bronze one looks yummy!

  • Vincent Paul

    i’d like to see a navy blue dial on my next diver’s watch..

  • Humphrey Mar

    Titanium. It can have a beautiful lustre, and is non-reactive and super lightweight.

  • Andrew Metri

    I would like to see a Carbon Fiber Dive Watch

  • dan negoita

    I would like a titanium watch with a blue dial….

  • Eric K.

    I’d love to see a watch made out of Bainite, it has one of the highest specific strenghts

  • Dale Houser

    A Damscus steel dial with a titanium case.

  • david rittenhouse

    I would like to see more carbon cases. I love the texture.

  • Alex Wong One of best value watch for bronze & stainless steel, the meteorite dial is amazing & unique. I own the bronze with blue dial love it & Elshan’s customer service is top class too.

  • BrandonS

    Stabilized Osmium case!

  • johnwithanh

    Corten (or some other weathering steel) would be cool. You’d have to figure out how to deal with the dust though…

  • Aaron Wood

    I would like to see more watches made out of Titanium.

  • jimley815

    I’m a big fan of Tungsten- I kn ow it’s a difficult metal to work with- but it would be an awesome indestructible casing for a watch.

  • Torgeir Rokkones

    A bronze watch would be nice.

  • chris

    Lexan Polycarbonate is a amazing material for a future design timepiece. The material is scratch resistant and flexible easily manipulated into different shapes and size. Relatively inexpensive it is anti-corrosive ideal for Divers watches and watch bracelets.

  • German Lopez

    I would love to see a Damascus steel watch, those patterns can get really crazy!!

  • gchahinian

    Bronze or carbon fiber – both interesting materials that I don’t currently have sitting on my wrist!

  • Chris Mullins

    That Bronze is where its at!! These guys just keep getting better and better in design

  • Jack Sexton

    I do like the bronze material.

  • NC

    I’d love an Anodized Titanium watch, something bright and fun.

  • Todd Haldeman

    Really liking all the bronze color dive watches I’ve seen lately. I don’t own one yet. I’d like my next dive watch to have a case that is bronze in color.

  • Danijel Tojagic

    My opinion is that Titanium will be the best because weight but I will like to see how ceramic watch is acting under water. That will be something new.

  • Daniel Park

    I don’t think I’d like titanium on a dive watch. I like to feel the heft of the steel.

  • MMIChris

    I’d like to see a watch made out of steel salvaged from a shipwreck that is still on the seafloor. Perhaps include documentation showing where the shipwreck is located and which section of the ship the steel was cut from in the watch box.

  • Sam Ward

    Titanium would be nice due to how light it is.

  • Kslugg

    I’d love to have a bronze dive match that matches the color of one of those old school dive helmets.

  • Trond Bjørshol

    Stainless steel, preferably treated to a harder finish.

  • Dave

    Nice watches. I want my next dive watch to be made out of Beta titanium-3 gold which is about three to four times harder than most steels, and four times harder than pure titanium.

  • Stephan Stoyanov

    Bronze – seems THE right material for a diver watch, just a beauty.

  • Keith Bettencourt

    PVD. Still haven’t found the right PVD watch yet.

  • Ivan Machuca


  • Liutauras Balsys

    Titanium would be the best choice because of tons of gear you already need down below.

  • Kevin Dodge

    nice watch, they should make a dive watch from graphene.

  • My favorites are Titanium and Bronze. Both have more interesting benefits/aesthetics than steel.

  • Niño Larry Manal

    Titanium would be great to see cased in bronze 🙂

  • enfinityx

    I’d like to see one made of blued titanium.

  • lefrog

    I’d be interested to see what uses zirconium could have in watches. It has some interesting properties.

  • Lawrence Newman

    The bronze is very cool…gives it an indestructible look. This contest is getting so popular now I’ll never win. Really wanted that Tag trip to the races!

  • Chris Litak

    The damascus steel is very appealing. It seems more name brands are venturing into ceramics, so it would be interesting to seem them in a diver.

  • Boris Leak

    Bronze all the way 🙂

  • Jeff Moulton

    Since I don’t have a bronze watch that would be my choice for my next diver followed by titanium.

  • tubepassenger

    Bronze looks good!

  • rhyino

    I’d like an internal bezel with an Ti case.

  • Matt Williams

    Love the bronze and meteorite face, would love to see a mokume watch case.

  • Timb77

    The bronze looks great, I’d also like a titanium dive watch

  • IVA the LT

    Titanium or ceramic. I know it’s not new, but none of my pieces feature those materials.

    Or maybe bronze when I win the contest? 😀

  • Michael Moran

    I’d love to have a titanium diver, or an all Damascus steel watch.

  • brad

    I would love to have a carbon fiber or a polymer, similar to what Glock uses for their pistols.

  • Forever Great

    I wanna see a Diver Dan watch where he’s stabbing Charlie tuna with a spear every hour on the hour, good for 30 atmospheres, highly complicated movement that is completely unaffordable to anybody that works for a living. That would be AWESOME.

  • Matt Parker

    More bronze divers – like the old diving bell helmets.

  • Edward

    I think some bronze looks good on a watch but like I’ve said before, if they made a watch with clean jade i would be first in line!

  • Ionesi Victor

    I think something new will be some meteorite metal.

  • warscourge

    This is great! Zelos Hammerhead Diver looks good, especially the bronze. Love it!

  • Emmanuil Amigdalas

    I am a sucker for bronze and this patina looks amazing! Great work.!

  • Dragos

    Definitely stainless steel.
    But the patina in Zelos bronze looks really great.

  • LP

    I would like to see a watch made out of carbon fibre and titanium

  • Brown Paper Bag ?????????

    Titanium case and caseback and damascus bezel would be insane.

  • Janne Huovinen

    That damascus bezel sure looks astoundingly beautiful!.

  • Arun

    carbon fiber should be interesting.

  • Ben S.

    Anything that would pay homage to materials used in old nautical gear and tools, so bronze and brass.

  • Tom Wisdom

    Bronze all the way

  • Scott H

    I’m a fan of dive watches and for me the stainless steel checks all the boxes I was looking for on my next one; a different non-numbered bezel, non-3 o’clock crown, 6 o’clock date window….very different.

  • drhrva

    I have a titanium diver and it’s great in and out of the water. I would really like to try out one in bronze.

  • Erik Batson

    I would be super pumped about a bronze diver. The patina would really give it that “wow” factor.

  • janim

    I always fancied the damascus steel. Also the meteorite steel (quite simmilar) would do…

  • Cary

    I think bronze is the way to go with this model.

  • Doctor Ben


  • César Héctor

    I really like bronze, it kind of gives me a warm feeling and at the same time it makes me think of dystopian futuristic stories.

  • BC

    I’d love a bronze diver, I have stainless steel and titanium but no bronze divers. I have bronze watches but not divers, so would be great to get some back to nature patina. Just for laughs, how about a Palladium diver. Far cheaper than platinum!!

  • ?????? ??????????

    I simply love it. It has the perfect size and the perfect lume that I haven’t seen in other microbrand

  • Shane Kleinpeter

    I think a watch this size is best in titanium to keep the weight down. Nice looking watch.

  • MSM

    I’ve got a lot of stainless steel watches, but Damascus steel sounds intriguing…

  • Sukru Erisgen

    Nice looking watches. I don’t think I have ever seen a watch with Damascus steel before.

  • Jake True

    Screw it. I’d love to have e platinum dive watch to match my wedding band, though I know it would not be the most practical.

  • Michal Kolarik


  • michael mescher

    Black carbon fiber with ballistic resistant crystal and a thick sturdy nato strap

  • Fern

    damascus steel super compressor

  • Hands90

    Titanium with a dark tone. A tool watch for the ages.

  • Christian Henriksen

    I’d like a steel case with a carbon fiber bezel inlay, and dial.

  • arrvoo

    Titanium, I don’t have a dive watch in this yet

  • Jackson Hurst


  • ik299

    ceramic case (with bronze markings on the dial and hands)

  • Mark Pataki

    id like to have a watch like this 🙂

  • Cindy


  • Joshua

    Large, but nicely proportioned watch. Like the darker dial as well. I love that bronze is making a comeback, but if I could design a dive watch I’d probably go with ceramic – it’s many qualities just make it perfect for life under the waves. Look at the Blancpain FF Ceramic, simply gorgeous!

  • I like the look bronze, but am more comfortable with the traditional stainless steel.

  • star_explorer


  • Rauli Simonen

    Tungsten carbide

  • Johan

    Ceramic for scratch resistance

  • Maiden26

    I would love a black carbon fiber diver. Not sure if it would be the best technical choice, but for sure it would be really cool!

  • Graham Congdon

    If its a diver I plan to dive with, ceramic for toughness and scratch resistance. Or maybe titanium. If its a ‘dress diver’ bronze is a cool option.

  • Patrick Perkins

    Bronze. It adds so much character.

  • Rocas S

    Hmm, I would like some ceramic or composite material and saphirre glass maybe… 🙂

  • Gabi Balas-Baconschi

    Bronze with its patina is one of the best options for a diver or for a daily use watch. I don’t have a bronze watch yet, but I’ll get one. I like this watch and there is an option with a special meteorite dial ! Amazing !

  • Dem Akkadet

    I would like my next drive watch to be made in bronze or stainless w/ceramic bezel.

  • Jim B

    Bronze or titanium !

  • Taylor Glenn

    Titanium for sure.

  • Seb

    I want my next dive watch to be made of a darkened steel!!!

  • John Chapdelaine

    I’ve never had a bronze watch, so that is near the top of my list. I am very partial to titanium so I never rule it out.

  • Titanium would be so great.

  • gtbr

    I like titanium watches.

  • Kyle Nelson

    I would like my next diver to be made with titanium with white gold accents on the dial!

