Azimuth-Landship-SP1-10 Azimuth-Landship-SP1-1

The model vehicle lover in me wants me to play with this watch like a toy. Turn the rubber strap to turn it into an actual tank tread and pop a little gun out of the turret and you are ready to roll the Landship on the floor with other tiny vehicles and have them battle like I used to do with Micromachines and other kids stuff. Watches are a lot of like revisiting a passion for toys we once had as children. There is no shame in that. There is a reason many people call them expensive toys for adults (which is a category that many luxury items fall into). Though it is a fine line when trying to look mature and enjoy your money funding your passions.

Most people judge watches based on how they’d look in a suit while out at a business meeting, date, or high society event. Yes, a lot of watches are ideally suited to that, but there is room for a bit less seriousness. Watches can be toys as well – functional ones – and that is just what the Azimuth SP-1 Landship is. Understanding that helps put it into perspective, which is important to understand why so much effort went into making it. In case you’ve forgotten, Azimuth is the company that also brought us the Mr. Roboto watch. The SP-1 Landship is limited to just 100 pieces (reflected by the number on the side of the case) and is priced at $8,800.

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Necessary Data
>Brand: Azimuth
>Model: SP-1 Landship
>Price: $8,800
>Size: 44mm
>Would reviewer personally wear it: Not often.
>Friend we’d recommend it to first: Someone more interested in watch collecting than looking for new regular items to wear. Must love tanks.
>Worst characteristic of watch: Little mainstream appeal, and is awkward to actually wear as a watch. A toy for the boys in all the good and bad ways.
>Best characteristic of watch: It is a toy for the wrist, well-conceived, interesting, and perhaps just the right amount of immature.

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