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As watch enthusiasts, it’s sometimes easy to forget that discovering new models and buying your favorites is just one part of the collecting process. Once you acquire more than a couple of watches, you will find that you need some place to keep them when they aren’t on your wrist, and depending on what models you own and your individual wearing habits, how you store your watches can have a significant impact on the overall accessibility and convenience of your collection. WOLF is the premier name in watch storage solutions, and its world-class winders, boxes, safes, and travel accessories serve as the gold standards within their respective categories. WOLF offers a wide range of products that cater to every possible need that a watch collector could have, although the perfect storage solution for one person might not be ideal for another, and identifying your individual needs is the first step in figuring out the best way to store your watches. Additionally, as your collection grows, your needs may evolve, so here is everything that you need to know about watch care and storage.

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While the actual watches themselves will always be the primary focus of this industry, watch care and storage solutions are an important aspect of timepiece ownership, and they serve as an additional way for people to interact with this hobby and purchase something related to their passion (other than just acquiring another watch). On the most basic level, watch storage can take the form of a purpose-built container for your timepieces; however, a well-conceived storage solution also has the ability to increase the enjoyment that you get from your entire collection. Accessibility is a key factor when it comes to enjoying the timepieces that you own, and in addition to being a well-crafted item dedicated to holding your watches, the right storage solution can both increase the security of your timepieces while also making them easier for you to access whenever you feel like wearing them or even just taking them out to photograph or admire.

Regardless of how many timepieces you own, or what models you may have in your collection, you will always need some place to store your watches when you aren’t wearing them, and this is why a watch box is an essential item for every collector and enthusiast. Leaving all of your watches in a pile on a desk or table isn’t a viable option, and neither is keeping them in their original boxes, as this hardly allows for convenient access and is also a highly inefficient use of space. Even if you plan on storing your collection inside of a drawer or safe, the watches themselves will still need to be in some type of container so that they aren’t loose and coming into contact with each other. Whether you want to have all of your timepieces on display and easily accessible, or you just simply need a way to keep all of them together when you put them on a shelf within your safe, a watch box is the perfect storage solution, and it allows you to have easy access to the greatest number of watches in the smallest possible physical footprint.

WOLF produces watch boxes in many different sizes that range from options with spaces for just a few watches to larger models that are intended to hold entire collections. While your initial instinct might be to buy a box that has the exact number of spaces as you have watches in your collection, you may want to consider sizing up for your first watch box and buying a larger option that will provide you with more long-term flexibility and give your collection room to grow. Even if you don’t have immediate plans to purchase another watch, you never know when you will receive one as a gift, stumble upon an affordable impulse purchase, or have your name finally come up on the waiting list at your authorized dealer, and suddenly find yourself with another timepiece that needs a home in your watch box. In much the same way that you can own a house with a three-car garage and only have two vehicles, it is always better to have an extra space in your watch box than to suddenly find that you don’t have enough room to store all of your timepieces.

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Not all watch boxes are created equal, and rather than just having your watches wrapped around a pillow and crammed into a tight space, WOLF watch boxes use a unique suspended cushion system, that securely mounts each cushion within the structure of the box to better protect your timepieces from marks, scratches, and impacts. Beyond the number of available spaces and the actual design of the box housing itself, another important factor to consider when buying a watch box is whether you just need it to hold your watches, or if you would also benefit from having a box that has additional drawers and compartments that can be used to hold straps, tools, and various accompanying accessories. Similarly, you must also decide whether you want a watch box that has a solid lid or if you would prefer one with a clear display window so that you can admire your watches and view your collection without having to open the top. Additionally, many of the watch boxes that WOLF produces can be locked with a key for an added level of security, and some even feature USB charger ports, which allow you to run cables through them so that the same watch box you use for your luxury timepieces can also be used to store your smartwatches and fitness trackers.

While a traditional watch box is an excellent way of storing your timepieces when they aren’t on your wrist, you may still find that it is inconvenient to wind and set your mechanical watches every time that you want to wear them. Setting the time on your watch may not be all that much of a hassle, but once you factor in additional calendar complications such as a date, day, month, or moonphase, the setting process becomes increasingly more time-consuming and cumbersome. The easiest way of getting around this is to simply keep your watches running, and in order to do this, you will need to use a watch winder. Self-winding watches will only be able to wind themselves when they are in motion, and watch winders will allow you to simulate the natural movement of your arm to keep your automatic watches running, regardless of the duration of their power reserves or how long they spend away from your wrist. Even individuals who only own one watch can still find a winder to be useful, as it allows them to take their watch off for multiple days at a time without having to reset it once they wish to wear it again.