  • SB

    stainless steel

  • Pj

    Great looking watches!

  • Michael J. Dulude

    Titanium case with a dial made of chondritic meteorite. You can’t go wrong with material that’s been around since the formation of the Solar System!

  • Juan Trujillo

    Love this diver. Leather and bronze

  • Iliyan Iliev

    I would love to win the bronze one. I always wanted to try a bronze watch, but never bought one. I would want my next dive watch to be made of ice-hardened steel as used by Damasko, I have a DA36 and love the material.

  • Marco Sampuel


  • Atanas

    Forged carbon! 🙂 For sure – I tried everything else and I want next one in forged carbon. If not, then marble or gold 🙂

  • meowmeowmeow

    Some type of Kevlar integration could be very cool.

  • John Lee

    I’d like a bronze diver next!

  • Ryotaro Ishikawa MD

    Beautiful Diver this Zelos Hammerhead Diver , love the size

  • Jack Durham

    Love the Damascus bezel! We’ve seen watches in wood, how about in coral (artificially grown, of course!)

  • Tom Grajewski


  • John

    Scratch resistant titanium.

  • Mark

    Personally, I like the Hammerhead. It reminds me of diving rigs of old. I like the fact of the Seiko NH35 movement inside. It eschews the reliability of the 4R36. Also, I would like to see a diving watch with a case made of cadmium plated stainless steel. And maybe a dial designed like a O2 regulator’s display. That would definitely be different and stand out from the crowd.

  • Jared Ingram

    The next material I want to see a dive watch featured with is rose gold.

  • Michael Young

    I would like to see titanium as the next material used in divers watvhed.

  • Brian Leenheer

    I’d like to see a dive watch made out of or feature aerospace grade aluminum.

  • Skootertrash

    Bronze. Without a doubt bronze. It has so much character!

  • Ukblue

    Stainless and rose gold

  • RobotLarge

    I’m a big fan of titanium so that’s what I’d like to see used.

  • Andrew

    Actual Damascus steel would be beautiful, especially if it could be used on the face too. Possibly with a bright blue ceramic bezel to set the whole thing off.

  • TKoren

    A bronze Zelos hammerhead diver would really be an awesome watch to win and use for all of the multitude of water sports I enjoy every day. Thanks for giving away such a cool watch!

  • Kevin Beard

    I’m a classic guy. I really like the stainless steel look usually. I wouldn’t turn up my nose at that bronze watch though, looks pretty tight.

  • Kuwantum

    I’d have to say that titanium would be my choice for material

  • J. Shen

    Has to be titanium

  • asep

    try Paladium

  • ?????

    how about something completely different…like watches made of cork material…floating watches!

  • sensemille

    how about an infinity mirror approach? to get that effect of an endless abyss in the watch

  • Andrew

    Titanium Nitride – the stuff thats responsible for making drill bits and hardened gears that goldish color – very durable, and i like that it has a slightly Matte finish. Paired with a black face with gold markings, and it would be a stunner!

  • Aalok

    Hello, and greetings from India.

  • Karan

    My next dive watch will be resistant to pressure, water and the temperature of the water. In order to successfully be resistant to these factors, the main material I would use is grade 316L or 904L austenitic stainless steal. My next divers watch will have a metal bracelet which will be made out of the same material as the watch case to prevent corrosion. The watch will have the following standard functions; power reserve, luminous dials, bezel markings etc. All these factors will ensure the reliability and function of a classic divers watch.

  • Kevin Kaufmann

    I would be pretty impressed with a watch incorporating Damascus steel.

  • Travis Cannata

    I would be really interested in owning a Bronze Dive watch. I feel like they go hand in hand.

  • Jamie

    Titanium with rubber strap.

  • Siwash

    Titanium with a sharkskin strap. Gray sharkskin strap.

  • Luke_Bovill

    Bronze with a meteorite dial… Hint hint

  • AChicagoLawyer

    How about rubber filled with air, like a pool floaty. That would go well with the amount of diving I actually do.

  • Gert Buys

    For me…. forged carbon!

  • David Wagner

    Titanium with a bright blue bezel and a bright gold tone body?

  • trainman

    That bronze model is a true beauty! Since I’ve been coveting a bronze watch for some time, I will have to say that is the material I would like my next dive watch made from. I’m sure the patina that will develop will be incredible

  • Paulo Buencamino

    I’d really like to see a case material that is dynamic in some way, reacting differently to different environments.

  • cassfan3

    Carved stone case, wooden hands and dial! not water friendly you say? not my problem. if they can put a man on the moon, they can make it submersible!

  • nm

    Those damascus steel watches are spectacular (Sinn, etc). I’d take a diver made from that. Also, I’d take that bronze Hammerhead 🙂

  • Joel Woodward

    I’ve loved the collaborations that James Thompson,(aka Blackbadger), has done with several watch companies using his luminescent material. With a dive watch needing to be easily readable in less than well lit conditions, I’d love to see a dive watch that had several components made from different shades of that lume.

  • Erik Sorensen

    I’m a fan of stainless steel for my divers but the bronze does have some appeal!

  • iamanh

    Titanium! Or Vibranium if possible.

  • Michael James

    Bronze case sounds great to me. The idea of the unique patina it will develop is appealing. Have a rubber watch strap now and it is comfortable.

  • SDF-1

    More meteorite dials please.

  • Shawn Hanna

    Bronze is my current favorite

  • Jounipo

    That Bronze Hammerhead definitely, it has excellent character. Really like the overall looks of it. I usually prefer stainless steel in my timepieces, but bronze is a good choice for a serious dive watch, and would look great with both rubber or leather straps.

  • Jean-Philippe Caruana

    Damascus steel would be amazing

  • Ah Shumaker

    Tungsten and ceramic would be a durable and corrosion resistant combination.

  • treefroga1

    Titanium and ceramic.

  • Joerg Pasch

    I think some sort of refurbished steel from an actual wreck for the case might be a pretty cool idea. it would give something unique and historic to the watch.

  • Giovanni MacDuff Gong

    Ceramic would be a nice option

  • Simonh

    How about an enamel face, any colour you like.

  • tank324

    I old school. I like stainless steel.

  • Coprocephalic

    Reclaimed Wood would be interesting.

  • Peter D

    I’d go for titanium, with a ceramic bezel inserrt.

  • Paul Aislabie

    Carbon looks great

  • Jay

    I would have an Onyx dial with a black ceramic bezel and a titanium band.

  • Samuel Fernandes

    Bronze is definitely a bold and different choice, since stainless Steel is the norm. Its nice to see something different.

  • Jayden Navarro

    Carbon fiber!

  • Sam Moskow

    Would love to see more watches feature carbon fiber. One of the coolest, sportiest materials out there and I’d love to own one.

  • Scott Macmillan

    I would like something in ceramic.

  • Jarred Edgecombe

    I personally would like to see another bronze dive watch.

  • Sam Soul

    I’m waiting for the ventus mori brass watch which will arrive at home on march and wouldn’t be against the idea of having a bronze watch from zelos ?

  • Jim B

    Bronze, absolutely beautiful!

  • tommy2sweet

    Yes, bronze! I’m a fan of stainless steel but bronze looks great!

  • Michael Bell

    I hadn’t thought about bronze, but it looks fantastic. So, I’ll say bronze, too.

  • David Smith

    For lighter approach to a diver, titanium would be cool.

  • e maddock

    Well, i’ll jump on the bronze bandwagon. I think i’d want a bronze diver that would develop patina like Archimede’s bronze pilots

  • Rostislav Horní?ek

    Bronze, I never had one.

  • Jake Hopkinson

    I love the look of Damascus steel! Since I just purchased the ORIS Carl Brashear, I’d love to see the use of damascus steel in my next diver!

  • Adam Afiq Mahathir

    Wow, never have i gotten a bronze diver before. Would love to see the patina as it ages.

  • Sangsuri Chun

    absolutely titanium!!!!!!

  • zahir

    i want some hardened finish on Titanium and also would like to incorporate a long lasting luminosity even better from now standards with a carbon fiber inserted thick rubber band.

  • David Stokes

    Fabulous in every respect, l’m with the apparent majority favouring the bronze.

  • ET Snells

    Great watch, would like to see carbon fiber used in the next dive,watch

  • Jonas Ritter

    Great movement choice! I love Seiko movements since they feature a superb price to quality ratio. I would love to see a divers watch with white ceramic elements. In my opinion there are not enough watches with this great material in the sub 1000$ market.

  • Sean Tan

    Stainless steel harvested off a sunken submarine wreck 😉
    Nothing like a piece of history while cleaning up the seas for the true ocean lover..

  • cris

    titanium forever!

  • SeanM

    Titanium is my pick. Strong and light!

  • ?????? ??????????

    The Hammerhead is a good price/quality. It will fit perfectly on my wrist. I am waiting for the bronze now. But the stailness steel is a beater too…

  • Raul Diaz

    This watch looks sturdy and well put together. It has rugged elegance. It has that casual night out look. Both are nice, but the marine bronze would be my choice.

  • PekkaP

    That meteorite dial is so nice. Bronze is my pick this time.

  • Tony middleton

    I’d like to see some sort of depth or pressure gauge on a dive watch.i also think the bronze watch is the nicer of the two

  • Dave T

    I doesn’t have big knowledge in metals, but bronze is a great material for a diver watch, titanium too, and surely stainless steel. I already have or had watches made with those metals. I would like a titanium with the scratch resistance of the hardened ss.

    The Damascus of this Zelos is very interesting innovation in watch cases.

    All that said, the carbon fiber cases are on my list. Seems light, durable and have that stealth and original look I like.

    So, finally …hardened titanium and, most, carbon fiber !

  • Ang Wei Shi

    the bronze looks the better of the two. Would like to see carbon fiber in the future though!

