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MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold

MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold Watch Releases

Recently, the Red Dot Design Awards for 2015 were held in Germany – and one of the big winners in the watch category was the MB&F HM6. MB&F was the only mechanical watch to earn a coveted Red Dot: Best of the Best award (the Apple Watch also won, but of course, it is not mechanical). In honor of that award, MB&F is releasing the second version of the HM6 known as the MB&F HM6 RT – which replaces the titanium case of the original MB&F Horological Machine No. 6 with one in 18k red gold. Not just any red gold, but one with palladium in it which stabilizes the copper. They call this alloy 5N+ (5N is the term for 18k red gold).

MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold Watch Releases

What does that mean? It is basically the same concept as Rolex’s Everose gold or Omega’s Sedna rose gold. That means that over time, the copper is not as prone to wearing out causing the gold to turn more yellow, versus staying red gold. We have spoken at length about the MB&F HM6 watch when debuting it here. I encourage anyone to visit the previous article to learn about the very interesting MB&F HM6 watch and what makes it unique.

MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold Watch Releases

For further reading, you can even read our dedicated article on the artistic and complicated movement produced by MB&F that is inside of the HM6 watch here. What makes the MB&F HM6 RT different than the original MB&F HM6 Space Pirate is the 18k “5N+” (as MB&F refers to this alloy) case as well as the limited edition number (and the price of course). There are still titanium elements in the case, though – which makes sense, given the complicated construction of the HM6’s case.

MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold Watch Releases

With 10 sapphire crystals all over the case and a unique “biomorphic” look, the MB&F HM6 is one of the most avant-garde (and luxurious) of the modern MB&F Horological Machine models. The 475 part movement offers the time via separate “domed discs” for the hour and minutes, a flying tourbillon, a titanium shield which can be opened and closed over the tourbillon, as well as a “turbine regulated” automatic winding system. Rich with whimsy and technical appeal, with a price of over $200,000, the MB&F HM6 Space Pirate was one of the ultimate high-end toys for boys (who like science fiction).

MB&F HM6 RT Watch In Red Gold Watch Releases

MB&F will produce a total of 100 MB&F HM6 watches over the course of the models’ production. The original MB&F HM6 Space Pirate in titanium was limited to 50 pieces and the MB&F HM6 RT now adds another 18 pieces to the set. Price is $230,

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  • Hazou

    The ugliest watch i’ve ever seen !

  • Danzz

    That thing manages to be uglier than a proboscis monkey.

  • Are we sure that’s red gold?

  • Jimxxx

    Finally a watch that represents the many bubble in the watch market…

  • DanW94

    Was wondering what it looked like on the wrist, so I went back to Ariel’s review on the original Space Pirate to take a look. Suspicion confirmed, it looks ridiculous, like a kid with a pretend Star Trek wrist unit.  Interesting from a technical and design standpoint though, especially the tourbillon covering, it reminds me of a retractable roof on a stadium. A very expensive conversation piece.

  • Sevenmack

    Fascinating to look at. Yet at the same time, illegible as all get out. Still buy it if I had that kind of paper sitting in the bank. After, from Abraham-Louis Breguet’s automatons onward, watches haven’t just been about telling time.

  • thornwood36

    Why ?

  • iamcalledryan

    thornwood36 why not?

  • thornwood36

    iamcalledryan thornwood36 
    Because  in their attempt to ” stand out ” this is what they come up with ?

  • iamcalledryan

    Why do they need to attempt to stand out? They aren’t a teenager. They produce what they want, without limitation, and they occupy a corner of horology that has no need to satisfy mass appeal or affordability. I admire this brand, it is the kind of company I would be proud to found, or to work for, even if they produce watches that make me squirm at times. These guys are pushing themselves where so many others are cloaking themselves in template designs and purchased heritage.

  • kunghan

    Whoa, one of the ugliest watch i`ve ever seen!

  • Hazou It could be worse (be glad they don’t offer a “purple gold” version).