As its latest new release for 2023, Doxa has unveiled an updated generation of its SUB 200 chronograph. The original Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph debuted in 2020 as a chronograph-equipped version of the brand’s entry-level diver, offering much of the same core aesthetic but with the added functionality of a 12-hour stopwatch. While the appearance of the SUB 200 C-Graph was very much in-line with the time-and-date model, the chronograph version featured a significantly larger case, which made it a bit too big for some people’s wrists. Now, less than three years after the launch of the original model, Doxa is releasing a second generation of its entry-level diver’s chronograph, and the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II features a more compact case, a redesigned bezel, and an updated dial that showcases a metallic sunray finish.

While the original SUB 200 C-Graph featured a fairly large case that measured 45mm in diameter by a properly chunky 17.25mm-thick, the case of the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II measures 42mm in diameter by 15.85mm-thick, with an overall lug-to-lug profile of 46mm. Similar to the original model from 2020, the case is made from 316L stainless steel, and it is fitted with a screw-down winding crown, a pair of pump-style chronograph pushers, and a solid screw-down caseback. Additionally, just like the larger version, the new SUB 200 C-Graph II offers users a depth rating of 200 meters, and it features a domed sapphire crystal above its dial, which is surrounded by a unidirectional rotating timing bezel. However, while all of the models from the first generation feature black bezels with sapphire inserts, the various models from the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II series are fitted with bezel inserts that can be made from either stainless steel or ceramic, depending on the specific colorway of the watch.

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Similar to the original generation of larger SUB 200 C-Graph watches from 2020 (and most other contemporary Doxa models), the new SUB 200 C-Graph II collection is available in the full spectrum of six colors that can be found throughout the rest of the brand’s modern lineup — Professional (orange), Sharkhunter (black), Searambler (silver), Caribbean (blue), Divingstar (yellow), and Aquamarine (turquoise). The Sharkhunter and Caribbean models both feature ceramic bezel inserts that match the dark hues of their dials, while the Professional, Divingstar, and Aquamarine versions are all exclusively offered with stainless steel bezel inserts. Additionally, based on the press photos, the Searambler variant appears to be available with the option of either a stainless steel or white ceramic bezel insert, with the ceramic version omitting the luminous triangle in favor of all-black markings.

While the style of the hands and the overall layout of the dials has largely been carried over from the previous generation of SUB 200 C-Graph watches, the proportions have been slightly altered due to the reduction in size of the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II series. At a quick glance, the dials appear to be the same, but on the updated generation, the three chronograph registers are placed slightly closer to the periphery of the dial, which is something that is more-or-less inevitable, unless a different movement were to be used inside the smaller watch. Additionally, rather than featuring a matte surface finish, the dials fitted to the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II series have a metallic radial sunray pattern for a more elevated and refined overall appearance. Just like the previous generation from 2020, all six of the hands, plus each one of the 12 hour markers are finished with Super-LumiNova to offer added visibility in low-light conditions.

Although Doxa doesn’t list the specific movement used to power the new SUB 200 C-Graph II collection (which is a bit odd), it is more than likely the same Sellita SW510 automatic chronograph movement that can be found inside the previous generation. Running at a frequency of 28,800vph (4 Hz) with a power reserve of approximately 56 hours, the Sellita SW510 is very much a known quantity within the industry, and it promises to deliver reliable performance and a fairly drama-free ownership experience. Additionally, just like the previous generation, all of the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II watches are available with the option of either a stainless steel “beads of rice” bracelet or an FKM rubber strap that is color-matched to the dial of the specific model. The bracelet features a folding clasp with an integrated wetsuit extension, while the rubber straps are fitted with chunky pin buckles that are engraved with the Doxa fish logo.

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Retail prices for the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II watches can slightly vary depending on the material of their bezel inserts and whether they are fitted with rubber straps or stainless steel bracelets. The models with steel bezels are accompanied by an official retail price of $2,850 USD when purchased on a strap, or $2,890 USD should buyers opt for the “beads of rice” bracelet. Meanwhile, the ceramic bezel variants of the SUB 200 C-Graph cost $2,950 USD on a strap and $2,990 USD when purchased on a bracelet. Additionally, while the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II is essentially just an updated version of the previous generation with a more compact case, the new models actually cost slightly more than their larger predecessors, although the actual difference in price is only (at most) about a couple hundred dollars. For more information on the new Doxa SUB 200 C-Graph II collection, please visit the brand’s website.

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