  • Frank

    Brass and meteorite

  • Mark ZuVerink

    I would absolutely love a tungsten carbide dive watch. Sure, on steel watches the sapphire and ceramic are scratch resistant, but what about the bracelet, case, etc.?

  • Brian Svacina

    A big watch for a big man! I like it.

  • MCT

    Stainless case, rubber straps and tritium lum and mechanical movement, pow, pow, pow.

  • Tim Sexton

    I would have to go with bronze also! That is a great looking watch.

  • Jack Richards

    Always a fan of steel and rubber. Can’t go far wrong, especially if surgical grade. Tough, reliable and well tested.

  • Zingaraaa

    I’ll have to go with stainless steel on that one, always the safe option, although titanium seems interesting also…

  • Keith Ritchie

    Titanium all the way, makes a great looking watch.

  • egznyc

    Really bold and original design and nice prices, too. This is on the more massive side for me but I would love to see if I could pull it off. Definitely would prefer the bronze as I’ve never had one before but I have been interested for awhile. I’d be curious about a tungsten carbide watch or specially hardened steel, too.

  • Ariya Schneider

    i love the shape

  • cvguild

    Titanium all the way!

  • Victor Iova

    Bronze seems to be gaining these days but stainless steel will remain the classic and proven solution for diving watches.

  • Azhigaliyev Maksat

    Titanium and Carbon, also i Would like to see a dive watch made from shark skin or manta skin.

  • AhBer

    High grade carbon! All the best zelos and ablogtowatch

  • Coert Welman

    My next dive watch should be either ceramic or a high quality bronze.

  • alexe christian

    Titanium. Nothing beats lightness.

  • Jerry Freedman

    Rugged cases for wearing anytime, rain or shine!

  • Rick DiLouie

    A dress variation of a dive watch. all the perks, maybe with a carbon fiber case?

  • Siddharth Rao

    Bronze. Sounds good, looks great.

  • D.C.

    Love the look of bronze!

  • Mark1884

    I really like the look of the bronze. SS is the standard in dive watches, but bronze has been gaining popularity in this segment. The contrast of the black strap with the bronze case is a real winner for me. The SS case/bracelet looks good, but is not set apart from the majority of dive watches. Titanium would be a good lightweight carefree materiel, but I am a fan of Rose Gold!! Do not have a solid gold dive watch yet…..but am looking!

  • Alfred Pennyworth

    I have always LOVED the look of bronze watch cases, epecially dive watches. On of my favorite watches in the Aevig Valkyr. I also think that the meteorite dial on the Zelos Hammerhead looks amazing.

  • Henry Lee

    Would love that Damascus steel on my wrist!

  • Demonix

    The aged bronze is cool but a lot of boutique makers are using it at the moment, am liking the Damascus style – would like to see that with anodised finish or a pvd coat. Have a few SS watches so aged bronze may be on the cards just to be different. Titanium is strong, light but doesn’t it scratch up easily when it’s a daily wear!

  • Denis Danijel Puhar

    If I had a thick enough wallet, I’d choose a dive watch made of one of the best grade titanium alloys available in (luxury) watches and this is to my knowledge Grade 5.

    But I always look into the future (which is already present for those with knowledge, money and power) and a dive watch, which would utilize the “LiquidMetal” alloy(s), would be also something great to have.

    As I understand, the term Liquidmetal is actually a commercial name for a series of amorphous metal alloys developed by CalTech. I don’t know any details, just that the Omega brand is in the “forefront” of using this in their watches.


    Bronze – as featured in this watch, would not be exactly my first choice, but because it is somewhat unique and perfectly suited for its purpose I would not mind to wear it (rather the opposite).

  • George Flammer

    I love the look of titanium!


    I’ve actually been wanting a Damascus Steel watch for awhile now. It’s more of a cosmetic thing that makes it appeal to me but I think it’d make a sharp watch. The brass version is sharp though too!

  • rcarp

    I would like to see a carbon fiber case.

  • Alex

    Man, I would be super into having a forged carbon diver in my modest collection. These are beauts though, love the angular case and stark tool quality of the steel version!

  • Dan Goldsmith

    What a beautiful watch. It would look great on my wrist. I would even become a wrist model for your company for free.

  • William

    Interesting watches this month. I would say it would be difficult to decide which to

    acquire. The bronze, at least in the photo, looks like it has a bit of wear on it – I assume by design but wonder if the layout and face affect legibility. I think that a next diver for me would be something with titanium for the lightweight yet durability with a ceramic bezel – again for the durability.

  • Spidy2000S

    Awesome watch! Unique style that standout amongst all watches!

  • Connor Barrineau

    As of late i’ve been curious about thinner divers. I have love for larger designs but I would like to add a thinner watch to my collection in the future. On this watch I see the steel watch with blue face as the most appealing combination.

  • Perry

    I really like the Damascus style on the Zelos.
    I’d really like to see more ceramics for dive watches. I’m not an engineer but to me would be perfect for salt water and pressure while still looking nice.

  • Krishna

    To the naked eye, most materials will look the same. I mean can someone say a bazel is ceramic compared to the normal one? or titanium compared to brushed stainless steel? I want my watch to stand out….Not considering technical feasibility…I would like my next watch to be made from tempered glass!

  • Jeff NZ

    I’d actually like a bit more colour choice on the cheaper dive watches that I just use as every day items over the summer. So anodised aluminium would be an affordable way to do this for the face.

  • skaapsker

    I already own stainless steel dive watches and a bronze cased watch has been on my wishlist for quite some time now. Besides, the Damascus bezel doesn’t appeal to me all that much.

    As for a material I would like to see on a diver in the future, I would like to see some part of a sunken ship incorporated into the watch somehow.

  • disqus_oyY8b9zRMS

    A tungsten carbide watch would be interesting

  • João Serra

    Great design! I’d like to see a diver’s watch made of titanium heat treated to show the purple colors of a titanium exauhst of a sports car.

  • Daniel Campolieto

    I would love to see a carbon fiber or maybe ceramic diver

  • Ally Porwal

    I think steel will always be a great material and it’s what my next dive watch will be made of. It’s versatile, reassuringly heavy and great at shrugging off corrosion if cared for correctly.

  • Scott

    I’d love to see a titanium diver watch as my next one!

  • Gal Sh

    I would love to see a dive watch made of bronze or titanium.

  • Nick D.

    I love the Damascus steel on this watch! I’m not a fan of bronze, but the dial is looking great. As for a future dive watch, I will certainly go with good old stainless steel for its price and versatily, but carbon fiber would be an interesting, if pricier, option.

  • John Woodward

    That 316l steel has all the characteristics I need..tough and very corrosion resistant..i’m ready to have one

  • Paul William Dow

    Back to basics – I’m looking for bronze!

  • Kevin Dodge

    I love dive watches. Bronze would be nice, graphene would be better…

  • Grant Hopkins

    I’d love to see a dive watch with some copper accents to add a nice patina over time. Thanks!

  • Joshua Jones

    Honestly bronze or copper, anything that would patina nicely with wear would be my preferred next five watch material.

  • Nathan

    Love aluminum cases! Lot’s of untouched potential there to make lightweight, colourful dive watches.

  • David

    I would love to see a two-toned stainless steel and bronze case and bracelet. I think this would look great together and gain more character as the bronze begins to develop a patina.

  • 1000m at this price range is commendable, let us wait and see when it comes across to the market in the GCC.

  • Ahmad Al Shammari

    dive watch made from a mix of materials in a multi piece case.

  • Eugeny Buslaev

    ?????? ? ?? ??????! ???????? ??? ????? ????.

  • fonefuner

    1000m is nice

  • Swolelax


  • Peter Weir

    Ceramic (as it’s virtually unscratchable, unlike most metals), preferably in a bronze-ish or black color.

  • Ivan Kiskinov

    Titanium is nice!!!

  • Mihails Solovjovs

    I’d love to see a Carbon fiber watch!

  • Jim B

    Titanium is nice

  • How about graphene?

  • eikeberg

    The 1000m is a feature i really like, although I will never be able to test the limit. I would like to see a titanium version in the future. However the steel one is just amazing



  • Christopher Gentile

    I really like to see a titanium model I like there watch case

  • MHWriter

    Dynamic choice, but my heart belongs to the stainless steel version.

  • FilmEditorFL

    Stainless steel or titanium. However, I’d like to see an offering made from a carbon fiber.

  • Ryan Michael

    I really like the bezel on the stainless steel version of this watch. Ever since I tried on the Sinn T1 I’d like my next dive watch to be titanium, but I like stainless steel models as well.

  • Luke_Bovill

    Bronze and Meteorite hint hint hint

  • Jan Fedorov

    Definitely bronze. I just love the fact that it will change its look over the time. Thanks!

  • Michael

    Carbon Fiber

  • Red

    Titanium and ceramic. Also, more meteorite dials.

  • Jan Hert

    I do love the look of blue ceramic, such as on the Blancpain Fifty Fathoms, an achingly beatiful watch!

  • Bizzarrini

    I’d love to see a white ceramic dive watch!

  • Shirley RoyalOak

    I was originally going to suggest a combination of titanium, ceramic, and kelvar, but have decided “graphene” a material superior to kelvar, lightweight with twice the bullet stopping power.

  • Noah Plays

    i would really love to see a titanium watch with a ceramic bezel and a carbon fiber dial

  • Hands90

    Black ceramic diver with a leather nato and dark blue highlights.

  • PL

    I really like the marine bronze-cased Zelos Hammerhead !!

  • Jeff Kolodny

    I would love to own a Bronze dive watch. The fact that bronze changes color over time is something that really makes bronze unique.

  • Rivka

    i’d love to see titanium

  • Melissa Hipple

    Oh, please, please, PLEASE could we have the grey? My husband didn’t really have a great Christmas and this would really make it for us.

