We’re down to the final two weeks of our twice-weekly Instagram Live show ABTW at HOME, but that hasn’t stopped us from ensuring we’ve got a full schedule of interesting guests and insightful conversations on tap for you. As always, we’d love for you to join us on Instagram to ask questions and help drive the discussion. Here’s what we have for you this week!


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WEDNESDAY, MAY 20th at 10:00am PST // 1:00pm EST: MAX BÜSSER

Joining us for this week’s Wednesday edition of ABTW at Home, is the “MB” of MB&F – its owner and Creative Director Max Büsser, who’ll be chatting inspiration, collaboration, and sharing unique insight inside the HM10 ‘Bulldog’ – the latest release from his eponymous brand. Whether you’re already an MB&F owner and follower, or just a fan of the incredibly original horological art that his brand routinely produces, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

FRIDAY, MAY 22nd at 12:00pm PST // 3:00pm EST: ABTW TEAM ROUND TABLE

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For this week’s Friday session of ABTW at Home, we thought we’d shake things up a little bit. Rather than interviewing a single guest for the installment, we’re going to bring in our whole team of Editors, one person at a time for a fun roundtable discussion that covers the last month of news, the watches we have in for review, and the things we’re working on as we finally move into the summer season. This session will include ABTW Founder Ariel Adams who’ll be joined by Senior Editor David Bredan, Managing Editor Bilal Khan, News Editor Sean Lorentzen, and our Content Marketing Director Zach Piña.

As California’s shelter-in-place mandate begins to relax, we’ll continue to host a fresh ABTW at HOME session on Instagram Live every Wednesday and Friday through the remainder of May. All you’ll need is an Instagram account, and make sure you’re following aBlogtoWatch. Then join the Live session by starting the app at the scheduled time and look for it in our IG Story bubble. Of course, if you’re already an ABTW follower on Instagram, simply wait for the push notification to appear on your mobile device alerting you that the session is underway. As before, we’re inviting the collective ABTW #watchfam to join the conversation by leaving your own questions for either of these guests in the comment section below. We’ll be checking the comments prior to each session and asking our guests questions on your behalf.

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