In addition to increasing the convenience and accessibility of your collection, some enthusiasts also find watch winders to be useful due to the mechanical benefits that they can offer. Constant operation of screw-down crowns can put additional wear on the threads and gaskets of their assemblies, and some watches with complex calendar mechanisms can even have their internal components damaged by being improperly set or adjusted. Along with needing to consider all of the same factors that go into choosing a watch box, winders are also motorized devices, and they, therefore, come with additional functional considerations. Beyond a winder’s size, aesthetics, and whether or not they have any supplementary drawers or storage compartments, the electric motor powering the winder must also be capable of being configured to the various different watches in your collection. Furthermore, watch boxes and winders aren’t mutually exclusive storage solutions, and the perfect setup for your own collection might involve a combination of both options or even the use of one of WOLF’s world-class watch safes, which can feature up to twenty individual winder slots and represent the perfect option for collectors who own multiple high-value timepieces and require maximum security.

For example, watch winders only work with automatic-winding watches, which means that there will be no benefit to using one for your manual-wind or quartz pieces. Additionally, you might find that while you own multiple automatic watches, you typically wear your collection in a rotation where you will only need to have a few pieces running at any given time. In cases such as this, you likely won’t need a winder that has spaces for all of your watches, and you actually might prefer a more streamlined setup of something like a three-slot watch winder paired with a larger watch box with spaces for the rest of the timepieces in your collection. Furthermore, while some individuals like to keep their entire collection running and ready to wear, other people are just as happy to store their timepieces in a large watch box and only use a single-slot winder for that one ultra-complicated calendar piece, where configuring all of its features involves looking up the current phase of the moon and executing a tedious setting process.

Beyond that, automatic watch movements can either wind themselves with unidirectional or bidirectional motion, and the number of rotations that each movement requires in order to stay fully wound can differ from one caliber to the next. Watch winders express this information in terms of the number of turns per day (TPD), and only WOLF watch winders use proprietary technology to count the exact number of rotations that they supply to your watch’s movement, while most other winders simply approximate this figure based on a primitive internal timer. Many of WOLF’s more premium winder options allow you to choose both the direction of rotation and the number of rotations that your timepiece will receive, and this allows you to give each watch in your collection exactly what it needs on a daily basis, while also ensuring that you can easily update the settings on your winder to perfectly correspond with the changing list of watches in your collection or weekly rotation. With a proven history of excellence, WOLF is the market leader when it comes to this category, and in order to take the best care of your timepieces, you don’t just need a watch winder, you need a WOLF!

While other brands may produce watch boxes and winders at lower prices, buying a quality option from a premier brand such as WOLF is important for two key reasons. The first is simply due to quality. A watch box or winder is something that you will interact with on a daily basis, and this will involve frequent opening and closing of the lid, along with constant removal and replacement of the cushions that secure the individual watches. Bottom-dollar storage options will use low-quality materials and components, which will lead to hinges wearing out, cushions deteriorating, and the product itself eventually falling apart. Additionally, quality is even more important when it comes to watch winders, as an inferior motor can be noisy, unreliable, or even risk magnetizing the watches that are placed inside the winder. On top of that, quality is also imperative to the overall user experience. Watch collectors are individuals who appreciate fine details (this is directly represented in the timepieces that they own), and it simply does not make sense to keep a collection of watches that may each cost hundreds or thousands of dollars inside of a box that is of lesser quality than the retail packaging of the watches themselves.

The second reason that buying a high-quality winder or watch box is important is due to its superior aesthetics. Unless you specifically plan on keeping your timepieces inside of a drawer or behind the locked door of a safe, whatever watch box or winder you choose will be sitting on display, and it will ultimately become an extension of the furniture and decor within your home or office. Regardless of how a watch box or winder might actually perform, no one wants an ugly plastic blob on their desk or dresser, and WOLF offers a wide range of different styles that are all crafted from premium materials such as metal, leather, and wood to offer an elevated aesthetic that can effortlessly integrate into any well-appointed room. The various styles available range from classic and highly traditional designs to vibrant and colorful options that are inspired by the worlds of contemporary fashion and streetwear, and all of WOLF’s watch boxes and winders uphold the same premium build quality that defines the brand’s offerings. Watches have an amazing ability to integrate themselves into people’s lives and become part of a family’s legacy that gets passed down to future generations. Between industry-leading design and world-class materials, no other company is more trusted when it comes to protecting legacy than WOLF.

Proper care and storage is a crucial part of watch ownership, and this becomes increasingly important the more timepieces you add to your collection. Regardless of whether you are looking for industry-leading travel solutions such as watch rolls and battery-powered winders, or you require an at-home storage solution that can range from anywhere from a simple high-quality watch box to a comprehensive installation such as an entire safe filled with dozens of integrated winder slots, WOLF has an ideal option to meet your specific needs. There will never be a “one size fits all” approach to watch storage, and WOLF gives its customers the ability to choose the specific style, size, and functionality to suit their requirements and individual preferences. From allowing you to set the number of rotations and direction of motion for each individual winder slot, to offering a diverse assortment of styles to match the decor of your home or office, WOLF is an industry leader when it comes to watch storage solutions, and the brand’s products are the ideal options when it comes to protecting people’s legacy and their most important timepieces. For more information on WOLF’s watch storage solutions, please visit the brand’s website

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