  • Arik Gurevich

    For me the dive watch will always be in stainless steel but should I win I’ll take the bronze one just for the heck of it.

  • Sverkos

    I think the steel watch is more beautiful.

  • TheM

    A part of a wreck -maybe part of a more known sunken ship- as the background for the dial. Weathered, but conserved to show a another connection to the underwater world and a symbol that you have to be careful in this world.

  • Vikram

    Would love to see a tungsten dive watch… hard as nails and double as a weight 🙂

  • Connor Gmehlin

    Carbon fiber would be cool!

  • Ian Wurn

    What I would love to have on my wrist is a material that would tarnish as a diver’s watch. Just thinking that an alloy of bronze with a significantly higher aluminium, nickel, zinc content which would give a less greenish/white hued (Copper Oxide) patina might be an interesting wear. A lot of the bronzos tarnish to a green which is a little not to my favour.

  • karen petrychko

    The bronze watch is by far my favourite ! I like the aged look.

  • Tommy

    I am not going to be eccentric, but if we are talking about divers, the most appropriate material will be marine-grade steel with extra hardening as Sinn done it in their watches.

  • Aileen Enriquez

    We live near the sea and this would be an excellent go to watch that could withstand the occasional swim without taking it off. More so it seems fashionably good to wear sitting down on the cafe and replying to the watch spotters ” It’s a marine bronze cased Zelos Hammerhead”

  • John Simpson

    I love the look and patination of the Bronze but would hesitate to use it in salt water.Not so fussy about the bezel on the steel version,I find it busy. Have to agree with other commenters that marine grade stainless is the way to go in a true diver.

  • Hoang Dao

    The full bronze bezel with blue dial is absolutely gorgeous. The combination reminds me of a sunken pirate ship

  • adeel malik

    antique finish tungsten would be nice material for a divers watch.
    i would love to have one.

  • Andreas Hjelm

    For me bronze is the obvious choise for a diver. A material that ages with me and shows what adventures you have Bern through.

  • Daieho

    I would want the bronze because of it’s aging properties

  • Jarett Schaumberger
    I’d like my next dive watch to feature titanium

  • GhostlyProduct

    I think for my next “dive” watch, it’s a toss up between bronze or ceramic. I think it’s great when companies start to experiment with materials and break the mould, pun intended.

  • David Humphrey

    I would like a dive watch in bronze, which reflects the look of the seabed.

  • David

    Damascus steel FTW!

  • FollowPhil

    I believe a dive watch such as the Zelos would look great in bronze, similar to an old fashioned diver’s mask.

  • Mike B

    I’d like to see a dive watch made of churpi. It is the hardest cheese in the world, possibly the only one able to withstand the pressures a dive watch must endure.

  • Corey Nelson

    I’d be really interested to see Titanium in a diver!

  • bbfrid

    I agree with titanium…tough and light.

  • Yuri Walter

    Titanium, sure! But a ceramic one would also be very nice!

  • sam-b

    Usually I prefer steel or titanium, but for my next dive watch I will choose a bronze-case!

  • ryan

    Definitely would like a ceramic diver

  • Nick

    Titanium and ceramic

  • Dominique Gauthier

    I like the Damascus bezel on the Zelos. A case entirely made of Damascus would be really cool.

  • Terry Gastelu

    There is this newer material used in making high end rings called Elysium. It is essentially pure diamonds heated under high pressure to make an all black extremely durable scratch proof ring. Supposedly to never scratch, wear, discolor, etc. This would be amazing in a dive timepiece.

  • Mike S

    I think these are really nice looking. I really like the Damascus steel. I think a watch made entirely of Damascus steel would be incredible looking!

  • Marcus Santos

    Damascus steel would be nice and different from anything I currently own!

  • Trevelyan Bloomfield

    Whilst I love the Bronze, I’m also partial to Titanium, it’s light, durable and can be treated for amazing effects.

  • Evan

    I think the bronze would be a nice change-up from what I would normally choose. I already have a bunch of stainless!

  • Korrey6

    I would like to have one bronze watche in my colection one day. I realy like that brown patina which they get over time.

  • Tristan

    No bronze watches in my collection, so a bronze Zelos would be a very nice addition.

  • besezu

    BRONZE, the Tudor Black Bay Bronze :O

  • Ola Holtet

    In my opinion stainless steel is the way to go with divers, but a black ceramic Ploprof would look awsome!

  • Sinisa P

    i always liked the contrasts on diver’s watches…

  • Ak Ash

    Bronze with ceramic bezel. This watch looks stunning.

  • Sangsuri Chun

    That is awesome!

  • Ju Seong Kim

    It would be interesting to have a diver’s watch made out of Titanium next for my watch collection. Both watches look fabulous!

  • Sam

    The design is solid! I’m going to read up more about it.

  • Volker Rose

    I’d like to see a watch that’s sports some white enamel parts. The crown would look amazing! Maybe some indices or the hands. Really depends on the design.

  • Ron_Miller_OH


  • Eric Gordon

    I like the use of innovative materials, and combinations of materials (sapphire or ceramic bezels). My next diver needs to be ceramic case with a simple, but functional bezel. Many diving bezels have gotten too busy for me.

  • Manos Liolios

    A titanium dive watch would be great!

  • Prasenjit Enigmatic Nandi

    i would love to have a blue ceramic bazel go match the colour of underwater flora and fauna and will also love to have a proprietary carbon fibre to make the watch light yet sturdy.. would lob=ve to experiment with the materials of the main spring as well which can enhance the power reverse!!

  • edmoree77

    Rubber! a watch made completely from rubber!

  • Robert Clarke

    Ceramic, without a doubt.

  • Mike Dalton

    My next diver will definitely be BRONZE; something I’ve always wanted!!

    Thanks as always!!

  • David Wallace

    My very small collection needs the addition of a bronze watch. This hammerhead would fit the bill very nicely.

  • Luke Falkenholm

    Id like a full ceramic diver!

  • Kathleen


  • Bogdan B

    A carbon fiber casing would definetly make a good looking watch and it’s properties should do well for a diver’s watch.

  • Vino

    I REALLY want to get a tungsten carbide case+bracelet on my next watch!!! Lum-Tec made a few a few years ago and I have yet to see anyone else make anything like that…. Someone pick up the glove and make it!

  • Fran69

    I have seen some watchmakers turn to copper. I think it would make a nice piece, even if it is just the bezel.

  • Damien Scott

    Valyrian steel …..
    only yoking. Copper looks nice, looks like a vintage divers.
    Needs to have good lume though for my under the sea journey

  • jonathan walmsley

    I still need a Bronze watch. I have a brass one but want bronze to compare with. Have a patina-off between the two!

  • Bryan


  • SPCM

    I’m a fan of the stainless steel, particularly the somewhat Deco touches on the hands.

  • nsbancroft

    I like both!

  • AM

    Whilst I am still waiting to pull the trigger on a bronze watch, I think a copper watch/dial on a diver would look incredible. A nod to the old school diving helmet

  • sicil

    Can’t go wrong with stainless steel, takes a beating, looks good, and provides good protection from environment. I do like white hands and either seconds hand with square or round tip, not all companies due this and I think it should be on any diver.

  • Steve

    I think it would look awesome to have a diver produced in the black titanium you see on the Breitling Avenger Blackbird, but with an interesting dial texture, like a meteorite dial perhaps.

  • Frederik Leon Anlauf

    I´d like the Tudor Pelagos in Titanium, next goal definitely.

  • Stefan Shumanov

    I would definitely love my next watch to be bronze divers one!

  • Dani Cyr

    Of the two options above I like the clean look of the stainless steel model most.
    If I could choose a material, I would love to see some wood (deep-sea wood?!) used for the face of the diver watch.

  • Jeff Hansen

    I love the strength and weight (or lack thereof) of titanium. When I worked for a cookware manufacturer we would use titanium bolts and nuts to attach the aluminum pans to the racks for the hardcoat anodization process. The nuts and bolts would develop an almost bronze color. I would love to see a dive watch made with an anodized titanium case and bracelet that replicates that effect.

  • Marco Tatone

    A divers watch with either carbon fibre or ceramic for the bezel or watch face

  • Brian Drake

    I like the simplicity and clean lines of the stainless. It’s something that can be worn anywhere.

  • Traeger

    Have yet to own a bronze watch and would love to submit it to the elements and see how it changes over time. Put a black or deep green ceramic bezel on it to stay a little conservative, tone down the unknown factor of the bronze.

  • Ryan

    I like how the bronze will age with wear. Combined with the meteorite face will create a truly unique piece. I’d like to see a flame-anodized Timascus diver watch – of course the anodizing shold preceeding installing the movement.

  • Mikkel T

    Always loved titanium, the feel, color and everything about it, a watch in bronze however, would age in a unique way, that could be absolutely amazing

  • Anders Bastiansen

    I hoping to have a ceramic watch some day. Although I’may a bit worried about cracking it I love the idea and the scratch resistance.

  • Joe

    It’s hard not to call many dive watches “copy cats” of another, more original watch these days but the Zelos is a bit refreshing with its clean lines and 6 o’clock date window. The bronze version stands out to me as the one I prefer, although I wonder if steel is more practical on a daily basis? The whirl of the hard damascus steel is definitely a talking point! It might make one think they’re time-travelling each time they check their wrist 🙂

  • Aldous Francisco

    BRONZE is truly attractive. The sense of uniqueness and boldness is there. I’d want that as my next watch.

  • Ian

    My latest dive knife is made of H1 steel. The steel is a nitrogen alloy rather than carbon. So it is 100% rust proof and will not pit. I would love to see if this H1 steel could be used to make a watch case.

  • Balkamos Neoklis


  • Marc

    The bronze is a gorgeous watch.

    I’m all about finding the perfect all titanium watch/bracelet with a meteorite dial.

