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1. Introducing the MB&F Legacy Machine 2

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The Legacy Machine 1 is distinctive for its single exposed balance wheel on the dial, so how does MB&F outdo itself when it was time for them to make the Legacy Machine 2? The answer apparently is quite simple – have two balance wheels on the dial. Here’s a good look at MB&F’s latest masterpiece.

Source: Watches by SJX

2. The Ups And Downs Of Buying Vintage Watches, As Told Through The Last Watch I Bought

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Vintage watches have an indescribable allure, but buying them is always, if not mostly, an arduous process. As if worrying about the watch’s authenticity and condition is not enough, buyers also have to haggle with the seller, who is most likely to appreciate the value of the watch as much as you do. Here’s an interesting account of a buyer’s recent acquisition – a 1930s Longine 13ZN chronographer.

Source: Hodinkee

3. Watch Insider’s Top 15 Ladies’ Watches of 2013


We are now well into the second half of the year and for some people that means it’s time to start shortlisting potential Christmas gifts for their significant other. For a watch enthusiast, nothing says “I Love You” more than the gift of a well considered watch. Here’s a list of top women’s watches for 2013. Let it not be said that we don’t cover enough women’s watches!

Source: WatchTime

4. Hands On Exclusive – The new 2013 Bamford x Asprey Rolex Sky Dweller and Explorer II!


What Rolex is doing and has achieved is absolutely admirable and impressive. However, some may find that they are too ubiquitous – too easy and too much of an obvious choice. If you find yourself hankering for a Rolex and yet worrying that they are too common, Bamford, a company specializing in customized watches has just unveiled its take on the Rolex Sky-Dweller and Explorer II.

Source: Watch Anish

5. My view on the Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst


The Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst is an unusual watch for A. Lange & Söhne. The German manufacturer is perhaps more well known for its classical approach to watch design and movement decoration, but the Zeitwerk Handwerkskunst, with its digital display of the hours and minutes, is anything but classical. Here’s a closer look at one of A. Lange & Söhne’s most recognizable watches.

Source: PuristSPro

6. Speedy Tuesday – The Very First Omega Speedmaster CK2915 From 1957


The Speedmaster is often offered as one of the finest first watches an enthusiast could buy. Horologically significant, timelessly stylish and iconic, the Moonwatch is tough to beat. Here is a story about the very first Speedmaster from 1957. It also goes to show that collecting vintage watches is not for the impatient nor the faint-hearted.

Source: Fratellowatches

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