  • Stevie J

    The thought of having a watch partially made from carbon fibre would be awesome

  • Brian Bezel

    The bronze watch is really cool looking, but I’d like my next one to be titanium which is lightweight and durable


    I’ve been looking at the Tudor Bronze Bay for a while now as it’s my current favourite bronze watch however I have to admit the bronze version of this Zelos Hammerhead looks amazing and would add uniqueness to my collection. I am however also after a titanium diver at some point however am yet to see one that truely catches my eye.

  • Cirik

    For a tool watch weight and durability are #1 for me, so probably titanium

  • Jawon

    it’s hammer time!

  • sitnstew

    titanium is a material I appreciate

  • Rene van Oosterom

    Bronze for sure. As seen on the new Panerai Submersible it is astonishing

  • Rich Hauck

    In this case, bronze!

  • markstokes3

    Bronze is a very intriguing option for my next dive watch.

  • ross kaleolani

    I really like the bronze with rubber strap. Sport, diving watches I like a heavy watch with rubber buckle straps. As far as steel watch bands I see too many actually decent watches ruined by it coming with a steel band with folded steel instead of solid steel links. My opinion a diver or sport should have a buckle rubber strap or even nato so it can’t fall off. Or as far as a steel strap it needs to be a double fold over clasp. I know the bronze Hammerhead Diver would look good on me just because I’m a good looking guy!

  • Thomas DeLucia

    i would like to add a Bronze diver to the collection. If I could pick the material for my new diver It would be Titanium -light weight,great feel on the wrist —

  • Bryce Fitzgerald

    i would like to see if they could make a sapphire diver. it would be really strange and expensive. i don’t think it would be very practical. still, i would like to see if someone would like to attempt it.

  • Dan Day

    I’d love to see some repurposed material from a sunken/reclaimed vessel incorporated into the watch, in some way. Perhaps this could spawn a limited edition series, named after the sunken vessel, featuring an embossed image of the ship on the case back and with some historical info about the vessel in the printed material…

  • Michael J. Savage

    He’s doing a great job establishing Zelos as a premier microbrand that combines quality with affordability. I’d like the Damascus steel watch if I won as I’ve never owned one before and I like the detailing.

  • Aravind Memana

    I would prefer metal salvaged from an underwater submarine for the case and a carbon fibre dial.

  • Samson Chung

    I’m sure this exist already but it would be interesting to have a diver watch made of carbon fiber. With sapphire crystal enclosing of course and maybe titanium bracelet. This will make the watch very light and a delight to wear! Pick me!

  • Ex Vegas patriot.

    Using some type of shell material would be nice.

  • Guy De Ridder

    I think my next diver will be a bronze beauty. I’d like to see a full ceramic diver.

  • Nicolas Avellaneda Novella

    crush on the damascus steel ?

  • Jeff Randall

    Bronze would have been my first choice, but it looks like Zelos beat me to it! Though the Damascus Steel is amazing as well!

  • Petter Åhlin

    Damascus ?

  • James Williams

    I actually like the idea of marine bronze quite a lot.
    Its like a throw back to the old deep sea divers. More watches in that style if material would be cool!

  • John Woodward

    my next dive watch to be the bronze…looks good.

  • mohammed fadil ashraf

    Super hydrophobic metal developed by Guo and Vorobyev of University of Rochester. This lab research developed metal is ideal for dive watch especially as it so water resistant and can bounce of water across its surface. This metal can be future of dive watches!

  • Aaron

    Tool watches should be designed with functionality in the forefront. Materials should reflect this mindset. I think watch manufactures should design dive watches using materials that can withstand years of salt water contact–whatever those materials may be.

  • Fred

    Steel … Only steel.

  • Patrick Dooley

    Wow great lookers! I’d like to add a bronze watch to my collection!

  • Kevin C

    Dive watches have a quintessential look. I want my next dive watch to be featured in ceramic.

  • Bozhidar Sandev

    Great looking watches!

  • Lukáš Pitka

    Steel, as I have titanium and bronze already

  • Michael Daniels

    Stainless steel and ceramic. I have a limited U-Boat Chimera and love it. Good size (45mm). The more rustic bronze look better suits a retro case design.
    These are nice looking watches

  • Michael M.

    a watch made of tungsten would certainly be an eye catcher

  • Chada

    I’d definitely like to have a bronze diver……..

  • Shane Bui

    the bronze case is gorgeous..

  • Andy

    I would love a bronze or titanium dive watch as my next watch! Zelos watches are beautifully made!

  • disqus_JxxNRIwGlM

    Bronze is criminally underrated. As is the steel bezel.

  • Samuel Collins

    I want a dive watch crafted from only the finest materials found in the long lost city of Atlantis!

  • James

    I always like the look of carbon fibre integrated into the ace of the watch. Maybe with the new graphene impregnated carbon fibre for extra science geekiness!

  • Davide Barresi

    i’d love so much to have the bronze version with meteorite dial of the Zelos Hammerhead!

  • dr.alexandris

    Stainless steel and ceramic would be my choice. Best, P

  • Pooch

    I still like stainless steel for its durability so my choice of my next dive watch would be made of that.

  • KLiment Ivanov

    Zelos Hammerhead looks like a massive and sturdy watch and I would love to have it on my wrist!
    I would definitely prefer titanium for my next diving watch because these are usually heavier than the other timepieces and I would like to get rid of that extra weight.

  • Liz

    Sheffield Stainless Steel

  • Eugene

    The mix of brushed titanium and ceramic/carbon fiber would be awesome!

  • Dale

    Great looking dive watch. I would love to see one made out of carbon fiber or ceramic.

  • Robby

    Better late than never. Would love to see this made of tegimented steel. Great flat finish that is perfect for desk diving and any other task.

  • kramdrallim

    These float my boat,and at the listed price are a bargain. But ,I would love to see a dial made from a sliver of Iron Meteorite!

  • Yohaan Jacob

    Titanium would be positively lovely as a dive watch material.

  • Teemu

    That marine bronze looks interesting. I’d love have one of those!

  • Jay

    Steel and titanium are the best materials for a dive watch.

  • Rylan Sedivy

    Carbon fiber would be interesting if it was done well as to not look tacky.

  • David Peirce

    Fantastic looking watch. Really liking the titanium.

  • erfan ardian

    titanium would be best

  • Cody Nelson

    loving the Damascus styling on the bezel, haven’t seen that previously; I would love to have a hands on with it

  • Miles Okazaki

    Beautiful – I like the bronze, which reminds me of those antique diving suits. How about a ceramic bezel?

  • Stanimir Mateev

    Both are incredible!!!

  • Tim

    Would like to wear one of those while reading about a forged-carbon cased watch.

  • Corey Prefontaine

    I just discovered Zelos and these watches look incredible. i love the bronze and the potential patina you could develop would be very sharp!

  • Scott

    a ceramic diver would be great.

  • Emanuel Costache

    PVD matte grey titanium

  • bshank

    A bronze case with a tungsten bezel would be nice.

  • The har

    I’d lover to see a watch encased in ” blue” steel

  • Normz

    perhaps a forged carbon diver? i think the blacked out look as well as the adherent rugged texture would look nice for a diver.

  • Alexander V

    Personally, I’d love a bronze diver watch. Seems fitting with the dive theme and I love the idea of the patina developing and becoming your own unique piece.

  • farar

    There’s something special about the U1 model from Sinn – just imagine, to have a watch forged from the same material as the submarine! So yes, I’d like more watchmakiers adopting the submarine steel…

  • Martin

    How about colored steel. Steel is most used, its cheap and hardr(er) to scratch, but mostly is just plain silvered, brushed, polished or Black. Would like to add some color to the case! Is it possible?

  • Martin

    How about colored steel. Steel is most used, its cheap and hard(er) to scratch, but mostly is just plain silver color, brushed, polished or black. Would like to add some color to the case! Is it possible?

  • disqus_Irkr6nv9Tw

    How about 904L on a dive watch just like what Rolex uses?

  • Peter Duggan

    I need a new dive watch.

  • JL

    Would love a bronze dive watch, only gets nicer with age.

  • Barking Dog

    Nice watches with bold design and presence. What about a watch all made from real damascus steel? Wiil be very interesting!

  • Asem Maher

    nothing better than bronze

  • jamesmajunyan

    I’d like a carbon fiber and bronze watch, perhaps carbon fiber for the body and bronze for the bezel and crown!

  • ismiv

    Love rugged diver watches preferably in titanium. Thanks for the giveaway

  • Peter A

    I’d love to try a heat-blued steel dive watch.

  • Bounce781

    Titanium or bronze for my liking.
    Great giveaway

  • Leo

    For me, I’d love to see one in ceramic.

  • Al M

    Nothing beats clean stainless

  • PeteL

    I would like to see bronze.

  • Sam Kay

    Cool watch would love to go diving in the Mediterranean with that.

  • Alberto Moldon

    I am a lover of rose gold, but I understand it may not be the most practival one. Titanium maybe? Is there any watch built up with graphene?

  • Scott Macmillan

    Bronze would be very nice.

  • Audun G. Kjørsvik

    Bronze is a missing material in my collection 🙂

  • Ian Parris

    I’d like one with ceramized titanium (if production costs were viable). Meteorite as well. I’m becoming fond of meteorite dials. Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • Conservatarian TX

    I’ve always wanted to add a bronze or brass diver to my collection

  • Kummantschik

    A dive watch should be made of scrap metal taken from the TITANIC itself. Talking about standing the test of time…

  • les

    I would like to see a watch made entirely of graphite..

  • Looking to see a carbon made watch for diving, will look great and it’s light.

  • Bruno Resende

    some kind of aluminium alloy would be interesting…almost no weight for better swimming…

  • F Woodson

    Bronze and titanium- a mix of old days and new tech.

  • Tim

    As a swimmer and hopefully soon to be diver this looks like a great watch!

  • Jedy617


  • Jason Taylor

    I would like to see a combination of bronze and flamed titanium. The flamed titanium produces some unique swirl patterns.

  • Tom Canedy

    Still love Stainless. Zeros watches are awesome.

  • Janko Bajagic

    Any material that would show chemical ething like they do for higher end chef knives. The hammerhead meteorite is fantastic though

  • U?is Ho?avko

    My new hot topic is a bronze so it would be great to see some diving timepiece inspired by colors seen on old diving equipment as for example high pressure diving helmets.

  • Steve Willer

    While the bronze is classic I’d take a stainless with a flamed titanium face

  • cg

    My next watch will be a bronze diver but I’d love to see a design utilizing old dive materials like copper, bronze and natural rubber.

  • J.Harris

    Ceramic and Titanium for ultra-corrosion resistance, weight reduction, and design/color versatility.

  • Fabian Schwarz

    Bio-degradable and Eco friendly – It has to be made out of Swiss cheese!!
    “Make Swiss cheese watches great again!!”

  • Paul Morris Carfoot

    For the Case of my next watch i would go forTitanium or Bronze.

  • Pål Nilsen

    I could really go for a ceramic or titanium watch. 😀

  • Fernando Charvet

    Titanium would be a nice case option

  • John

    I would definitely like to see it in titanium.

  • Peter

    I would love to see more bronze!

  • Yatin Rattan

    Love the bronze with the dive strap! def a work horse!

  • FergusHyke

    I’d like to have a watch made of materials taken from the hull of decommissioned nuclear submarines.

  • s??qo?

    I would like to see a carbon fiber version.

  • Rolf Raunholt

    I like the rubber strap best and would like a steel case for my next dive watch.

  • Mat

    I am partial to titanium watches and bracelets, however, out of these two watches the bronze is a definite winner in my mind. It has a lovely old-time dive feel to it, reminiscent of the diving scaphander helmets.

  • Durand Dunsmore

    Both look great. Leaning more towards Titanium though

  • Jim Fuerstenberg

    I like it …I would like on in bronze.

  • Dan Dienemann

    Bronze case is too cool

  • Middle
  • Steven Servantez

    Titanium would be my choice

  • Debby Stefan Van Den Berg De R

    Great GAW ? I really love that Damascus steel bezel version

  • A great new design. I would like a marine bronze diver having owned plenty of S/S and titanium divers in the past. Carbon fibre would also be interesting is technically feasible. Nice work, Zelos.

  • Steven Bursell

    Giveaway is on my birthday, that would be a sweeeeeeet gift!

    Can’t decide between the two, they both look really great ?

  • eitan

    I am partial to titanium watches in this case would be my choice the bronze with the dive strap!

  • cyklopz

    I recently acquired a titanium Momo & I’ve enjoyed that material so I’ll go with that

  • Johan Tjan

    Awesome watches with interesting dial

  • Mischa Vladivostok

    Marine bronze all the way. What a lovely design.

  • Aeiya Johndris Tenioso

    Bronze hammerhead please with that glorious dial more power abtw sir ariel adams keep on sharing us info with the greatest timepieces of all times its a pleasure just looking and reading your blogs but its better because you give ordinary people a chance to own a great timepiece thank you sir

  • theAlexo83

    I’d like the bronze 🙂

  • Brian Mazanec

    These are awesome watches! In the future I’d love to see more titanium in dive watches… nice big chunky cases are made much more comfortable with such a light (yet strong) material!

  • Michael King

    I’ve almost bought the bronze/meteorite dial a few times. My next watch will be a bronze one, really want the tudor bb bronze.

  • lionstan

    Stainless steel all the way.

  • Aaron Rosenberg

    I’ve never seen a watch made out of carbon fiber. Either the case or just the dial would be very interesting.

  • James Fann

    Easily still 316L stainless. It’s super reliable and awesome!

  • Alvin Salim

    Titanium would be great as it has good durability and strength. Also its high hardness level will be able to withstand enormous amount of water pressure

  • Nick

    It would be pretty cool to have one made in fibreglass reconstituted from a famous boat (America’s Cup winner or similar) in a manner similar to Romain Jerome or, more affordably, Meccaniche Veloci.

  • Andrew Billisits

    I want steel, but repurpose the hull of a de-commissioned naval vessel. That’s a watch with a lineage to the sea.

  • Azeem Nazir

    Try to make it from any recycle material please..

  • Jason Mar

    I’d like to see one made from copper 🙂

  • Steve Haley

    Black PVD with rubber strap. Not original but very cool

  • NGoes

    I always thought bronze watches were cool…. I don’t currently have a dive watch, so this one in bronze would be a good place to start. Stainless would be good too though. Nothing like the tried and tested…

  • Christian Lévesque

    To have a black pearl, or elements of it with its turquoise iridescence.

  • KevinHiggins

    As a dive watch the bronze with the black rubber strap would be my choice. For a choice of new material I think titanium would be great. I have a Citizen watch in titanium that is remarkably light, you sometimes forget that it’s on your wrist.

  • Matt Guzman

    I’d like to see a watch made of adamantium

  • Prasun Sinha

    The bronze look gives it a unique character. Like it.
    If I could, I’d build one with carbon fiber. Strong and lightweight.

  • Abe Andon

    WOW this company started back in 2014, and got most of it’s funding through kickstarter… I like the design of their watches, If I hadn’t read their info… I would have never guest that they are a new watch company… They are making beautiful and amazing timepieces that are comparable to established brands.

  • rawdesignhouse

    I’ve been digging bronze lately (started back with the IWC Galapagos Islands). With the patina changing with the watches age and use, it makes it rather interesting.

  • Caleb Yoon

    I still love the feel of plain old stainless steel. great weight on wrist.

  • Dave

    Great design, I would like to see the meteorite dial in a carbon case. Zelos always has different designs which I really appreciate.

  • Craig

    Would love to have that bronze look and if they added a blue face…yeah!

  • Bigbenz

    Cannot think of a material more perfect than bronze, especially if it is a Zelos with a Seiko movement.

  • awildermode

    Given the choice, I will usually pick titanium.

  • Christopher Redhead

    Great watches, if I don’t win I may have to buy one! All my dive watches are made of steel, I would like to change perhaps for bronze next time.

  • Tommy Higdon

    How about Damascus steel?

  • Daryl Okayama

    I like titanium for light weight with a dark blue carbon fiber dial and tritium for easy legibility in the dark.

  • Adam Goldstein

    Titanium would be a great light material.

  • Jason Tucker

    Looking through other comments I have to agree with those who said Damascus steel.

  • Bryan Mc

    As far as dive watches go, Stainless Steel will always be my number one choice as I like the look and feel of it. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still be creative and use a mix of finishes to create a unique look that sets it apart from from the competition.

  • babanatale

    Outstanding 316L stainless steel model with a Damascus-style steel bezel… oh, did I say beautiful…!

  • Thomas Atwood

    Bronze. Still like Bronze for all the changes.

  • Caglar Gursoy

    For the dial, I would like to see some type of geode…

  • Apostolos Agalos

    Damascus steel, of course, I like it a lot

  • Jónas Þór Brynjarsson

    Why not! Lovely watch.

  • Eugene Najera

    I am going to say 904L stainless steel with a black face but the bronze just rocks!

  • Squale1521

    I’m a big fan of bronze watches because of the way they patina. That along with tritium markers would look amazing.

  • Chris Frost Hansen

    Bronze, definitely bronze. Love the patina.

  • Jarkko Kyyriäinen

    Defenitely bronze for its unique way to give the watch character the more you use it. A very cool case material.

  • Sven Hartmann

    I’m joining the bronze crowd, even though most damascus steel watches i saw look fabulous too.

  • TresGut

    Diamond coated Adamantium.

  • Dustin Ross

    My favorite combo is bronze with DLC bezel. Thanks for the articles and giveaway!

  • Shammy K

    Turtle shells for the case material. Use the ones from dead turtles.
    The movement and hands can be metallic while the bracelet could be turtle leather.

  • Chadwick Nottingham

    I’d like my next watch to use bronze for the case material.

  • buffalo

    Bronze for sure!

  • Jon Dam

    Nice looking diver! Would be a good daily for me. Bronze is not in my collection yet so that’s my pick.

  • Michael Ratliff

    Stainless steel is the way to go. Brass and Broze always look better in pictures than in person in my experience.

  • Elmer

    Those Hammerheads look awesome! I don’t have a Bronze watch, that you be a good addition to my collection. I would like to see a harden Ocean Corals material for a new dive watch to be produce this would be interesting and a challenge to the watch company. This dive watch would be at home in the ocean easily. The colors and maternails could be selected from the beautiful corals in the ocean. Thanks!

  • Alessandro Montanari

    This watch would be a very nice addition to my other watches that tends to be more classical in their design. It would be nice with some color and alternative designs to my collection! Lately I have been looking more after micro brands since the bigger brands start to get a bit over priced for my budget. It has been done before but bronze is a really cool material perhaps mixed with detaljs in raw iron.

  • Ricardo Ribeiro

    I would love my next DIVE built in the new Microlattice metal, let the DIVE enter the new Dimension!!

  • Vincent Y

    Definitely want to try a bronze watch soon. I am not sure how I’ll feel wearing the color, but definitely a lot of interesting bronze watches available these days. I’d likely try out something cheaper first, but I absolutely love the Oris Carl Brashear.

  • Gordon Beck

    I really like 316 but I will probably buy a watch made of titanium sooner or later. Damascus steel looks really nice too

  • Hunter

    I really like the look of the Damascus style bezel. The bronze looks quite nice too. Been looking for a good 1000meter diver.

  • Alan G

    While other materials can definitely look cool; I have a hard time wanting a diver, which is meant to be a tough tool watch, in anything other than stainless steel or titanium for my uses. As always thanks for the great giveaway.

  • ianhinz

    titanium has always been an awesome material for diver watches because of it toughness but in this case the bronze is the final winner, the color is cool and the patina gives the watch a special look.

  • While a lot of these non-standard materials are cool I’m mostly just a stainless-steel guy.

  • Douglas D

    Titanium or maybe ice hardened steel.

  • Luis

    I’ll go with carbon fiber.

  • Tahir Feroz

    Some subtle and classy use of mother of pearl. After all, it is a dive watch!

  • Andreas

    Carbon fibre is what I’d like to see on a dive watch of the future. Bronze of course being my all time favorite doesn’t lend well to tool watches unless you don’t mind it getting dinged up.

  • Hector

    Love the 1000 meter rating. That USB a great diver

  • P.Panagiotidis


  • Stephanie

    I think titanium would be good choice!

  • steve


  • Chris Briggs-Lawrance

    Stainless steel

  • Steinerusmc

    Love the bronze. Just broke my seiko automatic on my last dive but for some reason it was only rated to 200

  • Ruadh V

    I have really been attracted to the bronze cases lately, so I would really like a bronze diver.

  • Matthew D Martin

    I’d love to see something in carbon fiber.

  • David Flegg

    Stainless steel is sharp, clean, tough and functional for a dive watch

  • Ross G

    I need a Stainless Hammerhead !!!

  • Cesar Castro


  • Michael

    While titanium and stainless steel make the most sense for dive watches, I must admit I’m intrigued by the idea of all ceramic cases for a dive watch

  • Tomislav Kranjcic

    Titanium is probably next logical step, but I really like bronze for patina it get over time 🙂

  • David A Rainey

    Regular stainless steel works great for me. I certainly wouldn’t scoff at 18kt white gold.

  • Love the look of the stainless steel. 1000m? That is impressive! Keep on with the stainless steel. Or even titanium if the price does not go ballistic because of it.

  • Lee Chee Chau

    The Damascus is my choice for its uniqueness.

  • chris_1860

    Stainless steel all the way.

  • Garrett Madison

    I bet walking around with this beauty on your wrist is an empowering feeling.

  • framax

    @ Lee Chee Chau I agree with you: stainless steel is my favourite choice. I usually prefer watches having the date at 3 but this Zelos looks a great watch and the Damascus bezel is wonderful

  • Pant. xtralume

    I love so much the bronze meteorite hammerhead

  • Wajih


  • Sean Lee

    This may far fetched, but a tungsten bronze hybrid metal watch would be something new and truly refreshing in the dive watch scene!

  • Gene

    Titanium will be nice

  • Mike

    I’d like a diver with a Bronze and ceramic combo

  • Marco

    Stainless steel with a ceramic bezel for me. Something weighty.

  • François Flürk

    I’d love to see a primitive, angular diver watch in Aluminium.

  • Narwhal tusks.

  • Bryan

    Recycled quartz watches

  • Uriar

    Awsome watch. Like them both but the bronze is much more special.

  • Juan José Glusman

    Full ceramic at an affordable price point!

  • Ted Cole

    I guess this is fate, since bronze is the one I would like to see.

  • Ross Diljohn

    I have two dive watches and this looks excellent. I scuba dive occasionally still and would love to try the Zelos out. The bronze looks good but I still prefer steel for my divers.

  • Maggie

    Stainless is classic, however I will choose bronze on this one!

  • Of course, bronze!

  • Michael Andrew David Edwards

    love the bronze, aesthetically, and I prefer rubber strap (dont like steel of leather)

  • Eric

    Really like bronze with the Meteorite dial!!! For a chunky watch, I’d like to go with bronze. Regular sized, stainless is suffice.

  • dtb

    Definitely Bronze.

  • NDL1

    Those Hammerheads are gorgeous with great attention to detail for a micro brand! I would like to see my next timepiece have a watchcase made out of Gibbeon meteorite, rather than just the dial or, how about Gallium?

  • Jay Ji Woong Kim

    Bronze, the rough industrial design of Hammerhead will look perfect on dark bronze and as it age it will be fantastic

  • Adi Lungu

    too bad the bronze ones are all gone…i really liked the meteorite dial

  • Young Bryant

    i’m actually looking at acquiring a bronze watch. debating between the tudor black bay bronze and the oris bronze diver.

  • Ameer Choonara

    I am an absolute sucker for meteorite dials and warm rich-toned metals. I would love for my next timepiece to incorporate both of these elements. Seeing them combined here at an affordable price point is a winning combo in my books! Thumbs up to Zelos on a job well done!

  • Ronny Tøftum

    Titanium case with carbon numbers and dials against White/luminous backgroud.

  • BreathRhythms

    platinum against a red dial

  • vanick

    Stainless steel is always the classic choice to me, with an interesting dial material like meteorite.

  • PtigrouX

    Very cool watch and i prefer the bronze

  • Cody Mills

    I would have to go with Bronze as well… just has that classy look to it.

  • Y Til

    Stainless steel is the main material for my dive watchs but I really would want to have a bronze case in my collection, looking for a nice one for a while now and considering my next purchase, maybe a Zelos …

  • Erik Lee

    still a fan of titanium. haven’t had a chance to wear bronze over time.

  • Ewan McNally

    I’d love to see industrial cable on a dive watch as part of the bezel.

  • Linus Masimov

    I’d love to see a steel case with a bezel of some cool gold alloy, like shakud?.

  • C. Dator

    While titanium is good, I would like to see this in bronze. Also, as ceramic seems to be the trend now and into the future, it would be interesting to have this with a scratch-proof ceramic bezel.

  • Gumbercules6

    Should coat dive watches with some hydrophobic substance, would be interesting to see how it does in water.

  • David Drecktrah

    I’d love to see a mix of carbon fiber and bronze with a meteorite dial. I’m not sure if that’s possible. But I think a carbon fiber bezel with the traditional ‘warp & weave’ pattern would make a very unique watch.

  • Rafal

    I love the zelos watches, the simplicity .Best.

  • McFly998

    I love dive watches and these Zelos look great.
    I’d like my next dive watch to have a Phosphor-Bronze case. Phosphor-Bronze alloys are used in many marine environments, in particular ships propellers, due to their high fatigue resistance, excellent formability, and high corrosion resistance. The added phosphorus increases the wear resistance and stiffness of the alloy.

  • snausages

    Really liking that bronze look.

  • bastien koert

    I’d like my next diver to be titanium. I do like the stainless one here

  • Epichartou

    I prefer stainless steel. Thank you for the giveaway.

  • Massimo Riva

    Great watch this Zelos, it combines deep dive features with modern fashion look.
    For this watch I would like the stainless version.
    For me the best material for a dive watch is stainless steal with ceramic bezel.

  • Eugeny Buslaev

    ???????? ????! ???? ????? ??? ?????? ????????.

  • Loueichjr

    I have always wanted a dive watch in bronze. It just has a very classic look to it. This particular which would definitely meet the need.

  • J.D.T

    I prefer rubber strap

  • RD

    It’s hard to not still want to have a titanium piece. Strong, lightweight, and rugged it would be next in my arsenal!

  • Ayreonaut

    I would really like a dive watch on an Isofrane style rubber strap.

  • Windhund

    My next diver just might be a bronze one.

  • Greg Hall

    Like the crown placement on this.. Would like a titanium divers… light weight and strength.. My divers at mo is SS and weights a ton… Pins are continually breaking due to weight and height

  • Vicky Shin

    A titanium dive watch that is chunky yet light sounds good!

  • mikeymusic

    Bronze is the way to go! My first bronze turned out to be brass, I guess I should have questioned the price! Now I have 3 real bronze ones. Pilots and Divers, and they do age well. How about a bronze milanese mesh strap?

  • Nam Sul

    Titanium or stainless steel

  • David Chen

    Love the look of the bronze case. Stands out from the usual ss case I see at the office. I prefer a ceramic bezel though.

  • himem65535

    It’s nice design, I’d prefer ceramics bezel.

  • Cagbass

    I’m looking to add some bronze or titanium into my rotation, this would definitely check that box!

  • Théodore Atx.

    Some cool materials would be dural, magnesium, titanium… maybe something blending volcanic ashes…

  • Steve Russell

    Bronze and titanium

  • ?l Soon

    stainless steel case and bronze bezel.

  • Howard Heng


  • PoIsIt


  • Ian

    Really like how bronze develops a unique patina as it ages. I need one for my collection. Graphene case and bracelet would be an interesting material. Massively strong, ultra light and flexible.

  • Julien to

    Ceramic case and gold rotating bezel bezel :p

  • Kendrick Bong

    Nice watch ! Would be nice to wear a watch like this ! The bronze one would do nicely !

  • Timothy Mattison

    Love the bronze case. Great looks just as it is!

  • Ulysse Robert

    A titanium case would be very nice!

  • Jeff

    Titanium for the next production

  • Eric Speelmon

    I love the bronze look for my next diver.

  • Craig Tough

    Bronze for sure! It’s a little steampunk, but the classic look and the patina it will develop is worth it, and it hasn’t become a novelty yet. Carbon would be awesome too.

  • Lucian Virciu

    I really like the look of the Bronze Zelos! I am lost in a surreal world.
    Really beautiful watch and I am sure it will draw loads of attention.

  • Adam

    Hopefully, it’s going to be the bronze one, haha.

  • Trevor

    I’ve yet to own something brass or bronze, both are on the list.

  • Tarek

    I love the Bronze look & feel! A perfect mix between vintage material & modern design!

  • R.O. Ferrer

    I’m going full old-school with my next diver and hope that it’s wholly made out of CAST IRON much like those diving suit helmets!

  • Chisholm Deupree

    Beryllium like Ping golf clubs- nice patina

  • Mark Dirks

    I want my next dive watch to be bronze just like this hammerhead!

  • Tom Alfano

    I’d like titanium.

  • Cody

    I’m pretty excited about the bronze.

  • Raoul


  • Ben m


  • Michiel

    I would say Gold. It’s kind of ridiculous to dive with a precious metal, but it always looks so cool!

  • Joshua

    I love the stainless steel watch! I would like some silver used in the watch.

  • Steve Solomon

    I would like to see a sapphire crystal employed in more watches, and not just dive watches.

  • Matt L

    I would love to see them use graphene in a watch case, super strong and light would make an incredible combination for a watch case material. This Zelos watch in Bronze with meteorite dial is phenomenal, very original

  • larry

    Like to see other metals used brass copper ect. plus more dial colors and textures.

  • Jean-Manuel Bock

    Sapphire crystal would be nice to see.

  • Adrian

    Sodium would be the joke response but I think for pure strength, tungsten carbide would be neat to see.

  • Miguel -MO

    Dome sapphire crystal would be a very nice

  • Mahander singh

    Polished wood or even carbon fiber with grains aligned would be two great variants

  • Croker The Merciless

    Anything with meteorite is always a plus. The bronze is a nice feature. Being a true dive watch built to specs makes it a definite must-have piece.

  • Ste Kerry

    I would like the watch to be made of solid potassium. Going diving wearing it would be hugely entertaining for any spectators. There’s not enough giving in this world anymore. Give the gift of laughter.

  • Josef Lange

    I´d like to see more titanium

  • Paul

    The bronze grows on me. Its a very sharp watch

  • Beau9

    I like coated or proprietary finishes on watches. The better quality finishes are similar to DLC, which coincidentally are the hardest known coating closest only to diamonds itself. DLC coatings are nice, but quite expensive, thereby leaving the lesser expensive options such as PVD.

  • Milton Altamirano

    I’d really like to see more bronze watches, I just love the way they look.

  • Kai

    I’d love to see the diver watches feature a stingray element. It is a beautiful leather and fitting for something like a DIver.

  • Power Honolulu

    Titanium! Because it’s bad ass and affordable.

  • Jason McLaughlin

    Would love bronze or titanium.

  • Matthias

    Titanium all the way <3

  • Gabriel Hilohi

    The material I want my next dive watch to be produced in: Titanium, of course!

  • Chris Nibert

    I would love to see damascus as a case material.
    Nice woody character to it I say!

  • Razvan

    Titanium probably

  • Bader Mohd

    The Zelos Hammerhead is a really aesthetically pleasing watch!!! Equipped with a power movement from seiko, All the better.

    In a dive watch a light material like titanium would be best as dive watches are best equipped with the right materials to make it not only a watch but a tool

  • Ikkijkooknooitnaardiestommetal

    I like them! Do one for me made out of a new durable lightweight alloy…

  • David Fisher

    Titanium and ceramic

  • Russell Paul

    Awsome looking watch at a very good price!!!! Bronze one looks amazing… Well done to the guys at Zelos, would love to get my hands on a bronze one:-)

  • droo

    I love the bronze version of this watch, chunky but agressive, very good readability, great Patina. The titanium and ceramic version looks amazing but the dial is less interesting to me.

  • Yosman Sare

    I would definetely like to add a titanium case Zelos Hammerhead diver into my collection. Apart from the material case preferences, the design of this badass hammerhead really suits my eyes.. Kudos to Zelos team!!

  • Homan Kwan

    I would love to see and try a titanium one!

  • Declan Gray

    The bronze one looks amazing.

  • Siuon Tung

    The Bronze watch looks pretty cool but the edges looks a bit sharp. I’m really intrigued by the damascus steel version, the edges look smoother and layered pattern would make every watch unique. I would love to see one with a Kevlar composite, like the backing on those old droid phones. I’m guessing it would make the watch much lighter too!

  • Benjamin Noren

    The bronze one.

  • BrikE

    Think out of the box: a diver watch made from carbon: whow

  • Scott

    Love this watch. Sign me up. I’ve had a strange urge to get a gold diver lately, but practically the best is still gold old stainless steel. Actually A material I’d really like is a hardened steel like that used by sinn.

  • Harry Lakin

    I always loved the idea of a diver in brass…like an old diving helmet. It just rings true to the sea for me.

  • HypnopompicCircumstance

    In my next dive watch, I’d like to see a combination of steel and bronze. For example, maybe just a bronze bezel instead of the entire watch being bronze. That would be a nice contrast that would become more interesting over time.

  • Christopher Chan

    Forged Carbon & Bronze. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaohhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Julian

    I have written relatively thorough comments in the past and while I do enjoy writing them they are a waste of my time, as I have never won. So this is it: I would like to win the giveaway, it seems like a cool watch.

  • penemio

    I think it would be interesting to have a band made of neoprene and rubber as these are the materials used in diving suits.

  • Sean O’Neal

    Titanium! Or some as-yet-undiscovered space metal.

  • ivel1977

    I would say possible incorporating crushed seashells into the face of the watch as long as it was tastefully done.

  • Namrit Joshi

    I have never seen a strong dive watch made up of any materials from the sea specifically the watch being a dive watch! would like to see “Sea Shell” incorporated in a dive watch.

  • Tim Nicholls

    I want a a dive watch to incorporate a shark deterrent of some kind. Have some kind of signal that repels sharks. That’d be handy when getting abalone off South Australia.

  • Kare

    Anything durable (liking the bronze though), so long as someone starts making dive watches that fit small wrists for real adventuring! Now for fashion, I’ll still go with the large case diameter.

  • David

    I would most likely prefer titanium over bronze. However, I’m struggling with most face designs. An aesthetic well designed face with a well proportional case will win over any particular material.

  • Asif Tebani

    likely prefer titanium

  • Ye

    Very good price for this amazing watch…. Not a big fan of drivers but the Bronze one looks amazing. Breaks away from other designs totally.

  • Fady337

    I would love to get a dive watch made up of titanium (case and braclet) with some sparkling gems as indices along with superluminova encircling them. This would not only make a great tool watch but also a great dress watch to wear with a gentle suit and go in a brilliant hotel to date with the love of my life.

  • Jojo Cia

    I would like the idea of man-made material + nature-made material. Something like carbon/titanium with pearl dial, strength + beauty.

  • burnunit

    Nice watches, but I’m not sure how functional the bezel would be on the silver one. Titanium would be my material of choice.

  • Redline2007

    A dive watch should be abrasion and impact resistant while maintaining a consistent sheen, either matte finish or glossy. I like titanium, stainless steel, and powder coating for these purposes (in that order). I do like the use of unusual materials in the face and hands, such as lava or carbon fiber. I had not previously considered bronze, but it looks sharp on this piece. Perhaps someone could endeavor to do a watch in graphene. Cheers!

  • Martyn Grice

    I would like to see it in stainless and chrome for the shine and a carbon face?……the Zelos Hammerhead is definitely one I would like to have in my watch box.

  • cosmin cosmin

    The most rugged bad ass watch ever!! I just love the stainless steel one!!

  • Tyler Joseph

    Titanium all the way!

  • Gabriel

    I would like it to be forged composite!

  • Fritz Duppon

    Very much liking the bronze divers lately (Oris, Tudor, IWC, Zelos, etc.). Would love to have one on my wrist and to see that patina develop!

  • Alex Valmor

    Bronze cased is my choice!

  • Easy Quindo

    I like the bronze…

  • Matt

    Would love to try bronze, by hard to pass up Damascus…

  • Mika Vääräniemi

    Titanium. Definitely titanium.

  • Christian Kipp

    My voting also goes to a bronze dive watch. A total beach compatible look.

  • David Washer

    Am loving the bronze but an aerospace grade titanium would do just as nice….

  • Scramjet

    Those watches are awesome! I like the Ti one..;)

  • Martin Bambekov

    “YES PLEASE”. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it !!! You can send either this way 😉

  • Shagen

    Wonderful piece! Would love it 🙂 I’d love one with a Vantablack finish!

  • Christophe Machinot

    Great pieces ! Bronze is my favorite 🙂 but titanium I wouldn’t say no

  • Titanium is definitely the best material for a dive watch. It’s very resistant and light, plus it’s beautiful.
    My choice is the bronze Zelos Hammerhead, if I’m the winner.

  • papa_giorgi0

    Titanium, eyeing the Pelagos next.

  • I’d love my next dive watch to be made out of titanium though the bronze looks pretty sweet too!

  • Kelvin Chen

    Both watches looks good!

  • OrangeJoe

    the bronze is very nice, but perhaps titanium would be good too.

  • James Dillon


  • Mikhail Z

    Bronze! Only! It gives the watch not only “retro-ish” look but with patina developed over time they are going to be quite unique. Depends on what environment you use these watches patina may be stronger or weaker – or you can just remove it all at once if tired of it.

  • Bryan

    Looking fantastic :). Maybe bronze or torched stainless.

  • Alvaro Hart

    For my next watch, I’d like stainless stell or guilloche bronze.

  • Himanshu Arora

    I’d like to see watch made in stainless-steel and copper wires hammered together for wavy patterns with copper patina as moon-phase display

  • Patrick D’Annunzio

    I would love to see more bronze case watches all in one article!

  • jason

    titanium with carbon accents and neon colour accents to stand out.

  • Mikko

    I’d love my next diver in ceramic.

  • Alex van Rensburg


  • Stanimir Mateev

    Nice watch for work and more…

  • Eddie Dennis

    Well ive never had a good watch but i’d love a watch made off as many different metals and precious materials as poss. You know like a rainbow off genius and class.

  • Tahir Mirza

    Ceramic Bezel and rose gold accents

  • Lance Litwin

    I’d love a ceramic diver watch… Or Titanium, maybe.

  • Aaron Robart

    Really like the look of the Titanium model diver. The yellow is quite striking